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child abuse


Abuse cases

Title Date
Children adopted by Donald Ray Lantz and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather 2023 Oct 2
Arabella McCormack 2022 Aug 30
Meelah Miller 2022 Sep 10
Boy adopted by Matthew and Sarah Stephens 2022 Nov
Boy adopted by Susan Orendorf 2022 Sep
Boy adopted by Timothy and Tracy Ferriter 2022 Jan
Three children adopted by Joseph and Jennifer Wolfthal 2021 Jan 1
Victoria Smith 2021 Jan 14
Children adopted by Karey Hedlund 2021 Jun
Children adopted by Robert and Stephanie Duncan 2021 Jan
Children adopted by Michael Anthony Sr. and Shirley Gray 2020 May 22
Children adopted by Tommy and Patricia Hyler 2020 May 8
Two children adopted by Cory and Stephanie Valdez 2020 Dec 25
Josie Ann Abney 2020 Oct
Seven children adopted by Jonathan and Marlaina Rockwood 2020 Jul
Twins adopted by Mark and Melissa McGregor 2019 Jul 8
Two children adopted by Patrick and Angel Henderson 2019 Jan 19
Girl adopted by Jessica Jo Lindberg 2019
Children adopted by Benito and Carol Gutierrez 2018 Feb 17
Olivia Farrell 2018 Jun 23
Three children adopted by Donald and Sharon Windey 2018 Feb 12
Three children adopted by Travis and Amy Headrick 2018 Aug 24
Two children adopted by Kenny and Kelly Fry 2018 Jan 30
Four children adopted by Daryl Head and Laura Cheatham 2018 Aug
Girl adopted by Joseph and Samantha Ferguson 2018 Oct
Girl adopted by Keith and Katie Krause 2018 Sep
Six children adopted by Timothy and Barbara Krause 2018 Mar
Boy adopted by Jonathan and Debra Hay 2018
Four children adopted by Richard and Martha Roesch 2017 Mar 22
Girl adopted by Alan and Aimee Friz 2017 Oct 4
Sabrina Ray 2017 May 12
Sherin Susan Mathews 2017 Oct 7
Girl adopted by Byron and Gwendalyn Buthman 2017 Oct
Boy adopted by Brett and Clarissa Tobiasson 2017
Boy adopted by Tara McNeill Palajac 2016 Jan 8
Children adopted by Christian and Suzanne Seagren 2016 Aug 21
Girl adopted by Eugenio and Victoria Erquiaga 2016 Jan 6
Natalie Finn 2016 Oct 24
Three children adopted by Jim and Paige Nachtigal 2016 Feb 16
Boy adopted by Richard and Cynthia Kelly 2016 Nov
Children adopted by Allen Richardson and Paula Sinclair 2016 Nov
Girl adopted by Samantha Osteraas 2016 Dec
Boy adopted by Eric and Angela Corcoran 2015 Mar 16
Boy adopted by Kimberly Durlin 2015 Apr 11
Boy adopted by Nakia Brice 2015 Jul 2
Boy adopted by Patrick Michael Anderson 2015 Jun 28
Child adopted by couple from Medina, Ohio 2015 Sep 19
Jenica Randazzo 2015 Feb 5
Three children adopted by Jacqueline Ferguson 2015 Mar 23
Camron Foster 2015
Five children adopted by Tinitale and April Makalea 2015
Malayia Knapp 2015
3 children adopted by David and Rejeana Moss 2014 Sep 12
Boy adopted by Christine Evelyn Baughman 2014 Nov 22
Boy adopted by Mark and Ruthann Gneiser 2014 Sep 25
Boy adopted by Melvin and Kenya Bloomingburg 2014 Jul 3
Boy adopted by Timothy and Karen Sue Tolin 2014 Oct 20
Boy and girl adopted by Eraca Dawn Craig and Christian Jessica Deanda 2014 Mar 21
Children adopted by Travis and Stacy Yates 2014 Feb 1
Girl adopted by Douglas and Kim Sherman 2014 Sep 11
Girl adopted by Justin and Marsha Harris 2014 Apr 4
Girl adopted by Richard and Rana Cooper 2014 Oct 9
Girl adopted by Roberta and Joseph Shane 2014 Apr 1
Girl adopted by couple from Jackson County, Michigan 2014 Jan 1
Girl adopted by couple from La Salle, Manitoba 2014 Aug 15
Girl adopted by couple from Sedgwick County, Kansas 2014 Mar 28
Girl adopted by couple from Wichita, Ka 2014 Mar 1
Hannah Hoag 2014 Mar 24
Koystya Thyssen 2014 Jun 25
Madoc Hyunsu O'Callaghan 2014 Feb 3
Seven children adopted by Owen Miller 2014 Aug 19
Three children adopted by Charles and Suzan Sealock 2014 Sep 7
Two children adopted by Allison Fowler 2014 Oct 6
Two children adopted by Kate Parker 2014 Apr 1
Two girls adopted by Johann and Kimery Jorg 2014 May 30
10 children adopted by Dave and Wonda Dixon 2013 Aug 21
2 children adopted by Erin and Jennifer Pickel 2013 Jun 14
3 children adopted by Mark and Susan Hooper 2013 Feb 1
Asunta Yong Fang Basterra Porto 2013 Sep 27
Boy adopted by John A. Kelley 2013 Dec 16
Boy adopted by Lee M Rager and Diana J. Haley 2013 Jul 22
Boy adopted by Rachel Tipton and her husband 2013 Jul 12
Boy adopted by a British Columbia man 2013 Jan 1
Children adopted by Damien and Allonna Stovall 2013 Mar 21
Children adopted by Donald and Linda Hannah 2013 Feb 14
Children adopted by Janelle Gertsch 2013 May 1
Children adopted by Lev Dzyuba and his wife 2013 Aug 15
Children adopted by Matthew and Melissa Dumont 2013 Jul 10
Children in care of Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper 2013 Nov 18
Erica Parson 2013 Jul 30
Faisal, 5 year old in guardianship with a Saudi man 2013 Jun 21
Five children adopted Bernie and Melissa Harmon 2013 Aug 1
Girl adopted by Cindy Patriarchias 2013 Jan 28
Girl adopted by Jerome Mitchell and Hermina Ibarra 2013 Jan 16
Girl adopted by Lian 2013 Mar 6
Girl adopted by Terri and Pamela Dennis 2013 Apr 4
Girl adopted by Zhuzhou couple 2013 Dec 10
Girl adopted by a Malaysian couple 2013 Nov 19
Girl adopted by man from Blackman Township, MI 2013 Aug 15
Girl adopted by man in Bermuda 2013 Jan 24
Girl in UK, forced to become pregnant 2013 Apr 28
Girls adopted by Dwight and Janet Solander 2013 Feb 1
Girls adopted by Onyeka Lucy Asonye 2013 Apr 19
Girls adopted by a Devon couple 2013 Apr 11
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin) 2013 Jan 21
Three children adopted by Phillip and Kimberly Loesch 2013 Jul 15
Two childen adopted by woman from Mendon, Utah 2013 Sep 26
Two children adopted by Ingrid Brewer 2013 Jan 15
3 children adopted by Tim and Iliana Archuleta 2012 Oct 13
4 children adopted by Richard and Cheryle Burton 2012 Nov 3
Alexei Nickavick Kelly 2012 Feb 14
Alexis Long 2012 Jan 31
Benjamin Yhip 2012 Apr 18
Bethany Loerke 2012 Apr 22
Boy 'adopted' by Mark J Newton and Peter Truong 2012 Feb 9
Boy adopted by Matthew and Amy Sweeney (Daniil Krichun) 2012 Jul 19
Boy adopted by Mona and Russell Hauer 2012 Nov 6
Boys adopted by Leslie Tiesler and Brad Thill 2012 May 1
Children adopted by Douglas and Kristen Barbour 2012 Sep 14
Children adopted by Gregory Bernard Lacy and LaQuron D. McLean Lacy 2012 Oct 12
Children adopted by Jean Paul Kruse and Emily Kruse 2012 Aug 1
Children adopted by Kelly Doreen Morris 2012 May 25
Children adopted by Nikki and Larry Russell 2012 Nov 27
Children adopted by Paul and JoAnn Drake 2012 Nov 8
Children adopted by Peter and Tamara Gable 2012 Apr 1
Girl adopted by Dorothea Vega 2012 Nov 2
Girl adopted by Jonathan Outlaw 2012 Aug 13
Girl adopted by Paul Lavoe 2012 Apr 16
Girl adopted by Rajesh Sengar and Bebi Sengar 2012 Sep 28
Girl adopted by Samuel and Diana Franklin 2012 May 30
Girl adopted by Silver Springs Shores couple 2012 Nov 15
Girl adopted by Snohomish couple 2012 Jan 21
Girls adopted by Flagstaff AZ man 2012 Nov 2
Girls adopted by Hickory Hill couple 2012 Oct 19
Girls adopted by Tiffany and Dennis Jack 2012 Nov 19
Joseph Maoping Adams 2012 Feb 10
Lita Morgan 2012 Oct 31
Logan Garrett and his twin sister 2012 Oct 22
Matt Sandusky 2012 Jun 26
Lucretia and Sabrina Day 2012
3 children adopted by John and Sonja Kluth 2011 Feb 23
4 children adopted by Aubrey and Laura Thomas 2011 Oct 14
4 children adopted by Shanda Lou Yenglin 2011 Feb 27
Amy Dye 2011 Feb 7
Andrew Arthur Butler 2011 Jun 18
Austin and Edward Bryant 2011 Jan 22
Boy adopted by Angel and Osanna Bravo 2011 Apr 25
Boy adopted by Deidra Harris 2011 Feb 15
Boy adopted by Joe Hunt 2011 Sep 9
Boy adopted by Kathlyn Anthony 2011 Mar 7
Boy adopted by Ronald and Tammy White 2011 Jul 14
Boys adopted by George Harasz and Doug Wirth 2011 Nov 30
Boys adopted by William Fox 2011 Mar 21
Child adopted by John Hintz 2011 Mar 22
Children adopted by Carol J. Schmidt 2011 Nov 11
Children adopted by Elisha and Cheryl Christopher 2011 Jul 22
Children adopted by Heidi L. Robinson 2011 Jul 5
Children adopted by Kenneth H. Brandt 2011 Mar 1
Children adopted by couple from Los Angeles county 2011 Jun 15
Children adopted/fostered by Maurice Martinez 2011 Jan 14
Children in care of John Michael McGuigan 2011 May 13
Five children adopted by Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock 2011 Mar 1
Five girls adopted by Scott and Drew Anne Hamrick 2011 Jun 30
Frank and Catherine Voegtlin 2011 Sep 22
Girl adopted by Anne Marie Hinrichs 2011 Feb 18
Girl adopted by Cynthia Greenwood 2011 Apr 14
Girl adopted by Regina Marquez 2011 Aug 2
Girl adopted by Stacey Garrett Begay 2011 Apr 27
Girl adopted by couple in Kent, UK 2011 May 27
Girl is care of Mary Mazalic and Derron Alexis 2011 Sep 19
Girls adopted by Jason Hignight 2011 Jan 18
Girls adopted by Verna Kennerson 2011 Jul 6
Hana Grace-Rose Williams (Hana Alemu Befekadu) and Immanuel Williams 2011 May 12
Mollie Sliker aka Laurne Clark 2011 Mar 23
Siblings of Rolin Allison Jr. 2011 Nov 1
Six children adopted by Martin and Kathleen O'Brien 2011 Aug 3
Sophie Fitzpatrick 2011 Oct 22
Twins adopted by Sandra Weller 2011 Oct 20
Two girls adopted by John and Roseanne Kincheloe 2011 Jan 4
Victor and Nubia Barahona (Doctor) 2011 Feb 14
4 Children adopted by Annissa Schoolfield 2010 Jun 4
4 girls adopted by Yang 2010 Sep 17
Adam Stein 2010 Mar 19
Boy adopted by Alona and Rodger Hartwig 2010 Jun 3
Boy adopted by Claude Edward Foulk 2010 Feb 24
Boy adopted by Jennifer Louise Barnes 2010 May 1
Boy adopted by Jeremiah Lovato 2010 Jan 8
Boy adopted by Lori Wiley-Drones and Edward Drones 2010 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Randal and Christine Arnold 2010 Sep 17
Boy adopted by Steven and Mikelann Renwick 2010 Aug 18
Boy adopted by Tammy Renea Andrews 2010 Feb 24
Boy adopted by Walter and Beverly Watts 2010 Jun 27
Children adopted and fostered by Jonathan and Jaime Swim 2010 May 17
Children adopted by Anya James 2010 Oct 1
Children adopted by Dwayne and Pamela Hardy 2010 Aug 12
Children adopted by John and Carolyn Jackson 2010 Apr 16
Children in Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children 2010 Feb 12
Children in care of Keith Lashbrook 2010 Mar 1
Children in care of Sharon Wilkerson 2010 Oct 1
Children placed with Todd and Lisa Mortensen 2010 Apr 1
Collin Parker William Holdgrafer 2010 Jun 12
Denis Khokhryakov aka Diego 2010 Apr 1
Girl adopted by Dino Cardelli & Nancy Cardelli 2010 Sep 16
Girl adopted by Gary and Leslie Erickson 2010 Mar 21
Girl adopted by Jon Paul Reid 2010 Aug 10
Girl adopted by Renee and Scott Dean 2010 Oct 28
Girl adopted by Theresa McNulty 2010 Feb 21
Girl adopted by man from Brazoria, Texas 2010 Feb 2
Girls adopted by Edelwina and Steven Leschinsky 2010 Jan 12
Girls adopted by Lon and DeAnna Kennard 2010 Mar 22
Jaclyn N. 2010 Sep 20
Joy Yi 2010 Jun 14
Kairissa XingJing Mark 2010 Jul 1
Katya and Lisa adopted by Svetlana Oakley in Luhansk, Ukraine 2010 Dec 1
Kristoff Beagley (Daniil Bukharov) 2010 Nov 17
Larandon Nichols 2010 Jul 11
Lydia and Zariah Schatz 2010 Feb 6
Serenity Julia Gandara 2010 Jul 17
Tristan Dosdall 2010 Mar 24
Two girls adopted by English couple, "loaned" to pedophiles 2010 Aug 18
Xenia - girl adopted by Mary and Michael Grismore 2010 Jan 1
10 children adopted by Sharon and Reed Leonard 2009 Sep 1
3 children adopted by Nicholas and Jill Newcombe 2009 Sep 1
Alexis 'Lexie' Glover 2009 Jan 7
Boy adopted by Christy Mae Pensinger 2009 Feb 19
Boy adopted by Earl and Diane Fletcher 2009 Mar 4
Boy adopted by Frank M. Lombard and Kenneth Shipp 2009 Jun 24
Boy adopted by James and Linda Ramaglia 2009 Aug 24
Boy adopted by Tai-Ling Gigliotti 2009 Feb 11
Boy and Girl adopted by Joseph and Linda Mayotte 2009 Jun 5
Boys adopted by/in foster care with Gregg Larsen 2009 Jul 1
Children adopted by Garold and Sherry McMillian 2009 Nov 15
Children adopted by Jean-Pierre O. and Anne-Marie O. 2009 Mar 1
Children adopted by Kekoa and Kaylynn Gaunavinaka 2009 Aug 1
Christopher Saitta 2009 Jul 20
Colin David Jones 2009 Dec 24
Danielle Ellington 2009 Jun 5
Elena Varela 2009 Apr 25
Girl adopted David and Jan Carpenter 2009 Oct 15
Girl adopted by Eddy and Donna Whisenhunt 2009 May 14
Girl adopted by Patrick Ryan Harrison 2009 Mar 18
Girls adopted by Stephen L. and Melina Ann McPherson 2009 Jan 27
Gleb Ageyev (Aleksey) 2009 Mar 31
Joshua Pinckney 2009 Feb 13
Justin, Kevin and Kody Pribbernow (McBride/Baden) 2009 Aug 4
Kevin Michael King (D. J. Atkins) 2009 Mar 8
Lai Liyun 2009 Dec 8
Melody Aranda Velasquez 2009 Jan 9
Nathaniel Michael Craver - (Ivan Skorobogatov) 2009 Aug 19
Samantha and Saraphina Revelus 2009 Mar 28
Shylea Myza Thomas 2009 Apr 22
Twins adopted by Daniel and Merily Pompa 2009 Oct 29
3 girls adopted by Charles Sparks 2008 Apr 28
Adopted sibling of Kenneth Ray Knightingale 2008 Feb 11
Boy adopted by Ruben and Jacqueline Lerma 2008 Jul 11
Boy adopted by Scott Legrand 2008 Feb 8
Boy adopted by Tamara and Jeffrey LeFevre 2008 Jan 22
Boy adopted in Katz family 2008 May 16
Boys at Project Pierre Toussaint 2008 Jan 1
Chan Yin-tung (Fu Najuan) 2008 Oct 13
Chase Harrison (Dmitry Yakovlev) 2008 Jul 8
Child C 2008 Dec 7
Children adopted by Brian Kloosterman and Stephanie Schreiner 2008 May 9
Children adopted by Earnest and Windie Perry 2008 Jul 10
Children adopted by Juan and Myra Rodriguez 2008 Jun 8
Children adopted by Paul and Paula Dunham 2008 Nov 1
Children adopted by Richard and ? Hill 2008 Jan 15
Children adopted by Shelley Blair 2008 Oct 23
Children adopted by Shirley Allen 2008 May 28
Children adopted by couple in Haute-Loire, France 2008 Jun 6
Children residing at Tampa Bay Academy 2008 Dec 17
Clare Robertson 2008 Jul 21
Enna Isabel Barreto 2008 May 19
Ethan, Seth, Mira, Eleanor Sueppel 2008 Mar 23
Faith J. Ray (Samantha Foster) 2008 Dec 8
Faith Raeanne Robinson 2008 May 28
Girl adopted by Chan Man-yum 2008 Oct 17
Girl adopted by David and Christine Nordstrom 2008 Nov 4
Girl adopted by Gerald Dale and Hope Snapp 2008 Jan 10
Girl adopted by Hyacinth Morgan 2008 Jun 20
Girl adopted by Kenneth Lee Ashcraft 2008 Jul 8
Girl adopted by Lynwood Elmer Vinum 2008 Jul 18
Girl adopted by Maria Quintanilla Cuadra 2008 Jul 26
Girl adopted by couple in Calgary, Canada 2008 Jun 1
Girls adopted by John Henry Thomas and Carol Ann Thomas 2008 Oct 1
Girls adopted by Juan Rodenas and his wife. 2008 Jun 17
Hannah Rose WenRong Sieferman and Linnea Kai Sieferman 2008 Aug 21
Jasmine and Minnet Bowman 2008 Sep 27
Kevin Johnson 2008 Jul 18
Lavender Banks 2008 May 2
Nicolai Emelyantsev 2008 Mar 7
Samuel Hudson (David) and five other adopted children of William and Cynthia Hudson 2008 Dec 9
Six children adopted in Lapeer County Michigan 2008 Mar 31
Two girls adopted by Stephen Darrell Taylor 2008 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Paul and Debbie Salvetti 2007 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Raymond and Lisa Sangraw 2007 Feb 17
Boy adopted by couple in Manitoba 2007 Aug 1
Boys adopted by James and Stephanie Dickinson 2007 Sep 19
Children adopted by Jerry Wayne Love 2007 Jul 9
Children adopted by Judith Leekin 2007 Jul 30
Children adopted by Mechelle and Bessie Saffold 2007 Feb 28
Children adopted by Sandy June Linn 2007 Feb 26
Children adopted by couple in Quebec, Canada 2007 Feb 19
Children at Hamro Jivan orphanage 2007 Feb 15
Chrystal Ramirez (Chrystal Camarillo) 2007 Aug 24
Erika Antoinette Hill 2007 Feb 26
Girl adopted by Acharya family 2007 Mar 11
Girl adopted by Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler 2007 Oct 1
Girl adopted by Christopher and Eva Pitzer 2007 Apr 1
Girl adopted by James Spellman and Delois Spellman 2007 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Kathryn and Kenneth Kreier 2007 Sep 1
Girl adopted by Stephen and Kathy Rhoten 2007 Dec 7
Girl adopted by a couple of Jurbise, Beligum 2007 May 30
Girl in care of Vladimir Karpov 2007 Jul 7
Girls adopted by Eugene Richard Putnam and DoyAnne Putnam 2007 Apr 7
Girls adopted by John and Alicia Bryan 2007 Sep 5
Girls adopted by Patricia Harris 2007 Aug 17
Hei Min Chung (aka Chaeli Kyrie) 2007 Sep 4
Illegally adopted child of Arab Emirat Couple 2007 Jul 12
Jackson Wingo 2007 Aug 30
Jennifer Pinder 2007 Feb 25
Kahina adopted by French parents 2007 Nov 15
Lilly Manning 2007 Oct 31
Phoebe and Joseph Dinkler 2007 Aug 9
Ryanne E Spohn 2007 Mar 2
Two girls adopted in Fosses-la-Ville, Belgium 2007 Sep 14
Tyler Addington 2007 Sep 11
Ahmad King (Rawls) 2006 Jan 23
Andrew Burd 2006 Oct 2
Angellika Arndt 2006 May 26
Boy adopted by Jane and Timothy Cochran (Kuzma) 2006 Feb 3
Boys adopted by Dennis Scott McCurry and Molly McCurry (birth name West) 2006 Jul 1
Boys adopted by John Krueger 2006 Apr 13
Children adopted by James and Vonda Ferguson 2006 Aug 15
Children adopted by John William and Connie Lucile Oliver 2006 Sep 23
Children adopted by Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez 2006 Jan 5
Children adopted by William and Samia Fam 2006 Nov 22
Freddi Bergquist, (Erik Ilesov) Adopted Czech boy in Sweden 2006 Jan 8
Girl adopted by Edward Walter Smith 2006 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Ellery and Krisi James 2006 May 1
Girl adopted by Eva Maria Hofer 2006 Jul 1
Girl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton 2006 Jan 1
Girl adopted by woman in Ontario, Canada 2006 Aug 17
Girls in care of Mercedes Farquharson 2006 Mar 13
Janie Tylski 2006 Apr 21
Jarod "Jerry" Hulsey (Jerry Gribbens) 2006 Apr 3
Keri Ponce 2006 Feb 9
Keyana Bravo-Hamilton and her sister Jasmine Hamilton 2006 Sep 4
Monica Fabregas 2006 Jun 7
Nicholas Rhea Hoffert and Gary Hoffert (Twins); and Girl adopted by David and Lynn Giddens 2006 Feb 10
Rohit Chakravarthy 2006 Feb 16
Romanian boy adopted by Spanish couple 2006 Jun 16
Sean Paddock (Sean Ford) 2006 Feb 26
Tammy Herman 2006 Jan 18
Twin girls adopted by Tamika Williams 2006 Nov 22
11 Children adopted by Michael and Sharen Gravelle 2005 Sep 1
Adrianna Maria Romero Cram 2005 Jun 13
Alloma Gilbert, Christopher Spry and Child A 2005 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Steven and Hedy Sullivan 2005 Apr 27
Children adopted by John and Linda Dollar 2005 Jan 21
Children adopted by Teresa and Jay Moody 2005 Jan 1
Children adopted by William J. Every and Sharon Every 2005 Aug 3
Dennis Gene Merryman (Denis Uritsky) 2005 Jan 22
Emma Mei Alvey (Mei Fu Ping) 2005 Oct 19
Girl adopted by Anna T Rufo 2005 May 18
Girl adopted by David and Karen Gilmore 2005 Jan 22
Girl adopted by Douglas Allen Houtz and Beth Marie Houtz 2005 Dec 31
Girl in care of David Kinghorn 2005 Oct 26
Girl to be adopted by Ernest Richard Davison and Cynthia Joan Davison 2005 Jan 1
Girls adopted by Gary McCoy 2005 Apr 4
Girls adopted by Jessica Banks 2005 May 9
Haleigh Poutre 2005 Sep 11
Heta Nua 2005 Jan 1
Isaac Jonathan Dykstra (Ilya Kargyntsev) 2005 Aug 13
Kaitlyn Brosch 2005 Oct 28
Martha in custody of Milwaukee couple 2005 Aug 7
Mitchell Alexander Rivers 2005 Aug 12
Nina Hilt (Viktoria Valeryevna Bazhenova) 2005 Jul 2
Rashid, boy adopted by Robert and Tracy Lynn Beatty 2005 Jun 3
Ricky Holland (Ricky Gann) 2005 Jul 1
Ryuya Yoshimura 2005 Dec 9
Serena McKenzy Cate 2005 Jan 3
Swarbrick siblings 2005 Jan 1
Tyler DeLeon 2005 Jan 13
Tyler Sullivan 2005 Mar 8
Yuri Pintus Fiori (Kirill Pushkin) 2005 Jul 6
"Rebecca" from Bulgaria 2004 Dec 16
18 Children in care of Tom and Debra Schmitz 2004 Jun 30
Andy Cannon 2004 Aug 14
Boy adopted by Peter and Deedra Mitchell 2004 Sep 4
Boy adopted by Scott and Catherine Kanani Nelson 2004 Apr 8
Boy adopted by William Delos Peckenpaugh 2004 Dec 1
Boys adopted by their aunt and uncle in Blackstock, Ontario 2004 Jul 20
Brittany Legler 2004 May 9
Charles Thomas McEntire III (Brandon Berry) 2004 Nov 22
Children adopted by Mercury Liggins 2004 Mar 1
Children adopted by Patrick and Sherry Kelley 2004 Jul 1
Children at Kerelaw Residential School 2004 Jun 18
Dreydon Anthony Archuleta (Deleon) 2004 Sep 27
Girl adopted by Aaron and Linda Mann 2004 Aug 3
Girl adopted by Stephen L and Kathryn A Truex 2004 Jan 13
Girls adopted and fostered by Joe David Lujan and wife 2004 Nov 6
Gustavo Adolpho Hunt 2004 Mar 19
Haley Liberman 2004 Feb 9
Jada Chatmon 2004 Feb 6
Marianna Matthews 2004 Nov 11
Mia Depaillat 2004 Apr 16
Riley Owen Bilke 2004 Apr 3
Tyler Vanpopering 2004 Apr 11
13+ Children in care of Diana Lynn Groves 2003 Nov 1
21 Girls adopted by John and Marian DiMaria 2003 Feb 1
Alex Pavlis (Alexei Vasilovich Geiko) 2003 Dec 18
Angelic Rose Clary 2003 Sep 14
Boy adopted by Michael and Pat Awada 2003 May 3
Bruce, Michael, Tyrone and Keith Jackson 2003 Oct 10
Children adopted by Scott Francis 2003 Aug 26
Ellana Lin 2003 Nov 2
Girl adopted by David and Holly Meyers 2003 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Wanda and Bobbie Holmes 2003 Aug 1
Jessica Albina Hagmann 2003 Aug 11
Kehaulani Niu Sullivan 2003 Feb 21
Liam Thompson (Dmitry Sergeyvich Islankulov) 2003 Oct 13
Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) 2003 May 27
Girl adopted by Earl and Tammy Steidl 2003 Jun
Amber King 2002 Jan 1
Anthony Bars 2002 Jan 19
Boy adopted by Donald Shissler 2002 May 31
Boy and girl adopted by Maureen and Michael Culhane 2002 Oct 1
Brian Edgar 2002 Dec 31
Cassandra Killpack (Autumn Blackwell) 2002 Jun 1
Children adopted by Theresa and Reed Hansen 2002 Oct 2
Christian Blewitt 2002 Dec 7
Christopher Forder 2002 Nov 22
Esther Scudder 2002 Jun 13
Girls adopted by Henrique Cruz 2002 Jun 16
Jeffrey Baldwin and his sister 2002 Nov 30
Kelsey Hyre 2002 Sep 26
Lillian Leilani Gill 2002 Mar 1
Maria Anastasia Bennett (Anastasia Plotnikova) 2002 Oct 23
Nathaniel Jacob Allen 2002 Feb 15
Nikolina Stoyanova aka Nicole Kuchler 2002 Jan 1
Sacha Vallée 2002 Oct 9
Yana and Anatoli Kolenda 2002 Oct 21
Zachary Higier (Nikita Khoryakov) 2002 Aug 15
20 children adopted by Nellie Jasper Johnson 2001 Sep 1
Alexis Keintz 2001 Feb 17
Boy adopted by Jennie Malak 2001 Jul 17
Boy adopted by couple from Colorado Springs 2001 Sep 11
Cameron VanHyning 2001 Jun 23
Children adopted by Sylvia and Michael Wenger 2001 Jan 1
Children adopted by a St Francis couple 2001 Mar 27
Children in care of Lottie Beasley 2001 Jun 1
Daughters of Pastor in Ocala, Fl 2001 Jan 11
Girl adopted by Stephen Douglas James 2001 Dec 4
Girl in guardianship of James Matthew McDaniel-Webb 2001 Nov 1
Jacob Lindorff 2001 Dec 14
Luke Evans (Sergei Nakonechny) 2001 Nov 30
Steven Bennett 2001 Mar 7
Tiffany Clair 2001 May 3
15 children placed with Bill and Debbie Rettew 2000 Jun 1
Alex Charles Boucher 2000 Sep 25
Camryn Morgan 2000 Dec 17
Candace Newmaker (Candace Tiara Elmore) 2000 Apr 18
Casey "C.J." Elgie 2000 Aug 30
Chelsea Mensinger 2000 Sep 15
Children adopted by Charles and Marjorie Moss 2000 May 11
David and Samuel Briggs (David and Samuel Filipache) 2000 Oct 1
Girl adopted by Richard and Ann Stenfeldt 2000 Apr 6
Grace Lee Bogey (Gracielo Cano) 2000 Sep 2
Joseph Beebe 2000 Mar 17
Pridine Fru 2000 Feb 24
Rachel Joy Thompson 2000 Sep 7
Timothy Boss 2000 Feb 23
Viktor Alexander Matthey (Viktor Sergievich Tulimov) 2000 Oct 31
Adam Herrman (Irvin Groeninger III) 1999 Jan 1
Boys adopted and fostered by Thomas Cusick 1999 Oct 26
Breianna Melendez 1999 Oct 5
Children adopted by Emily Miller 1999 Nov 2
Children adopted by Roberto Acosta and Shirley Carroll Acosta 1999 Mar 14
Dominiqua Bryant 1999 May 29
Girl adopted by David Karl and Jennifer Danser 1999 Mar 1
Hoa Nguyen, aka Christopher Royce Shepherd 1999 Apr 13
John Smith 1999 Dec 24
Milena Slatten 1999 Jan 1
Shawn Lowrance (Andy Mohler) 1999 Oct 9
Stephanie Collins 1999 Sep 1
Boy adopted by George Alex Allen 1998 Nov 26
Boys in care of David Christie 1998 Jan 1
Elsa Garcia aka Esther Alice Combs 1998 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Earl "Butch" Kimmerling and Saundra Kimmerling 1998 May 1
Girl adopted by Richard Cook 1998 Apr 1
Girls adopted by Michael A. Paulin and wife 1998 Jan 1
Logan Higginbotham (Anne Pochetnoy) 1998 Nov 25
Melissa Crossland 1998 Jan 1
Roberta Evers 1998 Jun 13
Shamir Hudson, born Shamir Goslee 1998 Mar 24
Angel Martin 1997 Nov 16
Christine Montalbano 1997 Oct 21
Cory Bradley McLauchlin 1997 Jul 4
Danielle and Brittany Tucker (Dornan) 1997 Nov 1
Girls adopted by Karen and Richard Thorne 1997 Jul 3
28 children adopted by Kathy and Dan Blackburn 1996 Jun 6
Boys adopted by Dr. Daniel Carleton Gajdusek 1996 Jan 1
Crosby Justin White 1996 Jul 16
David A. Polreis (Konstantin Shlepin) 1996 Feb 9
Boy and girl adopted by Richard and Christine Dodson 1995 Jul 1
Krystal Ann Tibbets 1995 Jul 7
Lucas Ciambrone (Pedro Garcia) 1995 May 13
Melissa Wilkins 1995 Aug 16
Holly and Nicole (O'Connor) Cooke 1994 Sep 27
Kameron Lee Bright (Moghaghab) 1994 Apr 2
Girls adopted by George Ogle 1993 Jan 1
Jessica Li McClure 1993 Aug 17
Kyle Golebieski 1993 Jul 30
TaJuana Davidson 1993 Nov 3
Vicky Dawn Louise Rinkel 1993 Oct 15
Dylan Farrow 1992 Jan 1
Hannah, Noah, Molly and Joshua Carroll 1992 Sep 21
Helen Gillin 1992 Jan 1
Meghan Hawkins-Rusch 1992 Sep 25
Weyland Brown Mitchell 1992 May 20
22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott 1991 Jan 1
76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason 1991 May 1
Children adopted by Kodzo Dobosu (aka Kojo Odo) 1991 Oct 22
Children adopted by Thomas L. Bates 1991 Sep 21
Children adopted by Thomas and Dolly Crapser 1991 Sep 18
Kayla Erlandson 1991 Apr 1
Kimberly Rae Weaver 1991 Feb 14
Rachel Collins 1991 Feb 7
Shaun Williams 1991 Jun 19
Andrea Swenson 1990 Nov 9
Girl adopted by Missouri couple 1990 Oct 1
Carmina Salcido (Cecelia Swindell) 1989 Jan 1
Children adopted by Dr. Philip J. Broeckel Sr and Julie Broeckel 1989 Oct 1
Jeannie Warren 1989 Jan 1
Jennifer Haynes 1989 Nov 1
Children adopted by Harold Johnson and Sherry Johnson 1988 Oct 21
Heather Allison Riggs 1988 May 16
James Clemons and Michael Clemons 1988 Oct 30
Kelly Pope 1988 Jan 1
Boys adopted by David Allen Lindsey Sr. 1987 Jun 6
Elizabeth Lisa Steinberg 1987 Nov 2
Dominick J. (Andrew) Diehl 1986 Oct 29
Maria Catherine Ostlund 1986 Jul 15
Boy adopted by Jay Ram aka Gary Winnick aka Jay Mizraha 1985 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Mary Lou and Bernard Bauer 1985 Jan 1
Nilanthie Perera 1985 Jan 1
Carlos Beltran 1984 Dec 19
Girl adopted by Ted and Merrily Ripley 1984 Jan 1
Vanessa Pearce 1984 Jan 1
"Infant Charlie" 1983 Jan 1
Alonso Richard Munson 1983 Nov 1
Boy adopted by Douglas John Burnham 1983 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Stephen Pratt 1983 Nov 1
Girl adopted by Laurence Jacobsen 1983 Nov 5
Ariel Ariza (aka Ariel James Mitchell), and L.M. in care of Rev. James Mitchell 1982 Jan 1
Children living at Casa Pia de Lisboa 1981 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Gaithersburg MD couple 1981 Jun 1
Michael Tinning 1981 Mar 2
Hildred Thomas Gasaway 1979 Sep 1
C.T. Wilson 1978 Jan 1
Jackie Zudis (Thi My Lan Nguyen) 1977 Jan 1
Danielle Christine Neal and unnamed Neal child 1976 Aug 30
William G. Rohrer III "Billy" (Miguelito Alvarada) 1975 May 28
Hee Ja Byun (or Hee Ja Byan) aka Lisa 1974 Jun 1
James W. Bader (Jimmy Jones) 1974 Aug 1
Kim Marie Firth 1972 Sep 15
Dennis Craig Jurgens (Dennis Craig Puckett) 1965 Mar 28
Karamjeet Kaur Singh 1964 Dec 31
Wendy Kay Ott 1957 Jun 1
Children in care at the Christian Brothers at Bindoon 1950
Children in care of the Sisters of Nazareth 1950

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Boy adopted by a Mesa AZ couple 2012 Oct 30
Children sent to Nicole and Calvin Eason 2009 Jan 1
Sage Christensen aka Sajan Myers (Igor Odnohorchenko) 2002 Jan 31
Nora Gateley 2001 Jan 1


Title Publication date
Ex-U.S. Army major, wife sentenced for 4th time in abuse of adopted kids 2023 Oct 31
Tulare County mother convicted of killing her adopted daughter denied parole 2023 Oct 10
Court orders Holt to pay W100m to deported US adoptee 2023 May 16
Couple That Abused Adopted Kids To Be Resentenced In Morris Co. 2023 Apr 10
Morris couple convicted of child abuse to be resentenced again after ruling 2023 Apr 4
We Haven’t Done Enough to Increase the Safety of Adoptions 2023 Mar 27
Adoptie binnenkort weer mogelijk, maar verdienmodel blijft, vindt geadopteerde Sam: 'Kan alleen sprookje zijn met waterdicht systeem' 2022 Nov 2
Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn 2022 Aug 7
Exploring RAD: Criminal defense used in previous child abuse cases in Florida 2022 May 9
DA: Parole denied for woman convicted of abusing, murdering her adopted children 2022 Mar 30
Woman serving life sentence for child abuse denied parole in Tulare County 2022 Mar 22
Ex-Morris County Army couple convicted of child abuse released from jail in new sentencing 2021 Oct 6
Ex-Army couple avoids more prison time in child abuse case 2021 Oct 6
Child Murder Case Still Hasn't Gone to Trial After More Than a Decade, Here's Why 2021 Aug 19
Inmates beat up man accused of torturing adopted daughter for months before killing her 2021 Mar 14
Nachtigals Released From Prison About Eight Months Early 2020 Apr 1
Carmen Barahona pleads guilty, agrees to testify against husband in death of adopted daughter 2020 Feb 21
Former state lawmaker who ‘rehomed’ adopted girls sues state over investigation; Supreme Court dismisses suit 2020 Jan 23
Shelby County couple who tortured, abused and starved adopted son, plead guilty to child abuse 2019 Dec 11
"The biggest secret that I had kept:" Adopted, abused Jerry Sandusky's son shares his story 2019 Oct 7
Doctor, wife accused of tying daughter in 'glorified cage' 2019 Jun 20
Sarasota doctor, wife accused of tying daughter in 'glorified cage' 2019 Jun 20
Adoptee deported by U.S. to sue South Korea, adoption agency 2019 Jan 23
Former Morris County Army couple receives harsher sentence for child abuse charges 2018 Apr 12
Judge weighs arguments in Picatinny Arsenal couple's resentencing 2018 Apr 11
Picatinny Arsenal child abuse case raises sentencing issues 2018 Apr 8
Ethiopia Bans All Foreign Adoptions 2018 Apr 2
Adopted Indian girl returns home after abuse from Swedish parents 2018 Mar 30
Missionaries get prison time for abusing adopted children 2018 Mar 9
Ethiopia bans foreign adoptions 2018 Jan 10
In wake of Sabrina Ray and Natalie Finn deaths, Iowa vows to fix its broken adoption and foster care system 2017 Dec 26
Newton couple pleads in abuse of 3 Peruvian children 2017 Aug 31
Matt Sandusky: Adopted, abused, and now sharing his painful story 2017 Jun 22
Editorial: How did Sabrina and Natalie slip through Iowa's safety net? 2017 Jun 10
How do we let kids starve to death in Iowa, where food is our identity? 2017 Jun 1
'Timing was right,' Iowa Human Services chief says of retirement after teens' deaths 2017 May 31
'Heartbroken' Iowa agency asks experts how to prevent child deaths 2017 May 20
Dead Perry girl's home was being monitored by state workers 2017 May 16
Years later, a child witness fills in disturbing details in infamous Miami abuse case 2017 Jan 21
Are abusive parents hiding behind Iowa's home-school laws? 2017 Jan 21
Appeals Court Rejects Appeal By Former ONG Major 2016 Dec 15
Adult Adoptees Speak Out On Sentencing of Adoptive Dad who Killed Son 2016 Jul 25
Former NSA official sentenced to 12 years in death of adopted son 2016 Jul 20
Couple jailed for 10 years for locking up four adopted children in basement without food, beds or a toilet for 22 hours a day and beating them with a paddle 2016 Jul 12
Couple sentenced to 10 years for locking up four adopted children, beating them 2016 Jul 12
North Newton police chief says 'system broke down' in child abuse case 2016 Jun 22
Judge releases document in abuse case involving adopted children from Peru 2016 Jun 22
North Newton couple appears in court in child abuse case 2016 Jun 14
Trial for Jorge Barahona moved to Miami-Dade 2016 May 10
Couple accused of holding children captive, abusing them pleads guilty to some charges 2016 May 9
Kansas adoptive parents charged with child torture, other abuse 2016 Feb 25
Details released on child abuse arrest in North Newton 2016 Feb 17
Story of abuse unfolds 2016 Feb 17
Three children taken into protective custody, adoptive parents arrested 2016 Feb 16
Why did two parents murder their adopted child? 2016 Feb 2
Santa Clara: Woman faces murder charge in son's bathtub drowning 2016 Jan 26
A doctor and his lawyer wife are facing child abuse charges for allegedly tying up their adopted daughter and locking her in a playhouse. 2016 Jan 7
Sarasota couple hog-tied daughter with zip ties, kept her in playhouse, deputies say 2016 Jan 6
Coroner identifies three people found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Medina 2015 Sep 25
Husband Commits Suicide After Shooting Wife and Daughter 2015 Sep 19
Residents of quiet Medina community shaken by suspected murder-suicide 2015 Sep 19
Jane Doe in Indiana becomes Fitchburg homicide; woman charged in 2007 death 2015 Sep 15
Closed Mouth Syndrome 2015 Sep 11
GOPer Who 'Rehomed' Daughters Not Given Award At Ted Cruz Event After All 2015 Aug 13
Salinas women sentenced in torture, child abuse case 2015 Jul 17
Unnamed parents plead guilty of abusing adopted daughter 2015 Jul 16
Martin And Kathleen O’Brien: Abuse Trial Of Mom And Dad Details Horrifying Cruelty To Adopted Kids 2015 Jul 14
Former Army major and wife guilty of abusing adopted kids 2015 Jul 8
Corona man accused of sexually abusing 13-year-old adopted son 2015 Jul 7
Yucaipa Man Suspected Of Sexually Molesting 2 Foster Children 2015 Jul 2
Yucaipa foster father accused of sexually abusing adopted daughters in Crestline 2015 Jul 2
Sheriff: Whetstone mother beat 9-year-old disabled boy with baseball bat 2015 Jul 2
Nakia Brice: Mom Claimed Self Defense When She Hit 9-Year-Old Son With Baseball Bat, Cops Say 2015 Jul 2
Longtime foster parent arrested for sexual assault 2015 Jul 2
Rep. Harris Says He Won’t Seek Re-election 2015 Jun 16
National Guardsman gets life sentence in case linked to 're-homing' 2015 Jun 4
Months after the rehoming of their adopted daughters was made public, Justin and Marsha Harris have yet to face consequences 2015 May 28
Ohio National Guardsman convicted of sexually abusing adopted daughters, stepdaughter 2015 May 22
Attorneys of Habersham Co. couple say children fabricated abuse 2015 May 20
Teen who lived with Ohio sex abuse suspect speaks at trial 2015 May 19
Habersham couple pleads, sentenced in child molestation case 2015 May 19
Couple sentenced in child abuse case 2015 May 19
Adopted teen describes life of isolation, fear 2015 May 18
Russian children’s rights ombudsman to testify in US child sex abuse case 2015 May 15
Woman Stands By Husband After He Confessed to Raping Her Daughters 2015 May 15
Air Force sergeant admits to sexually abusing two young girls 2015 May 12
Md. Politician Sexually Abused As Child Wants To Change The Law 2015 May 11
Trial underway for Ohio guardsman facing sex-abuse charges 2015 May 11
Teen son of Army major and wife testifies against parents for second time 2015 May 5
Ex-prosecutor's wife paroled in adopted children abuse case 2015 Apr 28
State child welfare officials review adoption screening process after beating death of 9-year-old 2015 Apr 24
Mom accused of manslaughter in toddler’s asphyxiation death wants test of medical equipment 2015 Apr 20
Capital murder case dismissed against Hannah Overton 2015 Apr 19
Arizona man gets 14 years in prison for abusing adopted daughters 2015 Apr 16
Alleged Abuses by New Jersey Military Couple Listed in Trial 2015 Apr 13
Picatinny Army major and wife back on trial, accused of abusing adopted children 2015 Apr 13
Mom accused of having sex with adopted son 2015 Apr 11
In hope of helping others, delegate reveals abuse as child 2015 Apr 6
Adam Crapser’s Bizarre Deportation Odyssey 2015 Apr 1
Former workers at Justin Harris' preschool say they were told to sign in adopted girls despite absence 2015 Mar 30
Judge blames couple for Erica Parsons' death 2015 Mar 27
Roberta and Joseph Shane Charged In Connection With Mental Child Abuse Case 2015 Mar 24
Mother Convicted of Battery On Her Adopted Child 2015 Mar 23
Couple accused of caging autistic son get 11 months 2015 Mar 18
Huron County couple charged with abuse after son found in caged bed 2015 Mar 18
Fairfield County couple sentenced for keeping daughter in shed 2015 Mar 18
Deerfield couple arraigned on child abuse charge 2015 Mar 17
Couple charged with abusing teen locked in basement 2015 Mar 17
Legislator Who Rehomed Children has Received $4M in Public Funds since 2010 2015 Mar 13
Justin Harris used foster daughter in campaign materials, against DHS rules 2015 Mar 13
Secretary of State Mark Martin says Harris "humble and gentle," his critics "hypocritically self-righteous" 2015 Mar 12
Casting out demons: why Justin Harris got rid of kids he applied pressure to adopt 2015 Mar 12
Former Employee Says Harrises Attempted to Pray Demons Out of Kids 2015 Mar 11
Nurse's assistant sentenced for torturing two adopted children 2015 Mar 11
Justin Harris heaps more blame on DHS for his adoption decision 2015 Mar 10
Lawmakers Address ‘Rehoming’ In Wake Of Adoption Controversy 2015 Mar 8
Justin Harris: Former legislator sympathetic to criticism of DHS 2015 Mar 8
Foster family disputes key statements from Justin Harris 2015 Mar 7
Boy sues foster dad and Broward child groups over alleged sex abuse 2015 Mar 6
Harrises ended adoption process of third girl via DHS prior to eventual "rehoming" of two younger sisters 2015 Mar 6
Harris blames adoption woes on Department of Human Services 2015 Mar 6
A child left unprotected 2015 Mar 5
Justin Harris pulls down Merry Christmas legislation 2015 Mar 5
Justin and Marsha Harris: We have "suffered a severe injustice" 2015 Mar 5
Governor expands on interest in adoption issues 2015 Mar 5
Ohio couple arrested after 2 adopted girls crash van escaping from alleged beatings, sex abuse 2015 Mar 4
Mother cleared of child abuse charges 2015 Mar 3
The extraordinary upbringing and daring escape of a victim of America's homeschooling fundamentalists 2015 Feb 28
Jorge Barahona trial set in case tied to murder of daughter Nubia 2015 Feb 27
Couple charged with abuse 2015 Feb 27
Dorset couple indicted on kidnapping, assault and sexual battery charges 2015 Feb 26
Records refer to ‘chaotic’ family life before Florida girl’s fatal beating 2015 Feb 23
Jody Lynn (Friedley) Swarbrick obituary 2015 Feb 22
Report on slain Pasco girl raises questions about case 2015 Feb 20
Federal prosecutor believes missing teen Erica Parsons may be dead 2015 Feb 19
GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Force State To Pay For Religious Pre-School 2015 Feb 18
Biological mom speaks out after alleged abuse revealed in court 2015 Feb 18
Caseworkers: Pasco girl's death could not have been prevented 2015 Feb 17
Documents offer look at home life of slain Pasco girl 2015 Feb 17
Daughter of Mississippi 'child collectors' breaks silence 2015 Feb 10
Couple charged in daughter's death due in court 2015 Feb 9
Couple accused of chaining up adopted son indicted on child abuse charges 2015 Feb 6
Pasco sheriff: Girl, 9, dies a day after attack by mentally ill uncle 2015 Feb 6
Pasco sheriff: Mentally ill man kills mother, attacks nieces 2015 Feb 5
Lawyer is suspended after child endangerment plea; judge saw no malice in adoptees' treatment 2015 Feb 3
Trial scheduled for man accused of abusing, and marrying, adopted daughter 2015 Feb 2
Toddler's death ruled 'accidental' even as mother is charged with involuntary manslaughter 2015 Jan 22
Mom charged in asphyxiation death of 1½ year old girl 2015 Jan 21
Woman charged with involuntary manslaughter in adopted daughter's neglect death 2015 Jan 21
Trial date continued for Newport News couple charged in child's death 2015 Jan 20
Defense seeks trial delay for Ohio Guardsman accused of sexually abusing adopted daughters 2015 Jan 19
Jury finds man guilty of sexually assaulting 2 girls 2015 Jan 16
Judge sends man to prison for 30 years for molestation of 5-year-old adopted daughter 2015 Jan 7
Janet Barreto, once most-wanted fugitive, dies in custody 2014 Dec 24
Dixon child abuse case moving forward as 10 children get therapy for 'abuse/neglect' 2014 Dec 19
Palmdale mother pleads to torturing children 2014 Dec 16
Texas Mother of 5 Released After Spending Years in Prison for Foster Son's Murder 2014 Dec 16
State puts on hold settlement payment to Nubia Barahona’s brother 2014 Dec 14
Ringgold woman accused of abusing adopted son says she’s innocence 2014 Dec 4
Catoosa County Woman Arrested for Cruelty to Children 2014 Dec 3
Ringgold woman arrested for child abuse of adopted son 2014 Dec 3
Kathleen and Martin O'Brien plead not guilty to child abuse charges 2014 Dec 2
Victoria adoption family alleges ministry hid extent of abuse 2014 Nov 20
Taking a stand: Community involvement needed to alleviate child abuse 2014 Nov 18
Littlest victims: Kate Belus still feels pain of neglect decades after abuse by parents 2014 Nov 16
Littlest victims: Kate Belus didn't run from the beatings 2014 Nov 15
Prosecutors vow a retrial after judge declares mistrial in child abuse case of Army major 2014 Nov 15
Mistrial declared in child abuse case of Picatinny major and his wife 2014 Nov 14
Witnesses: Couple accused of murdering girl abused children 2014 Nov 14
Judge weighs mistrial in child abuse trial of U.S. Army major and wife 2014 Nov 13
Fighting for The Safety of Kids in Foster-Care System 2014 Nov 12
Cross Creek father charged, mother ordered to trial in child abuse case 2014 Nov 9
Pennsylvania Mother Rana Cooper Stands Trial for Daughter's Abuse 2014 Nov 9
Husband charged in failing to stop abuse 2014 Nov 8
Parents arrested for caging son, 19 2014 Oct 30
Michigan couple charged after adopted son found in cage in 'extremely unsanitary' conditions 2014 Oct 29
Hearing for foster parents of dead girl, 3, pushed to Monday 2014 Oct 28
Two arraigned on charges after teen found in cage in Michigan's Thumb 2014 Oct 28
All Criminal Charges Against George Harasz Are Dismissed 2014 Oct 28
Foster parents of girl found dead in 2010 returned to Kern 2014 Oct 26
Fugitive pair returned to Kern County in foster child's death 2014 Oct 26
Doctor testifies in Army couple’s trial about suspicions of child abuse 2014 Oct 21
Jeffrey Baldwin statue unveiled in Greenwood Park 2014 Oct 18
Prosecutor: Army major, wife abused adopted kids 2014 Oct 17
Teenage son will testify against U.S. Army major and wife accused of abusing adopted children 2014 Oct 17
Manitowoc County mom pleads not guilty 2014 Oct 16
Peoria family accused in abuse of 2 adopted sisters 2014 Oct 15
Couple Sentenced In Abuse Of Adopted Kids Case 2014 Oct 15
Western Pa. Mother Accused of Abusing Daughter 2014 Oct 10
State settles lawsuit by abused Weller children 2014 Oct 10
Mom Charged In Alleged Horrific Child Abuse Case 2014 Oct 9
PD: Mother accused of punching, biting children in Holly Hill 2014 Oct 8
Holly Hill PD: Foster Mother Bit & Hit Mentally Challenged Kids 2014 Oct 8
DA opposing reduced sentence for abusive mom 2014 Oct 7
Mom accused of fooling doctors into unneeded surgeries is expected to bail out of jail Monday 2014 Oct 6
Rana L Cooper - Police criminal complaint 2014 Oct 3
O'Briens' attorneys file motions to dismiss child abuse charges 2014 Oct 1
Janet Barreto pleads guilty, sentenced to 25 years 2014 Sep 30
Douglas Wirth Found Not Guilty Of Abusing Adopted Son 2014 Sep 29
Adoption, Special Needs, Child Abuse, Evangelicals. Yet Another Case 2014 Sep 29
Wis. woman accused of beating, scalding disabled son 2014 Sep 26
UPDATE: Mother Burns Special Needs Child 2014 Sep 26
Woman charged with beating and scalding her 5-year-old adoptive son with Down syndrome 2014 Sep 26
UPDATE-2: Mom accused of beating, scalding son with Down syndrome 2014 Sep 25
IN Supreme Court Takes Larry Russell Case 2014 Sep 19
Texas mother's murder conviction overturned in salt poison case 2014 Sep 18
Irish babies adopted in US faced ‘lottery’ of heartache 2014 Sep 18
Deputies describe 'bizarre methods' of discipline 2014 Sep 18
Sister Of Brutally Slain Nubia Barahona Sues DCF 2014 Sep 16
Hearing in abused child case postponed again 2014 Sep 16
Nubia Barahona’s adoptive sister sues DCF 2014 Sep 15
Fairfield County couple charged with keeping 15-year-old daughter in shed 2014 Sep 13
Nikki Russell v State of Indiana 2014 Sep 12
Alaska teacher agrees to return to Missouri to face child abuse charges: report 2014 Sep 11
Jury Selection Begins for Army Couple Accused of Child Abuse 2014 Sep 9
Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds new hearsay law 2014 Sep 7
Sheriff: Parents facing charges after "torture" of adopted child 2014 Sep 7
Kiana teacher arrested on Missouri child sex abuse charges 2014 Sep 5
Jorge Barahona denied venue change in murder attempt of son 2014 Sep 5
Adoptive parents cleared in son's death 2014 Sep 3
Eight in Adoption Abuse Case Agree to $17.5 Million Settlement With Foster Agencies 2014 Aug 27
Kansas uses more rigorous evidence standard for child abuse than other states 2014 Aug 23
Barretos to be brought back later this week 2014 Aug 20
Adoptive father charged with child abuse 2014 Aug 16
Girls’ testimonies describe torture by adoptive parents 2014 Aug 16
La Salle Father Charged After Adopted Child Abused La Salle Father Charged After Adopted Child Abused 2014 Aug 15
Man arraigned on five felony counts for allegedly sexually assaulting adopted daughter 2014 Aug 15
Adoptive Parent Facing Charges In Suspected Child Abuse Case 2014 Aug 15
'Top 15 most wanted' fugitive couple caught in Oregon 2014 Aug 14
Mothers Who Kill Children They Have Adopted 2014 Jul 15
Frisco man convicted of murder, sentenced to life in prison 2014 Jul 11
The Anchor Boys 2014 Jul 8
Biological mother of child found chained to shed wants him back 2014 Jul 7
Child found restrained in Memphis home 2014 Jul 4
Many questions remain after boy is found chained up at Memphis home 2014 Jul 4
Couple says they kept son locked in garage to protect other children 2014 Jun 30
Reports of girl’s abuse deemed ‘unsubstantiated’ by DCF 2014 Jun 28
Couple kept adopted son locked in home, deputies say 2014 Jun 27
Dripping Springs couple accused of keeping son locked away 2014 Jun 26
Dripping Springs Couple Arrested for Holding Adopted Son Captive 2014 Jun 26
Update on 1999 disappearance case of Kansas boy whose parents never reported him missing 2014 Jun 26
Jury won't hear about death of adopted son of Army major, wife during trial 2014 Jun 24
Lawyer of parents accused of abusing adopted daughter wants case closed to media 2014 Jun 20
Lincoln County woman pleads guilty to child abuse 2014 Jun 16
Lincoln County mom pleads guilty of beating adopted daughter, foster child 2014 Jun 16
Taylor County couple faces abuse charges 2014 Jun 13
Indiana Court of Appeals overturn Larry Russell, Jr.’s plea agreement 2014 Jun 10
10-year confinement sentence thrown out on appeal 2014 Jun 10
Sedgwick County parents who allegedly beat, locked girl in basement charged with abuse 2014 Jun 9
Alleged Peoria abuse victim likened to 'concentration camp survivor' 2014 Jun 6
Arizona couple 'starved and beat their two adopted daughters and forced to sleep naked in a tent in the yard'... 2014 Jun 6
Peoria couple accused of abusing adopted daughters 2014 Jun 6
Lawyers agree on information-sharing in Barahona case 2014 Jun 4
The girl in the basement 2014 May 31
Woman found guilty of felony child neglect 2014 May 21
Bail lowered for medical child abuse mom 2014 May 13
A Lubbock Couple Charged with Child Abuse, 8 Months Later A Family Remains Broken Apart 2014 May 13
Army major, wife accused of abusing 3 children plead not guilty at arraignment 2014 May 9
Medical child abuse case may have political impact 2014 May 7
Man to serve eight weeks jail for torment and sexual abuse of foster daughter 2014 May 2
Foster carer to be sentenced over underage sex assault 2014 May 1
Salinas: Torture charge added in child starvation case 2014 Apr 26
Jorge Barahona wants attempted murder trial moved out of Palm Beach County 2014 Apr 10
McKean County couple sentenced to county jail for withholding food from kids 2014 Apr 9
Mom of 8 pleads not guilty in medical child abuse 2014 Apr 4
Friend of Parker: Reporting her to police ‘tough’ 2014 Apr 3
Criminal psychologist: Mother of 8 may suffer from MBPS 2014 Apr 2
Mother of 8 arrested in ‘medical child abuse’ case 2014 Apr 1
Foster Care Author Accused Of Abusing Adopted Kids 2014 Mar 27
Las Vegas police: Former foster parents arrested on child abuse, neglect charges 2014 Mar 27
Lawmaker Wants To Stop Abuse, Neglect To “Re-Homed” Adopted Children 2014 Mar 26
Children found starving, chained and abused in Monterey County home 2014 Mar 21
Girl spent months harboring secret, fearing she would be sent away again 2014 Mar 21
Re-homing victim: ‘I could have been dead’ 2014 Mar 21
Women who were arrested in child abuse case were scheduled to be married 2014 Mar 21
Two Salinas women arrested in severe child neglect case 2014 Mar 21
Former nanny of adopted children at center of abuse case: What took so long? 2014 Mar 14
Supreme Court rejects ex-York County man's appeal in adopted Russian son's death 2014 Mar 13
Abuse Allegation in Wanda Sue Larson's Past 2014 Mar 11
Extreme Tough Love 2014 Mar 7
State Finds Major Problems In Union County Child Welfare Program 2014 Mar 6
Union County Division of Social Services Child Welfare Program Evaluation Report 2014 Mar 5
$2M settlement reached in Ohio caged kids case 2014 Mar 4
Montgomery County and Frederick County home sales [private] 2014 Feb 27
Stark County pays $100,000 in 'caged kids' case 2014 Feb 26
Adoptive father accused of brutal murder of Korean child 2014 Feb 21
Brian Patrick O' Callaghan charged with murdering 3 year old son 2014 Feb 18
Montgomery County man is charged with killing his 3-year-old adopted son 2014 Feb 18
Jeffrey Baldwin inquest urges unifying child-protection agencies 2014 Feb 14
Madoc Hyeonsu O'Callaghan Obituary 2014 Feb 13
Arrest Warrant 2014 Feb 12
Dylan Farrow's brother Moses defends Woody Allen against sexual abuse claims 2014 Feb 5
Dylan Farrow's Brother Moses Defends Woody Allen (People Magazine interview) 2014 Feb 5
An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow 2014 Feb 1
An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow [duplicate] 2014 Feb 1
The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast 2014 Jan 27
Did Woody Allen Molest His Adopted Daughter 22 Years Ago? 2014 Jan 18
Judge convicts Batavia Twp. man of abusing adopted son 2014 Jan 17
Former Hakalau sex-abuse suspect located in Florida 2014 Jan 14
$50,000 reward yields no new clues in Adam Herrman disappearance, authorities say 2014 Jan 6
Son Of Sperry Pair, Accused Of Abusing Adopted Kids, Charged With Sexual Abuse 2014 Jan 2
State accused of ignoring signs of abuse of handcuffed Union boy 2013 Dec 13
Girl's death spark calls for child services oversight 2013 Dec 10
Australian pedophile gets 30 years in US jail for abusing Russian-born boy 2013 Dec 10
Dad gets 30 years for letting adults have sex with young son 2013 Dec 9
Jeffrey Baldwin’s grandmother denies responsibility in his death 2013 Dec 4
Eileen M. Rose obituary [private] 2013 Nov 30
Newcastle foster carer charged with indecent assault of girl 2013 Nov 26
Adoptive parents sentenced to 21 and 24 years in jail on child abuse charges 2013 Nov 20
Malaysian couple held over death of teen from abuse 2013 Nov 19
Couple held after abused teen daughter dies 2013 Nov 19
North Carolina child found cuffed with dead chicken around neck 2013 Nov 18
Child found with dead chicken around neck: Foster parents ask for attorneys during court appearance 2013 Nov 18
A child’s death divides medical community in high-profile Chico murder trial 2013 Nov 17
RCMP say at least nine B.C. residents facing charges in huge international child porn sting 2013 Nov 15
HSE chiefs 'failed to fully investigate child sexual abuse claims' 2013 Nov 15
Details of deaths of children known to HSE services revealed 2013 Nov 15
Child porn bust: The men who were charged 2013 Nov 14
KCBD Investigates: Were the Dixons scamming the system? 2013 Nov 12
Sexual abuse of foster daughter admitted 2013 Nov 11
Hana's Story: An adoptee's tragic fate, and how it could happen again. 2013 Nov 10
Jury order probation in child death case 2013 Nov 8
KCBD Investigates: A history of child abuse? 2013 Nov 5
Child abuse was ex's fault, Mukilteo man testifies 2013 Nov 5
Adoptive brother convicted of abusing, starving girl 2013 Nov 5
Parents charged in death of Newport News girl, 7 2013 Nov 5
Adoptive parents charged with murder, child neglect in death of 7-year-old girl 2013 Nov 5
Momma Mia! 2013 Nov 1
Rilya Wilson: Geralyn Graham won't be retried for murder 2013 Oct 30
Trial begins in death of 3-year-old girl 2013 Oct 29
U.S. adoptive mother gets 37 years for Ethiopian girl's death 2013 Oct 29
Adoptive mother pleads not guilty to criminal abuse 2013 Oct 28
Police: Woman accused of beating adopted child with wooden spoon 2013 Oct 28
Jeffrey Baldwin inquest: Children’s aid almost sent Jeffrey, sister to foster care 2013 Oct 24
Jeffrey Baldwin: Social worker had no “concerns” with grandparents, inquest told 2013 Oct 23
Group seeks help finding alleged abuser 2013 Oct 23
Minnesota couple accused of starving son enter plea 2013 Oct 21
Spanish couple charged with lethal drugging of adopted daughter 2013 Oct 20
Charges against Spanish parents of China-born girl upped to murder 2013 Oct 19
Biological Mother of Two in Child Abuse Case Speaks Out 2013 Oct 18
Former Cape attorney charged with sexually exploiting a child 2013 Oct 16
'She would grab me around the throat and tell me to die' 2013 Oct 13
Local attorney charged in world wide pedophile ring 2013 Oct 11
Cook children to remain in foster care 2013 Oct 9
Inquest into Jeffrey Baldwin’s death hears children’s aid involved with grandma 2013 Oct 8
Failed adoptions stir outrage; reforms are elusive 2013 Oct 6
Parents indicted on felony child abuse charges 2013 Oct 4
Court documents show reports of sexual, physical abuse at Lubbock County home 2013 Oct 3
Mia Farrow and Eight of Her Children Speak Out 2013 Oct 2
Murdered 12-year-old's paternal grandfather suspects mother and inheritance money were behind the crime 2013 Sep 29
Utah Mother Faces 5 Years In Prison For Allegedly Disciplining 2 Adopted, Special Needs Children With A Dog Shock Collar 2013 Sep 28
Spain gripped by 'murder' of adopted daughter 2013 Sep 27
Assunta's murder, over inheritance millions? 2013 Sep 26
Officials allege 'abusive and cruel' conditions in Emmet County child abuse case 2013 Sep 26
Mom allegedly used shock collar on disabled children 2013 Sep 26
Asunta, a girl gifted, sociable and familiar 2013 Sep 25
Adoptive parents sentenced in the rapes of their two children 2013 Sep 24
Chinese Girl Raped and Killed in Spain 2013 Sep 24
Northbridge couple receives 20 years for child rapes 2013 Sep 24
Astakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens 2013 Sep 23
Parents guilty of murder 2013 Sep 22
Masha Allen’s fight to help other child sex assault victims 2013 Sep 20
Court documents detail alleged abuse by Emmet Co. parents 2013 Sep 20
Tahlequah man guilty in sexual abuse of adopted daughter 2013 Sep 19
Sheriff: Charges filed in missing Emmet County child case 2013 Sep 19
Trial begins for parents accused in death of child 2013 Sep 18
On the night of his death, Jeffrey Baldwin was heard ‘weeping to himself’ as he ‘waited to die’ 2013 Sep 16
Trial begins Monday for couple charged with murdering son 2013 Sep 15
Williams couple to be sentenced Oct. 8 2013 Sep 12
A Chinese girl is moved to Tennessee, and ‘hell’ begins 2013 Sep 11
Orphaned in Russia, brought to America, and then abandoned time and again 2013 Sep 11
The Crazy Parenting Book That Inspired Parents To Kill Daughter (And How To Avoid Another Tragedy) 2013 Sep 11
Jeffrey Baldwin’s grandparents abused other kids 20 years prior, inquest told 2013 Sep 11
Prosecutors delay new abuse charges in adoption case 2013 Sep 10
Sheriff's Department Press Releases 2013 Sep 9
Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas 2013 Sep 9
Williams Trial: Mother guilty on 3 counts, father on 2 2013 Sep 9
In a shadowy online network, a pedophile takes home a ‘fun boy’ 2013 Sep 9
Girl, given up by adoptive parents, made to dig own grave in abusive new home 2013 Sep 9
The Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children 2013 Sep 9
Adopted girl says mother forced her to dig her own grave 2013 Sep 9
Inquest into five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin’s ‘horrific’ starvation death begins 2013 Sep 8
Timeline of fatal child abuse case 2013 Sep 8
No verdict yet, juror excused from Williams trial 2013 Sep 6
Williams case handed to jury 2013 Sep 5
Were children victims of evil or tragedy? [includes photos] 2013 Sep 5
Closing arguments under way in Williams case 2013 Sep 4
Prosecutors describe 'house of horrors' in Hana Williams trial 2013 Sep 4
Interview: Max Shatto's Mother Tells Her Side Of Story 2013 Sep 3
Trials set for parents accused of starving child 2013 Sep 1
Child abuse decision appealed 2013 Sep 1
Carri Williams: Hana ‘unintentionally’ killed self 2013 Aug 31
World of Grief and Doubt After an Adoptee’s Death 2013 Aug 31
Carri Williams: Hana did this to herself 2013 Aug 30
Carri Williams: Husband was head of house 2013 Aug 30
Hana Williams was at least 15, another expert testifies 2013 Aug 29
Casey and Sandy Parsons move from home they shared with missing teen 2013 Aug 28
Child-porn victim sues pics' viewers 2013 Aug 28
Relatives say Parsons moving to Fayetteville area 2013 Aug 28
Testimony: Williams parents shared punishment decisions 2013 Aug 28
Parsons’ parents leave their Rowan County home 2013 Aug 28
Hundreds of tips received on Erica Parsons case 2013 Aug 28
Parsons attorney: Despite leaving home, family not giving up hope 2013 Aug 28
Victim of child pornography sues her exploiters 2013 Aug 27
Victim of child pornography sues her exploiters in class-action suit 2013 Aug 27
Victim Uses Namesake Law to Sue Exploiters 2013 Aug 27
Casey and Sandy Parsons are moving 2013 Aug 27
Doctor: Williamses starved Hana 2013 Aug 27
Larry Williams: I’m ‘ashamed’ 2013 Aug 27
Larry Williams testifies about shame, regret 2013 Aug 27
Missing teen's biological mom wants focus on Erica 2013 Aug 27
Cousin’s testimony stricken 2013 Aug 27
Doctor: Williamses starved Hana 2013 Aug 26
Education officials never checked on Erica Parsons home-schooling 2013 Aug 26
Family of Erica Parsons: We just want her home 2013 Aug 26
2 Plead Guilty In Child Abuse Case Involving Girl, 6 2013 Aug 25
Community members try to find Erica Parsons Sunday 2013 Aug 25
Erica Parsons' biological family: 'There is no Nan' 2013 Aug 24
Williams friend: Larry was a ‘caring daddy’ 2013 Aug 24
Jerry Sandusky's adopted son and so-called 'Victim 2' among seven to settle suits against Penn State 2013 Aug 24
Child trafficking: Lagos rescues 25 children 2013 Aug 23
'Nancy Grace' features Erica Parsons case 2013 Aug 23
Hundreds attend vigil for missing teen Erica Parsons 2013 Aug 23
Matt Sandusky is among 7 victims who settled with Penn State, lawyer says 2013 Aug 23
Sentencing delayed for Northbridge couple convicted of child rape 2013 Aug 23
Missing girl's extended, biological family speaks at vigil 2013 Aug 23
Child-custody hearing for Erica Parsons’ family ends 2013 Aug 22
Parsons family at odds over who should get custody of 2 children 2013 Aug 22
Search warrants in Parsons' case reveals possible charges; officials investigating 2013 Aug 22
Hearing on Parsonses’ children closed to public after ‘far too much sensational publicity’ 2013 Aug 22
Dr Phil part two: Lie detector test results on show not good for Erica’s adoptive father 2013 Aug 22
Erica Parsons - Homeschool rules not always enforced 2013 Aug 22
Expert on human trafficking to address Louisville doctors, nurses 2013 Aug 22
Editorial: Sandy and Casey Parsons -- accountable to no one? 2013 Aug 21
Rowan Co. investigators add $10K to reward in Erica Parsons case 2013 Aug 21
Adopted boy cried when talking about Williams home, foster mother says 2013 Aug 21
Woman who hired Casey Parsons as surrogate speaks out 2013 Aug 21
Polygraph expert: Sandy Parsons ‘strongly deceptive’ 2013 Aug 21
Hammer, teeth among items seized in new search in Erica Parsons case 2013 Aug 21
Billboards with missing teen Erica Parsons’ image to go up 2013 Aug 21
Computer-generated image shows what Erica Parsons may look like 2013 Aug 21
Three arrested on child cruelty charges 2013 Aug 20
Williams mother said she thought dying girl was “pretending”; Defense unsuccessfully subpoenas prosecutor 2013 Aug 20
Erica Parsons adoptive parents to Dr. Phil: 'Erica is not missing' 2013 Aug 20
Eyewitness News talks one-on-one with Dr. Phil about the Parsons 2013 Aug 19
Williams son: Hana was 'possessed,' siblings should keep quiet 2013 Aug 19
How Erica could disappear and no one notice 2013 Aug 18
Juvenile summons issued to Sandy Parsons, adoptive father of missing girl 2013 Aug 17
Attorney for Casey and Sandy Parsons addresses court summons 2013 Aug 16
Parents of missing teen to face judge over custody of other children 2013 Aug 16
Williams son: Children forbidden to speak to stricken girl 2013 Aug 16
Affidavits detail troubled relationship, financial questions 2013 Aug 16
Williams children told to keep quiet on spankings, son says 2013 Aug 16
Search warrants detail history of abuse against Erica Parsons 2013 Aug 16
Warrants detail alleged abuse against Erica Parsons 2013 Aug 15
Search for clues continues in case of teen last seen in 2011 2013 Aug 15
Search warrants paint disturbing picture of Erica Parsons life 2013 Aug 15
Parsons’ attorney addresses allegations in warrants 2013 Aug 15
Documents: Adoptive mother told investigators Erica Parsons went to Asheville 2013 Aug 15
Man arraigned on five felony counts for allegedly sexually assaulting adopted daughter 2013 Aug 15
Dad accused of locking up kids for months 2013 Aug 15
Multiple neglect, sexual abuse, battery charges filed 2013 Aug 14
Investigators search home of missing teen Erica Parsons 2013 Aug 14
Devon father jailed for 16 years for abusing adopted daughters 2013 Aug 11
Children testify in Hooper case 2013 Aug 10
Murder charge may be thrown out because adopted girl's age 2013 Aug 9
Northbridge couple found guilty of child rape 2013 Aug 9
Mother of missing girl appeals for her to come forward 2013 Aug 9
Mom tells some she thinks missing teen is with grandmother 2013 Aug 9
Warrants say adoptive parents abused Erica Parsons, investigators testing stains for blood 2013 Aug 9
Relatives of missing Rowan Co. teen questioned by investigators 2013 Aug 9
Official: Parents of missing teen gave false information 2013 Aug 8
Couple accused sexual, physical abuse of children kept in attic 2013 Aug 8
Williams adopted son: Mother, siblings mocked stricken girl 2013 Aug 8
FBI and SBI joins in search for missing girl 2013 Aug 8
Adopted boy snaps on the stand 2013 Aug 8
Police: Missing girl’s parents are being uncooperative 2013 Aug 7
Williams son: Mom tried to train Hana to “think differently” 2013 Aug 7
Investigators: It’s unclear why parents didn’t report girl missing 2013 Aug 7
Woman accused of rape claims adopted son raped her 2013 Aug 7
Missing teen may have stayed in Asheville 2013 Aug 7
Willliams daughter: Adopted daughter left in the cold, told to exercise 2013 Aug 6
Family fears the worst for missing 15-year-old girl 2013 Aug 6
Family members say missing 15-year-old had painful life 2013 Aug 6
Williams daughters: Adopted siblings got different punishments 2013 Aug 6
Alleged Crawford Co. foster family abuse victim breaks silence 2013 Aug 5
Rowan Co. Deputies: 15-year-old missing since 2011 2013 Aug 5
Social workers testify in Northbridge rape case 2013 Aug 3
2 charged in abuse of 9-year-old boy 2013 Aug 3
Couple arrested for sexual abuse, neglect of children 2013 Aug 3
School tip leads to neglect count 2013 Aug 2
Kazakhstan children allegedly raped in U.S. are from Petropavlovsk 2013 Aug 2
Carri Williams recounts ‘mistakes’; Says she and husband had equal parts in child discipline 2013 Aug
Bond Set For Soldier Accused Of Raping Children In His Care 2013 Aug 1
Lies in the Land of Hope - part 1-4 2013 Aug 1
Ohio Guardsman Accused Of Sex Crimes Pleads Not Guilty 2013 Aug 1
Alleged victim outlines abuse at Northbridge rape trial 2013 Jul 31
Trial underway of Northbridge couple charged with child rape 2013 Jul 30
Slap on wrist: US Navy officer gets 2 months suspended in abuse case of adopted Russian 2013 Jul 24
US couple pleads guilty to beating adopted Russian child 2013 Jul 24
Two months for a belt spanking 2013 Jul 24
In the U.S., the adoptive father was sentenced to two months' suspended sentence for abuse of a child from Russia 2013 Jul 24
State of Indiana v Lee M Rager - Affidavit for probable cause 2013 Jul 22
Creston mom gets probation for abusing children 2013 Jul 22
Homicide-by-abuse trial begins Monday 2013 Jul 21
5-year-old foster child tortured and murdered for bed-wetting 2013 Jul 20
Sibling calls for speedy burial of child victim 2013 Jul 19
Ohio Guardsman Accused Of Sex Crimes Back In U.S. 2013 Jul 17
Ohio National Guardsman Charged With Sexually Abusing 3 of His Children 2013 Jul 17
Motions to dismiss charges in homicide case denied 2013 Jul 17
Ohio Nat'l Guardsman Charged with Child Sex Abuse in Union County 2013 Jul 16
Deputies search for missing 13-year-old boy 2013 Jul 16
Murder charges being expunged for father of slain Russian-born adopted boy 2013 Jul 16
Soldier Indicted, Accused Of Raping Children In His Care 2013 Jul 15
Deployed National Guard Major Facing 17 Child Sex-Related Charges 2013 Jul 15
Couple Accused of Abusing Children 2013 Jul 12
Pa. pastor, wife want underfed kids charges tossed 2013 Jul 12
Lou. mom accused of hitting child in genitals with wooden spoon 2013 Jul 12
Manchester Couple Charged With Child Abuse 2013 Jul 11
Manchester Man Charged with Physical, Emotional Abuse of Disabled Children 2013 Jul 11
Nearby: Franklin Park Couple's Trial on Child Abuse Charges Begins 2013 Jul 8
Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted Russian boy for years 2013 Jul 1
US to seek local talks over sex-abuse boy 2013 Jul 1
Named: the Australian paedophile jailed for 40 years 2013 Jun 30
Australian man jailed for 40 years in US after trafficking adopted son to global paedophile ring 2013 Jun 30
Paedophile jailed for abusing son 2013 Jun 30
Australian pair in L.A. convicted for making child porn with ‘adopted son’ from Russia 2013 Jun 29
Air Force major charged with child abuse, neglect 2013 Jun 25
Man adopts child… tortures him to death 2013 Jun 23
Alabama Supreme Court: Gadsden woman does not have to undergo mental evaluation in 2003 toddler death 2013 Jun 21
Adopted to be killed; Orphan succumbs after torture by foster parent 2013 Jun 21
Creston woman pleads no contest to abusing kids 2013 Jun 20
Seymour Johnson officer, wife face child abuse charges 2013 Jun 17
Charged with Child Abuse and Neglect 2013 Jun 14
Child endangerment charges against 2 Iowa 'Angels in Adoption' have been dropped 2013 Jun 12
Austrian commission reports rampant child abuse in former city-run home 2013 Jun 12
Child advocate charged with sexual assault 2013 Jun 8
The Adoption Subsidy: Good Intentions Unfortunate Realities 2013 Jun 7
Medical Exam Casts Doubt On Recent Claim Of Abuse In Glastonbury Sex Assault Case 2013 Jun 6
Child services missed four chances to intervene in forced pregnancy case 2013 Jun 5
Mother forced adopted child to artificially inseminate herself 2013 Jun 5
U.S. Marshals add suspected child murderer to 15 Most Wanted 2013 Jun 4
Specific Changes in Brain Structure After Different Forms of Child Abuse 2013 Jun 1
Gilbert woman sentenced for abusing adopted son 2013 May 31
Couple accused of abusing adopted kids moving in with parents 2013 May 24
Miami-Dade man accused of murdering adopted daughter complains to judge in letter 2013 May 21
Cooks charged in 4-year-old son's death 2013 May 20
Cleburne parents face charge of injury to child after death of adopted boy 2013 May 20
Trial postponed for Ankeny couple accused of locking kids in basement 2013 May 7
Creston man headed to prison for abuse 2013 May 7
Tests: Begay likely father of baby of adopted daughter 2013 May 6
Law still looks for Barretos, four years after escape 2013 May 5
Army Major, Wife Make Bail in NJ Child Abuse Case 2013 May 2
Friends defend Army major and wife charged with abusing children; 1 calls allegations 'a lie' 2013 May 2
Army major and wife charged with 'unimaginable' abuse of 3 children 2013 May 1
Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement's Adoption Obsession 2013 May 1
Desperate for another child, mother forces daughter to inseminate herself 2013 Apr 30
NJ Couple Faces Federal Child Abuse Charges 2013 Apr 30
U.S. Army major, wife charged with assaulting and abusing foster and adoptive children 2013 Apr 30
I thought, if I did this, my mum would love me more 2013 Apr 29
American mother living in U.K. forced her 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant, judge says 2013 Apr 29
Girl, 14, forced to become pregnant with donor sperm bought by mother 2013 Apr 28
Charges against Hoopers bound to court; Couple accused of starving 3 adopted children 2013 Apr 25
Mom accused of abusing adopted daughters 2013 Apr 22
HPD: Mom says she ‘flogged’ adopted daughters for their own good 2013 Apr 22
Police say Houston mom adopted girls, beat them with stick 2013 Apr 22
Harris county Arrests 2013 Apr 19
Judge ends parents' rights in MN starved boy case 2013 Apr 18
Nicollet County judge terminates parental rights of couple accused of starving their son 2013 Apr 18
CHASK profile Mark and Ruthann Gneiser 2013 Apr 17
Des Moines couple with adoptive children charged with child endangerment 2013 Apr 16
Chauvinist Pygmalion 2013 Apr 5
PA State Police Squad Cracking Cold Cases 2013 Mar 31
Affidavit: Cleburne boy, 4, appeared malnourished at time of death 2013 Mar 28
My gay father’s sexual abuse was swept under the carpet, says victim 2013 Mar 28
Couple sentenced for stealing $830,000 from adopted son 2013 Mar 27
Anchorage couple sentenced for emptying son's trust fund 2013 Mar 27
Affidavit details troubled life of Cleburne boy 2013 Mar 27
Convicted Murderer Wants New Trial 2013 Mar 27
Woman vents anger on adopted baby, causing her death 2013 Mar 26
Autopsy report provides insight in death of Russian boy adopted by West Texas family 2013 Mar 26
Medical examiner releases Shatto autopsy 2013 Mar 26
Deceased child described as emaciated 2013 Mar 26
Foreign-run orphanage closed after reports of abuse, human trafficking 2013 Mar 25
Convicted Dothan Child Killer Seeks New Trial 2013 Mar 23
Police: Pa. pastor, wife endangered underfed child 2013 Mar 22
Local couple guilty in child abuse case sentenced to 20 years 2013 Mar 20
Pastor, wife charged with child neglect 2013 Mar 20
Vancouver couple sentenced for imprisoning, beating adopted twins 2013 Mar 20
U.S. Court Clears Parents in Adopted Boy's Death 2013 Mar 19
Gilbert woman pleads guilty in child abuse case 2013 Mar 19
US Parents Cleared in Death of Adopted Russian Boy 2013 Mar 19
Parents no-billed in Max Shatto case 2013 Mar 18
Case Closed: Max Shatto's Death Ruled Accidental 2013 Mar 18
Woman who locked kids in cages asks judge to end probation 2013 Mar 5
Hakalau farmer named in child sex abuse lawsuit 2013 Mar 5
Mother ordered to trial for child abuse, torture 2013 Mar 5
Former Hakalau farmer accused of sexual abuse 2013 Mar 5
Woman Charged With Torturing Adopted Children Ordered to Stand Trial 2013 Mar 5
Former Hawaii island farmer accused of abusing child 2013 Mar 4
Russian Boy’s Death Still a Mystery, Despite Medical Findings 2013 Mar 4
Hilo-area farmer accused of child sex abuse, forced child labor (blog post) 2013 Mar 3
Autopsy: Russian adoptee's Texas death an accident 2013 Mar 1
Russian boy's death ruled accidental 2013 Mar 1
Adoption of Ukrainian children by foreigners: boon or bane? 2013 Mar 1
Death of Adopted Russian Boy Ruled "Accidental" 2013 Mar 1
Texas adoption agency cleared after boy's death 2013 Mar 1
Texas Officials Deny Kremlin Account of Adopted Child Death 2013 Feb 28
U.S. social workers confirm that Maxim Kuzmin died because of domestic abuse - Astakhov 2013 Feb 28
Indian baby under US foster care returns to Kolkata 2013 Feb 27
Attorney: Shattos did not kill child 2013 Feb 27
Sheriff’s office still waiting for autopsy results 2013 Feb 26
Toddler death stirs Russian polemic over US adoption 2013 Feb 26
Ohio child rapist: ‘I always wanted to protect kids’ 2013 Feb 25
Agency involved in dead Russian boy's adoption on hot seat 2013 Feb 25
More ‘Troubled’ Adoptions in US Come from Russia, Say Experts 2013 Feb 23
Foster parent fails to receive screenings; accused in brutal abuse 2013 Feb 23
Russian Embassy Revives Interest in 2011 Adoptee Death 2013 Feb 22
All Eyes On Texas Town At Center Of Russian Adoption Drama 2013 Feb 22
US-Russian adoptee Max Shatto 'playing before he died' 2013 Feb 21
TFR promises to punish those responsible for the deaths of Americans orphans from Russia 2013 Feb 21
Biological mother of dead Maksim wants her other son back from the US 2013 Feb 20
Russian Embassy Confirms Diplomat Visited Site of Orphan's Death 2013 Feb 20
Ukrainians outraged as US dad shoots adopted Ukrainian boy 2013 Feb 20
Court hears of Russian orphan's sad life 2013 Feb 20
Cruelty knows no bounds 2013 Feb 20
Sheriff: Adopted Russian boy was outside before death 2013 Feb 20
Russian Children’s Ombudsman Campaigns Against Foreign Adoptions Case By Case 2013 Feb 20
West Texas Medical Experts Say That Perscription Drug May Have Killed Max Shatto 2013 Feb 20
Duma demands SC initiate investigation into the killing of Maxim Kuzmin 2013 Feb 19
After Adopted Boy Dies in U.S., Russian Officials Accuse Texas Woman 2013 Feb 19
Russian adoptee in the US was beaten and given drugs used to treat advanced forms of schizophrenia of adults 2013 Feb 19
Texas official: Bruises found on dead Russian boy 2013 Feb 19
Investigator Says Russian Child's Body Covered in Bruises 2013 Feb 19
Maxim Kuzmin death: investigation 2013 Feb 19
‘End to adoption question’: Russia shocked at another child’s death in US 2013 Feb 19
Russia investigates 'murder' of Max Shatto, US adoptee 2013 Feb 19
News of toddler's death in Texas reignites Russian adoption debate 2013 Feb 19
Russian children's rights ombudsman wants to end foreign adoption 2013 Feb 19
Reports Of Adoptee’s Death In U.S. Prompt Firestorm Of Outrage In Russia 2013 Feb 19
Death of Texas toddler fuels Russian government's anti-adoption stance 2013 Feb 18
Ector County Sheriff's, CPS Investigating Death of Adopted Child From Russia 2013 Feb 18
Moscow hopes those guilty of adopted Russian child's death in US will be severely punished 2013 Feb 18
Adopted Russian boy murdered by US mother: Moscow 2013 Feb 18
Wayne County Couple Charged With Abuse Of Adoptive Children 2013 Feb 15
Wayne County Couple Arrested; Accused of Abusing Adopted Children 2013 Feb 14
Legislation would add bill of rights for foster children 2013 Feb 12
Woody Allen may not be talking, but his PR offensive is heating up 2013 Feb 11
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
Woody Allen: I Did Not Molest Dylan Farrow 2013 Feb 7
Ireland sent girls, women to Catholic workhouses until 1996, report finds 2013 Feb 5
Mother target of past abuse probes 2013 Feb 1
Father of Alleged Child Torture Victim Wants Child Back 2013 Jan 31
Child torture hearing postponed, father speaks out 2013 Jan 31
Parental rights terminated for Middlefield couple accused of abusing children 2013 Jan 30
Sadistic methods of raising children absolutely normal in US 2013 Jan 30
NM couple arrested after 8-year-old girl found locked in cage 2013 Jan 30
Las Cruces couple charged after 8-year-old left in wooden cage 2013 Jan 28
Renewed call for child sex offenders to be named 2013 Jan 26
Adoption Nonprofit Cooperating With Investigation Into Alleged Child Torture 2013 Jan 24
Adoptive mother 'locked children in their rooms, beat them with a HAMMER, zip-tied their hands together 2013 Jan 24
CPS takes too long to investigate child abuse, report says 2013 Jan 24
Jailed man’s history of assaults goes back to 1954 2013 Jan 24
Senior who sexually abused adopted daughter is jailed 2013 Jan 24
Russia may treat child adoption for cash as trafficking 2013 Jan 23
Adoptive mother arrested for torture, beating of children 2013 Jan 23
Polygamous community resident says he's a fit foster parent 2013 Jan 21
Pair accused of abusing adopted children stand trial 2013 Jan 19
Fears of abuse raised years ago 2013 Jan 18
Other kids taken from couple accused of abuse 2013 Jan 18
Prosecutors take issue with defense expert in Williams case 2013 Jan 17
Suspended deputy state attorney general and wife accused of child abuse waive hearing 2013 Jan 17
Franklin Park couple faces child-abuse charges 2013 Jan 17
Prescott couple, Jerome Mitchell and Hermina Ibarra, accused of abusing young daughter 2013 Jan 16
Former Wright-Patt officer pleads not guilty on child abuse charges 2013 Jan 16
State revokes Hauers' child foster care license 2013 Jan 13
Mona Hauer: Child always had eating problem 2013 Jan 12
Over 100,000 American orphans seek American love and care 2013 Jan 11
Report: Lawyer Appointed to Children in Middlefield Child Abuse Case 2013 Jan 11
Sperry Couple Plead Not Guilty To Abusing Adopted Children 2013 Jan 8
Americans To Stand Trial For Abuse of Russian Adoptee 2013 Jan 8
Investigators testify child treated as the family demon 2013 Jan 7
Putin signs bill barring adoptions of Russian children by Americans 2012 Dec 28
Ensley Elementary employee arrested on child cruelty charges 2012 Dec 21
Ensley Elementary School worker faces abuse charges 2012 Dec 20
U.S. Marshals Searching for Fugitive Couple Wanted for Toddler Death, Child Neglect, Animal Cruelty 2012 Dec 19
Legal guardian: Lover tied up Rilya, confined her to laundry room 2012 Dec 17
60 years for Troy adoptive father, child rapist 2012 Dec 17
Missing Fla. foster child's custodian feared worst 2012 Dec 17
Trial set for Ankeny parents accused of locking kids in basement 2012 Dec 14
Mistrial denied in missing Fla. foster child case 2012 Dec 13
Creston resident faces trial for abuse 2012 Dec 13
State trooper accused of failing to report father's alleged child abuse 2012 Dec 12
Prosecutors play 2002 ABC interview with woman in Rilya Wilson case 2012 Dec 12
Detective: no clues in national hunt for Fla. girl 2012 Dec 11
Creston couple accused of abuse 2012 Dec 11
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
Russians say they’ll name their Magnitsky-retaliation law after baby who died in a hot car in Va. 2012 Dec 11
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
DSHS settles Tacoma foster children's abuse case for $11 million 2012 Dec 11
Mendocino County foster father arrested in death of child 2012 Dec 10
Rilya Wilson’s older sister attends Monday’s murder trial 2012 Dec 10
Missing child witness: defendant got aid falsely 2012 Dec 10
I-Team: Family Friend Accused of Beating Foster Child 2012 Dec 10
Fort Bragg man arrested in 5-month-old baby's death 2012 Dec 10
Judith Leekin lawsuit: Partial settlement reached in Port St. Lucie child abuse case 2012 Dec 10
Hardin woman pleads guilty in child's death 2012 Dec 7
Rilya Wilson did not die in vain [opinion] 2012 Dec 7
I-Team: Family Struggles With Toddler's Injuries In Foster Care 2012 Dec 7
Judith Leekin Lawsuit: NYC Agrees To Pay $9.7 Million To Abused Foster Kids 2012 Dec 6
City Settles With Disabled People Fraudulently Adopted in ’90s and Abused 2012 Dec 6
Ohio rebukes agency's intern use 2012 Dec 6
Woman admits causing death of 3-year-old foster child 2012 Dec 6
Severe head injury of 2-year-old foster child spurs caregiver re-education campaign 2012 Dec 5
Attorney: Kids lied about being locked in tool box 2012 Dec 5
Social worker who found Rilya Wilson was missing testifies 2012 Dec 5
How law fails victims of foster parent abuse 2012 Dec 4
DCF caseworker takes stand in Rilya Wilson murder trial 2012 Dec 4
Lt. Colonel charged with child abuse 2012 Dec 3
Air Force officer arrested on child abuse charges 2012 Dec 3
Air Force lieutenant colonel arrested for child abuse 2012 Dec 3
Mom ‘outraged’ at kids’ living condition 2012 Dec 2
Childhood trauma leaves mark on DNA of some victims 2012 Dec 2
Fort Bragg man arrested for infant's death 2012 Dec 1
VIDEO: Foster dad on sex charges 2012 Dec 1
VIDEO: No bail for man accused of sexually abusing foster daughter 2012 Nov 30
Couple accused of starving son retains custody of other children 2012 Nov 30
Mukilteo woman sentenced to 30 years for torturing girl 2012 Nov 29
Friend testifies foster mom borrowed dog cage for Rilya 2012 Nov 29
Dog Cage Evidence In Rilya Wilson Murder Case 2012 Nov 29
Beaten, Starved and Locked in a Room? 2012 Nov 29
Dad says he missed 'red flags' in Harnett child abuse case 2012 Nov 29
Charges filed against TH foster parents 2012 Nov 29
Local parents plead not guilty to killing adopted daughter 2012 Nov 29
Foster parents say neglect case illustrates need for loving homes 2012 Nov 29
Parents plead not guilty to killing adopted daughter; body to be exhumed 2012 Nov 28
Williams couple pleads not guilty in daughter's death; Prosecutors' request to exhume daughter's body granted 2012 Nov 28
Terre Haute couple charged with abuse of adopted boys had encounter with police earlier this year 2012 Nov 28
Couple charged with binding, abusing kids 2012 Nov 28
Child abuse case raises questions 2012 Nov 28
Judge in Rilya Wilson trial denies mistrial based on prosecutor’s standing with Florida Bar 2012 Nov 27
Man given 60 years in prison for rape 2012 Nov 27
Widow of firefighter accused of molestation pleads guilty to witness tampering, unlawful imprisonment 2012 Nov 27
Proctorville man gets 60 years in prison for rape 2012 Nov 26
Murder trial starts in Fla. foster child case 2012 Nov 26
Rilya case prosecutor’s license revoked 2012 Nov 26
Donald Copley sentenced to 60 years for raping nieces 2012 Nov 26
Lawyers offer opening statements in Rilya Wilson murder case 2012 Nov 26
Child rapist sentenced to 60 years 2012 Nov 26
Foster mother and girlfriend face child abuse charges 2012 Nov 25
Rape trial to begin Monday 2012 Nov 25
Fayetteville Women Facing Abuse Charges 2012 Nov 25
A decade after little girl vanished, Rilya Wilson’s foster mom faces trial 2012 Nov 24
12-year sentence for toddler killing 2012 Nov 24
Burns to Foster Child’s Legs Lead to Arrests 2012 Nov 24
‘Protector’ charged with rape of foster child 2012 Nov 23
Judge delays Lake Geneva child abuse case 2012 Nov 23
Prosecutors file new charges against Williams couple 2012 Nov 22
Franklin Park couple face more charges 2012 Nov 20
Niceville woman facing felony child abuse charges 2012 Nov 19
Couple Accused In Alleged Abuse Of Adopted Children Facing News Charges 2012 Nov 19
Franklin Park Couple Face New Charges in Child-Abuse Case 2012 Nov 19
Hearing postponed, couple facing new charges in child abuse case 2012 Nov 19
Lawyer: Deputy attorney general and wife ‘frustrated’ by child-abuse allegations 2012 Nov 19
New charges added against Franklin Park couple accused of abusing two adopted children 2012 Nov 19
Mother indicted for reckless homicide 2012 Nov 19
Life for sex abuse of child 2012 Nov 16
Abuse victims from orphanages and foster care to seek compensation through Royal Commission 2012 Nov 16
Man, 87, on trial for sex abuse faces life in prison 2012 Nov 15
Homelife for kids in Ankeny neglect case filled with turmoil 2012 Nov 14
Harnett father charged with child abuse, neglect 2012 Nov 12
Neighbors: Couple Sought Help for Troubled Teens 2012 Nov 10
Local man convicted of child sexual abuse gets 30 years 2012 Nov 9
Biological mom wants girl back after abuse allegations surface 2012 Nov 9
Killing children, as a mother-heroine could conceal a crime and a half years of social service 2012 Nov 9
CEO accused of child sex abuse resigns 2012 Nov 9
North Mankato Couple Fights to Keep 8-Year-Old Son 2012 Nov 9
Attorney: Lexington woman accused in vinegar death has 'solid defense' 2012 Nov 9
Mother reported daughter's adopted family over abuse FOUR YEARS before they locked her in the basement for a month for 'discipli 2012 Nov 9
Pressure in alleged child sex-abuse scandal mounts on Broward House chief Michael McGuigan 2012 Nov 8
Regulation of adoption services needed to ensure protection of children 2012 Nov 8
Police: Ankeny teens were locked in basement for 3-4 weeks 2012 Nov 8
Authorities: Iowa teens say adoptive parents locked them in basement for weeks as punishment 2012 Nov 8
Former orphanage residents allege child abuse, neglect, beatings and sexual assault 2012 Nov 8
Minnesota Officials: Starving Of Boy ‘Egregious’ 2012 Nov 8
Scholarship fund created in memory of Nikolina Stoyanova, Oregon State Hospital-Portland patient who died 2012 Nov 7
Parents, sister of missing teen arrested 2012 Nov 7
Mona and Russell Hauer, Minn. parents, accused of starving 8-year-old adopted son 2012 Nov 6
North Mankato parents charged with felony neglect of son 2012 Nov 6
North Mankato parents who withheld food from 8-year old charged with neglect 2012 Nov 6
Charges: Couple Starved Boy, 8, Down To 35 Lbs. 2012 Nov 5
Calgary teen fit to stand trial in sex assault of young boy 2012 Nov 5
Complaint: Starved 8-Year-Old Weighed 34.8 Lbs 2012 Nov 5
Couple charged with neglect of adopted boy 2012 Nov 5
Minnesota couple accused of starving, abusing adopted son; 8-year-old is malnourished 2012 Nov 5
Update: Parents charged with six felonies in abuse and neglect of 8 year old 2012 Nov 5
N. Mankato parents charged with starving child 2012 Nov 5
Calgary teen accused of raping 4-year-old foster brother fit to stand trial 2012 Nov 5
Rilya Wilson case goes to trial Monday 2012 Nov 4
Flagstaff man arrest in molestation case 2012 Nov 2
New head of Broward HIV center faced molestation allegations 2012 Nov 2
N. Arizona man accused of molesting 2 adopted daughters 2012 Nov 2
Fifty-Year Old Man of Timberline Arrested for Molesting his Adopted Daughters 2012 Nov 2
Brandt pleads guilty to six rape charges 2012 Nov 2
Arrest Warrants 2012 Nov
Prosectors seek to allow boy in rape case to testify more privately 2012 Oct 31
Widow, 61, forced child to drink bleach from a dirty cloth used to clean toilets during decade of abuse 2012 Oct 31
Man charged in child's torture, starvation case 2012 Oct 30
States don't often share child-abuse records. And sometimes kids like Jeanette Maples die. 2012 Oct 27
Shocking abuse allegations detailed in warrants 2012 Oct 23
Brad Thill, who is charged with child abuse, rejects charges 2012 Oct 23
Hearing postponed for couple in child abuse case 2012 Oct 23
Father accused of not reporting alleged child abuse (video) 2012 Oct 23
Cameron woman accused of starving, beating her children 2012 Oct 23
Father arrested, accused of not reporting alleged child abuse 2012 Oct 23
Scholarship Paves Way for Careers in Counseling 2012 Oct 23
Report slams Wash. adoption system 2012 Oct 23
Franklin Park couple's hearing continued in abuse case 2012 Oct 23
Adoption gone awry is a troubling mystery [opinion] 2012 Oct 23
Ban on US-Russian Adoptions Would Have ‘Dire Consequences,’ Say Experts 2012 Oct 22
Police: Cameron woman starved, beat three of her five children 2012 Oct 22
Adoption saga ends with charges for Franklin Park couple 2012 Oct 21
Report links rash of abuse, state adoption policy flaws 2012 Oct 20
Abused Dutro Daughters Are Too Late With Suit 2012 Oct 19
Father Accused of Raping Four Adopted Daughters Over 12-Year Period 2012 Oct 19
Accused child abusers sentenced to prison 2012 Oct 18
Man jailed in abuse of 3 children; his sister is sought 2012 Oct 17
Russian lawyers slam Russian child abuse in US 2012 Oct 16
Couple arrested in child abuse allegedly had in-home strip club 2012 Oct 16
Murder, Strip Parties Spell Bad News for Seven Adopted Kids 2012 Oct 15
Judge: Couple cannot visit adopted children after abuse charges 2012 Oct 15
Abuse within foster families systemic, hurts 2012 Oct 13
Parents of seven adopted children arrested on suspicion of felony corporal punishment, molestation and strip club parties 2012 Oct 13
PERRIS: Parents with home ‘strip club’ charged with child abuse 2012 Oct 12
CPS ineptitude plays large role in lives of two families 2012 Oct 12
Wife of man charged with child abuse accused of perjury 2012 Oct 10
Obituary Donald Joseph Brancato (Sharon Leonard's father) [private note] 2012 Oct 9
Agatha Christie inspired by horrific child neglect death that shocked Britain 2012 Oct 7
The three brothers 2012 Oct 7
US family charged with abusing adopted Ethiopian children 2012 Oct 7
Pennsylvania prosecutor, wife charged with abusing adopted Ethiopian kids 2012 Oct 6
Franklin Park couple accused of assaulting adopted children 2012 Oct 5
State prosecutor and wife 'abused adopted Ethiopian children found near death with skull fractures and bruises' 2012 Oct 5
Pa. deputy attorney general, wife charged with abuse of children 2012 Oct 5
Middlefield couple accused of abusing adopted children, police said 2012 Oct 5
Deputy Attorney General, Wife Charged With Abusing Adopted Children 2012 Oct 4
Forensic anthropologist to examine remains found in Georges Township 2012 Oct 3
Govt mulling to tighten post-adoption follow-up 2012 Oct 3
Doctor, nurse charged in death of adopted son waive preliminary hearing 2012 Oct 2
State to pay $5.3M to abused children 2012 Oct 2
DSHS agrees to pay former foster children $5.3 million 2012 Oct 2
Settlement Reached in child abuse case 2012 Oct 1
5-year-old tortured, killed by her foster parents in Indore 2012 Sep 28
Affidavit: Middlefield Parents Physically, Mentally Abused Adopted Children 2012 Sep 28
5-year-old girl tortured, then killed by foster parents in Indore 2012 Sep 28
Woman convicted in girl's torture, starvation 2012 Sep 27
Man convicted of child sex abuse 2012 Sep 26
Abuse case likely to reach jurors Thursday 2012 Sep 26
Judge concerned by Calgary teen rapist's mental state 2012 Sep 25
Ex-Goodyear employee, wife get prison time 2012 Sep 25
Middlefield Parents Arrested on Child Abuse Charges 2012 Sep 24
Trebilcocks' adopted children will stay in foster care 2012 Sep 24
Defendant's boyfriend may be implicated at abuse trial 2012 Sep 24
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Foster parents in murder case 2012 Sep 21
Mukilteo woman pleads not guilty to abuse of girl 2012 Sep 21
Abuse suspects plead not guilty 2012 Sep 20
Alleged abuser's trial begins; jury hears of girl's agony 2012 Sep 20
See how much you earned on these children wyrodni parents with Puck! 2012 Sep 20
Couple plead not guilty in Walworth abuse case 2012 Sep 19
Bloomfield couple pleads not guilty to child abuse charges 2012 Sep 19
2 Poles arrested after death of 2 foster children 2012 Sep 19
2 Poles arrested after death of 2 foster children [duplicate] 2012 Sep 19
Father pleads guilty to abuse 2012 Sep 18
Snohomish man sentenced to 6 years for rape of girl 2012 Sep 12
Husband Pleads Guilty In 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Death 2012 Sep 12
Verden woman accused of child abuse faces preliminary hearing today 2012 Sep 12
Des Moines Couple Honored by National Adoption Advocacy Group 2012 Sep 11
Beach dawdles on necessary changes [opinion] 2012 Sep 11
The killing of children: the mother-heroine could conceal a crime and a half years of social service 2012 Sep 10
Woman accused of trying to have abuse evidence hidden 2012 Sep 10
Mom Convicted of Salt Poisoning Death Accuses Prosecutor of Misconduct, Awaits New Court Decision 2012 Sep 7
New trial date set for Proctorville couple 2012 Sep 6
Quiet horror foster families 2012 Sep 1
Brandt's adoptions not connected with agency violations, director says 2012 Sep 1
Man in alleged rape case still without attorney 2012 Aug 30
Woman Gets Life For Killing 2-Year-Old Adopted Daughter in Marion County 2012 Aug 29
Violet Ray gets life sentence in murder of adopted daughter 2012 Aug 28
North Pole man gets 25 years for sex abuse 2012 Aug 27
Campaign Urges Women To Pick Boyfriend Carefully 2012 Aug 24
Former Goodyear employee guilty of child abuse 2012 Aug 24
Severely beaten child was under county watch 2012 Aug 23
COURT: Caregiver admits to letting felon beat toddler 2012 Aug 23
Attorneys withdraw from alleged rape cases 2012 Aug 23
Inquiry launched after foster child is 'severely injured' 2012 Aug 23
Trebilcocks sentenced to prison for mistreating children 2012 Aug 23
Former Oklahoma City police sergeant pleads guilty to sexual abuse charges 2012 Aug 21
Larisa (Kucheryavvy) Dzyuba obituary 2012 Aug 19
Doctor, nurse plead not guilty to adopted son's death 2012 Aug 17
Man convicted in beating death of adopted child 2012 Aug 17
Court Hears Of Injuries Suffered By Three-Year-Old 2012 Aug 14
Man accused of child abuse murder of adopted daughter 2012 Aug 14
Jonathan Outlaw has been accused of sexually battering his adopted daughter 2012 Aug 13
Brooksville man arrested in sexual battery case 2012 Aug 13
Murder charges Enloe doctor comes to the defense of colleagues 2012 Aug 12
13-year-old says ‘gay porn’ led to repeated rape of 4-year-old 2012 Aug 10
Doctor & Wife Accused of Killing Son to Continue Working 2012 Aug 10
Abused children's biological brother wants to adopt them 2012 Aug 10
Dead girl’s injuries consistent with child abuse, doctor says 2012 Aug 10
UNICEF regrets loss of babies in Luhansk, urges to improve system of child protection 2012 Aug 9
Murderous surprise from Krasnodonskoye mother-heroine 2012 Aug 8
Adoptive parents and guardians: Skeletons in beautiful cabinets 2012 Aug 8
The tragedy at the Donbass: why having many heroic mother was a cold-blooded killer? 2012 Aug 7
The family, who killed foster children in Krasnodon, showed sotssluzhbam some guys and before kidnapping three-year-old Christin 2012 Aug 6
killer to argue Two adopted daughters that they were abducted 2012 Aug 3
Frisco man indicted on capital murder charge after 22-month-old son’s death 2012 Aug 3
Heroic mother killed two adopted girls, one burned, the second - buried 2012 Aug 2
Russia to tighten adoption rules after Wisconsin abuse case 2012 Aug 2
Heroic mother kidnapped the baby to hide the murder of foster children 2012 Aug 2
Krasnodonskaya heroic mother denies that the killing of children 2012 Aug 2
Abuse charges against Walworth County couple bring international attention 2012 Aug 1
U.S. Foster Parents Charged Over Abuse of Russian Children 2012 Aug 1
Walworth County couple accused of hitting, stabbing, using pepper spray on kids 2012 Jul 31
Trebilcocks found guilty on 2 counts 2012 Jul 31
Parents found guilty in Longview starving kids case 2012 Jul 31
Bristow - Just one week after the near-ban on U.S. adoptions from Russia was lifted, a Bristow couple were arrested and charged 2012 Jul 29
Abuse case jeopardizes adoption agreement between Russia and US 2012 Jul 29
Another U.S. Child Abuse Case Surfaces 2012 Jul 27
Kansas man loses appeal for new trial in death of 9-year-old son 2012 Jul 27
Dad testifies in Washington child abuse trial, denies he withheld food, neglected adopted son 2012 Jul 26
Closing arguments wrap up in Longview child mistreatment trial 2012 Jul 26
U.S. Failing Over Adoption Laws Says Russia 2012 Jul 26
Accountability for Baby Braxton [opinion] 2012 Jul 26
A commentary of the official representative of the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of Russia A.K.Lukashevich in connection to 2012 Jul 26
U.S. Failing Over Adoption Laws Says Russia 2012 Jul 26
Mother takes the stand as abuse trial testimony concludes 2012 Jul 26
Russia starts investigation over reported beating of adopted child in the U.S. 2012 Jul 26
Father testifies that malnourished boy could eat all he wanted 2012 Jul 25
Yukon couple sentenced in abuse case 2012 Jul 25
Trial in death of Hardin child delayed 2012 Jul 25
Calgary teen says he assaulted young kids after watching years of gay porn 2012 Jul 24
Defense's expert witness has different take on Trebilcocks' son 2012 Jul 24
Abused Sisters Fight to Keep Lawsuit Alive 2012 Jul 23
Pediatrician dismisses fetal alcohol syndrome theory during abuse trial 2012 Jul 23
Scott Dean adopted daughter stole, pawned family jewelry, police say 2012 Jul 23
Psych testing on tap for Calgary teen rapist 2012 Jul 23
Expert testimony sheds light on condition of Trebilcocks' adopted son 2012 Jul 21
Child abuse expert testifies at Trebilcock trial 2012 Jul 20
Amy and Matthew Sweeney of Bristow, Va., charged with felony child abuse after runaway 8-year-old is found bruised, beaten 2012 Jul 20
Chico nurse, doctor husband allegedly kill 2-year-old adopted son 2012 Jul 20
Doctor, nurse arraigned on murder, child abuse charges for death of adopted son 2012 Jul 20
Chico nurse, doctor husband allegedly kill 2-year-old son 2012 Jul 19
Were There Warning Signs In Death of 2 Year old Child? 2012 Jul 19
More Details In The Death Of A 2-Year Old 2012 Jul 19
Matthew and Amy Sweeney arrested, accused of repeated abuse of son 2012 Jul 19
Virginia Couple Accused of Abusing Son 2012 Jul 19
Amy and Matthew Sweeney Arrested For Felony Child Abuse In Bristow, Va. 2012 Jul 19
Chico doctor, wife accused of killing adopted son, 2 2012 Jul 18
Oldest son takes stand in Trebilcock trial 2012 Jul 18
Trebilcocks' daughter tells of escape attempt 2012 Jul 17
Adopted son takes stand on Day 1 of Trebilcock trial 2012 Jul 16
Neighbors: Mom accused of child abuse said she did what the Bible says 2012 Jul 16
Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar because ‘the Bible says’ 2012 Jul 13
Littleton Couple Convicted Of Beating, Starving Son Sentenced 2012 Jul 13
Couple Convicted Of Starving, Beating Adopted Son Sentenced 2012 Jul 13
Diana, Samuel Franklin Accused Of Keeping Child In Chicken Coop, Using Shock Collar 2012 Jul 12
Lawyer For Taylor County Couple Charged With Child Abuse Speaks Out 2012 Jul 12
Parents accused of locking girl in chicken coop 2012 Jul 12
GBI: Middle Ga. couple forced adopted child to stay in chicken coop 2012 Jul 11
Parents charged with locking child in chicken coop 2012 Jul 10
US couple on trial for abusing adopted Russian kids 2012 Jul 7
Russia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America 2012 Jul 6
Oregon State Hospital patient chokes to death after series of staff errors 2012 Jun 30
Norman Frederick Haard [private] 2012 Jun 29
Snohomish man pleads guilty to sexual abuse of adopted teen 2012 Jun 29
NBC exclusive: Matt Sandusky details alleged sex abuse by his father 2012 Jun 26
Dual suicide attempts delay sentencing of abusive Jefferson County couple 2012 Jun 19
This care system is creating written-off children 2012 Jun 18
Charges against former Foster Parent of the Year hiked to five 2012 Jun 16
Judge denies Dean new trial 2012 Jun 15
Tenacious investigator honoured 2012 Jun 15
GRAPHIC: Son testifies against Yukon parents in abuse/neglect trial 2012 Jun 12
Abused Children of Evangelical Couple Make Harrowing Claims 2012 Jun 12
Brandt's request for new attorney denied 2012 Jun 11
Parents Arrested in Taylor County Child Abuse Investigation 2012 Jun 10
More Russian children tortured in US 2012 Jun 6
LAKE ELSINORE: Child endangerment charge against sheriff's captain dismissed 2012 Jun 5
Indictment: Couple plundered son's $800K, left $15 2012 Jun 3
Judge rejects claims in salt-poisoning case 2012 Jun 1
Everett woman accused of scamming $775K from son 2012 Jun 1
Appeal: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law 2012 May 31
Taylor County: Girl removed from home after abuse allegations 2012 May 30
Mom discusses alleged child abuse by adopted mother 2012 May 30
Deported woman seeks MEA’s help 2012 May 28
Abuse suspect risks trial 2012 May 27
Kings County woman faces felony child abuse 2012 May 26
Woman arrested in child torture case 2012 May 25
Child Abuse, Torture Investigation; Woman Arrested 2012 May 25
Child abuse survivor tells her story to help other victims 2012 May 24
Deborah Mark sentenced to an additional 80 years in jail 2012 May 22
Walworth County couple faces 17 charges including child abuse 2012 May 21
Couple facing 17 charges for allegedly abusing adopted children 2012 May 21
Complaint: Lake Geneva parents stabbed, pepper sprayed children 2012 May 19
US woman who sent back Russian boy to pay $150,000 2012 May 18
Mom convicted in death of 2-year-old 2012 May 18
Expert witnesses dispute medical examiner's conclusion 2012 May 17
Sisters sue church, city, county for failing to stop abuse 2012 May 17
Bruce 'Zion' Dutro Abuse: Siblings Sue California Government Agencies For Misconduct 2012 May 16
State of Wisconsin vs Kathleen O'Brien and Martin O'Brien (complaint) 2012 May 16
Child abuse men jailed 2012 May 15
Assembly panel approves bill regulating home-schooling of foster children despite outcry 2012 May 15
The investigation of the death of the criminal cases in the United States adopted Russian children 2012 May 12
Cynthia Hudson conviction, life without parole sentence overturned 2012 May 11
Inquest needed into shocking death of 7-year-old Katelynn Sampson 2012 May 2
Milwaukee man charged with beating teen daughters, human trafficking 2012 May 2
Man awarded payout from Wakefield Council over abuse 2012 May 1
The foster parents of a murdered seven-year-old Toronto girl were sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday 2012 May 1
Katelynn Sampson: Guardians sentenced to life in prison for murdering 7-year-old Toronto girl 2012 May 1
Life sentence for murdering 7-year-old Katelynn opens the way to an inquest 2012 May 1
Porter: Tragic Katelynn Sampson was failed by Ontario social safety net [opinion] 2012 May 1
Guardians of slain 7-year-old get life sentences 2012 May 1
Overton Hearing Expected to Wrap Up Monday 2012 Apr 30
Oklahoma Family Files Lawsuit Against DHS 2012 Apr 30
Former Nueces County District Attorney takes stand in Overton case 2012 Apr 25
Dad of missing adopted boys reaches plea deal 2012 Apr 21
Mom accused in daughter's abuse death is back in jail 2012 Apr 20
Parents guilty on all charges in JeffCo child abuse trial 2012 Apr 18
Woman accused in starving case competent for trial 2012 Apr 17
Sister of woman accused of pushing son down stairs testifies the boy was "extremely clumsy" 2012 Apr 17
Alberta reveals 10 foster care deaths 2012 Apr 14
Adoptive parents on trial in Jefferson County abuse case say 6-year-old injured himself 2012 Apr 11
7-year-old boy testifies against his parents in felony child abuse case 2012 Apr 11
Severe child abuse linked to couple who fled to Mexico 2012 Apr 7
Mother, Daughter Sentenced On Abuse Charges 2012 Apr 5
Convicted adoptive mom released on time served 2012 Apr 5
Ex-Goodyear official, wife to face new child-abuse trial 2012 Apr 3
'Monster' of dad gets 3 1/2 years for sex abuse 2012 Mar 31
Duma to Debate Russia-U.S. Adoption Deal 2012 Mar 30
Coon Rapids sexual abuse victim: "I was molested 1,480 times" 2012 Mar 30
Accused child molestor unsure of trial decision 2012 Mar 27
Butler pleads guilty to child neglect 2012 Mar 23
Adoptive mom of missing boys gets 42 years for welfare fraud 2012 Mar 23
Fort Drum soldier sentenced for infant's death 2012 Mar 15
Ohio adoptive dad indicted on 31 counts of rape 2012 Mar 15
Osage County couple arrested for gruesome child abuse 2012 Mar 15
Affidavit: Osage County Couple Forced Children To Eat Vomit, Manure 2012 Mar 14
Oklahoma couple charged in child abuse 'torture' 2012 Mar 14
Child-rape case shows safeguards failed 2012 Mar 12
Letter warned of alleged abuser 2012 Mar 12
Fernandez Takes the Stand in Day Five of Overton Hearing 2012 Mar 10
Woman accused of murder in adopted child’s death granted $100K bond 2012 Mar 9
Foster parents arrested in Mexico for Bakersfield toddler's death 2012 Mar 8
Proctorville couple turn themselves in for rape charges, are arraigned 2012 Mar 8
Bill says single parenthood is a factor in child abuse 2012 Mar 8
Pair suspected of killing child arrested in Mexico 2012 Mar 8
Troy man waved right to hearing in child sex case 2012 Mar 6
Mukilteo child abuse defendant objects but is sent to hospital for evaluation 2012 Mar 3
Ohio investigates adoption agency amid rape case 2012 Mar 3
Proctorville area man indicted on 51 counts of rape 2012 Mar 1
Accused rapist in process of adopting 4th child in alleged rape, prostitution case 2012 Mar 1
FBI to pursue charges against 3 men in child sex case 2012 Mar 1
Man used private Dayton adoption agency in alleged child rape, prostitution case 2012 Mar 1
Couple indicted on multi-count rape charge 2012 Mar 1
Bond set for several men in child sex case 2012 Mar 1
Man accused of child rape 2012 Mar 1
Rape case ongoing, Troy man held in recent investigation 2012 Mar 1
Communicating with Birth Parents: A Part of the Journey 2012 Mar 1
Foster carer abuse case: Southampton council apologises 2012 Feb 24
Foster mother severely beats child who took forbidden candy 2012 Feb 24
Paedophile foster carer named thanks to newspaper 2012 Feb 24
Paedophile foster carer Rex Case facing jail after years of abuse in Southampton 2012 Feb 23
Rex Case - the man the jury didn't believe 2012 Feb 23
Bravery of victims 2012 Feb 23
Police missed 'several' chances to prosecute paedophile Rex Case 2012 Feb 23
Victims demand answers after paedophile Rex Case's conviction 2012 Feb 23
Frightening saga has happy ending 2012 Feb 19
Russian Government Accuses a Texas Mother of Drugging and Murdering Her Adopted Son 2012 Feb 18
Court hears appeal of woman convicted in son’s death 2012 Feb 17
Whistle-blowing foster parents fighting possibly race-based removal of child 2012 Feb 15
The children nobody cared about 2012 Feb 15
Russian orphan had 'brutal childhood' 2012 Feb 14
Investigating the story: How we did it 2012 Feb 12
Moscow calls to suspend adoption of Russian children by US citizens 2012 Feb 11
Boy, 5, dies from ingesting vinegar; case ruled a homicide 2012 Feb 10
Big family's issues escape scrutiny 2012 Feb 10
Coroner: Lexington child died from 'ingestion of vinegar' 2012 Feb 10
Gaps exposed in system meant to shield foster, adoptive children 2012 Feb 10
Big family's issues escape scrutiny 2012 Feb 10
Adopted child sues city and state for not taking down abusive home 2012 Feb 10
Coroner: Lexington Boy Died From Drinking Vinegar 2012 Feb 10
Child Dies From Vinegar Ingestion 2012 Feb 10
Sex-abuse allegations swirl around foster dad 2012 Feb 10
Boy, 6, removed from Cairns gay fathers in FBI child porn probe 2012 Feb 9
Gay couple lose son over child sex fears 2012 Feb 9
O'Brien charges and probable cauase statements 2012 Feb 7
Boy in Barahona Case "Very Close to Dying" a Few Times: Caretaker 2012 Feb 7
A Crackdown on International Adoptions 2012 Feb 7
State looking for past foster children of man charged with sexual abuse 2012 Feb 7
Jail sentence for mom who exposed girl to pedophiles 2012 Feb 7
Surviving Barahona twin alleges months of torture at hands of adoptive father 2012 Feb 6
New Documents Paint Picture Of More Horror For Barahona Twins 2012 Feb 6
Former foster father given stiffer bond requirements after allegedly avoiding police 2012 Feb 6
Mother accused of killing daughter pleads not guilty in court 2012 Feb 6
Harrowing details emerge in Barahona case 2012 Feb 6
Did the system fail baby Braxton? [opinion] 2012 Feb 6
Abused children, one forced to eat vomit 2012 Feb 5
DA: 'Monster' mom a 'sadistic, manipulative criminal' 2012 Feb 5
Chickasha Woman Charged With Felony Child Abuse 2012 Feb 4
Upper Dublin Mom Headed To Jail For Abusing Adoptive Daughter 2012 Feb 3
Verden woman charged with felony child abuse 2012 Feb 3
In Memoriam: Baby Braxton 2012 Feb 3
Alexis Nichole Long obituary 2012 Feb 3
Columbus police: Parents charged in baby’s death 2012 Feb 3
Foster Father Sexually Abused Two Kids In His Care 2012 Feb 2
Columbus parents charged in toddler's death 2012 Feb 2
Jeffrey Sliker Guilty: Wounded Soldier Admits To Killing Infant Laurne Clark 2012 Feb 1
Montco mom to be sentenced Friday for daughter's injuries 2012 Feb 1
Republic Foster Parent Mark Obrien Charged with Sodomy, Child Abuse and Possession of Child Pornography 2012 Jan 31
Perrys receive mixed verdict, Windie and Elizabeth convicted, Ernest acquitted 2012 Jan 28
US justice sluggish in rape case 2012 Jan 27
Dean gets 20-year sentence, 20 years probation for sex crimes 2012 Jan 25
Ex-foster child testifies in Mass. class action 2012 Jan 22
Snohomish man accused of assaulting adopted daughter 2012 Jan 21
TBI agent testifies about DNA 2012 Jan 19
Mexico prosecutor says 4 children seized in child-trafficking ring show signs of sexual abuse 2012 Jan 19
Second teen testifies about abuse in Clarksville child abuse, torture trial 2012 Jan 19
Tender Young Brains 2012 Jan 18
Cynthia Hudson appeals murder conviction in the death of her son 2012 Jan 18
State notes alarming spike in starvation of adopted children 2012 Jan 18
Prescott couple accused of abusing adopted 4-year-old daughter 2012 Jan 16
Holdgrafer's attorney wants trial relocated 2012 Jan 15
Editorial: Some measure of justice might come for victims of Judith Leekin of Port St. Lucie 2012 Jan 15
State officials investigating several cases of abuse of adopted children 2012 Jan 14
Trebilcocks deny mistreating adopted children 2012 Jan 14
Mother killed herself before jail move 2012 Jan 13
De prévention du suicide dans les prisons du Québec a claqué après suspects assassiner meurt 2012 Jan 12
Chelsea killer mom dies in hospital 2012 Jan 12
Tragedy eludes explanation 2012 Jan 12
Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest 2012 Jan 11
Teen accused of raping younger boys will remain behind bars 2012 Jan 11
Western Kentucky teen gets 50-year sentence in murder of adopted sister, Amy Dye 2012 Jan 11
Chelsea, Quebec mom tries to kill herself in Hull prison 2012 Jan 11
Woman convicted in her daughter's death by 'water intoxication' released from prison 2012 Jan 10
Shemeeka Davis Sentenced: Antioch Woman Gets Life In Prison For Murder Of Foster Child 2012 Jan 9
Chelsea, Quebec mother charged with first-degree murder fit to stand trial 2012 Jan 9
Chelsea mom charged with killing daughter to stand trial 2012 Jan 9
The Beast of Marriage 2012 Jan 9
Dallas-area adoption ends with one toddler dead, twin in foster care, dad charged with capital murder 2012 Jan 8
Calgary teen accused of rape lived in same foster home with alleged victims 2012 Jan 6
Calgary boy charged with sex assaults appears in court 2012 Jan 5
Accused murderer offered plea deal 2012 Jan 5
Hauers plead not guilty to child abuse, neglect charges 2012 Jan 2
Hannah and Andrew (Detailed account from the Overton perspective) 2012 Jan 1
STATE OF OHIO v VONDA L. FERGUSON (Appellate Case No. 2010-CA-1) 2011 Dec 30
$68 Million Settlement Proposed for 10 Children Fraudulently Adopted and Abused 2011 Dec 29
Pavel Astakhov: Russia with no orphans - such it will be 2011 Dec 29
Daughters testify in emotional sentencing hearing of lifetime of sex abuse, father gets 300 years to life 2011 Dec 28
Child abuse suspect dies, case still moving forward 2011 Dec 27
Frisco Father Arrested for Capital Murder 2011 Dec 23
Frisco Father Arrested In October Death Of Toddler 2011 Dec 22
North Texas dad charged in toddler son’s death 2011 Dec 22
Adopted Haitian kids allegedly sexually abused 2011 Dec 19
Area ministry sued over child sex scandal at Haitian orphanage 2011 Dec 17
Abused Glastonbury Boy: ‘I Want To Die’ 2011 Dec 15
Arrest Warrants Describe Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Of Two Boys, 5 and 15, By Glastonbury Couple 2011 Dec 15
Jury finds Scott Dean guilty on two counts of child molestation 2011 Dec 15
Haitian Adoption Nightmare 2011 Dec 14
Adopted Daughter Takes Stand In Day 2 Of Scott Dean Trial 2011 Dec 14
Jury begins deliberations in Scott Dean's trial on child molestation charges 2011 Dec 14
Victim testifies Dean touched her, exposed himself 2011 Dec 13
Potential jurors questioned for trial of ex-commissioner Scott Dean 2011 Dec 12
Children's ombudsman reports death of Russian-born child adopted in Canada 2011 Dec 12
Former Columbia County commissioner's child molestation trial begins 2011 Dec 12
Former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean's molestation trial scheduled for today 2011 Dec 11
Pavel Astakhov's tweet 2011 Dec 10
Russian child dies in adoptive family in Canada 2011 Dec 10
Russian adopted child killed in Canada 2011 Dec 10
Pacific discussion on child abuse vs child discipline 2011 Dec 9
Shelley Blair Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison 2011 Dec 8
Spring Hill woman sentenced for child abuse 2011 Dec 8
Sentencing Continued For Spring Hill Foster Mother 2011 Dec 7
Obituary - Joseph Maoping Adams 2011 Dec 6
Pa. Couple Seeks New Trial In Russian Son’s Death 2011 Dec 3
Adoptive mother gets life in prison 2011 Dec 3
Man receives probation for child abuse 2011 Dec 2
Ministry Ignored Orphan Abuse, Adopters Say 2011 Dec 2
Family friends tell of concern before adopted Wilson girl died 2011 Dec 1
Connecticut couple charged with sexually assaulting adopted children 2011 Dec 1
Oconto Co. Child Neglect Case 2011 Dec 1
Vanderbilt doc says Mt. Juliet girl was tortured 2011 Dec 1
Witness: Bruises seen previously on child 2011 Dec 1
Prosecutors hope to use two previous incidents against Scott Dean in molestation case 2011 Dec 1
Beshear orders release of state records on child abuse, neglect deaths 2011 Nov 30
Couple Charged With Sex Assault of Minor 2011 Nov 30
Couple charged with sexual assault appears in court 2011 Nov 30
Fort Drum soldier back in court, accused of murdering infant 2011 Nov 29
Did Hana's parents 'train' her to death? 2011 Nov 27
Kentucky's child protection system under scrutiny after girl's murder 2011 Nov 26
Catherine Dufresne’s trial postponed 2011 Nov 24
Todd County judge sentences brother to 50 years in 9-year-old's death 2011 Nov 24
Amy Dye led troubled life 2011 Nov 23
Torres aims for new life outside prison 2011 Nov 22
Charges Dropped Against Mercedes Farquharson Of Monroe, NC, Who Enslaved Her Children 2011 Nov 22
Case dismissed against 'delusional' mom for slavery of daughters 2011 Nov 21
Torres' prison release slated for Tuesday 2011 Nov 21
Russians unlikely to succeed in bid for new Craver trial, attorneys say 2011 Nov 21
Russia Attacks Sentence of Adoptee’s Parents 2011 Nov 19
New charges possible in alleged abuse of twins 2011 Nov 14
North Pole Man Arrested on 32 Counts of Sexually Abusing Minors 2011 Nov 10
North Pole man charged with 31 counts of child sex abuse 2011 Nov 10
Can Adoption Lead to Child Abuse? 2011 Nov 9
Lawsuit vs. Globe International 2011 Nov 8
Judge: Social workers ignored reports of abuse before slaying of 9-year-old 2011 Nov 8
Arrest 2011 Nov 8
Women file lawsuit over alleged abuse by former foster parents 2011 Nov 7
Preaching virtue of spanking even as deaths fuel debate 2011 Nov 7
Preaching Virtue of Spanking, Even as Deaths Fuel Debate 2011 Nov 6
William Fox Sentenced To 35 Years For Sexual Abuse Of Two Adopted Sons 2011 Nov 4
Kenston Yi sentenced to 40 years in prison 2011 Nov 4
Children's charity co-founder sentenced in sex abuse case 2011 Nov 3
Foster mom gets 10 years in Virginia Beach infant's death 2011 Nov 3
Iowa City Murder Suspect Found Not Guilty 2011 Nov 3
Eagle Mountain couple sentenced for child abuse 2011 Nov 2
Va. Beach woman sentenced to 10 years for death of foster son 2011 Nov 2
Vancouver abuse case of caged twins sparks unlikely friendship 2011 Oct 27
Parents accused of killing adopted Ethiopian daughter 'were inspired by religious discipline book 2011 Oct 27
Anderson Cooper 360: Interview with Michael Pearl 2011 Oct 26
Quebec girl's autopsy results withheld 2011 Oct 26
Chelsea, Quebec mom charged with killing daughter Sophie Fitzpatrick 2011 Oct 26
Apex woman headed to prison for child abuse 2011 Oct 25
Que. woman accused of killing 7-year-old daughter appears in court 2011 Oct 24
Quebec woman charged in adopted daughter's death 2011 Oct 24
Quebec mom faces 1st-degree murder charge Kathrine Dufresne, 53, makes surprise court appearance despite injuries 2011 Oct 24
Catherine Dufresne charged with murdering seven-year-old daughter Sophie Fitzpatrick 2011 Oct 24
Apex woman bound for prison for abusing adopted son 2011 Oct 24
Attorneys address events leading up to boy’s death 2011 Oct 24
Girl, 7, strangled: Reports 2011 Oct 23
Mom charged with murder of daughter, 7 2011 Oct 22
Illegal adoption racket busted, 19 kids rescued 2011 Oct 22
Ex-commissioner Dean pleads not guilty for second time on child molestation charges 2011 Oct 21
Vancouver abuse arrests followed 9 investigations 2011 Oct 20
CPS, neighbors reported abuse suspicions starting in 2004 2011 Oct 20
Custody of allegedly abused twins taken from adoptive parents 2011 Oct 20
Statement from Adoption Advocates International regarding Hana Williams death 2011 Oct 20
Couple accused of beating, starving and imprisoning adopted teenage twins 2011 Oct 20
Couple charged with imprisoning children 2011 Oct 19
Jeffrey and Sandra Weller, Vancouver Parents, Charged With Routinely Starving and Beating Adopted Twins 2011 Oct 19
'If he would talk his dad would beat him with a board' 2011 Oct 19
Prosecutor calls abuse of WA twins 'torturous' 2011 Oct 18
Couple accused of beating, starving, imprisoning adopted twins 2011 Oct 18
Logan Edward Garrett Obituary 2011 Oct 16
Charged mother of dead teen: ' I think my daughter killed herself' [911 call] 2011 Oct 13
Mistrial declared in sex abuse case - possibly 2011 Oct 12
Montco mom admits abusing adoptive daughter 2011 Oct 12
Woman Pleads Guilty To Assault, Kidnapping Of Adopted Children 2011 Oct 11
No Injuries When Car Smashes Through Hess Window 2011 Oct 11
Lake Elsinore Couple's Abuse Trial Delayed Again 2011 Oct 8
Attorney: Charges Against Sheriff’s Captain Are ‘Crazy’ 2011 Oct 7
Ogilvie woman faces four charges of alleged child neglect and abuse 2011 Oct 5
Case file: Parents starved and beat girl, locked her out in the cold 2011 Sep 30
Lexington couple indicted on multiple child-abuse charges 2011 Sep 29
Former Columbia County Commissioner Scott Dean reindicted on child molestation charges 2011 Sep 29
Skagit County Sheriff Office Affidavit - ProbableCause Affadavit 2011 Sep 28
'I think my daughter just killed herself,' mother tells dispatcher [911 call] 2011 Sep 27
Promoting ethics for child adoption in Nagaland stressed 2011 Sep 23
Pa. parents guilty in death of adopted Russian boy 2011 Sep 22
Mary Mazalic Held on $500k Bail After Torture of Child 2011 Sep 21
Mary Mazalic, Mukilteo Woman, Charged With Starving, Burning, and Beating 10-Year-Old Adopted Girl (blogs) 2011 Sep 20
How to care for the traumatized child 2011 Sep 20
Girl, 10, tells of reported abuse and torture 2011 Sep 20
Charged: Woman accused of starving, beating daughter 2011 Sep 19
Jail ordered for Dodge couple who abused foster child 2011 Sep 19
Mazalic Probable Cause and other court documents 2011 Sep 19
The Craver trial: In the participants own words 2011 Sep 17
Girl starved, beaten; Mukilteo woman arrested 2011 Sep 16
$500,000 bail for suspect in assault of child 2011 Sep 15
Mukilteo woman arrested after girl, 10, found ‘extremely emaciated,’ bruised and scarred 2011 Sep 14
CPS runaround in baby's case is revealing [opinion] 2011 Sep 14
Lesbian Foster Parents Publish Photos of Boy Dressed as Girl, Child Agency Under Fire 2011 Sep 13
Questions Surround Death Of Hana Williams 2011 Sep 12
Gilbert woman abused adopted son with lighter, police say 2011 Sep 12
Torres earns diploma, hopes for release soon 2011 Sep 10
Five of Nathaniel Craver's teachers testify for defense 2011 Sep 9
Former Coon Rapids cop accused of abusing boy 2011 Sep 9
Woman Faces Charges in Horrific Child Abuse Case 2011 Sep 9
Jennifer Barnes Adopted a Child -- Then Shoved Feces in His Mouth, Stuck Toothbrush in Anus. CPS Drops Ball Again? 2011 Sep 9
Doctor describes Craver's injuries to York County jury 2011 Sep 8
Village of Hope founder pleads guilty to child sex abuse 2011 Sep 8
Co-founder of charity for African orphans pleads guilty to child sex abuse 2011 Sep 7
Hudson gets probation, fines related to son's death 2011 Sep 7
Children taken from adoptive parents to attend private school 2011 Sep 7
Ex-Commissioner Scott Dean's trial delayed again 2011 Sep 6
Trial Opens in Adopted Russian Boy's Death in Pennsylvania 2011 Sep 6
DA wants death penalty for parents in Russian adoption case 2011 Aug 31
Allegations cast severe doubt on DSHS foster care licensing 2011 Aug 30
Son Of Couple In Child Sex Abuse Case Seeks Child Support From Father's Estate 2011 Aug 30
Alaska's 'Hot Sauce' Mom Sentenced to 3 Years of Probation, Fine, for Child Abuse 2011 Aug 29
Mother, Son Charged in 12-Year-Old Sister's Pregnancy 2011 Aug 29
Mom in court over 12-year-old daughter's alleged rape, abortion 2011 Aug 29
Judith Leekin, AKA “Eastlyn Giraud," and the Ease of Fooling New York City's Child Welfare System [opinion] 2011 Aug 26
New Look at City Lapses in Adoption Abuse Case 2011 Aug 25
Hot Sauce Mom was on a mission 2011 Aug 24
Former foster children file suit 2011 Aug 24
Eagle Mountain couple pleads guilty to abusing their children 2011 Aug 24
Foster children placed in 'house of horrors' sue state 2011 Aug 23
A Q&A with William Ingaldson, Counsel for the ‘Hot Sauce’ Mom 2011 Aug 23
4 sue state over abusive Tacoma foster home 2011 Aug 23
Child who died in hot car may have been beaten 2011 Aug 23
Alaska's Hot Sauce Mom Found Guilty of Child Abuse 2011 Aug 23
Montana v Lavonna Bird Complaint and Search Warrant 2011 Aug 22
Foster Child Of OKC Police Officer Accused Of Molestation Testifies 2011 Aug 20
Jaren Wayne Blacksmith obituary 2011 Aug 20
Mom on trial for punishing child with hot sauce 2011 Aug 18
Boy punished with hot sauce was in minor trouble at school 2011 Aug 18
'Hot sauce' mom child abuse trial begins 2011 Aug 18
The Adoption Taboo: Is There Temptation For Fathers Of Interracial Daughters? 2011 Aug 16
How did DSHS miss abuse in Pierce Co. firefighter's home? 2011 Aug 12
Firefighter's widow pleads not guilty to abusing daughters 2011 Aug 11
Wife of Washington Firefighter Denies Link to Child Sex Abuse After His Suicide 2011 Aug 11
Charges: Woman abused girls, hid husband’s sex abuse 2011 Aug 10
'Horrific' Child Sex Abuse Investigation Linked To Dead Fireman 2011 Aug 10
Former Staten Island hero cop William Fox looking at life behind bars in Pennsylvania sex charges case 2011 Aug 3
Jury Convicts Kenston Yi of Double Murder 2011 Aug 3
Obituary [private note] 2011 Aug 3
DCF head outlines changes to safeguard children 2011 Aug 2
Couple Accused Of Abusing Adopted 6-Year-Old Girl 2011 Aug 2
Coroner: Adopted teen died of hypothermia in backyard 2011 Aug 1
Death of adopted girl outside in cold yard prompts CPS probe 2011 Aug 1
Child torture: Adoptive parents accused of abuse face sentencing today 2011 Aug 1
Accused Abusive Adoptive Parents Sentenced 2011 Aug 1
Detective provides details in Lexington child-abuse case; woman has convulsions afterward 2011 Jul 29
Lorton man found guilty of killing wife, daughter 2011 Jul 29
15 Months Later, Boy Rejected by U.S. Mother Lives in Orphanage 2011 Jul 28
Officer accused of sexually abusing children resigns 2011 Jul 27
Fairfax man found guilty of killing wife, daughter 2011 Jul 27
Spring Hill man charged with abuse after son is taken to hospital 2011 Jul 27
Accused child abuser: My kids are "begging" to come home 2011 Jul 26
The Most Vulnerable Citizens 2011 Jul 26
Father Accused of caging adopted son 2011 Jul 26
OKC Police Officer Accused Of Child Molestation To Resign 2011 Jul 25
Lexington mother accused of locking child in cage, strangulation 2011 Jul 23
Lexington woman accused of locking child in cage, abuse 2011 Jul 22
Father gets 99 years for sexual abuse 2011 Jul 22
Doctors abused adopted children 2011 Jul 21
Teen testifies of continuous sexual abuse 2011 Jul 21
Putin calls for compulsory training for adoptive parents 2011 Jul 21
U.S. v. FARQUHARSON 2011 Jul 20
Verdict means adoptive father can't benefit from boy's death 2011 Jul 20
Friends back up teen’s sex abuse claims 2011 Jul 20
Mentally ill Army retiree may face life sentence in slaying of family 2011 Jul 19
Civil court: Adoptive father 'aided and abetted' child's 2006 suffocation 2011 Jul 19
Torres: Jail term a kind of ‘blessing’ 2011 Jul 17
David and Jan Carpenter of Little River get jail, probation for child neglect 2011 Jul 14
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
Couple sentenced in child abuse case 2011 Jul 13
U.S., Kremlin Reach Deal to Monitor Adoptions 2011 Jul 12
Lillian Manning's abuser gets life in prison, plus 36 years 2011 Jul 8
Moss Bluff mom accused of child abuse speaks out 2011 Jul 8
Mother and grandmother arrested on cruelty charges after young girl seen eating out of trash cans 2011 Jul 7
Lehi woman accused of abusing adopted children 2011 Jul 5
Sacramento child-abuse survivor, now 19, builds a new life 2011 Jul 3
US couple charged with abuse of adopted Russian girls 2011 Jul 2
Couple charged with abusing adopted kids 2011 Jun 30
Couple accused of disturbing abuse on adopted children 2011 Jun 29
Jersey child abuse inquiry review 'misleading' 2011 Jun 27
Donations sought for Butler Family 2011 Jun 24
[duplicate to delete] Father charged with murder in son’s shooting 2011 Jun 24
Father charged with murder in son’s shooting 2011 Jun 24
Andrew A. Butler obituary 2011 Jun 24
Altamonte Springs adoptive mom enters child-abuse plea 2011 Jun 22
Russia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman 2011 Jun 22
In connection with court hearings for Michael Grismore 2011 Jun 21
Andrew Arthur Butler, 13 [obituary] 2011 Jun 20
Battle for DOB in adopted daughter rape case 2011 Jun 20
Raped Russian orphan to be isolated at children's rancho in USA 2011 Jun 20
Police: Man charged in slaying said he thought son fired at him 2011 Jun 20
Briefing by Russian MFA Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, June 16, 2011 2011 Jun 16
Adoptive dad guilty of child neglect 2011 Jun 16
Jurors find adoptive father guilty of child neglect 2011 Jun 15
In re A.G., Person Coming Under the Juvenile Court Law 2011 Jun 15
WikiLeaks: Foster Care Children in Ireland Used as Sex Slaves 2011 Jun 15
Child rapist is sentenced to 52 years 2011 Jun 14
10-year-old boy: My adoptive parents spanked me until I bled, kept me away from food 2011 Jun 14
Adoptive parents of missing boy Adam Herrman to go to trial in theft case 2011 Jun 13
Another Russian orphan abused by US foster parents 2011 Jun 10
Vaughan guilty of sex assault 2011 Jun 10
U.S. man accused of raping Russian foster daughter says relations 'consensual' 2011 Jun 10
US man suspected of raping adopted Russian daughter 2011 Jun 10
American raping foster daughter from Russia 2011 Jun 10
Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation is looking for errors in the documents abductions orphans from ... 2011 Jun 10
An orphan from the Kuzbass, adoption and raped in the U.S., a mother never sought 2011 Jun 10
New Records Released in Case of Foster Parent Licensed Despite Abusive Past 2011 Jun 7
Mom allowed child molester to babysit 2011 Jun 3
State moves to shut down Hollywood adoption agency 2011 Jun 3
Va. Beach foster mother pleads guilty in boy's death 2011 Jun 2
Stipulation of Facts 2011 Jun 1
Adopted children seized from Longview couple led 'very isolated' lives 2011 Jun 1
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
Sex monster bullied his adopted daughter 2011 May 27
Child molester carried 10-year-old ‘like a bride,’ jury hears 2011 May 27
Court Documents Reveal Details In Barahona Case 2011 May 26
Judge Considers Sealing Evidence In Barahona Trial 2011 May 25
Adoptive father of slain girl: She tried to poison me 2011 May 25
Washington Couple Accused of Starving Five Children 2011 May 25
New Study Shows Media Underreport Child Sexual Abuse, Miss Key Aspects of Issue 2011 May 24
Close ties color boards' decisions 2011 May 24
Couple face charges of starving adopted children so badly that 13-year-old boy weighed 49lb and was forced to steal dog food 2011 May 24
'Humiliating' experience described 2011 May 23
Couple accused of neglecting kids appear in court 2011 May 20
Couple accused of starving 5 children released from jail 2011 May 20
Longview parents post bail after appearing in court on criminal mistreatment charges 2011 May 20
Longview couple accused of abusing adopted children post bail 2011 May 20
James' Adopted Children Give Harrowing Account of Abuse 2011 May 19
Allegations of Child Abuse Spur Questions of Adopted Services Oversight 2011 May 19
West Longview couple accused of neglecting, abusing 5 adopted children 2011 May 19
Washington couple held without bail for allegedly neglecting adopted children 2011 May 19
Anchorage woman charged with abuse of adopted kids 2011 May 18
Woman charged with severe abuse of adopted children 2011 May 18
Police statement on James arrest 2011 May 18
STATE v. STEIDL 2011 May 16
Foster dad faces molestation probe 2011 May 13
Hana Grace-Rose Williams - Obituary 2011 May 12
Tammy Andrews sentenced to 8.5 years 2011 May 11
Oceanside Woman Pleads Guilty in Child’s Death 2011 May 11
To My New York Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer on International Adoption 2011 May 11
Man faces child sex abuse charge 2011 May 10
Hearing date set for couple accused of abusing adopted children 2011 May 10
DA: Oceanside Woman Pleads Guilty to Shaking Her Baby to Death; Will Serve One Year in Prison 2011 May 10
Mom pleads guilty to son's shaken death 2011 May 10
Ex-Millcreek woman sentenced to 6 to 12 years in abuse of adopted children 2011 May 10
Oceanside woman to serve one year for baby shaking death 2011 May 10
Statistics don't tell total child abuse story 2011 May 8
Normalcy seems on comeback at Barreto place 2011 May 7
Jury convicts ex-Boone County man of child rape 2011 May 5
Information for Release [press release] 2011 May 3
Judge denies bail for accused Oklahoma City police officer 2011 May 3
Prosecutors patiently await Barretos, two years after flight 2011 May 3
Millcreek abuse case far from straightforward 2011 May 2
Foster father goes on trial in sex abuse case 2011 May 1
Foster youth's stolen IDs getting more attention 2011 Apr 30
Plea deal in Oconto County child abuse case 2011 Apr 29
Wife shoots at husband, daughter, Father admits to sex with daughter, 2011 Apr 27
Wife Shoots At Husband, Daughter 2011 Apr 27
UA professor brings inspiring story to life through film 2011 Apr 26
Adoptive parents arrested in child abuse case say child 'can't feel pain' 2011 Apr 26
OKC Sgt. Arraigned Monday In Sex Abuse Case 2011 Apr 25
OKC Sgt. In Jail, Charged With 36 Felonies 2011 Apr 22
Mother left orphan daughter with molesters, trial told 2011 Apr 21
Dad got adopted daughter pregnant three times 2011 Apr 21
'That was me when I was a kid' 2011 Apr 19
Okla. City Officer Arrested Again, Accused Of Kidnapping 2011 Apr 15
Mother pleads guilty in death of son 2011 Apr 15
Honor Rolls 2011 Apr 14
Child abuse, rape trial begins this month in Montgomery County 2011 Apr 9
Guilty pleas entered in fatal Paradise child beating 2011 Apr 8
People are worked up over a dog, but what about kids? [opinion] 2011 Apr 8
17-month-old Kymell Oram has died; little boy hung on for 11 days after brutal beating 2011 Apr 4
PTSD – A Debilitating Mental Condition 2011 Apr 4
'You're doing this for attention': Son of hero cop arrested for 'molesting' boys scorned by family for going to police 2011 Apr 3
I had to blow the whistle on my adopted father: Son helps bring down accused child molester 2011 Apr 3
Frank Spinelli: Assisting Arrest 2011 Mar 29
Déjà vu over child deaths in Florida 2011 Mar 26
Ex-Pa. guard acquitted of bag charge in abuse case 2011 Mar 26
Soldier charged with murder 2011 Mar 26
Injured Afghan vet arraigned in Watertown baby's death 2011 Mar 25
Watertown man charged after death of adopted baby 2011 Mar 25
Inquest called into starvation death of Jeffrey Baldwin 2011 Mar 25
Decorated officer who wrote The Cop and The Kid arrested for 'molesting' three young boys 2011 Mar 25
Retired hero cop William Fox busted in Pennsylvania on sex-abuse charges 2011 Mar 25
Upstate NY soldier charged in 4-month-old girl's slaying; couple was trying to adopt baby 2011 Mar 25
Jury gets case of ex-Millcreek mom accused of child abuse 2011 Mar 23
Wymore man arrested for child abuse 2011 Mar 22
Couple pleads not guilty to child abuse, get trial date 2011 Mar 22
Wymore man arrested for child abuse 2011 Mar 22
Harrowing Details Emerge in Beating of 18-Month-Old 2011 Mar 21
17-month-old had bruised ribs, lacerated liver, bruised spleen, more after beating 2011 Mar 21
Husband in Ohio 'caged kids' case leaves prison 2011 Mar 21
14 years and nine tiny corpses later, authorities finally took action on murderous mother 2011 Mar 20
Sharen Gravelle released from jail 2011 Mar 18
Evidence detailed against Oklahoma City officer accused of sex abuse 2011 Mar 14
City employee in jail 2011 Mar 12
Records: Texas couple collected thousands for missing boys 2011 Mar 11
Colo. parents Edward and Linda Bryant abused one of their missing adopted boys, according to another brother 2011 Mar 11
Affidavit for Arrest of Thomas F. Salazar (Accessory) 2011 Mar 11
Agencies don't interfere after exhaustive adoption process 2011 Mar 11
Affidavit reveals alleged abuse of one of two missing children 2011 Mar 11
Childhood friend reports missing boy endured electric shocks, starvation, beatings 2011 Mar 11
Allegations of Abuse in Decade-Old Missing Children's Case 2011 Mar 10
Witness: Couple used Taser on one of two missing boys 2011 Mar 10
Mother made dog crate 'fun' for son with stuffed animals 2011 Mar 9
Couple Arrested; 2 Children Missing For Years 2011 Mar 9
DCF Had Long Involvement With Woman Charged With Keeping Son In Dog Crate 2011 Mar 9
Woman forced adopted son to sleep in dog crate after he soiled his bed: police 2011 Mar 8
Douglas Burnham, 71, sent to prison for molesting boys 2011 Mar 7
Old Saybrook mom kept son in dog crate 2011 Mar 7
Jorge and Carmen Barahona's Alleged Beating Death of Daughter Called 'Subhuman' 2011 Mar 7
Prosecutor: Felony child-abuse charge likely to be reduced for Neosho woman 2011 Mar 7
Mother Accused Of Keeping Child In Dog Crate 2011 Mar 7
Mom charged with killing daughter Nubia Barahona 2011 Mar 5
Rape, incest suspect charged in Arkansas 2011 Mar 4
Carmen Barahona, charged with murder, appears in Miami-Dade court 2011 Mar 3
Days before body was found, abuse hotline caller warned kids were in danger 2011 Mar 2
Police dissect depressed metro woman's murder-suicide plot 2011 Mar 2
Relative: Waterford mother’s children 'were her life,' blog entries featured 2011 Mar 2
Waterford mom had history of assaulting her children, records show 2011 Mar 2
'A tragic story': Mom tried to kill kids with carbon monoxide, police say 2011 Mar 2
Suicidal mother tried to kill her kids with drugged milkshakes 2011 Mar 1
Suicidal Waterford mom tried to kill her 4 kids with drugged milkshakes, carbon monoxide 2011 Mar 1
Waterford Township woman found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning 2011 Feb 28
Dean girls removed from home 2011 Feb 28
Panel hears chilling tales from Nubia’s short life 2011 Feb 28
Who remembers the ghosts of abused kids? 2011 Feb 26
Woman accused of child abuse has charge amended 2011 Feb 25
Group begins review of how system failed Nubia 2011 Feb 25
Oklahoma couple accused in abuse received $4,500 a month from Wisconsin for adopted children, sherrif says 2011 Feb 25
Sheriff: Three adopted children suffered horrific abuse 2011 Feb 25
Wisconsin paid torture suspects despite child abuse report 2011 Feb 25
Yukon Parents Accused of Child Abuse, Feeding Children Dog, Cat Food 2011 Feb 24
Bryant: Affidavit for Arrest Warrant 2011 Feb 24
DCF Reports: Barahona Investigator Mishandled Other Cases 2011 Feb 24
Prosecutors: Mother In Child Abuse Case 'Wanted Blood' 2011 Feb 24
Adoptive parents charged with child abuse, neglect in Yukon, OK 2011 Feb 24
Claude Edward Foulk Gets 248 Years 2011 Feb 23
Former head of state mental hospital gets 248 years for sexual assaults on son 2011 Feb 23
Hearing delayed in child abuse case 2011 Feb 22
Court-Appointed Guardian Tried To Stop Twins' Adoption 2011 Feb 20
Fla. pair fought to adopt girl found dead 2011 Feb 20
Macabre child abuse scandal: Girl, 6, in dad’s protective custody 2011 Feb 19
Fla. boy doused in chemicals in better condition 2011 Feb 19
Couple under scrutiny fought to adopt twins 2011 Feb 18
Miami man denies trying to murder adopted son found burned 2011 Feb 18
Dean pleads not guilty to charges 2011 Feb 18
Abuse clues in Fla. twins case put spotlight on child services 2011 Feb 18
Antioch school district adds to payout in torture, death of Jazzmin Davis 2011 Feb 18
Police called to Barahona home 16 times since 1996 2011 Feb 18
Father charged with attempted murder in injuries to adoptive son 2011 Feb 18
$1 Million Bond Set for Jorge Barahona Accused of Burning Son with Acid 2011 Feb 17
DCF says mother may be charged in toxic truck case 2011 Feb 17
Child advocate ordered in case 2011 Feb 17
Abuse clues in Fla. twins case put spotlight on child services 2011 Feb 17
Dad found with adopted girl's body in truck tries to injure himself in jail, taken to hospital 2011 Feb 17
Affidavit: Barahona 2011 Feb 16
Florida Department of Children and Families report on Nubia Doctor 2011 Feb 16
Judge shows outrage at DCF's handling of abuse call in Barahona case 2011 Feb 16
Fla. girl dead in toxic truck; brother burned 2011 Feb 16
Police: Father says body in truck is his daughter's 2011 Feb 16
Police: father confesses to trying to kill son and himself 2011 Feb 16
Doctor Says Fla. Boy's Acid Burns Worsening 2011 Feb 16
State may have missed chance to save girl found dead in truck 2011 Feb 16
Mom Charged With Abusing Adopted Kid 2011 Feb 15
Victor and Nubia Doctor: police reports 2011 Feb 14
Body found inside pest control truck; foster boy, man injured 2011 Feb 14
Upper Dublin Mom Admits Abusing Adopted Daughter 2011 Feb 12
Judge hands life sentence to man charged with child's death 2011 Feb 12
Chesterfield County man sentenced to life in prison for death of baby 2011 Feb 11
Rare glimpse into child killer's mind 2011 Feb 11
Charles E. DZUREC obituary 2011 Feb 9
Man guilty of child abuse, sexual assault for beating adopted teen 2011 Feb 8
Marybeth Tinning again denied parole 2011 Feb 8
Amy Dye, Missing Ky. Girl, Found Dead; Teenager Charged with Murder 2011 Feb 7
Adopted boy’s U.S. punishment angers Russians 2011 Feb 6
Ex-hospital director guilty of sex abuse 2011 Feb 4
'Hot Sauce Mom' Sparks Outrage In Russia After 'Dr. Phil' Appearance 2011 Feb 4
Woman convicted of water intoxication granted parole 2011 Feb 3
Former LPD officer, Hignight, indicted Tuesday 2011 Feb 2
Dean faces molestation charges 2011 Feb 2
Craig teachers suspected father was abusing adopted son 2011 Feb 1
International pepper sauce incident 2011 Jan 27
Teen testifies about threats, beatings by adoptive dad 2011 Jan 27
Trial begins for man accused in adopted son's brutal beating 2011 Jan 26
STATE v. GAUNAVINAKA appeal 2011 Jan 26
Jury Begins Hearing Case Against Former State Mental Hospital Director 2011 Jan 26
U.S. says notified Russia of suspected orphan abuse 2011 Jan 25
Cold Baths, Tabasco Spark Adoption Flap 2011 Jan 25
Lawyer: Teen In Officer's Sex Case Admits Lying 2011 Jan 24
Russian authorities say received no reports of adopted orphan abuse 2011 Jan 24
2 Foster Children Of OKC Police Officer Accused Of Sex Acts Have Run Away 2011 Jan 22
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 2011 Jan 22
Jurors in abuse case to be picked 2011 Jan 22
OKC Police Officer Accused Of Lewd Acts With Child 2011 Jan 20
Lubbock police officer arrested on sexual assault charges involving adopted daughters 2011 Jan 20
Father: 'My children are being held hostage' 2011 Jan 20
Records reveal details of police officer's sexual assault charges 2011 Jan 19
Mother who killed girl by water intoxication seeks parole 2011 Jan 19
Colo. woman sentenced in death of adopted son, 3 2011 Jan 15
Holdgrafer's attorney wants trial relocated 2011 Jan 15
Andrews’ trial set for April 20 2011 Jan 12
Bail set in notorious Hernando child abuse case 2011 Jan 7
Colorado appeals court allows abused siblings to sue social workers 2011 Jan 6
Municipality of Anchorage v Jessica K Beagley - charges 2011 Jan 6
Appeal Decision in US vs Mouton 2011 Jan 6
Man convicted of keeping child sex slave 2011 Jan 6
Alleged child sex slave describes ordeal to jurors in Fort Lauderdale 2011 Jan 5
Western Wis. Adoptive Parents Charged with Incest and Abuse 2011 Jan 5
Adoption advocates charged with incest and child abuse 2011 Jan 4
Fairview couple relinquish parental rights to adopted Liberian daughters 2010 Dec 30
Wesley Chapel Man Released From Jail in Case of Adopted Daughter's Death 2010 Dec 23
Father of abuser contests ruling 2010 Dec 23
Lubbock man arrested for sexually assaulting adoptive daughters 2010 Dec 22
Abuse victims declare solidarity with child-orphanage-victims in Germany 2010 Dec 12
Parents of bruised, underweight 6-year-old to face abuse trial 2010 Dec 3
Perjury defendant remains in jail 2010 Dec 1
Oprah’s tight-lipped exploitation machine 2010 Nov 24
Dollar child abuse: Survivors of childhood torture speak out 2010 Nov 23
Former foster parent and teacher sentenced for child porn 2010 Nov 23
Liberian sisters' custody remains in Major County court 2010 Nov 23
Dead Oklahoma City boy's adoptive mother agrees to serve life in prison 2010 Nov 20
Runaway teen might have written Facebook post 2010 Nov 19
Marlin "Lilly" Dean Talks About Investigation, Allegations 2010 Nov 19
M.E.'s Office Releases Cause, Manner Of Death In OKC Child Abuse Case 2010 Nov 18
Obituary for Stephen Ryan Peterson (possibly aka Jared Beebe) [private note] 2010 Nov 18
Dr. Phil - November 17, 2010 "Mommy Confessions" (excerpt 3) 2010 Nov 17
Dr. Phil - November 17, 2010 "Mommy Confessions" (excerpt 2) 2010 Nov 17
Dr. Phil - November 17, 2010 "Mommy Confessions" (excerpt) 2010 Nov 17
Gross Abuses Alleged in Foster Child System 2010 Nov 17
New Details Released In Deadly OKC Child Abuse Case 2010 Nov 17
Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze 2010 Nov 12
Deported from Chicago, she waits for Barack Obama 2010 Nov 6
Missing Columbia County teen found in Mexico 2010 Nov 3
Man Sentenced To 135 Years For Abusing Daughters 2010 Nov 1
Columbia County official takes on 'leaks' about family situation 2010 Oct 29
Judge keeps mom accused in child's death in jail 2010 Oct 29
Children removed from Columbia County commissioner's home 2010 Oct 28
Adoptive parents accused of stealing inheritance 2010 Oct 23
Couple charged in trust fund theft 2010 Oct 23
Pompa: Affivit - Police criminal complaint 2010 Oct 22
Couple accused of 'looting' orphans' trust fund 2010 Oct 22
Trial delayed in alleged torture death of daughter 2010 Oct 22
Suburban Chiropractor, Wife Surrender Downtown In DA Probe 2010 Oct 22
Top scientist jailed for abusing her adopted children 2010 Oct 21
Middle-class mother who assaulted and abused her three adopted children for a decade is jailed for four years 2010 Oct 21
Carroll Twp. woman accused in son's death can trade letters with daughter 2010 Oct 20
Disorder led boy to cause own death, Cravers say 2010 Oct 20
Parents: Adopted Son Who Died Harmed Himself 2010 Oct 20
Madera Pastor and Foster Parent Arrested for Child Molestation has Criminal Record 2010 Oct 19
Couple accused in neglect, death of child seek dismissal of charges 2010 Oct 19
Madera Pastor Suspected of Molestation 2010 Oct 18
Former Pastor Accused of Molesting Children 2010 Oct 18
Ex-pastor faces more child abuse charges in Calif 2010 Oct 14
Adoptive father Charles Sparks guilty of child molesting in Clark County 2010 Oct 14
Former Arcata pastor faces three new sex charges 2010 Oct 14
Prosecutor: Adoptive Father Apologizes For Abusing Girls 2010 Oct 12
Detective: Girl Feared Dad Would Impregnate Her 2010 Oct 12
Trial Begins For Foster Dad Accused Of Abusing Kids 2010 Oct 11
Barreto brother faces federal immigration indictment 2010 Oct 11
US couple suspected of abusing adopted Russian children pleads not guilty 2010 Oct 9
Dropped murder charge not the end [opinion] 2010 Oct 7
Foster parent sexually abused girl 2010 Oct 6
Murder charge dropped in Andrew child’s death 2010 Oct 5
Convicted molester found sane 2010 Oct 2
Russian kid abandoned by parents in Latin America returns home 2010 Oct 1
Parents who ignored abuse of adopted daughters jailed 2010 Oct 1
Parents to be sentenced for allowing sex abuse 2010 Oct 1
Kentucky sex offender report 2010 Sep 30
Parents Of 30-Pound 6-Year-Old Arrested On Abuse Charges 2010 Sep 29
Littleton couple accused of starving, beating adopted son 2010 Sep 29
Affidavit: Parents accused of starving, beating child with belt 2010 Sep 29
Foster dad facing life in prison for molestation 2010 Sep 28
Court documents physical abuse in Cardelli case 2010 Sep 25
Jury begins deliberations in San Mateo molestation case 2010 Sep 22
Trial for former Arcata pastor set; Cardelli's bail reduced by court 2010 Sep 22
IN RE JACLYN N. 2010 Sep 20
Foster daughters treated like slaves 2010 Sep 18
Man behind bars for chaining up daughters 2010 Sep 18
Newton County couple’s custody of 10 foreign children in jeopardy 2010 Sep 18
Man accused of killing son asks judge to allow him contact with victim's twin sister 2010 Sep 17
Man arrested for chaining up daughters in China - report 2010 Sep 17
Man arrested for chaining daughters to pipe 2010 Sep 17
Carroll Township couple accused of killing son seek contact with daughter 2010 Sep 17
Former pastor denied release; prosecutor says Dino Cardelli made admissions to law enforcement 2010 Sep 16
God’s Lamentation 2010 Sep 16
Foster parents cleared in baby Cherokeewolf's death 2010 Sep 16
Arcata pastor pleads not guilty, resigns; judge grants protective order 2010 Sep 15
Arcata pastor Dino Cardelli faces molestation charges 2010 Sep 14
Medical examiner's office: Andrew Holdgrafer died of heart attack 2010 Sep 9
Man charged with child abuse to get new lawyer 2010 Sep 9
Colorado couple in court in Russian adoption abuse case 2010 Sep 9
Six men jailed for Portugal child sex abuse 2010 Sep 4
Relief follows Portugal abuse trial 2010 Sep 4
Man accused in child's death dies in Maquoketa 2010 Sep 4
Woman gets 15 to life in Elk Grove slaying of adopted daughter, 3 2010 Sep 4
7 found guilty in Portugese sex abuse case 2010 Sep 3
Documents: 3 sisters forced to do pushups, run for miles 2010 Aug 26
Parents Accused Of Torturing 3 Adopted Russian Sisters 2010 Aug 26
Adopted, then handed to abusers: 2010 Aug 26
Cumming man convicted in death of boy, 2 2010 Aug 26
Cumming man convicted in toddler murder 2010 Aug 26
Larimer County couple charged with abuse of adopted Russian daughters 2010 Aug 26
Defense blames mom 2010 Aug 26
Expert: Child suffered head trauma 2010 Aug 25
Sale parents guilty of ignoring abuse of daughters 2010 Aug 25
Adoption couple guilty of cruelty 2010 Aug 25
Children are not commodity 2010 Aug 24
Globe letters to parents 2010 Aug 24
Foster dad molestation trial to begins today 2010 Aug 24
Child's mother takes stand 2010 Aug 23
Couple charged in adopted Russian boy's death get more time for filings 2010 Aug 23
Father held in child death case free on bond 2010 Aug 23
Parents accused of locking adopted son in garage 2010 Aug 22
Abuse charges brought after boy left in garage 2010 Aug 22
Tavares couple charged with child abuse of young adopted son, 6 2010 Aug 21
Police: Couple Made Boy Sleep With Dog 2010 Aug 21
Couple Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Adopted Children 2010 Aug 21
Testimony continues 2010 Aug 20
Parents 'ignored child sex abuse' in Sale 2010 Aug 19
Trial begins in 2009 death of child 2010 Aug 18
Couple took cash for 'loaning adopted girls to paedophiles' 2010 Aug 18
Adoptive parents 'failed to halt abuse of sisters' 2010 Aug 18
Parents accused of starving, beating adopted children 2010 Aug 13
Couple Accused Of Torturing 2 Adopted Children 2010 Aug 13
Adoptive Parents Charged With Child Cruelty 2010 Aug 12
Parents accused of torturing adopted children 2010 Aug 12
Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend Not Charged With Murder in OKC Child's Death 2010 Aug 11
Sex abuse suspect turns himself in 2010 Aug 11
China To Change Adoption Policies After Tenn. Case 2010 Aug 3
Autopsy Shows Foster Girl Serenity Gandara Died of Blunt-force Trauma 2010 Aug 2
Teen to serve 10 years for family killings 2010 Jul 29
Couple gets prison terms 2010 Jul 29
Man. teen who killed mother, five-year-old sister gets youth sentence 2010 Jul 28
October trial date set for couple facing child abuse charges 2010 Jul 28
Lawyer: 2 oldest Gravelle kids, now 17 and 18, doing well 2010 Jul 26
Michael Gravelle accused of domestic violence 2010 Jul 25
Relatives say goodbye to Serenity| 2010 Jul 23
Westside Community Church Newsletter 2010 Jul 22
The Legacy of Church-run Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland 2010 Jul 21
Deborah Mark faces license revocation, arraignment 2010 Jul 21
Murder warrants issued in 3-year-old's death 2010 Jul 20
Mom Loses Medical License After Child's Death 2010 Jul 20
Grandmother of murdered foster child said CPS wrongly took sibling 2010 Jul 20
Boy Left Behind With Body of Dead Sister; Family Flees 2010 Jul 20
Girl Dead, Boy Abandoned in Calif. Home 2010 Jul 19
Another adoption tragedy taints Tennessee 2010 Jul 18
Charges filed in New York in Haiti sex-abuse case 2010 Jul 16
New Warrant Issued For Accused Child Abuser Perlitz 2010 Jul 16
UN: Vatican child rights report 13 years overdue 2010 Jul 15
MJ parents indicted in death of 4-yr.-old adopted daughter 2010 Jul 14
Douglas Perlitz Cannot Be Tried In Connecticut For Abusing Haitian Boys: Judge 2010 Jul 14
Two dads are better than one [Private] 2010 Jul 14
OKC Couple Charged in Toddler's Death Admits 3-year-old Was 'Whooped' with Switch 2010 Jul 13
Lawyers For Doctor Accused of Killing Daughter Speak Out 2010 Jul 13
Arrests made in death of 4-year old MJ child 2010 Jul 12
Wilson County parents charged in beating death of 4-year-old 2010 Jul 12
Oklahoma City Police Arrest 2 in 3-Year-Old's Death 2010 Jul 12
Pediatrician Charged In Connection With Child's Death 2010 Jul 12
Mt. Juliet Pediatrician Charged In Death Of Her Adopted Child 2010 Jul 12
Parents arrested in child’s death 2010 Jul 12
Pediatrician, Husband Indicted In Child's Death 2010 Jul 12
Mt. Juliet doctor charged with abusing, killing 4-year-old daughter 2010 Jul 12
Alibra Nichols Affidavit 2010 Jul 11
Woman imprisoned in abuse case freed in Idaho 2010 Jul 9
Couple accused of welfare theft; son missing since '99 2010 Jul 9
Adam's family happy with charges; wants more answers 2010 Jul 8
Letter by Tai-Ling Gigliotti to Circuit Judge Jack Springstead before sentencing on child abuse 2010 Jul 8
Herrman couple charged wth fraud 2010 Jul 8
Gigliotti gets 12 years in prison in Hernando child abuse case 2010 Jul 8
Adam Herrman's Biological Father Speaks Out 2010 Jul 8
Andrews to receive CPS records 2010 Jul 7
Woman gets 12 years in Hernando child abuse case 2010 Jul 7
Mount Juliet Child Dies; Police Investigate 2010 Jul 7
Girl, 4, in child abuse case dies from injuries 2010 Jul 5
More information on the child beating 2010 Jul 2
Father arrested for beating 12-year-old boy; taping his mouth 2010 Jul 2
Trial set in child torture case 2010 Jul 1
Mt. Juliet girl, 4, in critical condition, police suspect abuse 2010 Jul 1
Port St. Lucie woman arrested after boy found with injuries 2010 Jul 1
Adoptive parents face charges for abusing four-year-old 2010 Jun 26
Schatz couple to stand trial in November 2010 Jun 26
Trial date set in 'chastisement' death of girl 2010 Jun 25
DINKLER v. STATE [Earl Dinkler Appeal] 2010 Jun 25
Review: CPS errors, bias contributed to child's death (and CPS reports) 2010 Jun 25
Adoption dream became nightmare for 'Spiderman' 2010 Jun 25
Great Potentials CEO Dame Lesley Max wants private child swap arrangements formalised following murder of 3-year-old Dylan Rimon 2010 Jun 23
Abuse of Lane County boy shows child welfare failures similar to death of Jeannette Maples 2010 Jun 23
'But I didn't do it,' toddler's killer sobs 2010 Jun 23
'I didn't do it' - Carer sobs at guilty verdict 2010 Jun 22
Schatz couple to be in court Thursday 2010 Jun 22
Police wrong on boy's death, court told 2010 Jun 19
Parents charged in boy's death 2010 Jun 18
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Letter of Thomas Vecchio 2010 Jun 18
Grandmother says little boy who was drowned endured prior abuse 2010 Jun 18
Documents claim mother held child’s head under water 2010 Jun 18
Parents are charged in boy's drowning in Andrew 2010 Jun 18
Accused played poker as boy lay dying, court told 2010 Jun 18
Parents charged in young boy’s death 2010 Jun 18
Evidence points to caregiver murdering child, court told 2010 Jun 17
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order to show cause 2010 Jun 17
Fairfax's Kenston Yi, retired Army officer, charged in wife, daughter's deaths 2010 Jun 16
Few details released in boy's drowning` 2010 Jun 15
Fairfax charges retired Army officer in deaths of wife, daughter 2010 Jun 15
Man charged with child sex abuse waives preliminary hearing 2010 Jun 14
Lorton Man Charged with Murder of Wife and Daughter 2010 Jun 14
York County parents plead not guilty in beating death of son adopted from Russia 2010 Jun 14
4-year-old boy drowns in Andrew 2010 Jun 13
Questions linger about Barretos' seven foreign adoptions 2010 Jun 13
Son says Hennepin County ignored his claims of hidden camera in home 2010 Jun 12
Online Obituary 2010 Jun 12
Feds hope brother can help them find Barretos 2010 Jun 11
Alabama child abusers and the death penalty 2010 Jun 10
American accused of raping adopted daughter from Russia 2010 Jun 10
Cranberry couple repaying trust fund 2010 Jun 10
BARRETO CASE: A Hidden Truth 2010 Jun 10
Barretos' daughter described life at home to police 2010 Jun 9
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Answers of Defendant 2010 Jun 8
Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Initial Report 2010 Jun 7
Manitoba father fought killer son for gun over bodies of dead family, court hears 2010 Jun 4
Millcreek Township mother to stand trial on child abuse charges 2010 Jun 4
Boy details injuries, calls parents ‘bad’ 2010 Jun 3
Boy’s parents face abuse charges 2010 Jun 2
Former foster parents in Lane County charged with abusing their son 2010 Jun 2
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Amended complaint 2010 Jun 1
Foster care agencies, DCF battle over injuries 2010 May 28
Challenges lie ahead in child pornography lawsuits 2010 May 27
Hunt for child porn? St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson will hunt you down 2010 May 27
St. Paul teacher charged with making child porn now being sued by lawyer known for clergy abuse cases 2010 May 26
Minn. lawyer aims to track, sue child porn users 2010 May 26
Former St. Paul teacher is indicted for producing child porn 2010 May 21
St. Paul teacher indicted on child porn charges 2010 May 20
Woman Sentenced In Child's Death 2010 May 17
Adoptive parents face felony charges for son's alleged sex abuse 2010 May 17
Tai-Ling Gigliotti convicted of torturing teenage adopted son 2010 May 12
Juror describes 'disturbing' child abuse trial 2010 May 11
Tai-Ling Gigliotti takes stand in trial of tortured teen 2010 May 10
Family friend tells tale of troubled teen 2010 May 8
Gigliotti's fiance takes stand; says the couple feared for safety 2010 May 7
Appeal upheld in toddler's murder case 2010 May 7
Couple deny 49 charges of assault at Haut de la Garenne 2010 May 7
Marainna Torres sentenced to 20 years 2010 May 6
Teen victim describes being locked in bathroom in Hernando abuse case 2010 May 5
Porn charges dropped against foster dad 2010 May 3
Records show accused foster father bypassed state prior to sex charges 2010 May 3
Millcreek abuse case far from straightforward 2010 May 2
Donelson Fellowship church Newsletter 2010 May 1
Trial delayed for South Carolina man in Iowa death 2010 Apr 30
Russians focus on York County, Craver hearing 2010 Apr 30
Pathologist's testimony key in Cravers' preliminary hearing 2010 Apr 30
Pathologist: 7-year-old adopted boy was starved, beaten 2010 Apr 29
Attorneys agree to move back Dykstra murder trial 2010 Apr 29
Trial set for U.S. parents in death of Russian boy 2010 Apr 29
Costa Mesa child molester pleads not guilty in Miami 2010 Apr 28
Alleged child abuser's bond reduced 2010 Apr 28
Ex-hospital chief pleads not guilty in molest case 2010 Apr 27
Mother of 3-year-old faces felony child-abuse charge 2010 Apr 21
Russian boy, 12, left in Dominican Republic 2010 Apr 20
Opinion: The judge was wrong Reopening adopted girls' abuse cases necessary 2010 Apr 18
Fairview case draws scrutiny from Liberian ambassador 2010 Apr 18
Foster care frought with private abuses, public excuses 2010 Apr 18
Judge appoints attorney in case of adopted boy's killing 2010 Apr 17
Millcreek woman, charged with abuse, suspended from prison job 2010 Apr 16
Oceanside Mom Denies Causing Tot’s Death 2010 Apr 16
Adoption tragedy strikes twice for Russian driver 2010 Apr 16
Oceanside woman charged with shaking her baby to death 2010 Apr 16
Man's Apology For Sexually Assaulting Young Girl Doesn't Sway Judge 2010 Apr 16
Pretrial hearing date set in beating death 2010 Apr 16
US suspended from adopting Russian children 2010 Apr 15
Oceanside Woman Faces 15 Years in Prison for Shaking Her Baby to Death 2010 Apr 14
DA: Oceanside woman caused toddler's fatal injuries 2010 Apr 14
Apex mom charged with child abuse 2010 Apr 12
Sisters’ adoptive Oklahoma family reflects 2010 Apr 11
Woman from Billings facing charges in child's death 2010 Apr 10
Mother of comatose Apex boy charged with abuse 2010 Apr 10
Mother jailed on felony child-abuse charge 2010 Apr 10
Adoptive mother charged with child abuse 2010 Apr 9
Family members talk about impact of stabbing at Pribbernow sentencing 2010 Apr 9
Adopted Liberian girls: Judge reopens custody case 2010 Apr 8
Nonprofit to probe adoptive brothers' claims 2010 Apr 8
Teen sentenced to 15 years for family attack 2010 Apr 8
Emotions run high in Midland County courtroom as judge sentences teen in brother's stabbing death 2010 Apr 8
Pribbernow gets life for Coleman killing 2010 Apr 8
Adopted boy, 3, in a coma; parents investigated 2010 Apr 7
Eagle Mountain couple charged with abusing adopted children 2010 Apr 7
Attorney General Seeks to Terminate Couple's Parental Rights As Judge Reopens Case 2010 Apr 7
Lower bail denied for child abuse suspect 2010 Apr 7
Apex child in coma; police investigate 2010 Apr 6
Charges amended in foster father rape case 2010 Apr 6
Judge in Fairview custody case releases written statement 2010 Apr 5
Midland County murderer to be sentenced Thursday 2010 Apr 3
NM man charged with sex assault of foster daughter 2010 Apr 3
Apex child in coma, parents investigated 2010 Apr 3
Oklahoma judge's child custody ruling prompts state attorney general, Major County DA to seek emergency review 2010 Apr 2
Inhofe asks for DHS investigation of Liberian adoptees' case 2010 Apr 2
Peyton mom charged in son's death 2010 Apr 2
Adopted boy, 3, lies in a coma 2010 Apr 2
Mother facing murder charge in adopted 3-year-old's death 2010 Apr 2
LaRue County mother gets 10 years for child abuse 2010 Apr 2
Colorado v Dosdall - Arrest affidavit 2010 Apr 1
Mother accused in 3-year-old's death 2010 Apr 1
Parents of comatose 3-year-old under investigation 2010 Apr 1
Husband and wife charged with abusing three adopted children 2010 Apr 1
Liberian sisters to stay with Oklahoma adoptive parents 2010 Mar 30
Foster parents arrested for child abuse 2010 Mar 30
Former Duke employee imprisoned for child porn 2010 Mar 30
DCF Worker Accused Of Killing Foster Child Found Not Guilty 2010 Mar 30
North Carolina Man Sentenced to 327 Months in Prison for Producing Child Pornography 2010 Mar 30
Local woman accused of child’s death found not guilty 2010 Mar 30
Grandmother sues so brothers will get money recovered from 7-year-old Viktor Matthey's death 2010 Mar 30
State limits foster homes to 6 children 2010 Mar 30
Father is facing federal charges in sex-abuse case 2010 Mar 27
Deanna B Kennard vs Lon Harvey Kennard 2010 Mar 26
Mother arrested in beating, strangling of 5-year-old daughter 2010 Mar 25
Bail denied for Lon Kennard Sr., founder of Heber charity 2010 Mar 24
Family apologizes after sexual abuse arrest 2010 Mar 24
7 children taken from Eagle Mountain mother in abuse case 2010 Mar 24
Police: Girl, 5, badly beaten; other kids taken from home 2010 Mar 24
Killer adoptive mom sentenced to life without parole 2010 Mar 23
Heber charity founder Lon Kennard Sr. charged with years of sexual abuse 2010 Mar 23
Children's charity co-founder charged with child sex abuse 2010 Mar 23
Head of Heber City nonprofit booked on child sex felonies 2010 Mar 22
Closing Statements Made In Death Of 7-Month-Old 2010 Mar 22
The horrifying story of Vanessa Pearce 2010 Mar 21
Foster mother in Amariana Crenshaw case agrees to ban 2010 Mar 19
Boerne man convicted of adopting child for sex 2010 Mar 18
Sacramento foster mom appeals loss of license 2010 Mar 18
Kreiers plead not guilty to abuse charges 2010 Mar 17
Interviews, transcripts provide more details about woman who was kept as sex slave in Palm Beach County 2010 Mar 16
Mistrial Requested In Foster Mother Abuse Case 2010 Mar 16
Sentencing of couple for abusing daughter hailed 2010 Mar 15
Defense For Mansfield Woman Accused In Child's Death Attacks State Testimony 2010 Mar 13
Listro's Defense Targets 'Syndrome' 2010 Mar 12
New Florida Case Thwarts Calif. Molester's Release 2010 Mar 12
Woman gets 16 years to life for rape of adopted daughter 2010 Mar 12
New charges will keep molester in prison 2010 Mar 12
Russian Child Killed in US: Warnings Ignored 2010 Mar 11
Paroled child molester to be arrested on Florida charges 2010 Mar 11
State cuts sex offender rehab 2010 Mar 11
Lacey woman gets at least 16 years for sexually abusing girl 2010 Mar 11
Caged kids to share $1.2M in deal 2010 Mar 11
Adoptive brother of Liberian girl sentenced for Oklahoma rape 2010 Mar 11
Statute of limitation on child sex crimes and man accused of keeping woman sex slave for years in Florida 2010 Mar 11
Prosecutors: Man kept girl as sex slave in Palm Beach County and California 2010 Mar 11
Woman charged in adopted daughter's death absent from courtroom 2010 Mar 10
Accused says she didn't hurt toddler 2010 Mar 10
Major County judge sentences 20-year-old to 2 years in prison for abusing adopted Liberian girl 2010 Mar 10
Caldwell man gets life sentence for molesting young girl, beating adopted kids 2010 Mar 10
$1.2M settlement reached in Ohio caged kids case 2010 Mar 10
Releasing Spokane foster mother whose son starved 2010 Mar 9
Carroll Twp. boy's death stirs U.S.-Russia tension 2010 Mar 8
Trial of Mansfield woman accused of causing baby’s death continues 2010 Mar 8
Alleged child abuser's hearing continued 2010 Mar 7
State releases new details about home where foster child mysteriously died 2010 Mar 7
Boy's death prompts look at safeguards 2010 Mar 7
Nathaniel Craver's death prompts look at safeguards within Pennsylvania, county inspection systems 2010 Mar 6
Bruce Arnold: Church and State colluded in this abuse-ridden society 2010 Mar 6
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 2010 Mar 5
Man takes plea deal in Hernando teen abuse case 2010 Mar 5
Prosecutor: Local boy's death sparks international attention 2010 Mar 5
Inquiry Promised Into Death of Boy Adopted in U.S. 2010 Mar 5
Adoption tragedy stirs outrage 2010 Mar 5
Russia forwards note to US over Russian boy’s death 2010 Mar 5
US Foster Parents Kill Another Russian Child 2010 Mar 4
Boy's Death Attracts International Attention 2010 Mar 4
Another adopted Russian boy beaten to death in US 2010 Mar 4
Sacramento foster mother loses her license following Bee investigation 2010 Mar 4
Adopted Boy's Death in U.S. Stirs Russian Anger 2010 Mar 4
State Police Detective Testifies At DCF Employee's Manslaughter Trial 2010 Mar 3
Russians watching York County case of adopted boy's death 2010 Mar 3
Virginia Beach judge rejects second plea agreement for wife of former Regent dean 2010 Mar 2
Douglas Perlitz: Hero or sex predator? 2010 Mar 2
Starved Kids Thrive 6 Years after Abuse 2010 Mar 2
Carroll Twp. couple charged in child's death 2010 Mar 1
Lawsuit alleges DCF and YMCA sent girl into sexually abusive situation 2010 Feb 28
Indictment roundup for Feb. 28, 2010 2010 Feb 28
Foster mom arrested for child abuse 2010 Feb 28
Neighbors react to boy's death, charges against parents 2010 Feb 27
Parents charged in 7-year-old son's death 2010 Feb 27
Haut de la Garenne: Couple in court 2010 Feb 27
Police charge Carroll Township couple in son's death 2010 Feb 26
Man arrested for sex crimes with foster daughter 2010 Feb 26
Petaluma man accused of molesting his foster child 2010 Feb 26
Other alleged victims come forward in Long Beach molestation case 2010 Feb 26
Questions about ministry grow 2010 Feb 26
Questions about ministry grow 2010 Feb 26
Couple spent thousands from orphans' trust 2010 Feb 25
Tylskis to Pay More Than $1 Million to Former Daughter in Final Ruling 2010 Feb 25
Couple in court today 2010 Feb 25
Plea entry delayed in fatal beating of Paradise girl 2010 Feb 25
Napa State Hospital chief is accused of molesting son 2010 Feb 25
Beating death draws national attention 2010 Feb 25
Woman in 2003 child-abuse case to go free today 2010 Feb 24
Prosecutor calls Bowman murder case one of worst he has seen 2010 Feb 24
Murder trial told of accused's apology 2010 Feb 24
Britain's child migrants lost their childhoods to years of hard labour 2010 Feb 24
Mom ordered to stay away from daughter 2010 Feb 24
Detectives believe hospital director molested at least five children` 2010 Feb 24
Acres of Hope statement 2010 Feb 23
Md. woman who froze girls' bodies guilty of murder, abuse 2010 Feb 23
UD mother arrested for child abuse, denied visitation rights 2010 Feb 23
Lydia Charity Schatz (2002 - 2010) Obituary 2010 Feb 22
Godly discipline turned deadly 2010 Feb 22
Md. mom convicted of killing kids found in freezer 2010 Feb 22
Murder suspect to be sentenced in April 2010 Feb 20
Cellmate: Bowman 'tortured' her daughters 2010 Feb 19
DA: Parents Killed Daughter With 'Religious Whips' 2010 Feb 19
Parents Sentenced In Child Abuse Case 2010 Feb 19
Glover sentenced to 26 years 2010 Feb 19
9-Year-Old Says "Ex-Mom" Renee Bowman Murdered Step-Sisters, Kept Bodies in Freezer 2010 Feb 18
Ramsey examines ministry connected to girl's death 2010 Feb 18
Photos show extensive abuse despite ex-Jag's repudiation of admissions 2010 Feb 18
Family Fights to Overturn Mom's Salt Poisoning Conviction 2010 Feb 18
Child-abuse case shines light on Paradise couple 2010 Feb 18
Cellmate: Defendant admitted smothering her daughters 2010 Feb 18
Schatz girl released from hospital 2010 Feb 18
A fine line between abuse and discipline 2010 Feb 18
Jury seated in murder trial of former Aspen Hill woman 2010 Feb 17
'Child testifies in Md. mother's murder trial 2010 Feb 17
Ex-Goodyear official's trial set in potty-training abuse case 2010 Feb 17
Tylski Family Back in Court for Civil Trial 2010 Feb 17
Murder trial begins in case of Md. woman charged with killing daughters 2010 Feb 17
Trial starts Tuesday for woman charged with killing daughters 2010 Feb 15
Mother of dead frozen girls won't go for insanity defense 2010 Feb 14
Woman gets 26-year term for leaving daughter to die in creek 2010 Feb 13
Braxton Michael Taylor Obituary 2010 Feb 12
Guilty pleas entered in summer Midland County stabbing 2010 Feb 12
DA: Deadly Child Abuse Case Linked To "Biblical Chastisement" 2010 Feb 12
Ridge parents arraigned on murder 2010 Feb 11
DA links fundamentalist religious 'training' to Paradise girl's death 2010 Feb 11
Paradise parents face murder, torture charges 2010 Feb 10
Paradise couple face murder, torture charges in death of daughter 2010 Feb 10
Midland County prosecutor offers plea deal to teenage suspect in slaying 2010 Feb 9
Who's who: Major participants in the case of Perlitz and Project Pierre Toussaint 2010 Feb 9
Aid workers say child smuggling rife in Haiti for years 2010 Feb 9
Ridge parents arrested in child's death 2010 Feb 9
Homicide, abuse probe continues: Ridge family was private, kids were well-behaved 2010 Feb 9
Paradise Couple Arraigned in Daughter's Death 2010 Feb 9
Neighbors surprised by murder case 2010 Feb 9
Investigators: The Day That She Broke 2010 Feb 8
New Details About Couple Accused of Killing Adopted Daughter 2010 Feb 8
Paradise parents accused of fatal child abuse 2010 Feb 7
Accused foster dad called 'innocent . . . great guy' 2010 Feb 7
Paradise parents arrested in fatal child abuse 2010 Feb 6
Calgary foster parent facing abuse charges should have undergone rigid checks 2010 Feb 6
Lacey man gets at least 18 years for child rape` 2010 Feb 5
Critic says foster care system chronically dysfunctional 2010 Feb 5
Province vows sweeping review after Calgary foster parent charged with sex abuse 2010 Feb 5
Foster parent's arrest raises doubts about system: Swann 2010 Feb 5
Police: Baby who died in foster care had multiple head injuries 2010 Feb 4
Calgary foster parent faces sex charges 2010 Feb 4
Foster dad facing sex charges 2010 Feb 4
Search Warrant Served In Homeless Child Death 2010 Feb 4
Calgary foster parent charged with sexually abusing boys in his care 2010 Feb 4
Couple accused of killing child back in court 2010 Feb 3
Homeless mother's baby dies in foster care 2010 Feb 3
Suspended sentences given in Oklahoma abuse case 2010 Feb 2
3 family members sentenced in abuse of adopted girl, sentencing postponed for 4th in case 2010 Feb 2
Death of baby born to homeless mother investigated as homicide 2010 Feb 2
Adopted family’s fate rests in Oklahoma judge’s hands 2010 Feb 1
Fairview couple gets suspended sentence 2010 Feb 1
Danger lurks at home 2010 Jan 30
Father accused of abusing adopted son 'got under the radar' 2010 Jan 29
Child Adoption and Graft Top U.S.-Russian Talks 2010 Jan 29
Police's 25 failings in children's home sex inquiry 2010 Jan 28
Editorial: Amariana's killer is still out there 2010 Jan 26
Stalled probe of foster child's death failed to address key questions 2010 Jan 26
Woman to rescue 40 orphans from Haiti 2010 Jan 25
Little girl was placed in home of veteran foster mother 2010 Jan 25
Red flags unheeded before foster child died 2010 Jan 24
Child allegedly beaten, starved 2010 Jan 22
Missionary couple concerned about Haitian orphans 2010 Jan 21
Child-abuse conviction upheld 2010 Jan 20
Court of appeals STATE v. SALVETTI 2010 Jan 19
Obituary [private] 2010 Jan 17
Lorrie Thomas Gets 10 Years for Starving Quadriplegic Daughter Shylae Thomas to Death 2010 Jan 14
Caldwell woman sentenced in 'horrific' child abuse case 2010 Jan 14
Adoptive mom's murder case goes to appeals court 2010 Jan 13
Caldwell mother sentenced in child abuse case 2010 Jan 12
Orphanage survivors confront German leadership 2010 Jan 12
American Home Assurance Company v. Kelly Pope 2010 Jan 11
Flint woman gets prison term in disabled girl’s death 2010 Jan 11
Md. woman sentenced for severe child abuse 2010 Jan 8
Md. woman gets 25 years for abusing her daughter 2010 Jan 8
Father arrested in beating of son 2010 Jan 8
Woman In Frozen-Body Case Gets 25 Years In Prison 2010 Jan 8
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Amended Scheduling Order 2010 Jan 7
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Minutes 2010 Jan 6
Abuse Within America's Foster Care System - Children at Risk 2010 Jan 6
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Telephone conference 2010 Jan 6
Probation for depressed mom who killed her tot 2010 Jan 5
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order in motion to dismiss 2010 Jan 4
Foster father pleads guilty to pimping daughter, girls 2010 Jan 3
Case of missing boy Adam Herrman not forgotten in Butler County Read more: 2010 Jan 3
Man Pleads Guilty To Prostituting 4 Minors 2010 Jan 3
Colin D Jones 2010 Jan 2
Bad parents to lose kids for 18 years under new Government plan 2010 Jan 2
Child's Death Causes Portland to Review Foreign Adoption Rules 2010 Jan 1
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint 2009 Dec 31
Coleman rocked by killing 2009 Dec 31
Couple accused of murdering child 2009 Dec 30
Oregon prepares to resume foreign adoptions 2009 Dec 30
Parents charged with murdering their 6-year-old son 2009 Dec 29
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Amend/Substitute/Add Parties 2009 Dec 29
Pair to resign as trustees as probe of fund continues in Butler County 2009 Dec 24
Teen's trial set for February 2009 Dec 24
Announcement Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs 2009 Dec 22
North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty to Producing Child Pornography 2009 Dec 17
Trial scheduled for accused Midland County murderer 2009 Dec 17
Hollsopple woman withdraws guilty plea 2009 Dec 17
When evil is cloaked as good 2009 Dec 16
Out of prison, Franklin woman fails to regain custody of kids 2009 Dec 15
US man sexually abused adopted Chinese girl for 4 years 2009 Dec 14
Kentucky officials knew that many of the children who died from abuse might be at risk 2009 Dec 13
Judge unfreezes account of Cranberry couple accused in scheme 2009 Dec 12
Major Co. judge to decide family’s sentence in adoption abuse 2009 Dec 11
Sentencing date set in Lexie case 2009 Dec 11
Lacey man pleads guilty to rape of adopted child 2009 Dec 11
Woman admits arranging child molestation 2009 Dec 10
Girl's face reconstructed after years of abuse 2009 Dec 9
Fairview family pleads no contest to abuse charges 2009 Dec 9
Prince William will add to social services dept. 2009 Dec 9
Licking County Foster Mom Arrested For Alleged Sexual Battery 2009 Dec 9
Woman arranged child molestation; talked about adopting kids for sex slaves, feds say 2009 Dec 9
Vonda Ferguson sentenced to 65 years in prison for child abuse 2009 Dec 8
Mother accused of abuse 'was a gambler' 2009 Dec 8
Foster children who were starved file $32 million suit against Oregon 2009 Dec 8
Ferguson abuse case raises alarms 2009 Dec 6
AMW Janet and Ramon Baretto 2009 Dec 5
Mom takes plea deal in girl's death 2009 Dec 4
Mom pleads no contest in quadriplegic girl's death 2009 Dec 4
Miss. Couple Featured on America's Most Wanted 2009 Dec 4
Dr. Charles Smith: The man behind the public inquiry 2009 Dec 2
Bond Reduction Request Made In Child Death Case 2009 Dec 1
Gay Adoptive Father Faces Arraignment in Abuse Case 2009 Dec 1
Lombard faces long sentence in child sex plea deal 2009 Dec 1
pleas for the kids by people who knew this family . 2009 Dec 1
Plea deal likely for former Duke employee 2009 Nov 30
Mom accused of abusing 11 adopted kids 2009 Nov 30
Buried Secrets 2009 Nov 25
Teen waives preliminary hearing in Midland County fatal stabbing case 2009 Nov 23
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Information 2009 Nov 23
Ferguson attempts suicide after being found guilty on all 32 counts 2009 Nov 22
Caldwell man admits abusing his adopted children 2009 Nov 20
Ohio woman denies abusing adopted children 2009 Nov 19
Ferguson takes witness stand in her child abuse trial 2009 Nov 19
Caldwell man molested girl, jury finds 2009 Nov 19
Foster parent accused of sex abuse: 'You can't know the things people hide' 2009 Nov 18
Trial starts for Caldwell man accused of sex with child 2009 Nov 18
Foster parents shocked: 'You can't know the things people hide' 2009 Nov 18
Neighbors, boss shocked by sex abuse allegations 2009 Nov 18
Foster parent facing charges 2009 Nov 17
Springfield foster parent charged with sex abuse 2009 Nov 17
Neighbor Of Owasso Couple Accused Of Child Abuse Voices Concern 2009 Nov 17
Adoptive mom in baby-killing horror 2009 Nov 17
Owasso Couple Arrested Over The Weekend For Felony Child Abuse 2009 Nov 15
Roman Catholic church stalls on £8m child abuse claims 2009 Nov 15
Mother gets 10 years for child’s death 2009 Nov 13
3 year old Okmulgee girl dies, investigators rule her death a homicide 2009 Nov 13
Three-Year-Old Dies In Okmulgee Foster Home's Care 2009 Nov 13
Child Dies In Foster Care In Okmulgee County 2009 Nov 13
Foster child's death ruled a homicide 2009 Nov 13
Mother sodomized adopted daughter, teen testifies in rape trial 2009 Nov 13
WKYT-TV - 27 Newsfirst - Lexington, KY 2009 Nov 12
Man's handling of trust fund probed 2009 Nov 11
Mother Accused Of Killing Adopted Daughters Goes On Trial Today 2009 Nov 9
Boy Claims Adopted Mom Abused Him 2009 Nov 9
Tarentum woman worried about $1 million trust fund 2009 Nov 7
Chiropractor, Wife Investigated In Probe Of Orphans' $1 Million Trust 2009 Nov 6
Police Investigate Wexford Doc In $1M Orphans' Trust Fund Theft 2009 Nov 6
Grieving Father Sues Church and DC 2009 Nov 5
Review follows rape of girl, 10 2009 Nov 5
Chiropractor, Wife Investigated In Probe Of Orphans' $1 Million Trust 2009 Nov 5
Ohio prosecutor: 5 adopted children were in a 'living nightmare' with abusive mother 2009 Nov 5
Dykstra trial set for May 2009 Nov 4
Jury selection begins in Ferguson case 2009 Nov 3
Woman accused of abusing 5 adopted children to go on trial Tuesday 2009 Nov 2
Judge: Midland Co. teen competent to stand trial as adult 2009 Nov 2
Teen competent to stand trial in slaying of brother, assaults on three other family members in Midland County 2009 Nov 2
Foster mom avoids murder charge in toddler's death 2009 Oct 30
LATE JUSTICE — Baltimore child abuser finally put on sex offender registry 30 years after guilty plea 2009 Oct 30
Child abuse: On the front line 2009 Oct 25
Judge: Pimp was child prostitute's foster father 2009 Oct 25
Two of 11 'caged kids' sue former parents for their abuse 2009 Oct 23
Man admits sexually assaulting foster children 2009 Oct 22
With Child-abuse Deaths Up, Children’s Advocates Call for Federal Prevention Funding 2009 Oct 22
Caged kids sue adoptive parents, caseworkers, others 2009 Oct 21
Defendant's Motion for Judgment of Acquittal is DENIED 2009 Oct 20
Sex offenders have jobs as charity trustees 2009 Oct 18
Daughter Confronts Ramon Salcido, Father Who Left Her for Dead 2009 Oct 16
Salcido looks back on saga of survival 2009 Oct 15
Two in three serious child abuse victims 'known to authorities' 2009 Oct 15
Carmina's next chapter 2009 Oct 14
Vega arraignment in Colfax County continued 2009 Oct 14
Conversations with Carmina 2009 Oct 14
Excerpt: 'Not Lost Forever' by Carmina Salcido 2009 Oct 13
15-year-old arraigned on open murder charge in Midland County death 2009 Oct 13
Silver Spring woman given nine-year sentence for second-degree child abuse 2009 Oct 12
Retired academy professor gets 5 years in prison 2009 Oct 11
Broken homes: Children that grow up around domestic violence repeat the behavior 2009 Oct 11
9-yr sentence for J’can woman who abused adopted child 2009 Oct 9
Woman sentenced to 9 years in child abuse case 2009 Oct 9
Coleman teen charged in murder takes psych exam 2009 Oct 9
Ex-professor at Naval Academy sentenced for molestation 2009 Oct 9
Mother Gets 9 Years for Depriving, Beating Girl 2009 Oct 9
Abuses Against Children Persist Despite Rights Convention 2009 Oct 8
NV Supreme Court reverses woman's conviction 2009 Oct 8
Orphanage worker jailed for sex abuse loses appeal 2009 Oct 7
Boerne man guilty in child-porn case 2009 Oct 7
Accused bishop is leaving the Maritimes for Ottawa 2009 Oct 7
Spotlight on catalogue of cruelty 2009 Oct 6
Spotlight on catalogue of cruelty 2009 Oct 6
GUILTY: Boerne Businessman Convicted in Child Porn Case 2009 Oct 6
Federal Jury Convicts Boerne Man on Child Pornography Charges 2009 Oct 6
Trial begins for Boerne man accused of having child porn 2009 Oct 6
Church Loses Fight Over Sealed Papers 2009 Oct 6
Prosecutors Say Adopted Daughter Was Abused 2009 Oct 5
Bungled Jersey child abuse probe branded a '£20million shambles' 2009 Oct 4
Fatal Care: Deadly mistakes doom children 2009 Oct 4
Farm of fear 2009 Oct 2
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Order 2009 Oct 2
Man charged in Jersey abuse probe 2009 Oct 2
WA, 10th anniversary of the death of Shawn Lowrance 2009 Oct
Expert: Girl severely underweight at death 2009 Oct 1
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order 2009 Oct 1
Council proposes child abuse payment 2009 Sep 30
Arrest Warrant 2009 Sep 29
Judge accepts guilty pleas in starvation death 2009 Sep 29
Woman says system failed 3 girls sexually abused by adoptive father 2009 Sep 28
Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican 2009 Sep 28
Oklahoma family accused of abusing girl 2009 Sep 28
Fairview family charged in abuse case involving Liberian child 2009 Sep 28
Former Parkview Middle School janitor pleads guilty to molesting three daughters 2009 Sep 25
Former GCCS custodian pleads guilty to molesting 2009 Sep 24
The warning signs of incest: What parents can do to stop sexual abuse in the family 2009 Sep 24
Catholic church accused of covering up child abuse 2009 Sep 23
State studies abuse, safety of children in foster care 2009 Sep 21
Woman admits to killing daughter 2009 Sep 19
Australian state apologises for child abuse 2009 Sep 19
It takes more than money to protect our children 2009 Sep 19
Moreno Valley woman to serve two life terms in abuse case 2009 Sep 18
Serial Pedophile Who Bought 5-Year-Old Vietnamese Sex Slave is Up For Parole 2009 Sep 18
SoCal pastor gets life term for abusing 5 girls 2009 Sep 18
Haitian Charity's Founder Indicted 2009 Sep 18
Prosecutors to Fight Molester's Parole 2009 Sep 18
Man who set up home for kids in Haiti charged with sexual abuse 2009 Sep 17
"For the least of them..." 2009 Sep 17
Sentencing today for Moreno Valley woman in ghastly abuse case involving her five adopted daughters 2009 Sep 17
Foster dad guilty in boy's beating death 2009 Sep 17
Duchess of York may face police quiz over undercover TV documentary highlighting 'plight' of Turkish orphans 2009 Sep 16
$901,000 awarded after toddler's death 2009 Sep 16
United States v. Doug Perlitz (indictment) 2009 Sep 15
Jury begins deliberation in 2004 foster child murder case 2009 Sep 15
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Withdrawal of Appearance 2009 Sep 14
Foster parent's trial delayed in Williamson County 2009 Sep 14
Nurse Family Partnership upends pattern of abuse 2009 Sep 12
Caldwell mom will testify that husband abused children 2009 Sep 12
Foster mom arraigned in girl’s death 2009 Sep 11
Plea hearing set today for Renee Bowman 2009 Sep 11
Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse 2009 Sep 11
Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse 2009 Sep 11
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Notice of Appearance 2009 Sep 11
Temple Hills man indicted on charges of child sex trafficking 2009 Sep 11
Foster mother charged 2009 Sep 11
P.G. man indicted in child sex trafficking case 2009 Sep 10
Bindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children 2009 Sep 6
She Claims to be the Messiah.. 2009 Sep 5
Woman who kept children as slaves in the USA pleads not guilty 2009 Sep 4
British mother, Mercedes Farquharson, at court accused of enslaving three girls in US 2009 Sep 4
Former Foster Mom Arrested In Connection With Child's Death 2009 Sep 4
British woman pleads not guilty to keeping 3 children as slaves in US home 2009 Sep 3
Former Regent assistant dean, wife guilty of child sex abuse 2009 Sep 3
Lawyers ask appeals court to make class action out of foster care lawsuit 2009 Sep 3
Ex-Bakersfield woman faces murder charge 2009 Sep 3
Abuse inquiry ‘was a poorly-managed mess’ 2009 Sep 3
Abuse in children's foster care: State officials call for outside review 2009 Sep 2
Mental evaluation ordered in child torture case 2009 Sep 2
Charity welcomes migrant apology 2009 Sep 2
Kelly Pope v Joel Ray - Opinion 2009 Sep 1
Department of Justice Press Release 2009 Sep 1
Woman Accused of Enslaving Kids Extradited from Bulgaria to US 2009 Sep 1
Woman accused of enslaving 3 kids 2009 Sep 1
Mercedes Farquharson Accused of Enslaving 3 Girls on North Carolina Farm 2009 Sep 1
Foster kids sue Hawaii, abusers 2009 Sep 1
Discussion on adoption.com related to Lavender Banks 2009 Sep 1
Discussion on Bethany Christian Services forum related to Lavender Banks 2009 Sep 1
Cases of abuse of foster (and adoptive) children in Russia 2009 Sep 1
Missouri Court of Appeals Western District says abuse suit must get new trial 2009 Sep 1
Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz 2009 Aug 31
Doctor testifies 2-year-old Fremont foster child died from stroke 2009 Aug 31
'Fake Deity' Accused Of Using Children As Slaves 2009 Aug 31
Australia to apologise for child abuse under state care 2009 Aug 30
Caldwell Parents Accused Of Crimes Against Adoptive Children 2009 Aug 26
Imprisoned couple explains why they abused kids 2009 Aug 25
Historial abuse inquiry costs to be revealed 2009 Aug 25
The lost children of Franco-era Spain 2009 Aug 25
Vega Sentenced in 2006 Saunsoci Death 2009 Aug 25
Attle. man charged in child sex abuse 2009 Aug 24
Priest demands freeze on recruiting clergy 2009 Aug 24
Murder trial begins in 2004 death of Fremont foster child 2009 Aug 24
Registered sex offender accused of abusing adopted son 2009 Aug 24
Murder trial set to begin in 2004 toddler slaying case 2009 Aug 23
Ex-county man jailed for sex abuse 2009 Aug 22
Murdered girl's family to press lawsuit against Sacramento County 2009 Aug 22
Judge and lawyer slam Harper for whipping up media frenzy 2009 Aug 22
Woman accused of slavery faces extradition 2009 Aug 21
Croydon-born pensioner found guilty in Jersey care home abuse case 2009 Aug 21
Result a comfort to the complainants, say police 2009 Aug 21
Foster-care mom gets 25-to-life for girl's death 2009 Aug 21
A case of ‘lies and half-truths’ 2009 Aug 21
Jersey children's carer guilty of sex assaults 2009 Aug 21
Foster care task force created after 7-year-old Margate boy killed himself wants changes 2009 Aug 21
Jersey carer dubbed 'The Perv' convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne 2009 Aug 21
Jersey carer convicted of abuse 2009 Aug 20
Jersey carer convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne 2009 Aug 20
Duke working to protect client’s rights 2009 Aug 20
Jersey carer convicted of abuse 2009 Aug 20
Carer guilty of Jersey sex attacks 2009 Aug 20
Lawyer: Harper made up ‘remains’ story 2009 Aug 19
Preliminary hearing in homicide case canceled 2009 Aug 18
Home children ‘treated like family’ 2009 Aug 18
Witness speaks of ruined childhood 2009 Aug 18
IL Joins States Requiring Cross-Reporting of Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty 2009 Aug 14
Flag Raising For Murdered Trumbull County Toddler 2009 Aug 14
Mysteries blanket life, death of 20-month-old 2009 Aug 14
What made Baby P's mother Tracey Connelly so wicked? 2009 Aug 14
State moves for new evidence against Renee Bowman 2009 Aug 14
No collusion, say abuse trial four 2009 Aug 14
Abuse trial witnesses to be recalled 2009 Aug 13
Jersey witness 'ashamed of abuse' 2009 Aug 13
Jersey home carer trial delayed 2009 Aug 12
Christopher Saitta obituary 2009 Aug 12
New evidence delays trial 2009 Aug 12
Advocate seeks to revive R.I. foster-care lawsuit 2009 Aug 11
Archbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report 2009 Aug 11
Mother arrested for child’s death 2009 Aug 11
Carer 'groped girls' at Jersey children's home 2009 Aug 11
Jersey carer 'was sexual bully' 2009 Aug 10
Bid to help the other stolen generation 2009 Aug 10
Advocates question whether foster kids should be placed close to home 2009 Aug 9
Funeral set for Justin Pribbernow, brother awaits evidence hearing on murder charge 2009 Aug 9
Justin Steven Pribbernow - Obituary 2009 Aug 8
Probation for mom in shaken baby case 2009 Aug 8
Mother Arrested in Elk Grove Toddler's 2008 Murder 2009 Aug 8
Stabbing victims remain hospitalized 2009 Aug 6
Former Elk Grove resident charged in 3-year-old's death 2009 Aug 6
Mother Accused Of Killing Daughter 2009 Aug 6
Elk Grove Police Department Press Release 2009 Aug 6
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Dismiss (Jeannene Smith's affidavit) 2009 Aug 5
Teens stabbed in Coleman were removed from Arenac County parents 2009 Aug 5
UPDATE: Victims named in Tuesday's Midland County stabbing spree 2009 Aug 5
State to pay abused foster children nearly $4 million 2009 Aug 5
Man accused of killing infant requests trial delay 2009 Aug 4
Man accused of killing infant requests trial delay [duplicate to delete] 2009 Aug 4
Woman accused of branding child with potato masher 2009 Jul 30
Former Navy professor pleads to sexual assault 2009 Jul 29
B.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate 2009 Jul 29
Girl in Champion died of asphyxia, coroner says 2009 Jul 29
Schuyler woman arrested for assaulting neighbor 2009 Jul 29
Child rapist jailed indefinitely 2009 Jul 29
Funds to be cut from bodies that fail to report child abuse 2009 Jul 28
Ex-professor at Naval Academy enters plea in sex assault case 2009 Jul 28
Children of the Recession: Economy Sending Children Into Foster Care 2009 Jul 27
Coroner rules girl’s death a homicide 2009 Jul 23
SC couple get 30 years each for neglecting boys 2009 Jul 23
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Letter Jeannene Smith 2009 Jul 23
Child abuse trial: McCurrys trade blame for neglect 2009 Jul 23
Doctor: Children starved, bruised 2009 Jul 22
Molly McCurry denies boys were deprived food 2009 Jul 22
Child says Lyman couple withheld food 2009 Jul 21
Physician testifies to malnutrition of children 2009 Jul 21
Trial To Begin For Couple Charged With Child Abuse 2009 Jul 20
Jury Convicts Sac Foster Mother of Murder 2009 Jul 20
Historic abuse inquiry almost complete 2009 Jul 17
Duke fires employee accused of child sex offenses 2009 Jul 17
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Waiver of preliminary examination or hearing 2009 Jul 16
Frank Lombard let go as Duke employee 2009 Jul 16
How To Fail A Child - The American Foster Care Way 2009 Jul 16
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Arrest warrant 2009 Jul 10
Abuse: 11 more cases are dropped 2009 Jul 7
Woman sentenced to 50 years for death of Christopher Thomas 2009 Jul 7
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Orders 2009 Jul 7
Prosecutors: Abuse in Lexie case dates back to 2004 2009 Jul 6
Many say Lexie's death could've been prevented 2009 Jul 6
Va. Woman Pleads Guilty in Adopted Daughter's Death 2009 Jul 6
Murder plea expected in Lexie Glover case 2009 Jul 5
Notes [private] 2009 Jul 5
Roseville Woman Who Stabbed Daughters Sentenced 2009 Jul 3
Roseville mom who attacked kids gets prison 2009 Jul 2
Accused Mother Arraigned in Deaths of Two Girls 2009 Jul 2
Woman charged in daughters' deaths to be extradited 2009 Jul 2
Affidavit details sex charges in case of 5-year-old 2009 Jul 2
16-plus years for Roseville woman in stabbings 2009 Jul 2
Woman accused of killing adopted child asks her attorney to step down 2009 Jul 1
State of NC Vs Paul Salvetti - State Brief 2009 Jun 30
Litigation not legislation is the fastest way to reform Child Protective Services & Family Court 2009 Jun 30
Former foster mom pleads not guilty in boy's death 2009 Jun 30
Audit says CPS slow to probe abuse 2009 Jun 29
Gay parents hope abuse case does not limit adoptions 2009 Jun 29
Basic Information on Elena (from AZ DES) 2009 Jun 29
CNN: Father Accused Of Pimping 5 Year Old Child For Sex 2009 Jun 29
Neighbors close in after sex charges 2009 Jun 28
Warrant: Molesting of boy admitted 2009 Jun 27
Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting 2009 Jun 27
Cops: Duke Official Offered Adopted Son For Sex 2009 Jun 27
Former Goodyear official, wife indicted on child abuse charges 2009 Jun 26
Child Abuse Charges filed against Goodyear Couple - Maricopa county attorney press release 2009 Jun 26
Duke official charged with sex offense 2009 Jun 26
Toddler's legacy is review of Missouri's foster care system 2009 Jun 24
Frank Lombard - Criminal complaint 2009 Jun 24
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Criminal complaint 2009 Jun 24
Affidavit in support of arrest warrant of Frank M. Lombard 2009 Jun 24
Ex-resident spared jail for children's home abuse 2009 Jun 23
Probation for care home abuse man 2009 Jun 22
Sex abuse by adults is about power, not gratification 2009 Jun 20
Roots of a warped view of sexuality 2009 Jun 20
Governor vetoes child-abuse bill 2009 Jun 19
Woman Indicted in Killing Daughters, Taking D.C. Aid 2009 Jun 19
Spouse now charged with rape of child 2009 Jun 19
Social Worker Fired in Slaying 2009 Jun 18
Jury Indicts Bowman in Theft, Daughters' Deaths 2009 Jun 18
Woman accused of rape of child 2009 Jun 18
Man sentenced for unlawful restraint 2009 Jun 17
Whitinsville woman charged with child rape 2009 Jun 17
Woman’s bail set at $2,500 in child rape 2009 Jun 17
Ex-Regent U. official sentenced on sex charges 2009 Jun 17
Ex-Regent official given 16 years for sex crimes 2009 Jun 17
Kevin Libin: Readers detail rarely-seen ugly side of child-protection agencies 2009 Jun 16
Trials for former law dean, wife continued in Virginia Beach 2009 Jun 16
Surgeon 'may have abused hundreds' 2009 Jun 15
Could the death of Santa Maria 3-year-old in foster care have been prevented? 2009 Jun 12
Mom sues Alberta after son injured in foster care 2009 Jun 11
Search for Missing Union County Couple Goes Nationwide 2009 Jun 9
Teenage sexual abuse victim sues DOCS 2009 Jun 9
Oldest daughter of Lorrie Thomas runs away from foster care 2009 Jun 9
The Blurry Boundaries of Child Porn 2009 Jun 9
Adoptive mother facing arson charges after allegedly trying to set teen on fire 2009 Jun 8
Tompkins County named after toddler dies in foster care 2009 Jun 8
Mother to sue over son slain in foster care 2009 Jun 8
Louisville woman pleads not guilty to arson charges 2009 Jun 8
Child-trafficking bill closer to becoming law. 2009 Jun 8
Daughter: Mom Set Bedroom On Fire With Her In It 2009 Jun 8
Details Emerge in Case of Woman Accused of Killing Daughters 2009 Jun 6
Foster dad sentenced to prison for 108 years 2009 Jun 5
Historic Child Abuse Inquiry: Two cases dropped 2009 Jun 5
Get tough on home tuition to weed out abuse, says review 2009 Jun 5
Injured child merits DHR investigation 2009 Jun 4
3 years in prison for foster mother convicted of manslaughter 2009 Jun 4
Goodyear fires director amid child abuse allegations 2009 Jun 4
FREE TO PREY - Victim of sex offender says new charges show system failed 2009 Jun 3
DOCS under fire for placing child in care of sexual predator 2009 Jun 3
Trial set in Illinois foster parent abuse case 2009 Jun 2
Bond set for suspect in tot's death 2009 May 31
Paedophile ring 'abused children in State homes' 2009 May 31
Legacy of abuses by the church 2009 May 31
DA believes people are taking in foster children 'just for the money' in Conecuh County 2009 May 31
Woman pleads guilty in shaken baby case 2009 May 29
Oregon foster child's murder in Mexico prompts new laws 2009 May 29
Why were children handed to Church with no questions asked? 2009 May 28
Fugitive Couple Last Seen in Memphis 2009 May 28
Foster Parents Arrested For Abuse 2009 May 27
KayLynn Gaunavinaka appeal to Ellen Degeneres 2009 May 26
Police Logs: May 26, 2009 2009 May 26
Diocese Accused Of Mishandling Sex Abuse Case 2009 May 26
Fake Australian priest 'abused Indian orphans' 2009 May 25
Conecuh County couple charged in child abuse 2009 May 23
Mother's attorneys want abuse trial moved 2009 May 22
Staff preyed on children with disabilities 2009 May 21
Parents of dead baby sue state, DCF 2009 May 20
Foster mother faces homicide charge 2009 May 20
Catholic Church turned a blind eye as thousands of children were sexually abused by priests in Ireland, says official report 2009 May 20
Child abuse victims seek justice 2009 May 20
Child custody hearing for Lorrie Thomas postponed until June 2009 May 19
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order 2009 May 18
Social workers suspended for failing to tell foster parents about sex abuse past of teenager who raped their son, 2 2009 May 18
Ireland abuse inquiry report due 2009 May 17
Civil suit charts history of church abuse in county 2009 May 17
$5M bail for caregiver charged with murder of boy in his care 2009 May 16
Goodyear girl still in hospital 3 weeks after potty-training 'war' 2009 May 16
Mom admits stabbing her girls 2009 May 15
Roseville woman pleads guilty to attempted murder 2009 May 15
Union County suspect arrested for human trafficking 2009 May 15
Woman admits she tried to kill her daughters 2009 May 15
Foster dad charged with murdering boy 2009 May 15
No parole for woman convicted for abuse 2009 May 14
Woman sentenced to jail in abuse case 2009 May 14
Lacey couple accused of raping adopted daughter 2009 May 14
Lacey couple face abuse charges 2009 May 14
Parole board orders maximum terms for Hartsock, Makekau 2009 May 13
Parole board orders maximum terms for Hartsock, Makekau 2009 May 13
Police: Lacey Child Sexually Abused By Adoptive Parents (and video) 2009 May 13
Man admits sex abuse at Jersey children's home 2009 May 13
‘The impact on the children who were abused at Kerelaw was devastating’ 2009 May 12
Man admits Jersey care home abuse 2009 May 12
Man Pleads Guilty To Jersey Child Abuse 2009 May 12
Haut de la Garenne ex-resident Michael Aubin guilty of child abuse 2009 May 12
State of NC Vs Paul Salvetti Appellant Brief 2009 May 12
Pupils suffered years of abuse in macho culture, finds report 2009 May 12
'Major failings' at abuse school 2009 May 11
Staff free to abuse children for a decade at residential school 2009 May 11
It's official: there was no child abuse in Jersey 2009 May 10
AMW: Unknown Amariana Crenshaw Killer 2009 May 10
Foster mom-nurse might face homicide charge 2009 May 8
Rochester mother wrongfully accused of child abuse fights back 2009 May 8
Group Home Employee Accused Of Molesting Teens 2009 May 8
DSS caretaker charged in child's February death 2009 May 7
Review Of Connecticut Foster Child's Death Cites System Failures 2009 May 7
Milwaukee woman guilty of fatally beating baby 2009 May 7
Christal Thomas testimony 2009 May 6
On tape, aunt recounts abuse 2009 May 6
Testimony details agony of child's suffering 2009 May 6
DYA Assistant Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges 2009 May 6
System Failed Infant Who Died In DCF Worker's Foster Care, Report Says 2009 May 6
Hearing postponed for foster mother charged in child's death 2009 May 6
Shylae's family recalls fears 2009 May 6
Oklahoma DHS plaintiffs swell to 11,000 2009 May 6
Answer in ‘House of Horrors’ Lawsuit Expected This Month 2009 May 5
Christopher Thomas case opens with photos of abuse 2009 May 4
PD: Goodyear official, wife arrested on child abuse charge 2009 May 1
New child welfare agency will hire almost all of La Causa staff 2009 May 1
Lawyer for alleged 5-year-old abuse victim files $820,000 suit vs. state 2009 May 1
Having Your Porn and Condemning it Too: A Case Study of a “Kiddie Porn” Expose 2009 May 1
Losing Shylae again: Birth mother doesn't regret adoption, defends sister facing murder charge 2009 May 1
House bill seeks to protect Oregon kids adopted outside U.S. 2009 May 1
Goodyear couple arrested on child abuse charges 2009 May 1
Judge dismisses lawsuit on foster care system 2009 Apr 30
Lawsuits filed over severely abused special-needs children 2009 Apr 30
Goodyear employee arrested in abuse case 2009 Apr 30
Abusive adoptive mom's kids seek money for treatment 2009 Apr 30
Adoptive Teenager Recounts Childhood of Abuse 2009 Apr 30
Goodyear Official, Wife, Face Child Abuse Charges 2009 Apr 30
Hearing set in Perry cases 2009 Apr 30
Police: Goodyear official, wife accused of child abuse 2009 Apr 30
Adoptive father guilty of rape; His stepdaughters echo accusations 2009 Apr 29
Suit Contends City Failed to Prevent Adoption Fraud 2009 Apr 29
Are there women paedophiles? 2009 Apr 29
Lexie’ remembered on Earth Day at Pace West 2009 Apr 28
A tragic life: Shylae Thomas 2009 Apr 26
Adoptive mom hid body, prosecutors say 2009 Apr 25
Building a home in a dome 2009 Apr 25
Adopting kids, adopting a village 2009 Apr 25
Quadriplegic girl's sad story ends in death 2009 Apr 24
Flint girl's adoptive mother charged with murder 2009 Apr 24
Mom, Where Have You Been? 2009 Apr 24
Prosecutor: Dead Mich. girl severely underweight 2009 Apr 24
Mother of Mich. girl found in storage charged 2009 Apr 24
Adoptive mom of girl found in storage bin arrested 2009 Apr 23
Quadriplegic girl was in trash bag with moth balls 2009 Apr 23
Police chief wins court decision on suspension review 2009 Apr 23
Aunt is held in 9-year-old quadriplegic's death 2009 Apr 23
Charges weighed in Mich. quadriplegic girl's death 2009 Apr 23
Body of quadriplegic girl found in storage unit near Flint 2009 Apr 22
The Playground Project 2009 Apr 21
Mother Pleads Guilty To Abuse Of Adopted Daughter 2009 Apr 21
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Affidavit of Service 2009 Apr 21
Silver Spring woman admits she abused child who told police she was imprisoned 2009 Apr 21
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Answer to third part complaint 2009 Apr 21
Abuse survivors: Markey bill our chance at justice 2009 Apr 21
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Scheduling order 2009 Apr 20
Warder accused of Jersey child abuse faces new charges 2009 Apr 20
Expert Analysis Sought in Murder Case 2009 Apr 19
The alleged victims of the Jersey child abuse inquiry cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case 2009 Apr 18
The alleged victims of the Jersey child abuse inquiry cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case 2009 Apr 18
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Defendant Smith's Brief Amicus Curiae 2009 Apr 17
Mother testifies about daughter killed while in Mexican foster home 2009 Apr 17
Autopsy reveals murdered girl's abuse and neglect 2009 Apr 16
Murdered 3-year-old's family says death could have been avoided 2009 Apr 16
Toddler's death ruled a homicide 2009 Apr 15
Death of child in foster care ruled a homicide 2009 Apr 15
Courtwatch Today: Child abuse 2009 Apr 14
Marion Foster Parent Charged with Sexual Assault 2009 Apr 14
Marion foster parent charged with five counts of sexual abuse 2009 Apr 14
DCF: Mom Charged In Adopted Girl’s Death Passed Background Checks 2009 Apr 12
Woman charged in boy's death held in Dakota County Jail 2009 Apr 9
Former foster child rises above abuse 2009 Apr 9
Woman charged in child's death testifies she did not understand her rights 2009 Apr 9
Arrests made in death of 3-year-old girl 2009 Apr 9
Report indicates 2-year-old was beaten severely 2009 Apr 9
Adoptive parents charged in girl's death 2009 Apr 9
Couple accused of murdering adopted daughter 2009 Apr 9
Deputies say girl, 3, may have been murdered 2009 Apr 9
DCF report documents tot's severe beating, troubled mom 2009 Apr 8
Mom accused in murder on suicide watch 2009 Apr 8
Postcards from 'the dungeon' 2009 Apr 8
Parents Charged In Toddler's Death 2009 Apr 8
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Waiver of service of summons 2009 Apr 8
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Defendant's supplemental points and authorities 2009 Apr 7
Trial raises troubling adoption questions 2009 Apr 7
Call for abuse victim 'freedom' 2009 Apr 7
Russia, U.S. discuss treaty on child adoption 2009 Apr 7
Belleview mom arrested in death of adopted girl 2009 Apr 7
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO WITHDRAW 2009 Apr 7
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - SUPPLEMENTAL MEMORANDUM OF LAW 2009 Apr 7
Gravelles begin sentences: Couple reports to Huron County Jail to await 2-year prison stay 2009 Apr 7
Senator arrested over data breach 2009 Apr 6
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
Oregon to pay $2 million in abuse case 2009 Apr 6
Woman sought in Nebraska to be extradicted 2009 Apr 4
Gresham foster kids abused despite DHS checks 2009 Apr 4
Mother whose daughter was killed in foster care organizes rally 2009 Apr 4
Social workers said because I was a soldier, I was more likely to be violent to my own children 2009 Apr 4
Deported mom's case could be 'tip of iceberg' 2009 Apr 4
Haut de la Garenne reuse ‘insensitive’, say care leavers 2009 Apr 3
Jan Pryor: A positive spin on parenting 2009 Apr 3
Deported mom wants to bring her children to India from US 2009 Apr 3
Wanted foster mom waives extradition 2009 Apr 3
Gravelles ordered to jail for child endangering, abuse 2009 Apr 1
Ex-Palisade cop convicted of child abuse 2009 Apr 1
Jury Convicts Former Palisade Police Officer 2009 Apr 1
State of Ohio v Michael Gravelle and Sharen Gravelle 2009 Mar 31
A new name is called for 2009 Mar 31
Adoptive dad in Orlando gets probation on son-abuse charge 2009 Mar 31
St. Aemilian-Lakeside to take over child welfare contract 2009 Mar 30
Md. Woman Is Charged In Deaths Of 2 Girls 2009 Mar 30
Stay-at-home dad accused of child abuse in court today 2009 Mar 30
Man Accused Of Child Abuse Accepts Deal 2009 Mar 30
Cryptic talk, despair, then an afternoon of horror 2009 Mar 30
Stay-at-home dad sentenced two years' probation in child abuse case 2009 Mar 30
Adoptive parents face charges for abusing four-year-old 2009 Mar 30
Child abuse suspect accepts plea deal 2009 Mar 30
Haut de la Garenne site to reopen 2009 Mar 27
Savoie: 15 ans de réclusion pour un ex-professeur pédophile 2009 Mar 27
State of Maryland v Renee Denise Bowman - Statement of Charges 2009 Mar 27
Savoie: 20 ans de réclusion requis contre un ancien professeur pédophile 2009 Mar 26
Parkview custodian on paid leave, accused of sex abuse against adopted daughters 2009 Mar 25
£5m claim over 'sex abuse by priest' 2009 Mar 24
Wanted foster mom arrested in Pa. 2009 Mar 24
Relatives provide reporter tip that leads to suspect’s location, arrest 2009 Mar 24
Child safety sham puts lives at risk 2009 Mar 22
Saunsoci-Mitchell case: Family wants answers, arrest 2009 Mar 22
Lawyer battles an atrocious Alberta legacy 2009 Mar 21
Children Of the World For Sale 2009 Mar 20
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - David S Bills letter to Judge Donio 2009 Mar 20
The Cradle v Adopt America Network (Opinion) 2009 Mar 18
Syvret loses High Court bid 2009 Mar 18
Retired academy prof charged with rape 2009 Mar 18
Former children’s home official loses law license for sexual abuse plea 2009 Mar 17
Ex-Regent assistant dean loses law license after conviction 2009 Mar 16
Oregon's investigation into foster child's death ends at state line 2009 Mar 16
Foster child's death gets attention of lawmakers 2009 Mar 16
The continuing foster care fiasco 2009 Mar 16
The continuing foster care fiasco 2009 Mar 16
A child's death in Mexico 2009 Mar 16
How The Oregonian reported this story 2009 Mar 15
Teachers' Notes 2009 Mar 15
Oregon girl sent to Mexico falls through the cracks 2009 Mar 15
Home to something evil 2009 Mar 14
DCF sued as part of woman’s Collier County abuse case 2009 Mar 13
Arraignment for adoptive mother accused in boy's death delayed 2009 Mar 13
Mother accused of murder denied a bond reduction 2009 Mar 13
Accused murderer expected in court 2009 Mar 12
Child protection facing criticism 2009 Mar 12
New York Child Sexual Abuse Law Could Allow More Adult Victims to File Lawsuits 2009 Mar 12
Eastern Europe: Human trafficking “set to rise” 2009 Mar 12
Bakersfield woman arrested in death of 5-year-old 2009 Mar 11
Mother denies abusing son, whom attorney calls 'a pathological liar' 2009 Mar 11
Charges added to family accused of child abuse 2009 Mar 11
Mother Charged in Death of Five-year-old 2009 Mar 11
Birth mom blames adoptive mom for murder 2009 Mar 11
Questions Raised After Child's Death 2009 Mar 11
Clarksville family faces more than 70 counts of abuse 2009 Mar 10
Prostitution of boys at India's pilgrim sites called rampant 2009 Mar 10
State Hands Down Revised Indictment To Perry Family 2009 Mar 10
Boy, 5, dies; mother arrested 2009 Mar 10
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Motion to Withdraw 2009 Mar 10
Family charged with torturing adopted children 2009 Mar 10
Mother Arrested In Death Of 5-Year-Old Son 2009 Mar 10
Police review Alexis Glover’s case 2009 Mar 10
Girl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears' 2009 Mar 9
Florida RNs Watch For Signs of Economy-Related Child Abuse 2009 Mar 9
Girl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears' 2009 Mar 9
Fatal Distraction 2009 Mar 8
Church ‘regrets’ abuse of boys 2009 Mar 8
SA abuse victims push for compensation 2009 Mar 7
Judge blocks records' release for missing Kan. boy 2009 Mar 7
Records in missing-boy case to stay closed 2009 Mar 7
Boy hurt in foster care to be taken off life support 2009 Mar 7
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside 2009 Mar 7
Fixing Foster Care In Alaska 2009 Mar 6
[duplicate to delete] Judge blocks records' release for missing Kan. boy 2009 Mar 6
Provincial care under fire as 15-month-old foster child hospitalized 2009 Mar 6
Pedophiles find Ukraine a good place to roam 2009 Mar 4
Woman who killed baby to stay behind bars 2009 Mar 4
Council was warned 'children would die' 2009 Mar 4
Price Township couple faces trial in child abuse case 2009 Mar 4
Sentencing of man who molested adopted siblings delayed again 2009 Mar 4
Spring Hill Woman Accused Of Child Abuse Faces Judge 2009 Mar 3
Barretos’ attorney seeks records 2009 Mar 3
Barreto report: More children, more love 2009 Mar 3
Mom Accused Of Abuse Pleads Not Guilty 2009 Mar 3
Prince William County Mother Indicted in Child's Death 2009 Mar 3
Grand jury hands down murder charges in Smith, Glover cases 2009 Mar 3
Grand Jury Indictment 2009 Mar 1
Protecting the Children 2009 Mar 1
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
Hollsopple mother charged with neglect 2009 Feb 26
Police search for the remains of a missing Port St. Lucie boy 2009 Feb 25
Child neglect 'going unreported' 2009 Feb 25
Mother wanted after cocaine found in child, family speaks to WIS 2009 Feb 25
Police Use Radar To Search Yard Of Leekin's Former Home 2009 Feb 25
Police return to Leekin home with radar 2009 Feb 25
Child prostitutes rescued in US 2009 Feb 23
Counselors Call for Inquiry Into Pr. William Girl's Case 2009 Feb 23
Child abuse permanently modifies stress genes in brains of suicide victims 2009 Feb 22
Police Search Yards Of Leekin's Former Homes 2009 Feb 22
Adam Herrman case moving 'behind closed doors,' sheriff says 2009 Feb 22
Luke Williams Scheduled To Be Executed Friday Night 2009 Feb 20
Executed: Luke Williams III Dies by Lethal Injection 2009 Feb 20
An abused Florida teen, a Philadelphia connection 2009 Feb 19
Police chief’s battle in court 2009 Feb 19
Autopsy: 13-Year-Old Drowned in Creek 2009 Feb 19
Bluffton man's 2-year-old son killed; sex offender charged 2009 Feb 18
Police Chief fights to clear his name 2009 Feb 18
Orchestra figure's widow charged with child abuse 2009 Feb 16
Review begins into Power suspension 2009 Feb 16
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
For mother and child at risk, care that includes a psychologist 2009 Feb 16
Initiative tackles child abuse, domestic violence 2009 Feb 16
First court appearance for accused killer 2009 Feb 16
Dr Philip Broeckel was framed by Julie Berryman 2009 Feb 16
Sex offender charged in Forsyth child's death 2009 Feb 16
Child Trafficking: When The Solution Becomes A Part Of The Problem 2009 Feb 15
Sex offender held in killing of 2-year-old 2009 Feb 15
Ex-family feared for beaten youth in Hernando County 2009 Feb 15
Forsyth Child Death 2009 Feb 14
Social workers who snatched four-day-old baby put her up for adoption over unproven abuse claim 2009 Feb 14
Sex offender charged with beating 2-year-old to death 2009 Feb 14
Woman's boyfriend also accused of abusing Spring Hill teen 2009 Feb 13
Forsyth Toddler Death Called Suspicious 2009 Feb 13
2-Year-Old's Death 'Suspicious' Say Deputies 2009 Feb 13
Woman accused of years-long abuse of adopted teen 2009 Feb 12
Cops: Woman brutally beat, imprisoned Hernando teen 2009 Feb 11
Deputies: Teen Beaten, Imprisoned 2 Years By Spring Hill Woman 2009 Feb 10
Midland County teen pleads guilty to charges in stabbing death of brother 2009 Feb 10
BREAKING NEWS: Couple found guilty 2009 Feb 9
Paradise Homicide 2009 Feb 6
Mother charged after teen’s death out of jail 2009 Feb 5
Former Queens Resident Gets 20 Years For Abusing Disabled Kids 2009 Feb 5
Fla. woman in adoption scam gets more prison time 2009 Feb 5
Foster Care Abuse Ruling Goes Against State Workers 2009 Feb 5
Fla. woman in adoption scam gets 20 years 2009 Feb 5
Purcellville case leads to U.S.-Russia dispute 2009 Feb 5
Judith Leekin sentenced to 20 years for abusing disabled adults 2009 Feb 4
Judith Leekin sentenced to 20 years 2009 Feb 4
Port St. Lucie woman accused of abusing 11 adopted children sentenced to 20 years 2009 Feb 4
More to claim in child abuse case 2009 Feb 3
Carey couple surrenders foster care license 2009 Feb 3
Mother Faces Charges in 13-Year-Old Daughter's Death 2009 Feb 2
Child abuse victims 'more prone to headaches' 2009 Feb 2
DCF settles federal abuse suit 2009 Feb 2
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Jeannene Smith's Motion to Dismiss 2009 Feb 2
Trial begins for couple in case of child starvation 2009 Feb 1
Woman adopted by US couple has nowhere to go 2009 Jan 31
Liberia, Moldova Halt International Adoptions 2009 Jan 30
State to upgrade child welfare 2009 Jan 29
Ex-NYPD cop pleads guilty in Rockland child-sex case 2009 Jan 29
Parenting program decreases child abuse, foster placements 2009 Jan 28
Ex-Regent dean guilty of abuse in 1 city, indicted in another 2009 Jan 27
Christopher Thomas' aunt details reasons for abuse 2009 Jan 26
Leekin court hearing postponed 2009 Jan 26
Mother who killed foster child with Fentanyl narcotic pain patch avoids jail 2009 Jan 24
Case continued in DCF child death 2009 Jan 24
The Adam Herrman Mystery 2009 Jan 24
Extended family: Rescued twins honor brother and meet siblings in Russia 2009 Jan 24
Judge Keeps Kids in State Custody after Child's Death 2009 Jan 23
6 years in prison for mom who hurt adopted infant 2009 Jan 23
Judge orders DCS files turned over in Perry case 2009 Jan 23
Judge stumbled on child-abuse ruling 2009 Jan 23
Death of 3-Year-Old Still Under Investigation 2009 Jan 22
Convicted child abuser ordered to prison 2009 Jan 21
Mom to serve one year in child's death 2009 Jan 20
Sexual Abuse - Sibling 2009 Jan 20
Judge recuses in Tyler felony trial 2009 Jan 19
Prosecutor: parents are suspects in Adam Herrman case 2009 Jan 17
Antioch Sexual Abuse Suspects Arraigned 2009 Jan 17
Sheridan mom faces 6 years in prison; County judge to sentence Rebecca Kyrie on Friday 2009 Jan 17
'My foster parents treated me like a slave' 2009 Jan 16
Fraudulent adoption process lands woman in trouble 2009 Jan 16
Mother of dead Prince William girl is charged 2009 Jan 16
Disabled Girl Described Beatings, Neighbor Says 2009 Jan 16
Child abuser's freedom at issue 2009 Jan 16
Eagle Mtn. woman sentenced for up to 20 years for child abuse 2009 Jan 16
Friends, Witnesses Say Manassas Girl Abused at Home 2009 Jan 16
Disabled Girl Described Beatings, Neighbor Says 2009 Jan 15
Eagle Mountain woman gets long prison term for 'heinous' child abuse 2009 Jan 15
Woman in Eagle Mountain abuse case gets prison time 2009 Jan 15
She was adopted, assaulted & deported 2009 Jan 15
Police accuse mother in missing girl case 2009 Jan 15
Police: Mother Put Daughter in Creek Before Reporting Her Missing 2009 Jan 15
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, MD, Nobelist Who Showed Transmissibility of Chronic Neurodegenerative Diseases, Dies at 85 2009 Jan 15
Man charged with murder in death of foster child 2009 Jan 15
Foster dad charged with murder 2009 Jan 15
Manitoba child welfare under scrutiny again; man charged in murder of foster son 2009 Jan 15
Mother of disabled girl charged with felony neglect 2009 Jan 14
Parents say tumble preceded tot’s death 2009 Jan 14
RCMP charge Manitoba foster father in child's death 2009 Jan 14
Auction to benefit surviving Bowman girl 2009 Jan 14
Mother Arrested in Teen Death Investigation 2009 Jan 14
Mother of Dead Girl Is Charged With Neglect 2009 Jan 14
Police: Mom dumped daughter’s body in creek 2009 Jan 14
Gravelles still haven't served 2-year prison terms 2009 Jan 14
Wikipedia: Ted Klaudt 2009 Jan 13
Masha Allen v FTIA et. al. - Third party complaint 2009 Jan 13
Mother Pleads for Help Finding Daughter's Killer 2009 Jan 13
Ex-SD lawmaker settles foster daughter lawsuit 2009 Jan 13
New life awaited boy killed by dog; DCFS knew foster child lived with Rottweilers 2009 Jan 13
Sheriffs Investigating 3-Year-Old's Death 2009 Jan 13
Surveillance Video Provides Clues in Little Girl's Disappearance and Death 2009 Jan 13
Hearing Canceled After School District Received Letter from HSLDA 2009 Jan 12
Deputies Investigate Death of 3-Year-Old Girl 2009 Jan 12
Perry parental custody case postponed 2009 Jan 12
Dog attack leaves boy dead; 4-year-old mauled by Rottweiler in backyard of Southwest Side home 2009 Jan 12
4 year old mauled to death by family's dog; Father reportedly discovered son's body 2009 Jan 12
Questions remain in death of 13-year-old; family asks for help 2009 Jan 12
Boy mauled to death was going to be adopted 2009 Jan 12
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
Perrys declare innocence in 'nightmare' abuse case 2009 Jan 11
A timeline for the Adam Herrman case 2009 Jan 11
Sharing memories of Alexis 2009 Jan 10
Prayer provides hope after murder conviction [duplicate to delete] 2009 Jan 10
Prayer provides hope after murder conviction 2009 Jan 10
Missing boy's uncle says he witnessed verbal and physical abuse 2009 Jan 10
Homicide Suspected as Girl's Body Is Found in Va. 2009 Jan 10
Chief: Girl likely murdered 2009 Jan 9
Technology aided search 2009 Jan 9
Search continues for missing girl 2009 Jan 9
Police: Missing girl slain 2009 Jan 9
Sister was one who called officials about Kansas boy missing since 1999 2009 Jan 8
Hunt still on for missing teen 2009 Jan 8
Volunteers aid in search for missing Manassas teen 2009 Jan 8
Mother: Missing Manassas girl severly disabled 2009 Jan 8
Leekin to accept plea deal in Port St. Lucie child abuse case 2009 Jan 8
Leekin to accept plea deal in Port St. Lucie child abuse case 2009 Jan 8
Funeral Set for Slain Greenville Toddler 2009 Jan 7
Attorney requests more time 2009 Jan 7
Adoptive mother denies she abused missing boy 2009 Jan 7
Butler County sheriff to search river area, a home in boy's disappearance 2009 Jan 7
Samoan Adoptions: Nua Family 2009 Jan 7
Relatives: Boy Missing for 10 Years Was Abused 2009 Jan 7
Court log: West Manchester Twp. man gets 3 to 7 years in abuse case 2009 Jan 6
Adoptive father gets state prison 2009 Jan 6
Adoption scam defendants cut no-jail-time plea deal 2009 Jan 6
People will be shocked by sex abuse report, says archbishop 2009 Jan 5
Search Starts for Kansas Boy Now Missing 10 Years 2009 Jan 5
Injured Toddler Dies, Guardian Charged 2009 Jan 5
Toddler who died was put in state care more than a year ago, deputies say 2009 Jan 5
Dead toddler's guardian faces neglect charge 2009 Jan 4
Long-missing boy is subject of search 2009 Jan 3
Charges Filed In Death Of Two Year Old 2009 Jan 3
State 'not ready' for child sex reporting 2009 Jan 2
Adoptions examined after Russian boy dies 2009 Jan 2
Guardian Charged In Death Of 2-Year-Old 2009 Jan 2
Quiver-full Convicted 2009 Jan
The Genius and the Boys 2009
Former Advisory Board member adopts Guatemalan children 2009 Jan 1
Nigeria: Country Leads in Child Labour 2009 Jan 1
Fact Sheet: Children in Residential Treatment Centers 2009
Foster care lawsuit ends after 15 years 2008 Dec 31
Abuser claims to be above law, judge sets her free 2008 Dec 30
Death of foster baby leaves many questions 2008 Dec 29
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children 2008 Dec 28
How often do children’s reports of abuse turn out to be false? 2008 Dec 28
Abuse Cannot Be Tollerated 2008 Dec 27
Protecting abused children 2008 Dec 26
U.S. State Dept. reacts to Russian outrage in Fairfax County court case 2008 Dec 24
Foster father was alone with baby when he stopped breathing 2008 Dec 24
Parent who killed child, wife loses appeal 2008 Dec 23
Carlisle lambastes judge's decision 2008 Dec 23
Greece: Government Failing Migrant Children 2008 Dec 22
Many abused kids die while on govt. watch 2008 Dec 22
State Chronicled Academy Issues 2008 Dec 20
State must find out why system failed dead teen 2008 Dec 20
Patient's parent speaks out about dangers at Tampa Bay Academy 2008 Dec 20
Tampa Bay Academy denies claims of abuse 2008 Dec 19
Police Say Man Videotaped Sexual Abuse Of Girl 2008 Dec 19
Documents show E. Haddam man taped sexual abuse 2008 Dec 19
Poutre stepfather gets 12-15 years in prison 2008 Dec 19
Tampa Bay Academy Fights Licence Suspension 2008 Dec 19
More details emerge in Hudson case 2008 Dec 18
Ministery of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation - response to Miles Harrison acquittal 2008 Dec 18
Mass. man gets 12-15 years for stepchild beating 2008 Dec 18
Suspected 'Cameraman' Charged in Child Sex Assault Case 2008 Dec 18
Russia to toughen adoption rules for U.S. over Harrison acquittal 2008 Dec 18
State Suspends License Of Tampa Bay Academy 2008 Dec 18
Moscow outraged over manslaughter of adopted Russian boy 2008 Dec 18
Russia slams acquittal of U.S. man over Russian-born son's death 2008 Dec 18
D. Carleton Gajdusek dies at 85; Nobel Prize winner identified exotic disease, was unrepentant pedophile 2008 Dec 18
Council dismisses complaint against judge in Sampson case 2008 Dec 18
East Haddam man charged in child porn case 2008 Dec 17
2nd Suspect Arrested In Child Porn Case 2008 Dec 17
Pastor cautioned at sex abuse trial 2008 Dec 17
DSHS settles case of boy's death; lawyer asks how state lost track 2008 Dec 17
Father Acquitted of Manslaughter in Son's Death in Car 2008 Dec 17
Medical Examiner Determines Bowman's Daughters were Asphyxiated 2008 Dec 17
On Stand, Man Tells Of Son's Death in Car 2008 Dec 17
Washington settles foster death claim for $320,000 2008 Dec 17
DSHS settles case of boy's death; lawyer asks how state lost track 2008 Dec 17
Purcellville Man Acquitted In Death of Son in Car 2008 Dec 17
State Orders Children Removed From Tampa Bay Academy 2008 Dec 17
Details released in boy’s slaying Adoptive mom allegedly beat, restrained child, 13, repeatedly 2008 Dec 16
No jail time in child neglect case 2008 Dec 16
Court allows suit over alleged abuse 2008 Dec 16
Judge Upholds Charge Against Father of Toddler Left in Hot Car 2008 Dec 16
Not-guilty plea in case of dead baby 2008 Dec 15
Foster Mother Gets Probation In Neglect Case 2008 Dec 15
D. Carleton Gajdusek, Who Won Nobel For Work on Brain Disease, Is Dead at 85 2008 Dec 15
Siblings put in foster care amid investigation of toddler's death 2008 Dec 13
Birth mother of murdered Cass County teen speaks out 2008 Dec 13
Too much at stake 2008 Dec 12
Baby's death brings foster care reforms 2008 Dec 12
Mother testifies in Erbacher hearing 2008 Dec 12
Cass County woman charged in son's death 2008 Dec 12
Officials rule death of local girl homicide 2008 Dec 12
Two More Girls Say They Lied In Molestation Case 2008 Dec 12
Convicted molester's mother takes the stand in her son's hearing 2008 Dec 12
House of horrors 2008 Dec 12
Man reaches plea deal in case of malnourished kids 2008 Dec 12
Adoptive father now charged in abuse case 2008 Dec 11
Adopted father of deceased Cass County teen arrested 2008 Dec 11
Death of local 2-year-old girl ruled a homicide 2008 Dec 11
New Arrest in Queen City Homicide 2008 Dec 11
Man sentenced on child rape charges 2008 Dec 10
Final witness appeal for the historic abuse enquiry 2008 Dec 10
Home truths 2008 Dec 10
Final appeal for abuse witnesses 2008 Dec 10
State employees union officials ask legislators to hear child welfare concerns 2008 Dec 10
Cass County adoptive mom charged with capital murder after son's death 2008 Dec 10
Great and good await child sex verdict 2008 Dec 9
Woman accused of killing adopted teenage son 2008 Dec 9
Ongoing use of patient restraints holds criticized 2008 Dec 9
Plea may not cost Oklahoma DHS worker’s job 2008 Dec 9
Mother accused of fatally shaking girl is indicted 2008 Dec 9
Restraints still used after girl's death 2008 Dec 8
Alleged abuse of abducted 'miracle child' poses more questions for council that failed Baby P 2008 Dec 8
Abducted boy ‘was abused while in Haringey’s care’ 2008 Dec 8
Police probe new Haringey child abuse allegations 2008 Dec 8
New Haringey inquiry over allegations of second child abuse case 2008 Dec 7
Caseworker from fatal foster placement still monitoring dead boy's sister 2008 Dec 5
Islanders 'living under a cloud' 2008 Dec 5
Child welfare director expresses sadness, but caseworker retained 2008 Dec 5
Union County couple accused in girl's death freed on bond 2008 Dec 5
Jersey police chief faces inquiry 2008 Dec 5
Before closed meeting, officials promise answers in boy's death 2008 Dec 5
Plea agreement in child abuse case 2008 Dec 4
State investigates DHS in Tyler case 2008 Dec 4
Nigeria 'child witch killer' held 2008 Dec 4
Plea deal reached over children kept in cage 2008 Dec 4
Foster dad wants molestation trial 2008 Dec 4
Adoptive mother sentenced to 15 years 2008 Dec 3
Child abuse prolific in wealthy nations 2008 Dec 3
Foster care protester knows pain of losing a child 2008 Dec 3
Foster parents receive probation in abuse case 2008 Dec 3
Protesters demand accountability in baby's death 2008 Dec 3
Fighting For Foster Care Reform 2008 Dec 2
Mother wants justice in death of son, 3 2008 Dec 2
Porter man sentenced to 40 years for rape 2008 Dec 2
Holding Foster Care Agencies Responsible for Abuse and Neglect 2008 Dec 2
£2m cost of police in abuse probe 2008 Dec 2
Foster mother sentenced to 15 years 2008 Dec 2
Parents Who Wanted To Adopt Christopher Thomas Investigated 2008 Dec 2
Investigation into Couple Who Wanted To Adopt Killed Baby 2008 Dec 2
Murder, they wrote 2008 Dec 1
Community providing stone for grave of starved child 2008 Dec 1
Boy Shaken By Caregiver Dies After Two Years On Life Support 2008 Dec 1
Bureau rebukes foster couple 2008 Dec 1
Boy In Shaken Baby Lawsuit Dies After 2 Years On Life Support 2008 Nov 30
Death of a child not just an abstraction [opinion] 2008 Nov 30
[duplicate] to delete Death of a child not just an abstraction [opinion] 2008 Nov 30
Girl to face rape suspect; Local women bring alleged foster-care victim back from Guatemala 2008 Nov 29
Officials failed to spot abuse in case of beaten, starved girl 2008 Nov 29
Records show gaps in child welfare oversight before Jazzmin's death 2008 Nov 29
Foster mother charged with killing boy, abusing girl 2008 Nov 29
Records show gaps in child welfare oversight before Jazzmin's death 2008 Nov 29
Officials failed to spot abuse in case of beaten, starved girl 2008 Nov 29
From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions 2008 Nov 28
Allains, DCF face news abuse lawsuits 2008 Nov 28
Letter from Frank Walker to Simon Bellwood 2008 Nov 26
Father Follows Son In Suing DCF 2008 Nov 26
Stepdad guilty of abuse in Mass. right-to-die case 2008 Nov 26
Leekin facing new charge in extensive child abuse case 2008 Nov 26
A Tragic Result of a Failure to Act 2008 Nov 26
Porter man sentenced for rape convictions 2008 Nov 25
Foster parents at 'house of torture' get 1-year jail term 2008 Nov 25
Another couple tried to help abused baby 2008 Nov 24
Child abuse on the rise in Scotland 2008 Nov 23
Oahu woman gets 5 years for child abuse 2008 Nov 22
Child abuser is freed for appeal 2008 Nov 22
Teen in foster care died of malnutrition 2008 Nov 22
Abused Hawaii children 'angry' that aunt's sentence only 5 years 2008 Nov 22
Mass. man says he thought girl was hurting self 2008 Nov 21
Tortured teen died of malnutrition 2008 Nov 21
Antioch girl, believed tortured by aunt, died of "severe malnutrition," report says 2008 Nov 21
State will pay millions to settle foster kids’ suit 2008 Nov 21
Digging deep at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Nov 21
Aunt Charged In Christopher Thomas' Death 2008 Nov 21
Aunt pleads guilty to abusing children 2008 Nov 21
Aunt pleads guilty to child abuse charges 2008 Nov 21
Child abuse conviction leads to prison sentence 2008 Nov 21
Child Abuser Sentenced to Five Years in Prison 2008 Nov 21
Grandfather sentenced in adopted child abuse case 2008 Nov 21
Investigators: Reports Show Boy Purposely Starved To Death 2008 Nov 21
Grandfather sentenced in adopted child abuse case 2008 Nov 21
Who's Accountable For 4-Year-Old's Starvation Death? 2008 Nov 20
Sheriff: Evil kin starved boy, 4 2008 Nov 20
Bond continued in rape and abuse case 2008 Nov 20
Aunt pleads guilty to abusing children in her care 2008 Nov 20
Aunt Accused Of Child Abuse Pleads Guilty 2008 Nov 20
Infamous child abuse case comes to a close 2008 Nov 20
Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Child Abuse Death 2008 Nov 20
Fistfight Breaks Out At Toddler's Funeral 2008 Nov 20
Lawmaker Proposes Change After 1-Year-Old's Death 2008 Nov 20
Antioch girl, believed tortured by aunt, died of "severe malnutrition," report says 2008 Nov 20
Violence Erupts At 1-Year-Old Boy's Funeral 2008 Nov 19
Stafford Child Pornography Suspect Appears in Court 2008 Nov 19
Coroner: Boy Starved, Not Sick 2008 Nov 19
Albania: Briton jailed 20 years for child abuse 2008 Nov 19
Boy who was abused laid to rest 2008 Nov 19
Fights Break Out at Infant's Funeral 2008 Nov 19
Suffolk Cops Help Nab CT Man For Kid Porn, Rape 2008 Nov 19
Death of foster care baby raises child-welfare questions 2008 Nov 18
Sheriff: Women Charged In Boy's Death Show No Remorse 2008 Nov 18
Bureaucracy scrutinized after abused boy's death 2008 Nov 18
Suffolk cop helps nab alleged rapistConnecticut man accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old 2008 Nov 18
No winners in Samoan adoption scandal 2008 Nov 18
When should a child go into care? 2008 Nov 18
Adoptive mom in abuse case gets jail time 2008 Nov 18
Police Say Stafford Man Abused Foster Child 2008 Nov 18
Manitoba boy's death a possible homicide after airport's runway lights fail 2008 Nov 18
More Charges Possible For Stafford Man Arrested On Sexual Assault 2008 Nov 17
Starved Boy's Autopsy Results Expected To Take 3 Weeks 2008 Nov 17
Lenny: Jersey denials are hogwash 2008 Nov 17
Austin Watkins' mother says she's been clean for years 2008 Nov 17
Relatives tried to help baby, sister 2008 Nov 17
Stafford man facing many child sex charges 2008 Nov 17
Stafford Man Due In Court In Child Sex Case 2008 Nov 17
Opinion/ Editorial 2008 Nov 16
Stafford Man Held On Assault, Child Pornography Charges 2008 Nov 16
Doctor detained over pedophilia suspicion 2008 Nov 15
Police: No evidence of murder on British island 2008 Nov 15
Medical Examiner's Report: Child Endured Repeated Abuse 2008 Nov 15
Lawmakers Want Review After Infant’s Death 2008 Nov 15
2-Year-Old Abuse Victim Returning To Foster Care 2008 Nov 15
Norwegian Female Pedophile Predators go Free and stay in job at Oslo orphanages 2008 Nov 15
Questions raised about child's death 2008 Nov 15
Lawmaker seeks investigation into torture of boy, sister 2008 Nov 14
Western Oklahoma family accused of child abuse 2008 Nov 14
Future Foster Couple Speaks After Infant Dies 2008 Nov 14
Child abuse suspect requests lower bail 2008 Nov 14
Woman seeks lower bail in abuse case 2008 Nov 14
Foster mother charged with killing boy, abusing girl 2008 Nov 13
Jersey chief was 'under pressure' 2008 Nov 13
4 members of Fairview family are charged with abuse of adopted girl 2008 Nov 13
Police: No evidence of murder on British island 2008 Nov 13
No murders at care home in Jersey, police conclude 2008 Nov 13
Troubling case for Jersey police 2008 Nov 13
Jersey probe police chief suspended 2008 Nov 13
Child-abuse suspect wants lower bail 2008 Nov 13
Foster mom accused in Milwaukee boy’s death 2008 Nov 13
Aunt Charged In Death Of 1-Year-Old 2008 Nov 13
Sheriff: Mississippi Child Starved To Death 2008 Nov 13
Police: Women Took Out Insurance Policy On Starved Boy 2008 Nov 13
Parents charged with abuse of adopted 12-year-old 2008 Nov 13
Jersey home no charnel-house 2008 Nov 13
'No child murders' in Jersey home 2008 Nov 12
Jersey care home abuse inquiry 2008 Nov 12
Jersey chief officer is suspended 2008 Nov 12
Jersey abuse inquiry a 'shambles' 2008 Nov 12
Police Identify 1-Year-Old Boy Who Died In Foster Care 2008 Nov 12
Jersey police chief suspended after police rule out murders at children's home 2008 Nov 12
Father Charged In Toddler's 2007 Death 2008 Nov 12
A statement from the Home Affairs Minister - 12 November 2008 2008 Nov 12
Jersey abuse case: police rule out murder at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Nov 12
Convicted Molester Faces 100 Year Sentence 2008 Nov 12
Timeline: Jersey 'abuse' claims 2008 Nov 12
Police chief suspended in Jersey probe anger 2008 Nov 12
Convicted Molester In Court Today For Sentencing 2008 Nov 12
DA, attorney quiet on possible deal for Union couple 2008 Nov 11
Adoptive Father Arrested In Pasco Toddler's Death 2008 Nov 10
Property Transfers 2008 Nov 9
Lundy urged to stand down over abuse case 2008 Nov 9
Starving boy 'would have died' 2008 Nov 7
Couple subjected 6yo to ‘life threatening abuse’ 2008 Nov 7
Man gets 10-year term in girl's death 2008 Nov 6
Riverside County sheriff's captain, wife charged in abuse case 2008 Nov 4
Foster home sued over 9-year-old boy's starvation 2008 Nov 4
$30M suit filed in death of boy 2008 Nov 4
Lawsuit Foster Home Starved Boy, 10, To Death - Detroit News Story - WDIV Detroit 2008 Nov 4
Charges filed against sheriff's captain for alleged child abuse 2008 Nov 4
Sun Prairie Family Adopts 10 Children, Advocates For Adoption 2008 Nov 3
Lawsuit: Foster Home Starved Boy, 10, To Death 2008 Nov 3
Relatives Want Adopted Sister Of Slain Girl 2008 Nov 3
Slain Girls' Relatives Trying To Adopt 2008 Nov 3
Foster care group in court over whistleblower suit 2008 Nov 3
Foster child was left overnight in garage, jury hears 2008 Oct 31
Attorney amazed at support for child-abuse suspect in Eagle Mountain case 2008 Oct 31
Hearing delayed for Eagle Mtn. couple accused of child abuse 2008 Oct 31
Jury selection begins in Haleigh Poutre case 2008 Oct 30
Parents kept child locked in garage 2008 Oct 30
Prosecutors present evidence against couple accused of abuse 2008 Oct 30
Judge denies jury-waived trial in Haleigh Poutre case 2008 Oct 30
Trial witnesses describe child's injuries before death 2008 Oct 29
Stay-at-home Orlando father of 5 charged with child abuse 2008 Oct 29
Man charged in stepdaughter's beating stands trial 2008 Oct 29
San Carlos Park man gets 10 years in sex abuse case 2008 Oct 28
Police Investigate Mom Once Charged With Child Abuse 2008 Oct 27
Adoptive Mom Previously Charged With Child Abuse 2008 Oct 27
Woman Bothered By Accused Abuser's Access To Children 2008 Oct 27
Exclusive: Mom Accused of Murder Speaks Out 2008 Oct 24
Charges Upgraded Against Bowman 2008 Oct 23
Freezer remains suspect indicted in child's abuse 2008 Oct 23
Runaways tell police of abuse 2008 Oct 23
Mother may be charged in neglect of 2 children 2008 Oct 23
Dead Girls' Mother Indicted In Abuse Of 3rd Child 2008 Oct 22
Winchester mom’s murder case goes to grand jury 2008 Oct 22
Abandoned Korean girl finds home in Hong Kong 2008 Oct 20
Tylers arraigned on felony counts 2008 Oct 20
Adoptive mom accused of banging tot's head on floor 2008 Oct 17
Mother investigated for neglect 2008 Oct 17
Adopted Girls' Suffering Rooted in Mothers' Woes 2008 Oct 16
Women describe being sexually abused as girls 2008 Oct 16
Diana Lynn Groves v. State of Indiana (appeal) 2008 Oct 16
Trial begins this morning for man accused of sex with girls 2008 Oct 15
Foster father gets 100 days in jail for brain injury to baby in his care 2008 Oct 12
Mother must serve up to 15 years for death of adopted son 2008 Oct 11
Foster father gets jail time for child abuse 2008 Oct 10
Murderer free from jail after three years: Paul Efaw was convicted of fatally stabbing foster daughter, Connre Dixon, in '05 2008 Oct 10
Prison for Tooele woman who killed adopted Russian son 2008 Oct 10
Jail term for American Fork foster dad for infant abuse case 2008 Oct 10
Foster father sentenced for causing brain injury to baby 2008 Oct 10
Detectives Identify Girls Found Dead in Freezer 2008 Oct 9
Tests rule out drugs as factor in child's death 2008 Oct 9
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
Friend confirms identity of girls found in freezer 2008 Oct 9
Names of Girls Found in Maryland Freezer Released 2008 Oct 9
Woman pleads not guilty due to insanity 2008 Oct 9
Lusby Neighbors Reach Out To Girl, 7 2008 Oct 9
Child abuse, rape charges filed against local family 2008 Oct 9
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
DC considers checks on adoptive parents 2008 Oct 8
Problems With DHS Run Deep 2008 Oct 8
School abuse test case in court 2008 Oct 8
Couple learns tot died in foster home crib 2008 Oct 8
Baby Dies In Foster Care 2008 Oct 8
Cause of death undetermined for baby who died in foster care 2008 Oct 8
Grand Lake woman uses insanity defense in death of 3-year-old 2008 Oct 8
State of Oklahoma - Affidavit for Search Warrant 2008 Oct 8
Parents get prison for starving boy 2008 Oct 7
Couple learns tot, taken from home, died in crib 2008 Oct 7
Foster-care chief suddenly retires, citing frustration 2008 Oct 7
Fenty Welcomes Deal on Child Welfare Reforms 2008 Oct 7
Secrecy on Adoptions Understandable -- and Wrong 2008 Oct 5
Frozen Children, Icy Silence--Time To Adopt Openness 2008 Oct 5
A tragic case 2008 Oct 5
Mother of frozen children assuaged caseworker 2008 Oct 4
Bangalore's tragedy of migrant children 2008 Oct 4
Social services investigated adopted mother 2008 Oct 4
Daughter of Abuse Suspect Is Released From Hospital 2008 Oct 4
Young Deaths That Diminish Us All 2008 Oct 4
A Blow to Everyone's Heart 2008 Oct 4
Man pleads not guilty in infant death 2008 Oct 3
Pre-autopsy exam reveals little 2008 Oct 3
Social workers found no problem at Bowman home 2008 Oct 3
Nine is enough? 2008 Oct 3
Starvation, Injury Cited as Causes of Girls' Deaths 2008 Oct 2
Couple plead no contest to abuse of adopted children 2008 Oct 2
Cops: Children Could Have Been Dead for Months 2008 Oct 2
Former Iowa City man pleads not guilty to killing adopted son 2008 Oct 2
Man accused of murder pleads not guilty 2008 Oct 2
More Tests Are Needed To ID Girls In Freezer 2008 Oct 1
Mother charged with murdering her daughter pleads not guilty 2008 Oct 1
Mother pleads not guilty to killing daughter 2008 Oct 1
Oklahoma v Penny Sue Tyler - Affidavit 2008 Oct 1
Couple accused of abusing kids plead no contest 2008 Oct 1
Sacked head of special school wins £62,680 compensation 2008 Oct 1
Oklahoma v Nathania Dellare Tyler - Affidavit 2008 Oct 1
Oklahoma v Ashton Malachi Tyler - Affidavit 2008 Oct 1
Md. police: Frozen remains date back to last year 2008 Oct 1
Oklahoma v Ardee Verlon Tyler - Affidavit 2008 Oct 1
Md. Mother Jailed After Bodies Of 2 Children Found in Freezer 2008 Sep 30
Woman Met Adoption Requirements, D.C. Officials Say 2008 Sep 30
Judge removes himself from child's homicide case 2008 Sep 30
A Porter couple have entered pleas on charges of raping and abusing their adoptive children. 2008 Sep 30
Officials: Child Abuse Victims Were Adopted in D.C. 2008 Sep 29
Children's remains found in Calvert Co. freezer 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Freezer of Lusby Home 2008 Sep 29
Mom tells cops icy bodies in freezer are her kids 2008 Sep 29
Child bodies found in US freezer 2008 Sep 29
Calvert Woman Arrested in Deaths of Two Children 2008 Sep 29
Calvert County Sheriff's Press Release 2008 Sep 29
Girls found in freezer could have died in Montgomery County 2008 Sep 29
Calvert Authorities Find Children's Frozen Corpses 2008 Sep 29
Dead girls' remains found in freezer 2008 Sep 29
Human remains found in freezer during search 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Adoptive Mother's Freezer, Police Say 2008 Sep 29
Preliminary set for Fairview couple accused of abusing Liberian girl 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Woman's Home Freezer 2008 Sep 29
The Dean Bunch - Family grows after trip to Central America 2008 Sep 28
Mother charged with murder in 4-year-old's death 2008 Sep 27
Mother accused of murder 2008 Sep 26
Antioch woman pleads not guilty in abuse death of niece 2008 Sep 26
Sexual Exploitation of Children is a Growing Phenomenon 2008 Sep 26
Kids will suffer more if DFCS loses caseworkers 2008 Sep 26
'Sadistic' carer's sentence cut 2008 Sep 26
Students gather to mourn 15-year-old 2008 Sep 23
Man pleads not guilty to rape charge 2008 Sep 23
Body of girl killed in Mexico returned 2008 Sep 23
Witnesses listed in infant death trial 2008 Sep 23
Dinkler sentenced to prison in child-cruelty case 2008 Sep 23
Man: DFCS is ‘responsible’ for baby’s death 2008 Sep 21
Learning from a sad, short life 2008 Sep 20
Adrianna Maria Romero-Cram, 4 2008 Sep 19
Viewing, memorial scheduled for Antioch teen 2008 Sep 18
Steps to Take if You Are Falsely Accused 2008 Sep 18
Sherry Charlie reforms dropped: BC youth watchdog 2008 Sep 18
Ark. lawmakers hold hearing on foster care abuse 2008 Sep 17
DHS distributes, pulls back confidential files in child abuse case 2008 Sep 17
Patrick v. North Carolina Dep't of Health and Human Services 2008 Sep 16
Donations sought to bury Antioch teen 2008 Sep 16
Statement concerning historical abuse enquiry 2008 Sep 16
Help Pass the Protect The Children Act 2008 Sep 16
Mom criticised after adopted child dies 2008 Sep 15
OCY chief targets failure rate 2008 Sep 15
Masha Allen v. FTIA et. al. - Civil action complaint 2008 Sep 15
Both sides blame children's agency 2008 Sep 14
Baby death case continued 2008 Sep 13
Justice for baby Tammy Herman 2008 Sep 13
My Adoption Nightmare 2008 Sep 11
New Report Shows 20,000 Children in Foster Care in PA 2008 Sep 10
Abused foster child files suit 2008 Sep 9
Women Avoid Abuse Shelters 2008 Sep 9
Baby Jessica buried Saturday; grandmother calls for 'system to be fixed' 2008 Sep 8
Guilty Plea In Sex Abuse Case 2008 Sep 8
Editorial: We need some answers 2008 Sep 8
Congress Must Pass Legislation to Help Children in Foster Care 2008 Sep 8
Danville's Patricia Harris gets 15 years for abuse 2008 Sep 7
Antioch girl's child welfare report disputed 2008 Sep 5
Judge says child abuse victim, Haleigh Poutre, will not be forced to testify against stepfather 2008 Sep 5
Pair Indicted In Louisville Toddler Death 2008 Sep 5
Foster baby dies in hot minivan in northeast 2008 Sep 4
American Fork man pleads guilty to abusing child 2008 Sep 4
Birth parents want foster mother charged 2008 Sep 4
Autopsy: Antioch girl was whipped, burned 2008 Sep 4
2 may face death penalty in child's beating death 2008 Sep 4
Police: Antioch girl lived in squalor, was beaten the morning she died 2008 Sep 3
Rejected for adoption, some end up on the streets 2008 Sep 3
Lynch extends statute of limitations on self-reporting of child abuse 2008 Sep 3
Antioch police arrest woman on suspicion of abusing, killing adopted teen 2008 Sep 2
Advocates question drop in child-abuse complaints 2008 Sep 2
The Sins of the Mother 2008 Sep
Neighbors report disturbances in apartment where two-year-old was abused 2008 Aug 30
Area man charged with evidence tampering 2008 Aug 30
2nd charge against mom in stabbing of daughters 2008 Aug 29
Mother Of Slain Toddler Blames Sister For Boy's Death 2008 Aug 29
Hills Bank seeking $556K from Steven Sueppel estate 2008 Aug 29
Concerns raised over Jersey case 2008 Aug 28
'Come now, I've killed my children.' 911 transcripts 2008 Aug 28
Roseville Mom Additionally Charged for Stabbing Other Daughter 2008 Aug 28
Religion as child abuse 2008 Aug 28
Adoption advocate charged with allowing abuse 2008 Aug 28
Police: Chance of 2-year-old surviving minimal, child's aunt and her boyfriend in custody 2008 Aug 28
Two Charged for Baby’s Injuries 2008 Aug 28
Aunt, Boyfriend Charged In Toddler's Death 2008 Aug 28
Jury convicts grandfather of assault in child-abuse case 2008 Aug 28
Hills Bank seeks money from Sueppel estate 2008 Aug 28
back in Fla. 2008 Aug 28
No prosecution in one Jersey case 2008 Aug 28
Man with porn found by Best Buy in court Wednesday 2008 Aug 27
New SIO for ongoing historical abuse case 2008 Aug 27
Couple arrested in Jersey child abuse inquiry will not face charges 2008 Aug 27
Judge orders acquittal in Mat-Su abuse trial 2008 Aug 27
Jersey probe: no charges for couple 2008 Aug 27
New officer heads up Jersey case 2008 Aug 27
Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked' 2008 Aug 26
Foster mother accused of abuse ordered to undergo psychological evaluation 2008 Aug 26
Roseville mother charged with allegedly stabbing daughters 2008 Aug 24
Roseville Mother Charged With Stabbing Daughter 2008 Aug 23
Troubled Roseville mom suspect in girls' stabbing 2008 Aug 22
Troubled Roseville mom suspect in girls' stabbing 2008 Aug 22
'Kill me!' a mother begs police after a terrible act 2008 Aug 22
Sieferman Criminal compaint pdf 2008 Aug 22
Roseville Mom Charged with Attempted Murder in Knife, Axe Attack of Daughters 2008 Aug 22
Blog reveals Sieferman's happier times as a mom 2008 Aug 22
BRIEF: Roseville mother charged after daughters stabbed; condition improves 2008 Aug 22
Roseville mother charged in stabbing of her girls 2008 Aug 22
Father convicted of child cruelty 2008 Aug 22
Former head of Jersey inquiry attacks island's legal system 2008 Aug 22
Daughters stabbed, mom arrested 2008 Aug 21
Children testify against father accused of cruelty 2008 Aug 21
Young boys abused after being placed in foster care 2008 Aug 21
10-year employee earns Meritorious Service Award 2008 Aug 21
Man indicted on 16 felony counts of sex with minors 2008 Aug 21
Trial under way in child cruelty case 2008 Aug 20
Big Lake abuse case continues for grandparents 2008 Aug 19
Grandparents on trial in Big Lake abuse 2008 Aug 18
Woman speaks about her sexual abuse as a child 2008 Aug 15
Court bid for UK action in Jersey 2008 Aug 15
Response to article in The Times 2008 Aug 14
Couple face sentencing over abuse 2008 Aug 14
Defendants in court for 'torture' of 5 children in Hawaii home 2008 Aug 14
Jersey inquiry needs more funding 2008 Aug 13
A House of Horrors 2008 Aug 13
Boy was raped, lawsuit says; It alleges he was victimized by another boy in foster care. 2008 Aug 13
Woman who killed adopted daughter to be evaluated 2008 Aug 13
BYU study examines child abuse/stress disorder link 2008 Aug 11
Father charged in boy's death 2008 Aug 10
Man charged in son’s 2005 Iowa City murder 2008 Aug 9
Man arrested in death of adopted son 2008 Aug 9
Sentencing delayed in infant death 2008 Aug 9
7 years for man in foiled murder 2008 Aug 8
Don't let the Haut de la Garenne horrors demonise an entire island 2008 Aug 8
Parents reject torture claims 2008 Aug 8
Barreto charges include torture 2008 Aug 8
Lindorff gets 7 years in murder-for-hire plot 2008 Aug 8
Lenny Harper retires from police 2008 Aug 7
Second person charged with murder in girl's death 2008 Aug 6
Anger mounts in girl's death 2008 Aug 6
Man charged over Jersey 'abuse' 2008 Aug 5
Why wasn't Katelynn Sampson kept safe? 2008 Aug 5
Anguish grips mother of slain 7-year-old girl 2008 Aug 4
Island deputy police chief starts 2008 Aug 4
Child's death 'work of the devil' 2008 Aug 4
Child abuse reconciliation bid 'doomed' 2008 Aug 3
Child abuse reconciliation 2008 Aug 3
Family mourns loss of Crete boy 2008 Aug 2
'God spent extra time making Kevin' 2008 Aug 2
Succession planning regarding historical abuse enquiry 2008 Aug 1
Family, friends gather for boy's wake 2008 Aug 1
Jersey child abuse: case not closed 2008 Aug 1
Jersey abuse inquiry: Remains of five children found, police reveal - but murder charges unlikely 2008 Aug 1
'Others may have hurt baby Tammy' 2008 Aug 1
Jersey ex-police chief slams system 2008 Aug 1
Remains of five children found 2008 Jul 31
Crete boy's death under investigation 2008 Jul 31
Child to remain in protective custody 2008 Jul 31
Timeline: Haut de la Garenne 2008 Jul 31
Left for dead, Carmina Salcido is back 2008 Jul 31
Remains of five children found at Haut de la Garenne, Jersey former children's home 2008 Jul 31
Response to claims about 'remains' of five children at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Jul 31
Foster Care Review Finds No Problems 2008 Jul 31
Carbon dating and the Jersey case 2008 Jul 31
Jersey murder inquiry 'unlikely' 2008 Jul 31
Remains of five children found at Jersey care home 2008 Jul 31
Jersey's ongoing hunt for answers 2008 Jul 31
Trial starts for Justin Erbacher, accused of child molestation 2008 Jul 31
Former depute head of school in abuse scandal wins claim 2008 Jul 30
Couple charged in abuse of girl, 11 2008 Jul 29
State V Mechelle Saffold appeal 2008 Jul 28
Police briefs: Two arrested in child abuse Police briefs 2008 Jul 26
A village too small, the death of a baby 2008 Jul 26
Pathologists Mum On Results Of 12-Year-Old's Autopsy 2008 Jul 25
This is Child Protection? 2008 Jul 24
Water-intoxication homicide upheld 2008 Jul 23
Father Indicted in Toddler's Death in Hot SUV 2008 Jul 23
Another child from home where boy died hospitalized 2008 Jul 22
Parents Under Investigation After Death Of 12-Year-Old Foster Child With Special Needs - 8 Children To Remain In Protective Cust 2008 Jul 22
Purcellville toddler remembered 2008 Jul 22
Court upholds sentence for child's death 2008 Jul 22
Judge Orders 8 Children To Remain In Protective Custody 2008 Jul 22
Relatives Demand Answers In 12-Year-Old's Death; Caregivers Investigated In Death Of Kevin Johnson 2008 Jul 21
Man accused of molesting five foster children to go on trial this week 2008 Jul 21
UPDATE: Grand Jury Might Get Case Of Boy's Death 2008 Jul 21
Foster Parents Eyed In Death Of 12-Year-Old Boy 2008 Jul 21
And another adoptee dies 2008 Jul 21
Conn. child welfare worker charged in baby's death 2008 Jul 18
US paedophile arrested for abusing adopted 5-year-old daughter 2008 Jul 18
Insurance company not liable in lengthy legal proceedings 2008 Jul 18
Bond set at $1M in death of infant 2008 Jul 18
DCF Worker Charged In Foster Child's Death 2008 Jul 17
DCF worker charged in death of 7-month-old 2008 Jul 17
Mansfield woman charged in baby's death 2008 Jul 17
U.S.-Russian tensions rise over infant’s death 2008 Jul 16
19-year-old rape case goes to grand jury 2008 Jul 16
4 charged with NYC child welfare thefts 2008 Jul 16
About Nina 2008 Jul 15
Russia calls for full probe into death of adopted baby in U.S. 2008 Jul 15
2 Adoption Agencies Barred After Boy's Death 2008 Jul 15
Purcellville man charged in toddler's death 2008 Jul 15
His foster parents wanted to give Dima the world. But he died instead... 2008 Jul 15
The Sarah Chavez Story -Failure to Protect 2008 Jul 14
Lawyers: Severely punish NY woman who abused kids 2008 Jul 14
News of the World Article 2008 Jul 13
Mother found guilty of beating son with belt 2008 Jul 12
Russia cut off adoptive parents 2008 Jul 12
Man arrested in death of adopted son 2008 Jul 11
Woman gets four years for beating adopted son 2008 Jul 11
Russia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S. 2008 Jul 11
Father Whose Son Died in Hot Car Is Hospitalized 2008 Jul 11
3 charged with torturing kids 2008 Jul 11
Russia bans adoptions international organizations 2008 Jul 11
Pastor urges withholding judgment 2008 Jul 11
Russia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S. 2008 Jul 11
Police: Rape suspect linked to several girls 2008 Jul 11
A number of international organizations withdrawn permission for adoptions of Russian children 2008 Jul 11
Va. Toddler Dies After Father Leaves Him in SUV 2008 Jul 10
Foster Parents Accused Of Torturing Child 2008 Jul 10
Former APSU security guard, family charged with child abuse, sex abuse 2008 Jul 10
Accusations grow in rape investigation 2008 Jul 10
Toddler Found Dead Inside Car in Herndon 2008 Jul 9
Gonzales County reschedules murder trial 2008 Jul 9
Main points at media briefing 2008 Jul 9
Recruitment for new SIO for ongoing historical abuse enquiry 2008 Jul 9
Report expected to shed light on child abuse case 2008 Jul 8
Man accused of raping minors 2008 Jul 8
Jersey force 'to search new site' 2008 Jul 7
Troy woman appears in court on child endangerment charge 2008 Jul 7
The little girl they couldn't see 2008 Jul 6
Controversy trails 'attachment' therapist who runs Chesapeake center 2008 Jul 6
Teenager admits killing sister, 2 2008 Jul 3
State hoping Haleigh Poutre will testify 2008 Jul 2
Torres pleads guilty in stepsister's death 2008 Jul 2
Job offer extended to Huron County Job, Family Services applicant 2008 Jul 1
Jersey 'abuse' case is adjourned 2008 Jun 30
The Hand That Rocks the Broken Cradle 2008 Jun 30
Adoption incentive prompts concerns 2008 Jun 30
Sean's short life shows system's flaws 2008 Jun 29
Everything surrounding Enna Barreto's death is tragic 2008 Jun 29
Canadian Sikh priest fined $415,000 for sexually abusing niece 2008 Jun 27
Barretos plead not guilty to new charges 2008 Jun 27
UPDATE:Barretos plead not guilty to new charges 2008 Jun 26
Family obit - names children - [private] 2008 Jun 26
Barretos face new charges in daughter's death 2008 Jun 26
Judge rules defense attorney can view DCF records chronicling victim's past 2008 Jun 26
Unto the Least of These — Praying for [private] 2008 Jun 25
Final delay in adopted dad’s molestation hearing 2008 Jun 25
Jersey abuse inquiry: Two released without charge 2008 Jun 25
Williamston woman who killed son, 7, loses appeal 2008 Jun 25
Mother enters plea in adopted baby death 2008 Jun 25
Two more arrests in child abuse probe 2008 Jun 24
Four more teeth found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Jun 24
Spring Hill mother pleads guilty in child's death 2008 Jun 24
Jersey abuse inquiry: police make two more arrests 2008 Jun 24
Jersey abuse probe pair released 2008 Jun 24
Arrests over Jersey abuse claims 2008 Jun 24
Man and woman released without charge after questioning 2008 Jun 24
Two in custody following more arrests in connection with Historical Abuse Enquiry 2008 Jun 24
Woman admits to child-abuse homicide in death of infant boy 2008 Jun 24
Dubai Court sentences man to jail for molesting daughter 2008 Jun 23
Man gets eight-year jail for molesting 'adopted' minor girl 2008 Jun 22
Teen arrested, charged with killing sister 2008 Jun 22
Mother Charged with Abuse, Assault of Daughter 2008 Jun 20
Mom Charged After 12-Year-Old is Found Wandering Streets 2008 Jun 20
Tooele mom pleads guilty to child abuse homicide 2008 Jun 20
Silver Spring Woman Facing Charges Of Child Abuse, Assault 2008 Jun 20
Woman Accused Of Abusing Adopted Daughter 2008 Jun 20
Horror child abuse trial postponed 2008 Jun 19
Nearly 50 teeth found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Jun 19
Man gets 5 years for burning son 2008 Jun 18
Man pleads guilty to rape of teen 2008 Jun 17
Las Vegas Man Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Abusing Child 2008 Jun 17
"Geek Squad" finds child porn on Vegas man's computer 2008 Jun 17
No plea deal for accused mother 2008 Jun 17
Children adopted from Ethiopia molested 2008 Jun 17
New Details Emerge with Suspected Child Molester 2008 Jun 17
LV man faces child pornography charges 2008 Jun 17
Grand Lake woman charged in death of 3-year-old given time for medical testing 2008 Jun 15
Another shocking child death in NYC, more calls for reform 2008 Jun 15
Mom may learn next week if she can bond out of jail 2008 Jun 13
Paddock will pay for crimes 2008 Jun 13
Former policeman is arrested in Jersey children's home abuse inquiry 2008 Jun 13
Care home abuse suspect released 2008 Jun 13
Jersey abuse inquiry: ex-police officer released 2008 Jun 13
Judge Gives Edward Smith 124 Years 2008 Jun 13
Man released pending further enquiries following HAT related arrested 2008 Jun 13
Adoption Murder In Bayfield, Colorado 2008 Jun 13
Our Daughter Faith Raeanne Robinson 2008 Jun 12
3rd suspect arrested in connection with alleged abuse at children's home on British island of Jersey 2008 Jun 12
Ex-Policeman Arrested Over Jersey Abuse 2008 Jun 12
Jury sifts two versions of Paddock 2008 Jun 12
17-Year-old Charged In Sister's Murder 2008 Jun 12
Boy's aunt: 'I hope his death is not in vain' 2008 Jun 12
Lynn Paddock found guilty of murder 2008 Jun 12
Fourth arrest in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008 Jun 12
Child-sex abuse gets man at least 9 years in prison 2008 Jun 11
More teeth found at children's home 2008 Jun 11
Legacy of Canada's residential schools 2008 Jun 11
Jersey abuse inquiry: Police find more teeth at former children's home 2008 Jun 11
More Teeth Found At Jersey 'Abuse' Home 2008 Jun 11
'They wanted to brainwash us' 2008 Jun 11
Paddock case to go to jury 2008 Jun 11
Jersey officers find more teeth 2008 Jun 11
Smith gets 124 years for sexually abusing his adopted daughter 2008 Jun 11
Trial no easy topic for anyone 2008 Jun 11
Doctor says Paddock meant no harm 2008 Jun 10
Psychologist: Adoptive mother didn't intend to harm children 2008 Jun 10
Paddock tells of own pain 2008 Jun 10
Man sentenced for sex abuse charges 2008 Jun 10
Ex-Regent dean turns himself in to Chesapeake police 2008 Jun 10
Judge sentences Kearns man for assaulting and raping step children 2008 Jun 9
Paddock says she was beaten as a child 2008 Jun 9
Paddock takes the stand in her own defense 2008 Jun 9
Mother accused of killing adopted son takes stand 2008 Jun 9
Where was Sean Paddock's father? 2008 Jun 9
Lawyers want special board to deal with Jersey abuse victims' claims 2008 Jun 9
Paddock weeps on witness stand 2008 Jun 9
Couple Charged With 70 Counts Of Child Abuse 2008 Jun 8
Pediatrician tells of boy's suffocation 2008 Jun 7
Sister charged in Union death 2008 Jun 7
Un homme mis en examen pour viol et violence sur ses enfants adoptifs 2008 Jun 7
Former Regent assistant dean faces sexual assault charges 2008 Jun 7
Haute-Loire: un homme écroué pour le viol de son fils adoptif éthiopien 2008 Jun 6
Doctor says Paddock boy was tortured 2008 Jun 6
Capital murder charge filed against 17-year-old 2008 Jun 6
Sean Paddock's last hours described 2008 Jun 5
Two more teeth found in cellar area at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Jun 5
Foster mom pleads not guilty in child's death from anti-pain patch 2008 Jun 4
Could Sean Paddock's death have been prevented? 2008 Jun 4
Testimony chronicles day of Sean's death 2008 Jun 4
Statement made by the Chief Minister on 3 June 2008 2008 Jun 3
Stranger supports Paddock witness 2008 Jun 3
Marshals, Homeland Security probe Union case 2008 Jun 3
Man faces Jersey child sex charges 2008 Jun 3
Couple Charged With Child Endangerment 2008 Jun 3
County sets up fund for boy in abuse case 2008 Jun 3
Jersey man first to plead guilty in child sex abuse case 2008 Jun 2
Jersey to get first sex offenders register 2008 Jun 2
Some Americans adopt Russian children to feel superior by humiliating them 2008 Jun 2
Man in court over Jersey 'abuse' 2008 Jun 2
Man charged with sex offences in Haut de la Garenne case 2008 Jun 2
Police seek clues to 2005 murder 2008 Jun 1
NBC report 2008 Jun
Faith Raeanne Robinson memorial 2008 Jun 1
State Child Fatality Review - Findings and Recommendations - Johnson and Wake Counties 2008 Jun
Third man charged in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008 May 31
Paddock jury won't hear call from daughter 2008 May 31
British police charge 3rd man in child abuse investigation in Jersey 2008 May 31
Man charged over Jersey 'abuse' 2008 May 31
Third Person Charged Over Jersey Abuse 2008 May 31
Jersey police make third arrest as parts of 'at least two children' confirmed in cellar of children's home 2008 May 30
Third arrest in Jersey probe 2008 May 30
2 abuse cases yield 2 arrests 2008 May 30
Loganville Foster Mom Arrested for Abuse of Foster Kids 2008 May 30
Boy says he lied out of fear of Paddock 2008 May 30
Third man arrested in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008 May 30
Third arrest over Jersey inquiry 2008 May 30
Boy begged in school, but did anyone hear? 2008 May 30
Third arrest over Jersey children's home child sex inquiry 2008 May 30
Third Held Over Jersey Care Home 'Abuse' 2008 May 30
Southern Indiana man faces judge on sex abuse charges 2008 May 29
Police Reveal More Care Home Evidence 2008 May 29
Children face Paddock in court 2008 May 29
Jersey teeth 'from two children' 2008 May 29
Paddock children still cope with brother's death 2008 May 28
Jury selected for mother's murder trial 2008 May 28
Child Abuse Victim Speaks Out About New Family, New Life 2008 May 28
Update regarding Court appearance today 2008 May 28
Police: Loganville Woman Confesses To Beating Adopted Children 2008 May 28
Loganville woman charged in abuse case 2008 May 28
Paddock's children testify 2008 May 28
Former NFL Lineman admits abusing adopted daughter 2008 May 28
Oppn 'horrified' at Indigenous foster care breakdown 2008 May 28
Child abuse by aid workers, peacekeepers rife-study 2008 May 27
Jersey police find further bones 2008 May 27
Jersey police find more bone fragments at former children's home 2008 May 27
Port St. Lucie woman accused of abuse may go to trial soon 2008 May 27
More teeth and bone fragments found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 May 27
Adoption process likely OK'd Union pair 2008 May 25
Ex-Jaguar, wife admit to abuse 2008 May 23
Mom who caged teen son gets 20 years behind bars 2008 May 23
Jersey inquiry:'A child lies buried... I'm not going to walk away' 2008 May 23
New York: Guilty Plea in Fraud Scheme Involving Adoption of Disabled Children 2008 May 23
Enna 'is with Jesus,' preacher reminds 2-year-old's mourners 2008 May 23
Pair's bond $350,000 each on endangerment charges 2008 May 23
Diapers, starvation detailed in Troy boy's statement 2008 May 23
Mom who caged kids gets 20 years 2008 May 23
Ex-NFL player Tylski reaches deal on child abuse charges 2008 May 23
Ex-NFL player placed in pretrial intervention program 2008 May 23
Tragedy's lesson: Adult medicines are not for kids 2008 May 22
Officials continue to investigate child, animal abuse 2008 May 22
UPDATE:Bond set at $350,000 for couple suspected in daughter's death 2008 May 22
Tylskis Take Plea Deal In Child Abuse Case 2008 May 22
Teeth found at Jersey home 'belonged to children' 2008 May 22
Children were dismembered and burnt, say Jersey police 2008 May 22
Obituary - Enna Barreto 2008 May 22
Funeral for 2-year-old today in Pontotoc 2008 May 22
Jersey bones 'may suggest murder' 2008 May 21
Judge allows abuse testimony 2008 May 21
Update on teeth and bone fragments found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 May 21
Horror lurked in country home;childern, animals lived in filthy conditions 2008 May 21
Death of 2-year-old called a homicide in Union County 2008 May 21
Jersey bone fragments 'could suggest homicide' 2008 May 21
Q&A: Jersey abuse inquiry 2008 May 21
Jersey bone fragments 'could suggest homicide' 2008 May 21
Union County Couple Face Charges In Girl's Death 2008 May 21
Judge declines to delay Paddock trial 2008 May 21
Mid-South couple facing charges of child neglect, homicide, animal cruelty 2008 May 21
Patch known as strongest of painkillers 2008 May 20
Father says sons were mistreated in foster care 2008 May 20
Judge hears of harsh discipline 2008 May 20
NY woman pleads guilty in adoption scam 2008 May 20
Parents Face Charges in Child's Death 2008 May 20
Girl dies, puppy mill discovered 2008 May 20
Pain-relieving patch kills Harlem girl, 6; foster mother charged 2008 May 19
Sibling Abuse 2008 May 19
Trial in child's death to begin 2008 May 19
NYPD Sgt. Charged In 5-Year Sexual Abuse Of Child 2008 May 19
Jersey probe criticism dismissed 2008 May 19
Jersey 'bone' find now questioned 2008 May 18
'No excuses' for abuse teen case 2008 May 18
Bone found in Jersey abuse probe 'almost certainly wood' 2008 May 18
Response from the States of Jersey Police regarding Mail On Sunday article 2008 May 18
Canine search assets at Haut de la Garenne 2008 May 18
DCF Seeks To Sever Ties To Allains' Suit 2008 May 17
Officer Is Accused of Molesting Boy 2008 May 17
'Gay' cop accused of molesting child 2008 May 16
Uncle, aunt should pay big for sex abuse 2008 May 16
Jersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story 2008 May 15
Sixth tooth found in cellar area at Haut de la Garenne 2008 May 15
Attorney Denies Nanny's Abuse Claims 2008 May 15
Springs Dad Pleads Guilty To Negligent Child Abuse 2008 May 13
Ex-Milford priest convicted again of sex assault 2008 May 13
Court appearance and Haut de La Garenne update 2008 May 12
Clarification regarding bone fragments found in cellar 2008 May 12
Judge allows abuse testimony 2008 May 12
Father who allegedly locked kids in basement pleads guilty 2008 May 12
Teeth found in cellar undergo more tests in the UK 2008 May 12
Lawyer Discusses Abuse Case 2008 May 11
A public adoption is easier than you think 2008 May 11
KSP arrests grandmother of infant who died in her husband's care 2008 May 10
In smuggling case, 'victims' defend the accused 2008 May 10
Adoptive dad jailed for child abuse 2008 May 10
Orlando doctor defends husband against child-abuse allegation 2008 May 10
Child-abuse allegations against dad shatter life of luxury 2008 May 9
'Mother of all Korean orphans' admits not every adoption perfect 2008 May 8
Dr.'s Letter May Point To Dad's Child Abuse 2008 May 8
Adoptive Father Again Accused Of Abuse 2008 May 8
Holier than thou: Spiritual leaders seeking sexual prey 2008 May 8
Man Charged With Beating Adopted Children 2008 May 7
Children 'safer with biological parent' 2008 May 7
Nanny Allegedly Catches Father On Tape Abusing Children 2008 May 7
Faithful question church funeral for killer 2008 May 5
Slain DA Investigator Remembered as Upstanding, Hardworking 2008 May 4
Seeking angels for foster children 2008 May 3
Charged Jersey man, 68, in court 2008 Apr 30
Jersey police investigating child abuse charge man, 68 2008 Apr 30
Second man appears in court in Jersey child abuse case 2008 Apr 30
Man charged in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008 Apr 29
Arrest of man in connection with the ongoing Historical Abuse Enquiry 2008 Apr 29
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 28
Work continues in third and fourth cellars at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 28
Middle school janitor faces 58 charges of child molestation, allegedly of daughters 2008 Apr 28
Family farewells 'Lil Dylan' 2008 Apr 27
Bill to pay DCF settlement to couple who adopted sexually abused boys fails 2008 Apr 25
Ferguson found guilty on 25 counts 2008 Apr 24
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 24
Suspect denies killing toddler 2008 Apr 23
Child molestation victim sues abuser, wins 2008 Apr 23
Merryman kids’ fate uncertain after their parents’ conviction 2008 Apr 22
Two Teeth found at Haut de La Garenne in cellars 2008 Apr 22
Name suppression lifted for drug accused 2008 Apr 22
Modern Psychology and Priest Sex Abuse 2008 Apr 21
Dad doesn't know infant son is dead 2008 Apr 20
Starvation Case Has Senator Asking Questions 2008 Apr 20
Toddler's death a mystery to neighbour 2008 Apr 19
MI v Poole - Victim: Allison Newman 2008 Apr 19
Haut de la Garenne media update 2008 Apr 19
Death of Dylan Hohepa Tonga Rimoni 2008 Apr 18
'Bloodstained Items' At Jersey Home 2008 Apr 18
Blood stained items found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 18
Prison for child's death 2008 Apr 18
Harford couple sentenced to 22 years after guilty plea in son’s starvation death 2008 Apr 18
An urgency to fix the child welfare system 2008 Apr 18
Jersey children's home police find 'bloodstained items' 2008 Apr 18
Bloody items found in Jersey home 2008 Apr 18
'Bloodstained items' found at Jersey children's home 2008 Apr 18
Authorities investigate sexual assaults on local teens 2008 Apr 17
Witnesses defend parents guilty of abusing son 2008 Apr 16
David Michael GIDDENS, Appellant, v. The STATE of Texas 2008 Apr 16
Pits found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 16
Berkley man sentenced to 6-30 years in incest case 2008 Apr 13
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 10
Baby's injuries signs of abuse - expert 2008 Apr 10
Foster Parents Sued For Abuse 2008 Apr 10
Prevention Pays: The Costs of Not Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 2008 Apr 10
Justice Department dismisses Sueppel case 2008 Apr 10
Sueppel's turmoil grew before slayings 2008 Apr 10
Pas de prison ferme pour un couple de Bécancour/ No prison for a couple of Bécancour 2008 Apr 10
Violence envers des enfants: Un père évite la prison 2008 Apr 9
Testimony Continues in Foster Family Molestation Case 2008 Apr 8
Gravelles reach agreement to civil protection order terms 2008 Apr 8
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 7
Foster Mother Sentenced To 25 Years In Baby Death 2008 Apr 7
1 in 50 infants suffers abuse, government finds 2008 Apr 7
52 girls taken from polygamist leader 2008 Apr 5
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 4
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 4
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 3
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 3
Media notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 2
Guilty until proven innocent...who defends the Emelyantsev parents 2008 Apr 2
A Korean view of the Sueppel murders 2008 Apr 2
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Apr 2
Forever family forever dead update nina 2008 Apr
Football anyone 2008 Apr 1
Deaths of Sueppel children add to adoption debate in Korea 2008 Apr 1
Jersey abuse warnings 'ignored' 2008 Mar 31
Children were adopted from Russia 2008 Mar 31
Two Russian females allege abuse 2008 Mar 31
Three little words II 2008 Mar 30
1,000 attend funeral 2008 Mar 30
Investigators release info in Iowa City slayings 2008 Mar 30
Case reveals course of troubled child 2008 Mar 30
Friends talk about who the Sueppels were 2008 Mar 29
Media update from Haut de la Garenne - Courtyard excavation begins 2008 Mar 28
Police: 'I'm not certain that a firearm was ever involved' 2008 Mar 28
Public inquiry into Haut de la Garenne abuse claims 2008 Mar 28
Pair indicted in murder for hire 2008 Mar 28
Man, in-law indicted in witness plot 2008 Mar 28
States Of Jersey Police PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, 28 May 2008 2008 Mar 28
Funeral Home tribute 2008 Mar 27
S. Korean Adoption Agency Saw No Problem With American Parents 2008 Mar 27
U.S. baby death threatens Russian adoption 2008 Mar 27
Blows killed mother, children 2008 Mar 27
American Father Kills Wife and 4 Adopted Children from Korea 2008 Mar 27
Police: No proof Sueppel bought cocaine 2008 Mar 27
Obituary 2008 Mar 27
A man desperate to die 2008 Mar 26
Father gives up parental rights in incest case 2008 Mar 26
Court docket sees flury of felony cases 2008 Mar 25
Warrant: Theft paid for drugs 2008 Mar 24
Legal woes didn't portend Sueppel family deaths 2008 Mar 24
Single-vehicle crash on I-80 leaves one dead 2008 Mar 24
FTIA-ROTIA-AAA and the Axis of Evil 2008 Mar 24
Eyewitness: Van driver 'had a mission in mind' 2008 Mar 24
Police confirm Sueppel's vehicle crashed on I-80 2008 Mar 24
Sueppel children were ages 3, 5, 7, and 10 2008 Mar 24
US couple charged with first-degree murder of helpless and sick Russian baby 2008 Mar 23
One Child's Unending Abuse - From Disney World Girl to Drifter 2008 Mar 19
Murder Charge for Adoptive U.S. Mom 2008 Mar 17
Media update from Haut de la Garenne - AM 2008 Mar 17
Independent Advisory Group for Histoical Abuse Enquiry Team 2008 Mar 17
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008 Mar 17
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008 Mar 15
Tooele child abuse case gives international adoption a bad name 2008 Mar 14
Body Hunt Cop Heads To UK For Help 2008 Mar 14
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008 Mar 14
House of horrors 2008 Mar 14
State Witness Calls Caged Teen Case Worst Child Abuse She's Seen 2008 Mar 14
Murder, abuse charges filed after one child dies, another found starving 2008 Mar 14
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 13
Jersey chief to get expert help 2008 Mar 12
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008 Mar 12
Abuse in Jersey: openness required 2008 Mar 11
PSNI help in Jersey investigation 2008 Mar 11
Second Jersey 'torture pit' found 2008 Mar 11
Police prepare for Jersey search 2008 Mar 11
Reactions to the Verdict in the Larry Overton Trial 2008 Mar 11
Response to queries about 'missing child' at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 11
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 11
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 10
Work to begin today on second cellar at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 10
Ex police 'thwarted' Jersey probe 2008 Mar 10
Jersey police uncover second room 2008 Mar 10
Dog 'Reacts' In Second Cellar 2008 Mar 10
Calls to quit over Jersey 'abuse' 2008 Mar 10
Rally in Jersey over abuse claims 2008 Mar 9
More bones found in Jersey probe 2008 Mar 9
After decades of silence, islanders of Jersey rise up in protest at their political masters 2008 Mar 8
Traces of blood found in bathtub during Jersey care home search 2008 Mar 8
Dog smells blood at Jersey home 2008 Mar 7
Adoptive mother charged with murder in death of Russian child 2008 Mar 7
No Fast Release for Mother Who Played Role in Her Son’s Death 2008 Mar 7
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 7
Letter of appreciation from victim to the Historical Abuse Team 2008 Mar 7
Blood traces found in care home underground room 2008 Mar 7
Dog indicates spots on bath in Haut de la Garenne cellar 2008 Mar 7
Updated figures for numbers of suspects, victims and calls at Haut de la Garenne only 2008 Mar 7
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 7
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne and response to Daily Mail article 2008 Mar 6
Abused foster son publishes book 2008 Mar 6
Talk: Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown transcript 2008 Mar 6
Children 'also abused on Guernsey' 2008 Mar 5
Man claims child abuse on Guernsey 2008 Mar 5
Berkley man charged for impregnating adopted daughter 2008 Mar 5
Teacher exposed pedophilia at orphanage in Ethiopia, could face jail for defamation 2008 Mar 5
Important personnel changes at States of Jersey Police 2008 Mar 5
Jersey 'child graves' may be TV props 2008 Mar 5
Plaintive graffiti in Jersey children's 2008 Mar 5
Bergerac 'link to Jersey search' 2008 Mar 5
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 5
Police look into claims of secret suicides at Jersey home 2008 Mar 4
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 4
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 4
Police to review Bergerac episode in Jersey investigation 2008 Mar 4
Army to search Jersey care home 2008 Mar 4
'Bone' found at Jersey home 2008 Mar 4
Politicians linked to Jersey abuse 2008 Mar 4
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 3
Jersey abuse team is told that one attack occurred late last year 2008 Mar 3
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 2
'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist 2008 Mar 2
The saga of Kimberly forder; ‘I Wish I Would Have Called 911’ 2008 Mar 2
Bryn Estyn victims relive nightmare as Haut de la Garenne gives up secrets 2008 Mar 2
Jersey forced to face its demons 2008 Mar 1
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Mar 1
Mom to be released after conviction for son's death 2008 Mar 1
Waifs and strays 2008 Feb 29
Children's home from hell: more grim secrets 2008 Feb 29
New abuse claims at Jersey home 2008 Feb 29
Jersey police discover trapdoor at Haut de la Garenne home 2008 Feb 29
Police pledge to hunt down island's sadist child abusers 2008 Feb 29
Police discover shackles in Jersey abuse case home 2008 Feb 29
Mother Sentenced in Foster Son's Death Prepares for Release 2008 Feb 29
Man claims abuse at Jersey home 2008 Feb 29
Suspects Are Establishment Figures 2008 Feb 29
'I don't have emotions anymore' 2008 Feb 29
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Feb 29
Jersey cellar searches continue 2008 Feb 29
Couple to help in Jersey inquiry 2008 Feb 29
Victims tell horror stories about old children's home 2008 Feb 28
Third cellar revelation as Walker denies independent judiciary is needed 2008 Feb 28
Police make 'significant' finds at Jersey care home 2008 Feb 28
Canton foster mom sent to prison 2008 Feb 28
Sniffer dog may have found more human remains at Jersey home 2008 Feb 28
Bricked-up cellar found at Jersey care home 2008 Feb 28
Home 'forever linked to darkness' 2008 Feb 28
Locals come to terms with Jersey allegations 2008 Feb 28
Third room probed at Jersey home 2008 Feb 28
A statement from Senator Frank Walker. 2008 Feb 28
Statement from the Council of Ministers 28 February 2008 2008 Feb 28
Jersey police set to enter cellar 2008 Feb 28
Inmates tell of nightly abuse by staff at horror home 2008 Feb 28
Latest Jersey finds 'significant' 2008 Feb 28
Abundis convicted of killing 2-year-old 2008 Feb 28
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008 Feb 28
Couple plead guilty to abuse in son’s death 2008 Feb 28
Child Remains Found at Haut de la Garenne, Horror Comes to Light 2008 Feb 28
Victims speak out about abuse at British children's home where child's skull dug up 2008 Feb 28
Children's home in abuse claims 2008 Feb 28
Sniffer-dog's reaction raises fears of more grim finds 2008 Feb 28
Police reach cellar in search for Jersey care home remains 2008 Feb 27
Secrets and lies: the dark side of Jersey 2008 Feb 27
Jersey home victims tell of abuse 2008 Feb 27
More Jersey abuse witnesses come forward 2008 Feb 27
'Abuse was anything from rape to torture. It happened every night' 2008 Feb 27
MPs call for Jersey abuse inquiry 2008 Feb 27
Cellar Searched At Jersey Care Home 2008 Feb 27
Police to resume Jersey home dig 2008 Feb 27
New focus in Jersey abuse inquiry 2008 Feb 27
Police review abuse investigation 2008 Feb 27
Body Hunt Sniffer Dog Reacts In Cellar 2008 Feb 27
Haut de la Garenne: Your experiences 2008 Feb 27
'It Was Like Colditz, A Coven Of Caves' 2008 Feb 27
Sex Case 'Cover Up' Claim Over Jersey Care Home 2008 Feb 27
Chief Minister supports Jersey's judiciary 2008 Feb 27
Notes from media briefing at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Feb 27
Police excavate bricked-up 'Colditz' cellar at ex-children's home in Jersey amid fears it hides a mass grave 2008 Feb 26
Child abuse claims in Jersey 2008 Feb 26
Update statement on Haut de la Garenne 2008 Feb 26
Care home scandal reminds islanders of notorious Beast of Jersey 2008 Feb 26
Harford couple plead guilty 2008 Feb 26
The Police Investigation into Historic Child Abuse 2008 Feb 26
Jersey 'abuse cover-up' is denied 2008 Feb 26
Proud parish searches for answers 2008 Feb 26
Secret report 'shows more Jersey child abuse' 2008 Feb 26
Jersey care homes 'covered up abuses' 2008 Feb 26
Bricked-up cellar may yield truth of child abuse scandal 2008 Feb 26
Remains: Care Agencies Probed 2008 Feb 26
Prayers of repentance at Haut de la Garenne service 2008 Feb 26
Jersey police to search six more sites 2008 Feb 25
Police investigate Jersey 'failures' over abuse claims 2008 Feb 25
Children's home was 'like prison' 2008 Feb 25
Jersey inquiry focuses on cellar 2008 Feb 25
Haut de la Garenne: Why abuse on this level could happen again 2008 Feb 25
Jersey child abuse inquiry focuses on bricked up cellar 2008 Feb 25
Island's 'culture of secrecy' 2008 Feb 25
Six more bodies feared buried in Jersey home 2008 Feb 25
More remains feared at Jersey care home 2008 Feb 24
Children's home search stepped up 2008 Feb 24
Child's remains found at former care home 2008 Feb 24
Secrets behind children's home 2008 Feb 24
Child’s remains found at former care home 2008 Feb 24
Unknown ingredient 2008 Feb 23
Child's body found at care home 2008 Feb 23
Child's remains found at former care home 2008 Feb 23
Seven of 11 'caged kids' steps away from getting new families 2008 Feb 23
Partial remains of what is thought to be a child's body found at Haut de la Garenne 2008 Feb 23
Mother who adopted 21 jailed for fraud 2008 Feb 22
Seabeck Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Foster Son's Death 2008 Feb 21
Ex-bank official pleads not guilty 2008 Feb 21
County payout OK'd for abused foster children 2008 Feb 19
Jada D.. et aL. v. County of Los Angeles 2008 Feb 19
Adoptive dad fathered her child, woman testifies 2008 Feb 17
Mushrooming orphanages 2008 Feb 15
Focus on Adoption - a Rogues Gallery 2008 Feb 14
Nothing but the truth: a comment to the article "Former NFL Player, Rich Tylski Charged With Child Abuse" 2008 Feb 13
Ex-banker accused of taking $559,040 2008 Feb 13
Cambria County Casualty 2008 Feb 12
Facing up to Canada's dark history 2008 Feb 11
Grand Lake foster mom officially charged in death of 3-year-old 2008 Feb 11
Man Arrested For Sexually Abusing Adopted Sister 2008 Feb 11
Man Accused Of Sex With Minor 2008 Feb 9
No prosecutions after Romanian child's death 2008 Feb 9
Father Accused Of Repeatedly Raping Adopted Teen Son 2008 Feb 8
No prosecution over twin's death 2008 Feb 8
LAW & DISORDER: Mother faces 20 years for keeping adopted son in cage 2008 Feb 8
State Foster Care Worker Accused Of Sexually Abusing Adopted Son 2008 Feb 8
'Truth forum' for abuse victims 2008 Feb 7
Foster mom sentenced to 12 years in Ore. girl's death 2008 Feb 5
Patrick [Guardian Ad Litem] v. Wake County Dep't of Human Services 2008 Feb 5
Settlement likely in Kearns sex abuse case 2008 Feb 5
An Obscene Betrayal 2008 Feb 5
Ex-foster mom draws 12 years in girl's death 2008 Feb 5
Jersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story 2008 Feb 2
Foster mom held in death 2008 Jan 30
First charge in historical abuse inquiry 2008 Jan 30
Neenah Woman Sentenced in Son's Scalding 2008 Jan 30
Man charged with indecent assault 2008 Jan 30
Woman gets prison time for not getting help after husband scalds child 2008 Jan 30
Canton woman convicted in death of 2-year-old daughter 2008 Jan 29
First arrest in historical abuse inquiry 2008 Jan 29
Violence envers ses enfants: Une cause qui pourrait faire jurisprudence 2008 Jan 28
Man who killed adopted child ruled insane 2008 Jan 26
Week in review 2008 Jan 26
Un couple de Bécancour couplabe d'avoir maltraité ses fils 2008 Jan 25
Announcements 2008 Jan 25
Letter Barahonas to Charlie Crist - 3 2008 Jan 23
Judge sentences Eagar couple to probation for child abuse 2008 Jan 22
Neighbor Describes Encounter with Teen Found Dead 2008 Jan 18
Prosecutor: parents are suspects in Adam Herrman case 2008 Jan 17
South Dakota Lawmaker Gets 44 Years for Raping Foster Daughters in Egg Donor Scam 2008 Jan 17
More molestation charges for foster dad 2008 Jan 16
Kearns man arrested in child-abuse probe 2008 Jan 15
Man in jail for allegedly abusing 3 of his adopted children 2008 Jan 14
Ex-foster daughters of abuser sue state 2008 Jan 11
Adopted Leekin child remains missing 2008 Jan 11
3 sue state over access to records 2008 Jan 11
Berkley man accused of incest 2008 Jan 10
Haysville Couple Accused of Child Abuse 2008 Jan 10
Police: Woman accused in adoption scam may have killed child 2008 Jan 10
His mother wants the adoption dissolved, saying the state forced the relationship. 2008 Jan 9
Porter couple faces charges of rape, child abuse 2008 Jan 8
Ex-Jag, Wife In Court For Child Abuse Case 2008 Jan 8
Mother Accused Of Killing Foster Child Goes To Trial 2008 Jan 7
Mounties to prepare residential school probe 2008 Jan 1
The hidden risks behind adoption 2008 Jan 1
Bureaucracy can't spoil holidays for mayor's family 2007 Dec 30
Woman gets 9 years in prison for treatment of adopted son 2007 Dec 29
US v. Joseph Djoumessi 2007 Dec 20
Nearly 100 people call Jersey based historic abuse inquiry team 2007 Dec 20
Child Abuse in Foster Care 2007 Dec 19
Pair worked hard to get Korean child, husband explains 2007 Dec 19
Trial begins for couple accused of starving child to death 2007 Dec 18
Woman pleads not guilty to killing foster child, 4 2007 Dec 18
Rebecca Kyrie, 28 kills her adopted baby in a fit of rage 2007 Dec 18
Biological Mom Comes Face-To-Face With Adoptive Couple Accused of Killing Her Child 2007 Dec 18
Letter from James Marsh to Masha Allen 2007 Dec 17
When Adoption Goes Wrong 2007 Dec 17
Chapter 14: Two funerals 2007 Dec 16
US Woman Arrested for Killing Infant 2007 Dec 16
US Woman Arrested for Killing Infant 2007 Dec 16
Chapter 13: The star witness 2007 Dec 15
Sheridan woman accused of killing adopted baby 2007 Dec 15
Bail set for accused killer of foster child 2007 Dec 14
Pretrial conferences slated for today 2007 Dec 14
Chapter 12: She said ... he said 2007 Dec 14
Sheridan woman accused of murdering baby 2007 Dec 14
Embassy Cable: Forder Children Repatriation Case: Father To Remain In Liberia 2007 Dec 13
Man, wife waive arraignment in child cruelty case 2007 Dec 12
Foster mother arrested in killing of girl, 4 2007 Dec 12
Chapter 11: Bad news for Tim 2007 Dec 12
Jasper Mountain hit with suit over injuries 2007 Dec 12
Report finds three decades of abuse at Christian Brothers facility 2007 Dec 11
Homicide Suspect's Former Foster Children Returned to Kitsap 2007 Dec 11
"I don't understand why someone is not in jail" 2007 Dec 11
Chapter 10: The office search 2007 Dec 11
US Woman Arrested for Killing Infant 2007 Dec 11
Chapter 9: Blood on a shirt 2007 Dec 10
DeLeon children file multi-million dollar lawsuit 2007 Dec 10
Chapter 8: A sticking window 2007 Dec 9
Chapter 7: Suspects and lies 2007 Dec 8
Couple charged in discipline case 2007 Dec 8
Parents bind daughter with zip-ties. 2007 Dec 7
Edwardsville couple accused of handcuffing teen daughter 2007 Dec 7
Lawsuit says state failed foster children 2007 Dec 7
Chapter 6: Ricky's gone! 2007 Dec 7
Metro East couple accused of handcuffing teenage daughter 2007 Dec 7
Eight years in foster care death 2007 Dec 6
Chapter 5: A boy on a leash 2007 Dec 6
More callers for historic abuse investigation team 2007 Dec 6
More calls as inquiry receives national TV coverage 2007 Dec 5
Chapter 4: Two secrets 2007 Dec 5
Child Exploitation Cracks in the Floor 2007 Dec 5
Chapter 3: Games or abuse? 2007 Dec 4
Investigating Jersey's 'abuse' history 2007 Dec 4
Jersey 'abuse' victims questioned 2007 Dec 4
Chapter 2: Hints of trouble 2007 Dec 3
Over 70 alleged victims and 21 alleged suspects now identified by historical abuse investigation team 2007 Dec 3
Chapter 1: Ricky enters foster care 2007 Dec 2
Introduction: Ricky Holland's story 2007 Dec 2
Update on historic abuse investigation 2007 Nov 30
Update on historic abuse investigation - team to expand 2007 Nov 28
Update on calls to NSPCC 2007 Nov 27
Update on callers following launch of historic abuse investigation 2007 Nov 27
SoJP investigate allegations of historic child abuse in Jersey 2007 Nov 22
Reaction to Overton Decision 2007 Nov 20
Kahina, l’enfant martyr, torturée par ses parents adoptifs 2007 Nov 18
Jury convicts foster mother 2007 Nov 17
Slain girl's estate asks for new trial over damage award in death 2007 Nov 16
Violence: Une fillette torturée par sa famille adoptive 2007 Nov 16
Les parents accusés de tortures sont mis en examen 2007 Nov 16
2 views emerge of suspect in killing 2007 Nov 15
Les parents d'une enfant de 4 ans torturée écroués 2007 Nov 15
Son Scalded 2007 Nov 13
Bond Set At $500,000 For Man Accused of Killing Boy 2007 Nov 12
Klaudt Pleads Guilty To Witness Tampering 2007 Nov 9
DSWD: Don't allow foreigners to sleep in orphanages 2007 Nov 9
The mystery of 'miracle babies' 2007 Nov 8
Home / News / Local Foster mother's choices blamed in boy's death 2007 Nov 7
Klaudt Found Guilty 2007 Nov 7
Lawyer files plea in shaken baby case 2007 Nov 6
Trial begins of Dorchester foster mom accused of killing boy, 4 2007 Nov 6
A 17-month-old's family and the public need to know how and why she died 2007 Nov 4
Richmond woman seeks 'another miracle' 2007 Nov 3
Trial still on in foster child death 2007 Nov 2
Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse Fatalities Among Internationally Adopted Children 2007 Nov 1
At trial, there's no mention of death 2007 Oct 31
Family files claim against CPS for toddler's death 2007 Oct 26
Anguish, outrage follow the death of a foster child 2007 Oct 26
Foster mother arrested for murder 2007 Oct 25
Plum man sentenced on porn charges 2007 Oct 24
DCF settles suit for $10 million 2007 Oct 23
Pa. Man Pleads Guilty To Photographing Adopted Girl 2007 Oct 23
Man-pleads-guilty-to-child-sex-crimes 2007 Oct 23
Matthew Mancuso - Kiddie Porn Production And Pedophilia 2007 Oct 22
Woman, kin held for murder of child 2007 Oct 21
Initial handwritten custody agreement 2007 Oct 19
Money awarded to Dixon estate cut 2007 Oct 12
Judge cuts money awarded to estate of slain foster child 2007 Oct 12
Judge finds that Sikh priest, 76, assaulted niece numerous times 2007 Oct 10
Another Court Hearing In The Ted Klaudt Case 2007 Oct 10
Plea deal earns probation for Scott Co. man accused of child abuse 2007 Oct 9
Man pleads guilty to lesser child abuse charge 2007 Oct 9
Letter from James Marsh to Timothy J. Sloan, Esq. - II 2007 Oct 9
New York judge still ponders release of records in Leekin case 2007 Oct 6
Mother gets life term in 2006 beating death of son 2007 Oct 6
Prosecutor Questions Why Man Allowed To Seek Adoption 2007 Oct 4
Leekin asks court for public defender in PSL abuse case 2007 Oct 4
Letter from James Marsh to Timothy J. Sloan, Esq. - I 2007 Oct 4
Would-be adoptive father is charged in death of baby 2007 Oct 4
Man Charged In Baby's Death Considered Adoption 2007 Oct 4
Charges Filed In Baby's Death 2007 Oct 3
Leekin's son dropped from criminal investigation in child abuse case 2007 Oct 1
Boys Town bishop accused of molestation 2007 Sep 30
2 bodies found in freezer 2007 Sep 30
Autopsy Shows Child Had Traumatic Head Injury 2007 Sep 30
Abused kids to get $14 million in settlement 2007 Sep 29
Child Who Died Had Cocaine In System At Birth, Records Show 2007 Sep 28
Self-induced death-sentence 2007 Sep 27
Bauer family enjoys many farm memories, looks to future 2007 Sep 25
Larry Overton's trial postponed 2007 Sep 24
Murder by Cajun seasoning? 2007 Sep 23
Fun 2007 Sep 22
Accused mother faces hearing 2007 Sep 20
Caregivers charged with holding 5 children, 2 adults in basement 2007 Sep 20
Woman charged with child endangerment waives right to preliminary hearing 2007 Sep 19
Pa. Caregivers of 7 Held in Home Charged 2007 Sep 19
ACS’S 'KID' GLOVES 2007 Sep 16
A dark side of John Bryan lay submerged 2007 Sep 16
Couple sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of adopted daughter 2007 Sep 15
Violées par leur père adoptif 2007 Sep 14
Abuse victim to file suit against couple, agencies 2007 Sep 14
Letter of the week William Emslie, former Jersey social worker 2007 Sep 13
Judge reverses his decision to allow Bader's lawyers access to records of witness 2007 Sep 13
Woman charged with child endangerment free on bond 2007 Sep 12
Council admits failure over abuse 2007 Sep 12
Extreme prejudice 2007 Sep 12
Muscatine woman faces endangerment charges against child that was about to be adopted 2007 Sep 11
Adoption agencies strive to prevent abusers from adopting 2007 Sep 11
New facts on child's death found 2007 Sep 10
Abuse by Bryan long rumored 2007 Sep 9
In the final hours, John Bryan appeared in control 2007 Sep 9
Abuse by Bryan long rumored 2007 Sep 8
Hannah Overton convicted of killing foster son 2007 Sep 8
Abuse of sanity: The truth about how a council allowed a paedophile gay couple to adopt 2007 Sep 8
Adoptive vs. Biological Parent Smackdown 2007 Sep 8
New official to review county office 2007 Sep 8
Dallas mother faces murder charge in toddler's death 2007 Sep 8
Dallas Mother Arrested For Death Of Adopted 2007 Sep 7
Dallas mom charged with capital murder in baby's death 2007 Sep 7
Charge added in Pittsfield child-abuse case 2007 Sep 7
Foster dad gets molestation trial next month 2007 Sep 7
Mom denies shaking adopted son to death 2007 Sep 7
Judge grants query to look into witness' health records 2007 Sep 6
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
Bail set in alleged murder plot 2007 Sep 5
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
Council 'failures' led to abuse 2007 Sep 5
MMD Advocate about Us 2007 Sep 1
2 charged in murder-for-hire plot 2007 Sep 1
Sunday school teachers describe 4-year-old Andrew Burd 2007 Sep 1
A sad ending: Chrystal Ramirez' life a mystery to relatives 2007 Aug 31
A Critical Look At The Child Welfare System 2007 Aug 31
Parents of rape victim file plea 2007 Aug 31
Gonzales Inquirer Editorial 2007 Aug 31
Gravelles ask for more time, again 2007 Aug 30
The Emelyantsev Family--Tooele, UT 2007 Aug 30
Vasquez Released From Jail 2007 Aug 29
Jurors view pictures of dead boy's injuries 2007 Aug 28
Parents arrested following death of adopted girl: 8-year-old Belmont girl's siblings in protective custody. 2007 Aug 28
Little Girl Found Dead from Severe Physical Abuse 2007 Aug 28
Parents' Visits With Girl Must Be Supervised 2007 Aug 27
Foster parents jailed after death 2007 Aug 27
The meth connection -- Drug, sensational crimes have long association in region 2007 Aug 26
Foster mom admits lie in murder case 2007 Aug 25
Canton foster mom admits she lied to police about daughter's death 2007 Aug 24
San Mateo Molestation Suspect To Stand Trial 2007 Aug 23
Trial begins for murder of 4-year-old 2007 Aug 22
Letter Barahonas to Charlie Crist - 2 2007 Aug 22
Son in abuse case may be charged 2007 Aug 22
Opening statements in Overton trial 2007 Aug 21
Police: Adopted children tormented; scam widespread 2007 Aug 19
Woman charges with abusing adopted children 2007 Aug 18
11 children endure scars of adoption scam 2007 Aug 18
Adoption Scam Stretched From NYC to Fla. 2007 Aug 18
Foster Dad Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison For Killing Boy 2007 Aug 17
Adopted Mother Charged With Abusing Children 2007 Aug 17
Adoption records to help case, kids in Judith Leekin trial in PSL 2007 Aug 17
Woman sentenced to 15 years in murder of adopted son 2007 Aug 16
Wyman Sentenced to 15 Years for Beating Death of Son 2007 Aug 15
Foster father gets 4-year sentence in abuse of girl 2007 Aug 14
Ex-foster dad sentenced for sexual abuse 2007 Aug 13
Foster dad gets 4 years for sexual exploitation 2007 Aug 13
McDonough man posts bond in child abuse case 2007 Aug 11
One kid in PSL abuse case may be dead 2007 Aug 11
A History of Child Abuse 2007 Aug 11
(Update 3) 11th Adoptee May Be Dead 2007 Aug 11
Police: Couple Abused Adopted Kids 2007 Aug 10
McDonough Couple Charged With Abusing Adopted Children 2007 Aug 9
Burton convicted of killing infant 2007 Aug 8
New York Stymied Fla. Adoption Inquiry 2007 Aug 7
New Evidence In Klaudt Case 2007 Aug 7
Delaware child rape suspect extradited from California 2007 Aug 3
Judge rules Dixon estate won't collect interest 2007 Aug 3
Rape Suspect Extradited to Delaware 2007 Aug 3
Judge rules Dixon estate won't collect interest 2007 Aug 3
Abuse conviction concerns raised 2007 Aug 2
One Woman, 11 Adoptions and a Time of Urgency 2007 Aug 2
CPS home removals decrease; critics question accountability 2007 Aug 2
Adopt ma began her cruel $3M 'con job in 1970's 2007 Aug 1
Criminal Case After Adoptions Spurs Review 2007 Aug 1
Cops Find 9 Adopted Kids Handcuffed, Starved 2007 Aug 1
(Update 2) The Number of Known Adoptees Has Risen to 11 In Abuse Case 2007 Aug 1
Police: Handcuffs scarred adoptees' wrists 2007 Jul 31
Update: Greed, Motivation For Abuse 2007 Jul 31
Children’s Services Assists With Investigation of a Florida Woman Charged With Adoption Fraud and Child Abuse 2007 Jul 30
Ex-Sparks Woman Won't Get New Trial In 1974 Death 2007 Jul 28
Mother won't receive new trial for son's death 2007 Jul 28
The Psychology and Neurobiology of Violence 2007 Jul 27
Molestation hearing delayed for foster dad 2007 Jul 27
How many can relate to this? 2007 Jul 27
Judge denies Love's request to withdraw guilty plea 2007 Jul 26
Foster Parent Pleads Guilty In Child Porn Case 2007 Jul 26
Foster Parent Pleads Guilty In Child Porn Case 2007 Jul 26
Preacher wants to withdraw sodomy plea 2007 Jul 25
Records point to extent of abuse by PSL woman 2007 Jul 25
Judith Leekin's arrest warrent 2007 Jul 24
Former foster mom gets 6 years in prison for starving adopted son to death 2007 Jul 23
Do You Know This Woman? Arrested for the Abuse of 9 People In Her Care 2007 Jul 22
DeLeon sentenced to 6 years 2007 Jul 22
Man who faked death gets life 2007 Jul 21
Bastrop man receives life in sex abuse of daughter 2007 Jul 20
Klaudt Pleads Not Guilty 2007 Jul 20
Hadwin trial delayed 2007 Jul 19
In Isaac case, judge upholds revocation of foster mom's rights 2007 Jul 18
Loretta Nall On Hannity & Colmes 2007 Jul 18
74-Year-Old Priest Sentenced To 210 Years For Sex Assault 2007 Jul 16
Plea deal for mother in death by dehydration of boy, 7 2007 Jul 15
Catholic Charity? 2007 Jul 15
Deleon timeline 2007 Jul 14
Study: Troubled homes better than foster care 2007 Jul 13
Trial of Canton Township foster mom to go forward 2007 Jul 13
Trial set to begin for day care director 2007 Jul 12
Woman sentenced for torturing twins 2007 Jul 12
Man Guilty of Molestation Gets 68 Years To Life in Prison 2007 Jul 12
Couple once charged with neglect looks to rebuild their lives 2007 Jul 12
Saunsoci family requests documents in toddler's death 2007 Jul 12
Former legislator pleads not guilty 2007 Jul 12
Secret names . . . Confidentiality protects adults, not kids 2007 Jul 11
Foster parent gets 40 years for molestations; Lujan was foster parent, assaulted three young girls 2007 Jul 10
Foster mom pleads not guilty in child's death 2007 Jul 10
Priest's 'Disneyland' emerges at sexual assault trial 2007 Jul 10
Prosecutors: Man Created 'Disneyland' In Home To Lure Boys 2007 Jul 10
Former Berkeley Firefighter Sentenced For Child Molestation 2007 Jul 10
Firefighter sentenced for child molestation 2007 Jul 10
63 years to life for child sex abuse 2007 Jul 10
Statement Regarding Masha Allen and Peter Sotos: Show Adult 2007 Jul 10
Preacher pleads guilty to sodomizing boys; serving no time 2007 Jul 9
Adopted Child Abused; Man Extradited to Del. 2007 Jul 8
Family buries toddler 2007 Jul 7
Accused in child rape consents to extradition 2007 Jul 7
Fugitive agrees to be returned to Delaware 2007 Jul 7
Klaudt Arraignment Postponed 2007 Jul 6
Malachi McBride-Roberts - obituary 2007 Jul 6
Man accused of molesting Ukrainian girl is captured in California 2007 Jul 5
Arraignment set in boy's death 2007 Jul 5
Revictimizing Victims 2007 Jul 4
Woman surrenders in toddler's death 2007 Jul 4
Former Sparks Mother Testifies About Adopted Son’s Death 2007 Jul 4
'This child was tortured' 2007 Jul 3
Carole Ann DeLeon 2007 Jul 2
Girl at Isaac's death in therapy 2007 Jul 2
Isaac's foster mom gets 5 to 15 years in his death. 2007 Jul 2
Systematic Child Maltreatment: Connections with Unconventional Parent and Professional Education 2007 Jul 1
Guilty verdict delivered in 1974 murder case 2007 Jun 30
Foster parent charged with shaking child: 2-year-old suffered brain damage, will need long-term nursing care 2007 Jun 30
Hughes County Appearance For Klaudt Delayed 2007 Jun 30
Jury begins deliberating today in 1974 death of toddler 2007 Jun 29
Woman denies abusing adoptive son in murder trial 2007 Jun 28
Boy died of thirst: a pattern of abuse emerges 2007 Jun 28
Witness: Bader's son died of child abuse 2007 Jun 27
Adoption abuse 2007 Jun 26
Foster-care in a state of disrepair 2007 Jun 26
Daughter of suspect in boy's '74 death testifies 2007 Jun 26
Ex-coroner says child abuse inquiries more complete now 2007 Jun 22
Crown Office drops Kerelaw cases 2007 Jun 21
Woman on Trial in Washoe County For 1974 Murder of Adopted Son 2007 Jun 21
Nurse testifies in toddler's death 33 years later 2007 Jun 21
Pattern of abuse alleged 2007 Jun 20
Trial begins in 1974 murder case 2007 Jun 20
Foster father charged with lewd acts on boy 2007 Jun 19
Foster mom guilty in death of 2-year-old Isaac Lethbridge. 2007 Jun 18
Former Sparks Woman Goes on Trial in Adopted Son's 1974 Death 2007 Jun 17
Trusting dad gives kids away; Son promises to return 2007 Jun 17
Dreams of parents in two worlds shattered by scandal 2007 Jun 17
Mother claims innocence in '74 adopted son's death 2007 Jun 17
Former Sparks woman goes on trial in adopted son's 1974 death 2007 Jun 17
Tot dies after stay at nanny house 2007 Jun 17
New lawyer appointed to 'caged kids' 2007 Jun 16
40 staff abused pupils for 25 years 2007 Jun 15
Isaac's foster mom defensive 2007 Jun 15
Klaudt Indicted 2007 Jun 15
Care law 'anomaly' probed 2007 Jun 14
Investigations continues in death of South Sioux infant 2007 Jun 14
Woman sent to prison for abusing children 2007 Jun 13
Witnesses: No idea who injured Isaac Lethbridge 2007 Jun 12
Lavender's Adoption Days 2007 Jun 12
Trial of foster mother charged in Isaac Lethbridge death could wrap up Wednesday 2007 Jun 12
Gotcha days 2007 Jun 11
Girl left with Isaac was violent toward other kids, doctor testifies 2007 Jun 11
Parents of teen charged with child abuse 2007 Jun 9
Police charge parents with child abuse 2007 Jun 9
Klaudt affidavit 2007 Jun 8
Parents need to know about Megan's Law 2007 Jun 7
Fighting the Hand That Bleeds You 2007 Jun 7
Jury sees Isaac's bruises, burns in photos as ER doctor testifies 2007 Jun 6
Woman Found Guilty Of Torturing Twins 2007 Jun 6
The crying stopped, and Isaac was dead 2007 Jun 5
Letter from Georgia Bar dismissing Faith Allen's grievance against lawyer 2007 Jun 4
Letter Barahonas to Charlie Crist - 1 2007 Jun 4
Twins testify of abuse by adopted mother 2007 Jun 2
Former Paramedic Guilty of Child Molestation 2007 May 31
Klaudt Hearing Postponed 2007 May 31
Cameroonian Couple Sentenced on Human Trafficking Charges 2007 May 31
Violée par son père adoptif 2007 May 30
Mother begins serving sentence that even daughter thinks is too short 2007 May 27
Complete arrest affidavit in the death of 7-year-old Loreyna Barea 2007 May 25
7-year-old girl died of abuse, neglect 2007 May 25
Police arrest caregivers in 7-year-old's death in March 2007 May 24
Spence sought to stay at DSS 2007 May 24
Man Accused Of Abusing Foster Kids To Stay In Jail 2007 May 23
Politician charged with raping teens 2007 May 19
Foster dad, 61, found guilty of sexually assaulting 3 girls 2007 May 19
Molestation, porn conviction gets former Berkeley firefighter 63 2007 May 18
Klaudt Affidavit II 2007 May 18
Letter from Scott M. Hollander, executive director KidsVoice, to State Bar of Georgia 2007 May 17
Mom gets life sentence for son's death; Child-abuse slaying forced changes in child protection system. 2007 May 17
Ciambrone convicted of murder, gets life 2007 May 17
Ethical Misbehavior 2007 May 17
Chilling video shown at trial 2007 May 17
Foster father admits sex crimes 2007 May 15
Mental health questioned: Defense claims victim, 7-year-old Lucas Ciambrone, had disorder before adoption 2007 May 15
Redmond foster father takes plea deal in sexual-abuse case 2007 May 14
Redmond foster father pleads guilty to sexual exploitation 2007 May 14
Ex-foster father pleads guilty to sex charges 2007 May 14
Plea may be in works for day care director 2007 May 11
Judge Brings Hammer Down in ‘Caged Kids’ Case 2007 May 11
Trial continues for Canton day care director 2007 May 11
Mattheys sentenced to 4 years for Viktor's death 2007 May 10
The story of Monica's mother 2007 May 8
Foster father stabs child to death in barn 2007 May 7
Lawyers Rest in Child "Cage" Case; Sentencing Next Week 2007 May 5
The story of Monicas aunt 2007 May 5
Kids in Cages Trial Comes to Blistering Finale 2007 May 4
Woman found guilty of depriving children 2007 May 3
‘Caged Kids’ Case Nears End, Vasquez’s Fate in Judge’s Hands 2007 May 3
Woman found guilty of depriving children 2007 May 3
Catholics detail Irish sex abuses 2007 May 2
What is ethics? 2007 May 1
The story of the foster parent of Ruth and Estera Tamas 2007 Apr 30
Monkey Business 2007 Apr 29
Multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by three foster children 2007 Apr 28
The story of Monica's former foster mother 2007 Apr 28
Prosecution Proceeds in “Kids in Cages” Case 2007 Apr 27
Vasquez Trial Testimony Details Squalid Living Conditions 2007 Apr 26
NEWS IN BRIEF 2007 Apr 26
Vasquez to Court: I Meant to Protect My Adopted Kids 2007 Apr 21
Overtons to be tried separately in death of boy, 4 2007 Apr 21
Sadistic foster mother sentenced to 14 years in jail 2007 Apr 20
Foster mother jailed for ‘sadistic torture’ 2007 Apr 20
Foster mum jailed after decades of cruelty 2007 Apr 19
Child's death a homicide 2007 Apr 19
3-year-old killed in foster care 2007 Apr 19
Death of foster child, 3, ruled a homicide 2007 Apr 18
Van Buren Township foster child's death a homicide 2007 Apr 18
Child dies in foster home" 2007 Apr 17
Moodys win bid to move trial 2007 Apr 17
World-class new director for child welfare agency needed in Huron County 2007 Apr 15
Pair admit causing adopted son's 2000 death 2007 Apr 13
Top officials in 'caged kids' case tenders resignation 2007 Apr 11
Couple enter guilty pleas in sexual abuse case 2007 Apr 11
Social worker gets probation 2007 Apr 11
Pair Pleads Guilty to Abuse 2007 Apr 10
No jail for 'caged kids' social worker 2007 Apr 10
PA Judicial Conduct Board Response 2007 Apr 7
CK Mom’s Trial for Murder to Be Delayed 2007 Apr 6
Molester sentenced to 75 years 2007 Apr 5
Foster-care contractor chose its own successor 2007 Apr 5
Man charged with molesting adopted children 2007 Apr 5
Ex-foster mom in Canton found competent for trial in girl's death 2007 Apr 4
Man sentenced to 75 years for molesting adopted sons 2007 Apr 4
Foster care contract canceled 2007 Mar 31
Lethbridges and youngest children won't reunite 2007 Mar 30
Legal steps to continue in wrongful death of foster child 2007 Mar 28
Debate over cause of boy's death 2007 Mar 27
Court dismisses charges against the Fergusons 2007 Mar 26
Agency to pay for foster death 2007 Mar 26
Verdict: $600,000 2007 Mar 24
Slaying costs county $600,000: Foster child's family wins wrongful death suit against Huron County 2007 Mar 24
Murderer takes the stand: Efaw claims he was 'in a daze' during stabbing of foster daughter 2007 Mar 23
Frail girl, 7, lost love of life before death, aunt says 2007 Mar 22
Don't let more kids suffer abuse or death, shake up agency in Huron County 2007 Mar 22
Council ‘sorry’ for tortured children 2007 Mar 22
DeLeon daughter charged with assault: Woman accused of abusing child. 2007 Mar 22
Abuse was 'substantiated': Social worker testifies she knew of Efaw's past before placing Dixon 2007 Mar 21
Jehovah’s Witness tortured foster children 2007 Mar 21
The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family 2007 Mar 21
Sadistic foster mother's 19-year reign of terror 2007 Mar 21
Carer guilty of abusing children 2007 Mar 20
Timeline: Carer abuses children 2007 Mar 20
Two decades of abuse went unseen 2007 Mar 20
Fixing foster care in the state of Texas 2007 Mar 20
Memorial 2007 Mar 19
Police investigate death of girl, 7,found underweight, bruised 2007 Mar 17
Samoan lawyer defends adoptions 2007 Mar 17
Gravelles lose appeal to get their kids back 2007 Mar 15
Samoan leader discusses adoption 2007 Mar 14
Foster kid's estate sues county 2007 Mar 13
Jail time and fines leveled in death of Wisconsin girl 2007 Mar 12
Adopted child recounts story of abuse 2007 Mar 11
Dead toddler's sister removed from home 2007 Mar 8
Worker accused of perjury retires 2007 Mar 8
The Exorcists: The fine line between saving children and torturing them. 2007 Mar 7
Salt death pair 'felt abandoned' 2007 Mar 7
Samoan attorney terms adoption charges 'rubbish' 2007 Mar 7
18-month-old dies of brain injury 2007 Mar 6
Baby Selling Scheme video 2007 Mar 5
Sex-crime cop's pursuit: Who was telling the truth? 2007 Mar 4
Claims about 'orphans' key in shady adoptions 2007 Mar 3
Accused Killer's Adult Son Changes His Story 2007 Mar 2
Utah adoption agency hit by fraud allegations 2007 Mar 2
Ryanne Spohn Obituary information 2007 Mar 2
Parents charged with burning son 2007 Feb 28
Abuse suspect has previous convictions 2007 Feb 28
When will adults at the top in Huron County take responsibility for children? 2007 Feb 23
Giddens receives second life sentence 2007 Feb 23
Lawyer calls abuse claims 'poppycock' 2007 Feb 23
State won't seek death 2007 Feb 23
Civil Case claims officials knew of killer's temper 2007 Feb 22
Woman Pleads Guilty In Caged-Kids Case; Social Worker Never Reported Ohio Couple Was Forcing Their Children To Sleep In Cages 2007 Feb 20
Des enfants maltraités par leurs parents adoptifs 2007 Feb 19
Autopsy shows baby died of head injury 2007 Feb 17
Make sure reforms tied to 'caged kids' case will really work as intended 2007 Feb 17
No death decision made yet 2007 Feb 17
Foster Parent Accused of Sexual Battery 2007 Feb 16
Lawyer questions judge in Isaac case 2007 Feb 16
'Caged kids' parents get sentenced to 2 years 2007 Feb 16
Letter to Joseph Massa 2007 Feb 16
NL charity in Nepal child sex abuse probe 2007 Feb 16
Cops: Foster dad admits sex acts: Deltona man says he took photos of himself, 3-year-old. 2007 Feb 16
Overton couple pleads not guilty in 4-year-old's death 2007 Feb 15
Dutch director of children's home charged with child abuse 2007 Feb 15
Detroit foster mom a victim, ministers say 2007 Feb 12
Letter Gravelle child 2007 Feb 11
Learning to trust again; Samaritan tries to `rescue' woman left homeless after sad childhood 2007 Feb 11
Desoto Boy To Be Tried As Teen In Girl's Murder 2007 Feb 9
Baby to live with parents accused of murder 2007 Feb 8
Judge authorizes funds for mom's evaluation 2007 Feb 7
Trial is ordered for foster mother 2007 Feb 6
Woman gets life sentence for killing 12-year-old 2007 Feb 2
Foster mother told police dead toddler hurt himself 2007 Feb 2
Notice of claim 2007 Feb 2
Milena’s mentor stays on the case 2007 Feb 2
Advocates for Abused Children 2007 Feb 2
Photocaption - estimated date 2007 Feb 2
$45 million claim filed against state over foster dad charged with abuse 2007 Feb 1
Foster home had red flags 2007 Jan 31
Judge rejects new trial in ‘cages’ case 2007 Jan 30
System under duress; Shortage of social workers, foster parents cited 2007 Jan 30
How the system is supposed to work 2007 Jan 30
LOSING ISAAC pt3 2007 Jan 30
3 violent deaths in 18 months under state's watch 2007 Jan 30
Where advocates want to see changes 2007 Jan 30
Foster child's death provokes review 2007 Jan 30
Foster boy died of cranial trauma: autopsy 2007 Jan 30
Death throws spotlight on Alberta's foster care 2007 Jan 29
Agency had lengthy list of alarming problems 2007 Jan 29
LOSING ISAAC Pt2 2007 Jan 29
Isaac not 1st child that center had failed 2007 Jan 29
Tragedy haunts siblings' families 2007 Jan 29
LOSING ISAAC pt1 2007 Jan 28
Problems with center preceded Isaac's case 2007 Jan 28
Foster boy's death reveals wider neglect 2007 Jan 26
Overtons' newborn living with grandparents as case pending 2007 Jan 26
Boy's death ruled homicide 2007 Jan 26
Foster care agency is shut down 2007 Jan 26
Workers could have saved boy 2007 Jan 26
Who killed boy is a mystery 2007 Jan 26
Hearings open on child abuse 2007 Jan 26
Family sues in boy's death at a foster home 2007 Jan 26
Woman faces child abuse charges 2007 Jan 26
Gravelles begin fight for new trial 2007 Jan 26
New claims made that 'caged kids' case halted over politics 2007 Jan 25
Prosecutor knew about cages in ’03, worker says 2007 Jan 25
Longview woman gets additional prison term 2007 Jan 24
Put me in a Holding Room! 2007 Jan 23
Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span 2007 Jan 22
Man called salt boy 'a vegetable' 2007 Jan 22
Neighbors praise Gravelles; girl demonstrates size of beds 2007 Jan 22
Judge wants affidavits 2007 Jan 20
Letter from James Marsh to DeAlvah Hill Simms, Esq. 2007 Jan 19
Couple 'forced boy to eat salt' 2007 Jan 19
NYC Child Killer Must Pay $15M to Mother 2007 Jan 17
Girl's Killer Tries to Reduce Judgment, but Is Dealt Only Rebuke 2007 Jan 17
DeSoto teen accused of beating foster child to death, mother charged as well 2007 Jan 13
Police: Foster mom delayed helping girl 2007 Jan 13
Foster father won't face trial in death of child 2007 Jan 13
15 foster kids taken out of homes 2007 Jan 13
Man accused of molestation; family says he's innocent 2007 Jan 12
State stings agency's handling of 'caged kids' case 2007 Jan 12
State lashed agency in ’06 on Gravelles 2007 Jan 12
State Blames Private Agency For Foster Child Death 2007 Jan 12
SB woman pleads no contest to abusing her four adopted kids 2007 Jan 12
State faults foster-care contractor in girl's death 2007 Jan 11
Statement made available for all cases involving her heavily downloaded image 2007 Jan 11
What have we learned? Child death scandals since 1944 (Fatal Failings) 2007 Jan 11
Foster Dad Accused Of Sex Act. 2007 Jan 10
DSS to Investigate Following Salisbury Toddler's Death 2007 Jan 10
Adoptive mom beat girls with cord, bat, twins say 2007 Jan 10
Foster mom charged in tot's death 2007 Jan 10
Mother Charged In Death Of Toddler 2007 Jan 9
Timeline 2007 Jan 9
End of Sasha’s second chance (part 2) 2007 Jan 8
Kelleys get out of jail 2007 Jan 8
'Y'all are going to Nigeria' 2007 Jan 7
No place for Sasha (part 1) 2007 Jan 7
Perjury claims newest source of trouble for department 2007 Jan 5
Gravelle juror: County accountable 2007 Jan 4
Huron County official vows to 'keep digging' 2007 Jan 4
Department chief up for review after 'rough' 2006 2007 Jan 3
Funeral For Slain Toddler Held 2007 Jan 3
Melissa Dumont is board member ASCONN 2007 Jan 1
Woman gets prison for child's killing in 2002 2006 Dec 29
Social Services: Mother Didn't Divulge Who Was Caring for Child 2006 Dec 28
Transplant Mothers Meet For The First Time 2006 Dec 28
One girl's tragedy saves another's life 2006 Dec 26
Gravelles guilty of endangering, abuse 2006 Dec 23
Gravelles found guilty 2006 Dec 23
Salisbury Man Arrested for Toddler's Murder Has Criminal Past 2006 Dec 21
Confidential Request For Investigation 2006 Dec 21
'Terrified' twins unable to testify 2006 Dec 20
Before and After Stories worth repeating 2006 Dec 20
Deliberations begin in case of 'caged' kids 2006 Dec 20
Prosecutor: Twins’ injuries not accidental 2006 Dec 20
Alone again 2006 Dec 17
Gravelle judge reduces some charges 2006 Dec 16
Psychologist defends enclosing kids’ beds 2006 Dec 15
Babysitter testifies Gravelles were loving 2006 Dec 14
Foster mom faces trial for death of child 2006 Dec 14
Officials call for info on child's death 2006 Dec 13
False reports of abuse should be dealt with harshly 2006 Dec 13
Parents Awarded Custody In Union Abuse Case 2006 Dec 13
Tot hurt - mom wants him out of foster care 2006 Dec 13
Parents accused of starving kids win custody 2006 Dec 13
Mother Files Lawsuit In Foster Care Death Case 2006 Dec 12
Foster mom to stand trial 2006 Dec 12
Social worker doesn't recall hearing the word 'cages' 2006 Dec 9
Top comedian denies Casa Pia connection 2006 Dec 9
Angelina Irene Espalin - obituary 2006 Dec 9
Bedwetting Might Have Prompted Fatal Attack 2006 Dec 8
Boy has brain injury; dad arrested 2006 Dec 8
Report: Girl Visited Hospital Week Before Death 2006 Dec 8
Plea deal rejected in neglect case 2006 Dec 6
Neighbor testifies against Gravelle 2006 Dec 6
Neighbor testifies Gravelle wanted 10 children 2006 Dec 6
Foster brother held in death 2006 Dec 6
Girl Dies In Foster Home, Teenage Boy Accused 2006 Dec 6
Social worker says he saw abuse 2006 Dec 2
The dark-side of state negligence and it's disturbing consequences 2006 Dec 1
A child's eye view of abuse at hearing in toddler death 2006 Dec 1
Adoptive Mother Accused Of Locking Children In Basement 2006 Dec 1
Mom arrested in abuse case 2006 Dec 1
Man denies witness tampering; State wants court to revoke bond 2006 Nov 30
Children testify that they were whipped 2006 Nov 30
SoCal authorities say they may have found body of missing 4-year-old 2006 Nov 30
Remains found of missing girl 2006 Nov 30
Kelley defends actions 2006 Nov 29
10News Looks Into Orphanage Abuse Allegations 2006 Nov 29
Sentencing continue in Kelly abuse case 2006 Nov 29
Kelley unable to explain children's injuries in second day of sentencing 2006 Nov 28
Mother Gets Life for Adopted Son's Death 2006 Nov 28
Kelley child abuse sentencing begins 2006 Nov 27
A Moment Of Frustration, A Lifetime Of Pain 2006 Nov 26
Holiday magic just beginning for Kelsey Minick 2006 Nov 23
'Cages' prosecutor tough on own kids 2006 Nov 23
Officials call girl's death a homicide 2006 Nov 22
Father Accused Of Locking Adopted Kids In Basement 2006 Nov 22
Father suspected of locking up 6 kids 2006 Nov 22
Death of 4-year-old boy a homicide, officials rule 2006 Nov 21
Witness's health may hurt molestation case 2006 Nov 20
Baby Sitter Convicted of Killing 12-year-old Foster Child 2006 Nov 18
Murder suspect mildly retarded, witness says 2006 Nov 16
Witness: Woman admitted beating girl 2006 Nov 15
Hearing Delayed for Foster Mother of Allison Newman 2006 Nov 13
Jury might see slides on girl's fatal beating 2006 Nov 11
Head of child care unit suspended 2006 Nov 10
PATH Prints: Roseanne Kincheloe 2006 Nov 4
3 indicted on endangering welface of children charges 2006 Nov 4
Juvenile Hearing for Foster Mother in Lethbridge Case 2006 Nov 3
Woman Gets Life for Killing Adopted Son 2006 Nov 3
Postadoption services help families cope with issues that arise after the adoption papers are signed. 2006 Nov 1
Fallout hits care center in death of 2-year-old 2006 Oct 31
Day-care Provider Charged in Death of Allison Newman 2006 Oct 30
Day Care Director Charged For Failing To Report Abuse 2006 Oct 30
Foster parent accused in boy's death is released on lower bond 2006 Oct 27
Judge won't reduce sentence 2006 Oct 27
Bond lowered for man charged in toddler's death 2006 Oct 26
Tribe wins custody of foster siblings 2006 Oct 26
Foster mother freed under June plea deal 2006 Oct 26
Matney ask for findings in toddler death 2006 Oct 23
Letter from James Marsh to Diane Aiken 2006 Oct 23
Children may stay with kin 2006 Oct 21
'Dismal' communications endangered kids in Sherry Charlie case: report 2006 Oct 20
'Abuse' mom gets bail 2006 Oct 19
Biological mom denied visitation 2006 Oct 19
The Ethics of Children, Death and Photography 2006 Oct 19
Adoptive mom of 'abused' Tammy out on bail 2006 Oct 19
Investigation continues in toddler's death 2006 Oct 18
Anonymous letter to James Marsh 2006 Oct 16
Kids can be victims or violators 2006 Oct 16
Danger Signs In Boy's Death: Bright present overrode dark past to permit his adoption 2006 Oct 15
Foster parents charged in death of 4-year-old boy 2006 Oct 14
Goodyear Announces Its First Director of Engineering 2006 Oct 12
Plymouth day care probed 2006 Oct 12
Letter from James Marsh to Mohammad Ahmad, MD 2006 Oct 11
False Promises: Adoptive Parents with No Children 2006 Oct 8
Biological family not notified about child's death, investigation continues 2006 Oct 7
Deal seen in death of boy, 4, in foster care 2006 Oct 7
Police: Boy, 4, choked to death on spiced water 2006 Oct 7
State releases preliminary report on death of foster child 2006 Oct 6
Oregon DHS 30-Day CIRT REVIEW REPORT 2006 Oct 6
Foster mother charged in death: Lawyer: It was a tragic accident 2006 Oct 3
Foster Mother Charged In Toddler's Death 2006 Oct 2
Charges To Be Announced In Death Of Canton Toddler 2006 Oct 2
Jonesville Couple Denies Abuse Allegations 2006 Oct 2
Starving children's case to be reviewed 2006 Sep 29
'We all loved him so much' 2006 Sep 29
Friends create memorial fund for dead toddler 2006 Sep 28
Adopted children found starving 2006 Sep 28
Children can testify in abuse trial 2006 Sep 28
Girl's fatal head injury angers grandparents 2006 Sep 28
Toddler dies of injuries 2006 Sep 27
Congressional Hearing: Sexual Exploitation of Children (exhibits) 2006 Sep 27
Haleigh Poutre's mother pursues visiting rights 2006 Sep 27
The Masha Allen Adoption – What Went Wrong? 2006 Sep 27
Congressional Hearing: Sexual Exploitation of Children over the Internet 2006 Sep 27
Parents Charged In Jonesville Abuse Case 2006 Sep 27
Douglas County Sheriff's Office Complaint Report 2006 Sep 27
Timeline submitted regarding FTIA, ROTIA and Mancuso 2006 Sep 27
Autopsy finds traumatic injury on 2-year-old in Canton foster home 2006 Sep 26
Police: Toddler Who Died Suffered Head Trauma 2006 Sep 25
Authorities unsure why no one saw child abuse 2006 Sep 24
A Weekly e-Newsletter from Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) 2006 Sep 22
Police: Toddler Critical From Head Trauma 2006 Sep 22
Isakson, Gingrey Honor Faith Allen of Georgia as Angel in Adoption 2006 Sep 20
Rep. Gingrey and Sen. Isakson nominate Georgia’s Angel in Adoption 2006 Sep 20
Mother Files Claim After Foster Home Death 2006 Sep 19
Foster parents charged in connection with 2-year-old's death 2006 Sep 18
News briefs from California's Central Coast 2006 Sep 18
For-profits to compete in child placements 2006 Sep 17
Foster mother charged in Gresham toddler's death 2006 Sep 11
Foster mother charged with murder in death of Gresham toddler 2006 Sep 10
Judge wants decision in child death case First trial ended in mistrial 2006 Sep 10
Children removed after foster girl's death 2006 Sep 8
Injured boy's mother sues foster parents 2006 Sep 7
Family of Gresham 2-year-old reeling from child's death [Crystal Hamilton] 2006 Sep 6
Masha Allen: victim impact statement 2006 Sep 1
Child-Porn Victim Brings Her Story to Washington 2006 Aug 31
Documents detail 8-year-old's grim end 2006 Aug 30
Court documents tell of abuse in death of boy, 8 2006 Aug 30
After Boy's Death, Effort To Remove Forder Siblings Failed in Court 2006 Aug 30
Physician Had 'Grave Concerns' for Forder Children 2006 Aug 30
Woman charged in adopted son's death 2006 Aug 29
'Beyond Abuse; It Was Torture' 2006 Aug 29
Details Emerge In Alleged Abuse Death Of 8-Year-Old 2006 Aug 28
Police: Death of 8-year-old followed years of abuse 2006 Aug 28
Kitsap Woman Arrested In Death Of Adopted Boy 2006 Aug 28
Police question 9 in tot's death 2006 Aug 26
Foster Care Shut Down After Child's Death 2006 Aug 23
Foster Father Plea 2006 Aug 23
Death of toddler in foster care ruled a homicide 2006 Aug 22
Foster Father Arraigned On Homicide Charge In Dodge County 2006 Aug 22
Foster Boy's Death Ruled Homicide 2006 Aug 21
Aunt says Vonda Ferguson took good care of children 2006 Aug 19
Autopsy Expected In Boy's Death At Foster Home 2006 Aug 17
Defense set in abuse-death trial 2006 Aug 17
Pair pleads not guilty in abuse of kids: Charges involve five adopted children 2006 Aug 16
Adoption reform addresses abuse 2006 Aug 16
Council 'tried to hamper inquiries into children's home failings' 2006 Aug 15
Parents Accused Of Child Abuse Face Judge 2006 Aug 15
Nina West says she wants to be a good mother to her three sons 2006 Aug 13
Bond set for Lyman couple in abuse case 2006 Aug 12
Child advocates urge girl's return 2006 Aug 11
Couple indicted on 63 counts of abuse: 5 adopted children were mistreated for years, charges say 2006 Aug 10
Adopted boy's death spurs custody battle 2006 Aug 8
Another Baby Dies in Las Vegas Foster Care 2006 Aug 7
Mother of abused boys sits in lockup; West charged with robbery and assault 2006 Aug 2
Care Facility Being Closed by State 2006 Aug 1
Bush Signs Child Predator Law 2006 Jul 27
H.R. 4472: Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (includes Masha's law: section 707) 2006 Jul 27
Previous complaints against foster father ignored 2006 Jul 26
Court case involving ESTATE OF Graciela CANO a/k/a Grace Lee Bogey, deceased 2006 Jul 26
State bent its rules to license abusive foster father 2006 Jul 26
Foster father licensed despite abuse reports 2006 Jul 25
Friends, family shocked 2006 Jul 23
Shocked judge sentences pair to prison for disabled girl's nightmare foster care 2006 Jul 21
"Inexplicable" act sends foster parents to jail 2006 Jul 21
Foster mom takes deal in murder case 2006 Jul 20
Merits of 'Masha's Law' Op-Ed 2006 Jul 19
Doctor: Psychological damage tough to fix 2006 Jul 19
Family court judge places Lyman children in state custody 2006 Jul 18
South Carolina's "Parents" From Hell 2006 Jul 18
DSS: Man admits to tying up boys; "Kids look like something you would see in a Third World country' 2006 Jul 18
Couple Faces Hearing In Child-Abuse Case 2006 Jul 17
Judge Denies Bond to Two People Accused of Starving and Abusing Three Boys 2006 Jul 17
Parents Jailed in Starving of 3 S.C. Kids 2006 Jul 16
Judge places starved children in state custody 2006 Jul 16
Spartanburg Couple Charged With Child Abuse 2006 Jul 16
Group wants center closed after girl's death 2006 Jul 16
3 brothers found starving, 'very weak' 2006 Jul 15
Allain saga ends with longer sentence 2006 Jul 14
Jury to decide whether woman is fit for trial 2006 Jul 13
With Joy Shall Ye Draw Water; LDS Couple brings Well to Ethiopian Village 2006 Jul 11
Schmitzes enter plea agreements days before second trial 2006 Jul 11
Making Room for Just One More; Lon and DeAnna Kennard 2006 Jul 10
Response to Additional Questions 2006 Jul 7
Child's death spurs changes 2006 Jul 7
Wake County Child Fatality Prevention Team/County Child Protection Team report on Sean Paddock 2006 Jul 7
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Suspect in child sex abuse cases waives hearing 2006 Jul 3
Woman gets 25 years in death of tot she adopted 2006 Jul 1
Nurse testifies in decades old child death 2006 Jul 1
Jury: Mom not guilty in death; Natalie Evans, accused of killing 16-month-old son, acquitted of all charges 2006 Jul 1
Mother recalls death of son: 'Oh my God, wake up' 2006 Jun 30
Mom tells jury about day her son died; Natalie Evans testifies adopted son didn't bond with those around him 2006 Jun 30
Mom innocent in baby's death 2006 Jun 30
Natalie Fabian Evans testifies in her murder trial 2006 Jun 30
Mother indicted on 1974 murder charge 2006 Jun 29
Expert disputes brain injury allegations 2006 Jun 29
Indictment in '74 Child Murder 2006 Jun 29
Judge declares mistrial in toddler death 2006 Jun 29
Judge declares murder mistrial 11 of 12 jurors vote to acquit mother in death of infant 2006 Jun 29
Friends back mom on trial; Evans sought assistance to address developmental challenges of adopted son. 2006 Jun 28
Mother's fate in jury's hands Deliberation begins in case of woman charged with daughter's death 2006 Jun 28
Jury finds mother guilty in shaken baby case 2006 Jun 28
'Hard on children,' dad says; Toddler's adoptive dad testifies against former wife accused of murder 2006 Jun 27
Adoptive mother convicted of abuse 2006 Jun 27
Murder defendant takes witness stand Woman denies shaking 21-month-old daughter to death 2006 Jun 25
Man in the Middle 2006 Jun 25
Girl who died at counseling center was restrained nine times 2006 Jun 25
Cousin testifies against Evans; Woman's ex co-worker said she asked her to take child before his death. 2006 Jun 24
Gay foster couple jailed for abusing boys in their care 2006 Jun 24
Gay couple jailed for abusing their foster children 2006 Jun 24
Gay foster fathers abused care boys 2006 Jun 24
Woman accused of murder to face grand jury proceedings 2006 Jun 24
Heather Lindorff starts prison term 2006 Jun 23
Foster carers jailed over abuse 2006 Jun 23
Photos of re-creation displayed as evidence Doctor says injuries not consistent with fall down stairs 2006 Jun 23
Foster carers jailed over abuse 2006 Jun 23
Doctor: Baby's death a 'textbook' case 2006 Jun 23
Adoptive mother loses bail, begins serving 6-year term 2006 Jun 23
Lawyer challenges pathologist's credibility 2006 Jun 23
Mother returns to face 1974 murder charge 2006 Jun 22
The story of Oksana 2006 Jun 22
Boy's medical history, final hours recounted; Woman's relationship with adoptive son focus at trial 2006 Jun 22
Taft OKs changes in adoption process 2006 Jun 22
Testimony heard in child's death trial; Accused of abusing 2-year-old, mother faces murder charge 2006 Jun 22
Jury hears details on toddler's injuries 2006 Jun 21
Mom on trial in child's death; Shaken child case to hinge on investigation's medical evidence 2006 Jun 21
Jury hears details on toddler's injuries 2006 Jun 21
POLICE & COURTS 2006 Jun 21
Munster woman on trial for death of toddler; Authorities allege Luke Evans, 16 months, died of shaken baby syndrome. 2006 Jun 20
Hearing postponed in child-abuse case 2006 Jun 19
Formalities in the case of a Romanian child adopted in Spain and mistreated by parents 2006 Jun 16
Foster mom - loving caretaker to 5 sisters or cult-loving abuser? 2006 Jun 16
Child abuse case ends in probation 2006 Jun 15
Romania requests data on child abused by Spanish adoptive parents 2006 Jun 13
Alleged victim of sex abuse says threats bought silence 2006 Jun 13
Former foster father charged 2006 Jun 13
News briefs from California's Central Coast 2006 Jun 12
Former foster dad's arrest a relief to teen 2006 Jun 10
State puts restrictions on use of control holds at Rice Lake clinic 2006 Jun 10
Foster father held on $1 million bail 2006 Jun 10
Foster Parents Say System Failed Sarah Chavez 2006 Jun 9
The Cradle Society v Adopt America Network (Jury demanded) 2006 Jun 9
Man accused of sex abuse by former foster child 2006 Jun 9
News briefs from California's Central Coast 2006 Jun 7
New Twist in Sparks Cold Case Murder 2006 Jun 7
Allains again found guilty 2006 Jun 6
Abuse, deaths, prompt Russian to adopt new rules 2006 Jun 4
Child porn victim's pain heard in court 2006 Jun 3
Council 'partly to blame' for abuse 2006 Jun 3
Police suspect abuse caused '74 child death 2006 Jun 3
Who murdered Tammy Herman? 2006 Jun 2
Jail terms for school abuse pair 2006 Jun 1
HMA V Matthew George & John Muldoon - sentencing statement 2006 Jun 1
Revocation of bail is sought in death of adopted 5-year-old 2006 Jun 1
Sparks Cold Case Solved 2006 Jun 1
Couples Hope Sentence Reopens Russian Adoptions 2006 May 28
Authorities want parent back in jail 2006 May 27
Mother Sentenced to 25 Years 2006 May 26
Woman gets 25 years in death of tot she adopted 2006 May 26
Call for inquiry into care abuse 2006 May 25
State launches investigation following death of foster child 2006 May 24
State launches investigation of foster care death 2006 May 24
Adoption reform bill brings welcome new protection for children 2006 May 24
Gay foster parents abused young boys 2006 May 23
Medical examiner: Foster boy's injury might have been treatable 2006 May 22
Foster carers abused young boys 2006 May 22
Christian Brothers dispute abuse evidence 2006 May 22
SLC woman, 29, imprisoned for killing adopted infant son 2006 May 20
Breaking: Mother gets prison term, judge's rebuke for killing child 2006 May 19
Gay carers 'are victims of bizarre child sex claims' 2006 May 18
February 2006 Virginia Bar Examination results announced 2006 May 15
Gay foster carer sexually abused me, boy tells trial 2006 May 12
Birth Mother Of Abused Foster Child Hoping For Reunion 2006 May 12
Council has lost vital picture in child abuse case 2006 May 11
Court told of abuse by gay foster couple 2006 May 10
Court says Santa Barbara judge who edited prosecutor's book OK 2006 May 10
Gay foster couple 'sexually abused boys in their care' 2006 May 9
Couple 'abused foster children' 2006 May 9
Man charged in boy's killing 2006 May 9
Gay foster parents deny child abuse 2006 May 9
Waupun Man Accused Of Killing Foster Child, Injuring Another 2006 May 8
Webcam 'monster' 2006 May 6
Congress listens to girl adopted for sex 2006 May 5
Boy Slain; Adoptive Mother Arrested: Reports say woman is bipolar 2006 May 5
Autopsy: Blankets were to keep boy in bed 2006 May 5
Child Pornography Victim Shares Story on Capitol Hill 2006 May 4
One small voice speaks out for other child porn victims 2006 May 4
Child porn victim testifies to U.S. Congress 2006 May 3
Masha Allen Testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committy 2006 May 3
Masha Allen - Wikipedia article 2006 May 3
Young People Subjected to Sexual Predators 2006 May 3
Net porn victim who helped change law 2006 May 3
Plight of abused adoptee may help others 2006 May 2
DeLeon facing abuse charges 2006 May 1
Parenting guru is revered, reviled 2006 Apr 30
Three Waianae residents indicted with abusing foster children 2006 Apr 29
Warrants: Man beaten, not shot 2006 Apr 26
Records show foster home met standards 2006 Apr 24
Tylski Denies Child Abuse Charges 2006 Apr 21
Abuse suspect kills himself 2006 Apr 21
Former NFL player, wife charged with child abuse 2006 Apr 21
Beasts of Kerelaw 2006 Apr 21
Tylski accused after daughter broke thigh bone 2006 Apr 21
Vasquez Pretrial 2006 Apr 20
Slaying victim was beaten, not shot 2006 Apr 20
Pretrial hearing for defendant gets postponed 2006 Apr 19
Two men guilty of abuse at school 2006 Apr 19
Rapist dad sent to prison 2006 Apr 19
Suspect in alleged assaults fights charges 2006 Apr 19
Giddens’ wife gains custody 2006 Apr 18
Slave mum on run in Spain 2006 Apr 17
Girl arrested in abuse case 2006 Apr 14
Alleged abuse lasted years 2006 Apr 13
Bakersfield man charged with molesting children adopted from overseas 2006 Apr 13
Man accused of sex acts with minors 2006 Apr 13
Salt case 'may mean more appeals' 2006 Apr 12
Ex-Caseworker Relieved That Conviction Overturned 2006 Apr 12
Jeffrey’s short journey and the road to justice 2006 Apr 8
One of most ‘horrific cases’ 2006 Apr 8
Troopers recount Fayette murder case on TV tonight 2006 Apr 7
Allains each to serve 25 years 2006 Apr 7
Mom picks prison over parole 2006 Apr 6
New family takes in broken child 2006 Apr 6
Russian children abused and murdered by American foster parents 2006 Apr 5
'I deserve death penalty,' mom in son's death says 2006 Apr 5
Woman who beat toddler not released from prison 2006 Apr 4
Manhunt for self-styled Messiah 2006 Apr 4
Judge awards girl $6M over sexual molestation 2006 Apr 3
Two UK girls 'treated as slaves' 2006 Apr 3
AAI | News & Info – Kids Helping Kids 2006 Apr 1
Father of Czech boy in Sweden sent to prison 2006 Mar 30
Budget cuts may have cost Sherry her life 2006 Mar 30
Woman pleads guilty in son's shaking death 2006 Mar 28
Abuse lawsuit's award $6 million; Defendant is in prison for porn 2006 Mar 28
Suit accuses orphanage of negligence 2006 Mar 27
Report: State let Haleigh Poutre down 2006 Mar 22
Salt poison couple's court appeal 2006 Mar 21
Couple loses custody in 'caged' kids' case 2006 Mar 21
For jurors, no question that Allains are guilty of abuse 2006 Mar 18
Hernando couple guilty of starving child 2006 Mar 17
Mental-health evaluation ordered for woman accused of killing girl 2006 Mar 16
Dead child's mom sought discipline tips 2006 Mar 16
Girl testifies that Allains starved her 2006 Mar 16
Dead child's mom sought discipline tips 2006 Mar 16
Ex-mother of adoptive children found in Africa gets 25 years 2006 Mar 15
Man says he spoke out about slaves on farm years ago 2006 Mar 15
Police Say Enslaved Young Women Adjusting To New Way Of Life 2006 Mar 15
Women tell of years of servitude in home: This is a dek head sort of thingy that leads into the story 2006 Mar 15
Closing briefs submitted in caged kids custody case 2006 Mar 15
Officials Search For Woman Accused Of Enslaving Adopted Children 2006 Mar 14
Slavery suspect might have fled to Spain 2006 Mar 14
Woman Accused of Enslaving Girls 2006 Mar 14
Mom's murder charge upgraded 2006 Mar 14
Swedish court finds adoptive mother of deceased Czech boy guilty of neglect 2006 Mar 14
Police want to find woman accused of enslaving girls 2006 Mar 14
Police Search For Woman Who Allegedly Enslaved Three Children 2006 Mar 13
Portuguese state ordered to pay sexual abuse compensation 2006 Mar 9
State gave couple stipend 2006 Mar 7
Statement by the director of Wake County Child Welfare Services on the death of Sean Paddock 2006 Mar 6
Child beater to be released from prison 2006 Mar 5
Defense motions unlikely to win 2006 Mar 5
Santa Barbara child abuse defendant released on $1 million bail 2006 Mar 4
Autopsy reveals child was tied 2006 Mar 4
Mother wants to bury boy adopted by Swedes in Czech Rep 2006 Mar 2
Adoption in shadow of abuse 2006 Mar 2
Adoptive mom defends couple's actions 2006 Mar 2
Mother Admits Killing Daughter 2006 Mar 2
Back In County 2006 Mar 2
Tot is laid to rest amid questions 2006 Mar 2
Mother charged with assaultAutopsy: Boy died as result of 'blunt force head trauma' 2006 Mar 2
Mother charged with assault 2006 Mar 2
Sarah Allen's appeal = decision upheld 2006 Mar 2
Jeremy Allen's appeal = decision upheld 2006 Mar 2
Dead boy's mother accused before 2006 Feb 28
Suspect also accused of abusing daughter, 9 2006 Feb 28
Swedish court deals with suspicious death of adopted Czech boy 2006 Feb 28
Baby dies from brutal injuries 2006 Feb 27
Mother charged in death of boy 2006 Feb 27
Giddens hearing stretches into night 2006 Feb 26
Gravelles plead innocent in criminal case 2006 Feb 23
What's on the Web 2006 Feb 22
Custody Battle 2006 Feb 20
Mom blames slip in bath for baby’s death 2006 Feb 19
Inquest into Sherry Charlie's death 2006 Feb 18
Prosecutors suspend activity of Russia adoption agency 2006 Feb 16
Woman pleads not guilty in murder of Millmont girl 2006 Feb 16
Caged kids' case against Gravelles, social worker requires getting it right 2006 Feb 16
Social worker charges unusual 2006 Feb 16
Gravelles, social worker indicted 2006 Feb 15
Former pupil planned gun revenge 2006 Feb 15
Gravelles indicted on 30 counts 2006 Feb 15
Swarbrick brothers get probation 2006 Feb 14
Rep. John Gingrey (R-GA11) statement in congress related to H.R. 4703 2006 Feb 14
Surviving infant twin, 9-year-old girl to remain in state custody. 2006 Feb 14
Safe Haven or House of Horror? 2006 Feb 13
A Child’s Death Reveals a System’s Tragic Flaw 2006 Feb 13
Prosecutor examines legality of adoption of beaten by American parents child 2006 Feb 11
Russia Probes Adoption by U.S. Couple Charged With Child Abuse 2006 Feb 11
Adopting dad held in death of infant 2006 Feb 11
Russia looks at adoption in abuse case 2006 Feb 11
95 Pounds Heavier, Angry Son Faces Mother Who Starved Him 2006 Feb 11
Cleburne man charged with child abuse 2006 Feb 10
Berkeley Firefighter Charged With Sex Offenses 2006 Feb 10
Berkeley Firefighter Held for Child Porn to Face Molestation Charges 2006 Feb 10
Mom on toddler's death: 'I didn't plan to hurt Emma' 2006 Feb 10
Guilty plea offered in death of child 2006 Feb 9
Firefighter to face child molestation charges 2006 Feb 9
New trial date set for Allains 2006 Feb 9
Mother accused of starving adopted son 2006 Feb 9
Woman gets probation for slaying of adopted daughter 2006 Feb 8
HR 4703 (Masha's law) 2006 Feb 7
Ricky Holland's Adoptive Parents Charged with his Murder 2006 Feb 7
Sherry Charlie a battered child, says pathologist 2006 Feb 7
"Governments are obliged to protect children" 2006 Feb 6
Adopted son defends couple accused of child abuse, trafficking 2006 Feb 4
Excerpts from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Charles Brown 2006 Feb 3
Court date set for couple in abuse of adopted son 2006 Feb 3
Couple charged with endangering disabled son 2006 Feb 3
Case of abused boy given to adoptive parents in Sweden rings alarm bells 2006 Feb 3
Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown transcript 2006 Feb 3
Torture earns unrepentant Carrick mom stiff sentence 2006 Feb 2
Essex woman fights for better safeguards 2006 Feb 2
Jurors hear testimony from children in case against Tom and Debra Schmitz 2006 Jan 31
Autopsy shows boy beaten to death; adoptive mother charged with slaying 2006 Jan 31
Body of missing 3-year-old is found; mother is charged 2006 Jan 28
Adoptive mom admits to death, Birth mother wanted her grandmother to take son; blames state 2006 Jan 28
City woman waives hearing in girl's death 2006 Jan 27
Georgia woman confesses to slaying adopted son she reported missing 2006 Jan 27
Mother charged in death of son after she reported him kidnapped 2006 Jan 27
Autopsy shows adopted toddler Tammy abused 2006 Jan 25
Who failed Haleigh Poutre? 2006 Jan 25
Russia: Internet Adoption 2006 Jan 25
Internet Adoption 2006 Jan 25
Russian prosecutor: Russia, U.S. officials break up illegal child adoption ring 2006 Jan 24
Allains' case reaches the court once again 2006 Jan 24
Judge nixes wrongful prosecution suit 2006 Jan 24
Protect foster kids 2006 Jan 23
Adopted baby dies after suffering abuse 2006 Jan 23
Sex-slave horror prompts new scrutiny 2006 Jan 23
State lawmakers want to question DSS commissioner 2006 Jan 22
Sex-offender program criticized 2006 Jan 21
USA Today Helps Expose AT Underground Trafficking of Unwanted Children 2006 Jan 20
Sit-Down With A Molestation Survivor 2006 Jan 18
Attorney denies Devens facility is 'country club' 2006 Jan 18
Underground network moves children from home to home 2006 Jan 18
US couple sentenced for abusing adopted kids from Russia 2006 Jan 17
The Oprah Show - Meet Masha 2006 Jan 17
Enclosed beds cause controversy 2006 Jan 17
Allains: Truth yet to be revealed 2006 Jan 15
Extradition coming for the Allains 2006 Jan 14
Fear or guilt? What drove Allains? 2006 Jan 13
Trial scheduled in 2-year-old's death 2006 Jan 13
News briefs from California's Central Coast 2006 Jan 12
Fugitive couple arrested in N.J. 2006 Jan 12
Hope Reaches Africa 2006 Jan 12
Fugitives lack trust in officials 2006 Jan 12
Daycare mom 'caged kids' 2006 Jan 11
Woman Allegedly Confines 3 Adopted Kids 2006 Jan 11
Murder charge made 1st degree 2006 Jan 11
Mother Caged Children, Police Say 2006 Jan 11
California woman arrested for allegedly caging kids 2006 Jan 11
Pair avoid prison in abuse case 2006 Jan 10
Children's home settles; Masonic Home for Children was named in abuse suit 2006 Jan 10
US couple sentenced for abusing adopted kids from Russia 2006 Jan 10
Parents get no jail time for child abuse 2006 Jan 9
Victim of child porn, 13, joins legislative fight 2006 Jan 7
Foster dad held in rape 2006 Jan 7
Couple OKs trust fund, avoids child abuse trial 2006 Jan 6
Woman arrested in death of girl 2006 Jan 6
Mom gets up to 15 2006 Jan 6
Kerry Introduces Legislation To Fight Child Porn 2006 Jan 6
Woman Charged with Murder of 12-year-old 2006 Jan 5
Woman Arrested in Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl in Reading 2006 Jan 5
Teacher is accused of child abuse 2006 Jan 2
A couple lost, a doctor found, but all still fugitives 2006 Jan 1
Boy hospitalized for being undernourished 2006 Jan 1
Couple accused of abusing adopted daughter. 2005 Dec 31
Death of city girl is ruled homicide 2005 Dec 30
Suspect in boy's death returned to city 2005 Dec 30
On the lam, and refusing to face judge 2005 Dec 30
Death of city girl is ruled homicide 2005 Dec 30
B.C. foster children at risk 2005 Dec 29
Abused Girl Asks Putin Not to Halt Adoptions 2005 Dec 29
Neighbor testifies in death of 3-year-old 2005 Dec 28
Western District Court of Appeals rules exhibit flaunted insurance coverage 2005 Dec 28
Kerry, Isakson Push Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography 2005 Dec 20
Bothell man found shot still hospitalized 2005 Dec 18
Assault probed at killer's former home 2005 Dec 17
Fugitive recaptured in Louisiana 2005 Dec 16
Masha's letter to Vladimir Putin 2005 Dec 15
Mother charged in adopted girl's death 2005 Dec 14
Details of child slaying case remain sketchy 2005 Dec 14
Mother charged in death of adopted daughter 2005 Dec 14
Mother Charged in Death of Adopted Child. 2005 Dec 14
Tennessee woman indicted in death of adopted child from China. 2005 Dec 13
Spring Hill mother charged with murder in child's death 2005 Dec 13
Neighbor says mother 'hysterical' over injury 2005 Dec 13
Masha Names Envoy to Russia 2005 Dec 13
Spring Hill Mother Indicted on Murder Charges 2005 Dec 13
Procedure for adoptions can be tedious 2005 Dec 13
Gravelle hearing concludes, ruling due in two weeks 2005 Dec 11
Fugitive free on bond in Louisiana 2005 Dec 10
Adopted child testifies at custody hearing 2005 Dec 9
Officer: Kids said they were beaten, confined 2005 Dec 8
Salesman denies seeing abuse 2005 Dec 7
Adopted children 'kept in cages' 2005 Dec 7
Aichi woman arrested on suspicion of fatally abusing adopted son 2005 Dec 6
News briefs from around California 2005 Dec 3
David Charles Gilmore article from NationMaster 2005 Dec 1
Heroic Young Girl Tells of Her Child Porn Ordeal 2005 Dec 1
Couple to Face Murder Trial in Toddler's Death 2005 Dec
Masha’s Story 2005 Nov 30
SCt Order: Deny Application/Complaint 2005 Nov 29
Diabetes theory over salt death 2005 Nov 29
Mother charged in shaken baby case 2005 Nov 23
Couple vanish, putting abuse case in limbo 2005 Nov 22
Adopted daughter shaken; mother arrested 2005 Nov 19
Adoptive Mother Accused Of Child Abuse 2005 Nov 18
Child abuse 'monster' gets 35-70 years 2005 Nov 18
Proper burial has yet to come 2005 Nov 17
Statement Regarding Matthew Alan Mancuso Sentencing 2005 Nov 17
Man Sentenced For Raping Adopted Daughter 2005 Nov 17
Pervert Patrol : Big nabs begin with gut feeling 2005 Nov 16
Gravelles pessimistic about quick return of children 2005 Nov 15
Woman to serve jail term for child abuse 2005 Nov 15
Why did Tyler DeLeon die? 2005 Nov 13
Sherry Charlie's life 2005 Nov 13
Guilty Plea in Camden Child Starvation Case 2005 Nov 11
Adoption system called flawed 2005 Nov 10
Murder Devastates Lesbian Couple 2005 Nov 8
Accused stepfather fights to keep girl alive 2005 Nov 6
And Triplets Make Ten: A Heart for the Children of Liberia 2005 Nov 4
Murder Rampage Survivor Breaks Silence 2005 Nov 3
Parents of Caged Children Want Them Back 2005 Nov 2
Little Girl's Voice Lost in Bureaucratic Maze 2005 Nov
3 days of hunting, but no Allains 2005 Oct 28
Caretaker Of Murdered Three-year-old Arrested 2005 Oct 27
Couple absent for start of abuse trial 2005 Oct 26
Pair in abuse case land on most wanted list 2005 Oct 26
Obituary - Emma Mei Alvey 2005 Oct 26
Gravelles tell their side of story 2005 Oct 24
Allains to stand trial beginning this week 2005 Oct 24
County ignored tip on cages 2005 Oct 23
Brothers plead in sex case 2005 Oct 22
Salt death could not be predicted 2005 Oct 21
Woman convicted in daughter's torture 2005 Oct 21
Mom says memory foggy on girl's abuse 2005 Oct 20
Couple agree to end parental rights to girl Action could help local family adopt child 2005 Oct 20
Lenient term is sought for mom 2005 Oct 20
Judge gives foster father prison in death of girl, 11 2005 Oct 19
Man gets 3 years for death of foster daughter 2005 Oct 19
Killpack jurors loathed verdict 2005 Oct 17
Toxic environment: While grown-ups cook meth, children are put in danger By 2005 Oct 16
Split verdict surprises and stuns the Killpacks 2005 Oct 13
Editorial: Killpack ruling: sad, but deserved 2005 Oct 13
Foster parents charged with abuse; Indictment says child malnourished 2005 Oct 12
Mom who killed tot is paroled 2005 Oct 11
Letter from Terry Bourke regarding Samoan Adoptions and the Death of Heta 2005 Oct 11
Attorney fights couple's bad image 2005 Oct 11
Custody battle to decide 2-year-old girl’s fate Martha's odyssey includes adoption, injuries 2005 Oct 6
Killpack Says 'Things Aren't Better' Since Daughter's Death 2005 Oct 6
Injuries detailed in boy's death 2005 Oct 4
Defense begins in Killpack case 2005 Oct 3
Nurse receives four months for beating daughter with bat 2005 Oct 2
Gilmore meted 11 more years in prison 2005 Oct 1
Four boys to share $12.5M settlement in starvation case 2005 Oct 1
McMinnville nurse sentenced for beating daughter 2005 Oct 1
60-day CIRT review report 2005 Oct 1
Serial abuser gets 11 more years 2005 Sep 29
Court hears taped Killpack interview 2005 Sep 27
Killpack admits she bit her child 2005 Sep 25
Salt death killer in report call 2005 Sep 25
Neighbors say mom tough on 4-year-old 2005 Sep 24
JCICS: Russia Round Table Notes 2005 Sep 24
Agency faced spotlight long before cages 2005 Sep 22
Adoptive parents accused of child beating 2005 Sep 22
Campos given work release for felony perjury; Prosecutors still hope to pursue neglect case 2005 Sep 22
Sister tells of angry events prior to the death of girl, 4 2005 Sep 22
Biological daughter alleges abuse 2005 Sep 21
Agency attracts controversy over handling of cage case 2005 Sep 20
Sheriff: Cages used to punish 2005 Sep 20
'Caged kids' horrify nation, yet local official hadn't 'reviewed file' 2005 Sep 20
'We didn't drop the ball on this one' 2005 Sep 17
Family friend says she reported mistreatment 2005 Sep 16
Detective speaks out on Dollar tortures 2005 Sep 16
Custody shuffle leaves girl in limbo 2-year-old was shifted between families and hospitalized for fractures 2005 Sep 16
Community in spotlight in wake of cage case 2005 Sep 16
NAACP leaders say children's rights may have been violated 2005 Sep 15
Cages used to protect kids, couple says 2005 Sep 15
Adoptive parent's mother: Children weren't abused 2005 Sep 14
Dollars Plead No Contest, Get 15 Years In Prison 2005 Sep 14
Behind closed doors 2005 Sep 14
Answers few in case of kids found in cages 2005 Sep 14
Children found in locked cages 2005 Sep 13
Testimony: Dollar children lived like war prisoners 2005 Sep 9
Abused adoptees' lawsuits fault DCF 2005 Sep 8
Claiming Abuse, Adopted Children File Lawsuits Against DCF 2005 Sep 8
INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective 2005 Sep 1
[duplicate to delete] A Brief Outline of Customary Child Adoption Practices in Samoa [duplicate to delete] 2005 Sep 1
State of Emergency 2005 Sep 1
Orphaned toddler in legal limbo Child removed from foster home, hospitalized with injuries 2005 Aug 31
Hearing looks at how Dollar kids testify 2005 Aug 30
Man is sentenced to life without parole 2005 Aug 27
Covenant House youth help Tijuana children prepare for school 2005 Aug 26
Plum man convicted of child sex abuse 2005 Aug 24
Caretaker To Be Charged In Death Of Boy, 3 2005 Aug 24
Russia Roundtable Meeting Notes 2005 Aug 24
Father guilty in rape of adopted daughter 2005 Aug 24
Father Is Convicted in Child-Rape Case 2005 Aug 24
Plum man guilty of abusing adoptee 2005 Aug 24
'Disney Porn' Photographer Convicted 2005 Aug 23
Uncle of dead boy admits perjury 2005 Aug 23
30-day CIRT review report 2005 Aug 18
Fraud charges denied - Woman accused of raiding trust funds 2005 Aug 17
3 kids killed here in less than a week 2005 Aug 15
Obituary 2005 Aug 14
Dollars' appeal to get bail is denied 2005 Aug 13
Death of 10-month-old foster child ruled a homicide 2005 Aug 12
Baby's death investigated 2005 Aug 12
State looks into death of foster baby 2005 Aug 11
Coercive Restraint Therapies: A Dangerous Alternative Mental Health Intervention 2005 Aug 9
American family starves 8-year-old boy adopted in Russia to death 2005 Aug 8
U.S. Couple Charged With Killing Adopted 8-Year-Old 2005 Aug 8
More answers in the sad case of Sherry Charlie 2005 Aug 5
Patricia BLACKMON v. STATE of Alabama. 2005 Aug 5
Russian prosecutors investigating adoption procedure of boy who died in US from starvation 2005 Aug 5
NCFA statement 2005 Aug 5
Dix says 'disturbing' Sherry Charlie report questions Campbell government priorities 2005 Aug 4
Father of 18 Charged with Sex Abuse 2005 Aug 3
Woman indicted for mail, wire and Social Security fraud 2005 Jul 30
Community Gathers To Remember Russian Child Allegedly Beaten By Adoptive Mother 2005 Jul 25
Prosecutor: Don't make kids face the Dollars 2005 Jul 23
Extradited killer begins her sentence for toddler's death 2005 Jul 21
Woman convicted of killing adopted daughter returned to U.S. 2005 Jul 20
Call for a Freeze on U.S. Adoptions 2005 Jul 20
Parents Fear Russian Child's Death Could Mean More Obstacles When Adopting 2005 Jul 14
Slain girl was 2nd couple adopted 2005 Jul 14
Wake Forest woman charged in child's death 2005 Jul 14
Jailed couple's lawyers seek change in venue 2005 Jul 12
Russia Moves to Tighten Adoption Rules 2005 Jul 12
New adoption death alarms Russia 2005 Jul 12
Italians Take Adopted Son To Italy 2005 Jul 12
Russian girl killed in U.S. was adopted legally 2005 Jul 11
Alleged Beating Death By N.C. Woman Prompts Probe Of Adoption 2005 Jul 11
Russia investigating adopted Wake girl's death 2005 Jul 10
Lawyer: Dollar kids' woes delay depositions 2005 Jul 9
N.C. Mother Charged in Child's Beating Death 2005 Jul 8
Acquitted of the charge against the Italian pair, izbivshey adopted children from Russia 2005 Jul 6
After one life turns around, another is lost 2005 Jul 4
Prosecutor says boy was dead at least 3 hours 2005 Jul 2
Father pleads guilty to killing his wife, daughter 2005 Jul 2
Prosecutors: Tot's death slow, painful; Two-day-old internal injuries cited 2005 Jul 2
Foster mother charged in death of boy, 4 2005 Jul 1
Sherry Charlie Recommendation status report FINAL July 2005 2005 Jul
Suspect In Child Porn Case Charged With New Crimes 2005 Jun 30
Abuse nets man 19 years 2005 Jun 30
Eye expert testifies for Dittberner 2005 Jun 30
The nightmare to eight thousand meters 2005 Jun 29
Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005 Jun 27
Samoa bans overseas adoption agencies 2005 Jun 27
Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005 Jun 25
Opinion - Per Curiam 2005 Jun 23
Reports detail grim life for kids 2005 Jun 20
`Internet' girl's story unravels wicked Web of abuse 2005 Jun 19
Girl, 12, survives ordeal, but search is prolonged 2005 Jun 19
Girl Who Had No Name Finds Road to Healing 2005 Jun 18
Italians' Adoption in Limbo 2005 Jun 16
Grandmother's appeal of neglect charge rejected 2005 Jun 16
Russians in Backlash Against Foreign Adoption 2005 Jun 14
Summary DCR Sherry Charlie Jun 9 2005 2005 Jun 9
Western couples hit by Russian adoptions revolt 2005 Jun 8
Child Pornography and Child Abuse of Adopted Russian-Born Children 2005 Jun 8
DNA From Torture Matches Children's 2005 Jun 7
Sheremetyevo Police Hold Italian Parents 2005 Jun 7
U.S. Couple Lose Adopted Boy 2005 Jun 7
Dollars surrender their parental rights 2005 Jun 7
Adopted child seized on abuse claim 2005 Jun 6
In Moscow on charges of beating a foster son detained Italian wife 2005 Jun 6
Newly Adopted Boy Taken From U.S. Couple 2005 Jun 6
A boy for beating 2005 Jun 3
More charges for child porn convict 2005 Jun 1
Girl relishes fresh start after adoptive dad's abuse 2005 May 29
Girl in Disney abuse photos speaks out 2005 May 26
Child porn victim speaks out against her abuser 2005 May 26
Child Porn Victim Could Help Keep Abuser In Prison 2005 May 25
Team 4: Girl In Disney Abuse Pics Speaks Out 2005 May 25
Internet Child Porn Victim Talks About Ordeal 2005 May 24
Orange County molester who evaded prison arrested in Florida 2005 May 23
Charges 2005 May 19
McMinnville Nurse arrested, accused of beating daughter, 13, with baseball bat 2005 May 19
McMinnville nurse accused of beating adopted daughter with bat 2005 May 18
Institutionalized child abuse 2005 May 18
Boy's Death May Halt U.S. Adoptions 2005 May 17
Ex-missionary must move, judge rules; Home where woman raised 28 Haitian orphans is sold 2005 May 17
Internet Porn Girl Rescued 2005 May 16
Faith tells woman this home is hers; Hearing Monday could end legal fight 2005 May 15
'Disney World Girl' Found, Safe 2005 May 15
Lawyer says 'double jeopardy' protects his client 2005 May 14
Girl seen in abuse photos is found 2005 May 14
Abused Girl in Web Photos Found Safe 2005 May 14
Attorney: Child porn victim adopted 2005 May 14
FBI: Internet porn victim safe 2005 May 14
Newfoundland sex-abuse fallout hits diocese hard 2005 May 11
Russia: Boy's Death, Mother's Sentencing Lead To Appeals For Adoption Restrictions 2005 May 6
Foster parents must stand trial for murder 2005 May 5
Detectives Report New Lead In Disney Porn Case 2005 May 3
Target 5 Investigates Alleged Adoption Abuse, Neglect 2005 May 3
Portugal 'abuse victims' in court 2005 May 2
Child-porn trackers do dirty work 2005 May 1
Leading QC represents salt pair 2005 Apr 30
Child porn probe releases photo of witness 2005 Apr 28
Charter school chief gets jail for beating son 2005 Apr 27
Kaua'i educator gets year in jail for abuse 2005 Apr 27
Son delays sale of house; Man's offer prompts judge to extend bids on home that sheltered 28 Blackburn children. 2005 Apr 20
Daughters Testify Against Father In Sex Abuse Case 2005 Apr 18
Judge refuses to release Dollars 2005 Apr 16
US woman faces capital punishment for killing Russian boy 2005 Apr 15
Pavlis Trial: Defendant's Video Statement Shown 2005 Apr 14
Dollars talk with Indiana newspaper 2005 Apr 13
Wake County Man Sentenced On Rape Charges 2005 Apr 13
Family Of Dead Foster Child Seeks Beacon Hill's Help 2005 Apr 13
Archuleta, Dreydon Anthony (Memoriam) 2005 Apr 13
Defense in Dollars case glimpsed at 2005 Apr 12
A teen's final months 2005 Apr 10
Trial in infant's death delayed; Cedar Creek Township woman accused of murder; son had been adopted. 2005 Apr 10
Foster Father of The Year has his day in court 2005 Apr 9
Documents reveal thoughts of Dollar couple 2005 Apr 8
Trial reset for Munster woman 2005 Apr 6
Dollars' calls, letters released 2005 Apr 6
Man Named Foster Father Of Year Accused Of Abuse 2005 Apr 6
[private] Blog 2005 Apr 5
Man Sentenced For Toddler's Beating Death 2005 Apr 4
Commentary: UB Viewpoint - Why can't Maryland protect its young? 2005 Apr 1
Parents Of 49-Pound Teen Plead Not Guilty To Abuse Charges 2005 Mar 30
Home built with hope may be auctioned; Money from sale would be shared between ministerial group and adoptees' mother. 2005 Mar 30
Lisbon woman jailed for son's death 2005 Mar 26
Delay of sentences 2005 Mar 26
Allens plan to ask for no jail time 2005 Mar 25
Sarah Allen seeks new trial 2005 Mar 25
Capital indictments issued 2005 Mar 23
Baby Tamia adoptions arrests illegal drugs Utah custody case 2005 Mar 22
Boy’s death is mourned 2005 Mar 17
Mourners seek answers 2005 Mar 17
We killed Dontel Jeffers 2005 Mar 16
Michigan Family Law Flawed 2005 Mar 15
Salt poison couple's letter plea 2005 Mar 14
Wife told police husband beat foster child 2005 Mar 11
Man Held to Answer in Son's Killing 2005 Mar 11
Five Florida children allege abuse at hands of parents 2005 Mar 11
Judge bars media in Dollar children's case 2005 Mar 11
Details released in Dollar abuse case 2005 Mar 11
Police: Parents Forced Malnourished Teen To Sleep In Locked Cage 2005 Mar 9
Neighbors Shocked By Reports Of Neglect 2005 Mar 9
Evidence on Dollars sought 2005 Mar 9
Family Says DSS Child Abused, Death Not Accident 2005 Mar 8
Child's death in foster care probed 2005 Mar 8
Death of boy in foster care probed in Hub 2005 Mar 8
Police: 17-Year-Old Foster Child Weighing 49 Pounds Found In 'Cage' 2005 Mar 8
Police probe death of 4-year-old boy in foster care 2005 Mar 8
Relatives Angry Over Death Of Boy, 4 2005 Mar 8
Boy, 4, Dies While In Foster Care 2005 Mar 7
Three Dollar kids removed from schools, foster home 2005 Mar 6
Advocate says Dollar boy is taken from foster home 2005 Mar 5
Sarah Allen found Guilty 2005 Mar 5
Mom Awaits Verdict 2005 Mar 4
Jury begins deliberating in Allen trial 2005 Mar 3
1 lawyer named for 7 Dollar children 2005 Mar 3
Citrus couple face more charges of child abuse 2005 Mar 2
Lawyers, state fight over fate of kids 2005 Mar 2
Daughters fight to see their siblings in alleged torture case 2005 Mar 2
Reports of child abuse trebled since Casa Pia scandal broke in Portugal 2005 Feb 28
Another Dollar daughter wants to visit siblings 2005 Feb 27
Questions raised in Allen case 2005 Feb 26
Two men arrested for sexual abuse 2005 Feb 24
Ex-Caseworker Gets Probation In Boy's Death 2005 Feb 23
Abuse affects all in family 2005 Feb 22
Florida couple once praised for parenting now accused of torture; judge denies bail 2005 Feb 21
Fla. Couple Accused of Child Torture -- Couple Accused of Monstrous Acts Vs. Kids 2005 Feb 20
Allegations depict house of horrors 2005 Feb 20
Sarah Allen Judge denies request for mistrial 2005 Feb 19
Wake man accused of raping orphan 2005 Feb 19
Replace Dollars' guardian, trust says 2005 Feb 19
Woman Gets Reduced Sentence In Boy's Neglect Death 2005 Feb 18
Follow-Up: Interview With Dollars' Daughter Shanda Rae Shelton, Attorneys Bill Grant, Bo Samargya 2005 Feb 18
Allen's attorney asks for mistrial 2005 Feb 18
Older sister in Dollar case pays price for caring 2005 Feb 17
Couple adopted girl from China, named her after new hometown 2005 Feb 17
Sarah Allen Jury chosen for baby death trial 2005 Feb 15
Dollar Adoptees' Eldest Sibling Wants Custody 2005 Feb 15
Did Florida Fail Abused Children? 2005 Feb 14
Abused kids could go to adopted sister 2005 Feb 13
Woman faces second trial in death of son, 22 months 2005 Feb 12
Police say toenails, pliers found in RV 2005 Feb 12
East Oregonian : Courts 2005 Feb 12
New pathologist missed infant's multiple fractures 2005 Feb 12
School Noted Adoptees' Size 2005 Feb 12
Man sentenced for role in death of daughter 2005 Feb 11
Duo's Alleged Torture Tools Seized 2005 Feb 9
Two-Nation Hunt For Sex Abuser 2005 Feb 9
Tips in child-porn case lead to area, Disney resort 2005 Feb 9
Disney clue in abused girl hunt 2005 Feb 9
Breakthrough made in child-porn inquiry 2005 Feb 9
Taught at home, kids out of sight 2005 Feb 9
Couple Clear Way To Be Extradited On Abuse Charges 2005 Feb 8
Twice-acquitted defendant sues 2005 Feb 8
Torture Accusations Leveled After Call Led To Treatment 2005 Feb 8
Kids subjected to death camp-like abuse, charges say 2005 Feb 8
Pair in child torture case agree to return to Fla. 2005 Feb 7
Florida hotel identified as scene of child porn photos 2005 Feb 6
Citrus couple arrested, face abuse charges 2005 Feb 5
Warrens files civil rights lawsuit 2005 Feb 5
Children tell story of torture 2005 Feb 4
T.O. police identify hotel where girl was abused 2005 Feb 4
Pair accused of child torture arrested in Utah 2005 Feb 2
Abu Gharib in FLORIDA 2005 Feb 2
Justice for victims? Babies and tiny children dead; those entrusted with their care are accused 2005 Jan 30
Grand jury examines Gilmore sexual abuse case 2005 Jan 29
Strange case stuck in red tape Woman charged in child's death; lawyers want to read medical records first 2005 Jan 23
Testimony highlights high caseloads, turnover within FSSA 2005 Jan 22
Second lawsuit filed against Pullman priest; Oregon resident says priest molested him when he was 14 2005 Jan 22
Teacher arrested on sex abuse charges 2005 Jan 22
Salt case couple 'wrongly jailed' 2005 Jan 20
Testimony: Indicted Caseworker Was Warned About Performance 2005 Jan 20
Bond set for capital murder suspect 2005 Jan 20
Accused slayer cited Bible story, court is told 2005 Jan 20
Man bound over for trial in slayings 2005 Jan 20
Couple get prison term for abusing their child 2005 Jan 16
Grand Forks Herald : MINNESOTA ROUNDUP (Showcatally sentenced) 2005 Jan 16
Couple sentenced for abusing child 2005 Jan 16
Parents headed to prison in abuse case 2005 Jan 15
No danger signs: boss of twins' adoption: Social Worker breaks silence 2005 Jan 15
Dad sentenced in infant's death 2005 Jan 14
Salt poison case couple convicted 2005 Jan 13
Man pleads no contest in daughter's murder 2005 Jan 13
Fears were raised over killer couple 2005 Jan 13
Woman gets 15 years in death of baby 2005 Jan 12
David J Polreis obituary (father) 2005 Jan 11
Boy murder 'no more than theory' 2005 Jan 10
State v Mitchell Opinion No. 3918 2005 Jan 10
Father is sentenced in death of 7-month-old 2005 Jan 8
Mother charged in death 2005 Jan 4
Couple say restraints were used for safety of girl, 5 2005 Jan 2
State to probe starvation allegations 2005 Jan 2
Deseret Morning News homicide list for 2004 2005 Jan 2
The Two Faces of Intercountry Adoption: The Significance of the Indian Adoption Scandals 2005 Jan 1
Letters to the Editor 2005 Jan 1
Couple Is Charged With Abuse of an Adopted 5-Year-Old Girl 2005 Jan 1
Restraints on girl, 5, needed to avert harm Pastor relays parents' account 2005 Jan 1
Adoptive mother gets up to 14 years 2004 Dec 31
Cops: Girl, 5, starved in foster care The girl weighed 21 pounds and showed signs of having been restrained, officials said. Her 2004 Dec 31
California Religious Order to Pay $6.3 to Settle Suits 2004 Dec 24
Mother going to jail for hitting daughter in eye 2004 Dec 23
Foster Care Scandals: Miguel Humberto Arias-Baca 2004 Dec 22
Romanian community unites to help boy 2004 Dec 22
Woman gets jail for child abuse 2004 Dec 22
Man sentenced to 30 years for sex abuse 2004 Dec 21
Hall enters blind plea to child abuse charges 2004 Dec 21
Not guilty plea in death of toddler 2004 Dec 17
Accused regrets 'vegetable' slur 2004 Dec 17
Not Guilty Plea In Richmond Baby Slaying 2004 Dec 16
Child Abuse and worse 2004 Dec 16
Man denies molesting adopted son 2004 Dec 9
Man is extradited in aiding of fugitive wife 2004 Dec 9
Freed in daughter's killing; High court voids 1992 conviction; Woman denies guilt, accepts plea bargain 2004 Dec 9
Convicted murderer likely to be released 2004 Dec 8
Monroeville Hypnosis-Fondling Case Goes To Trial 2004 Dec 7
Matthews convicted of child abuse 2004 Dec 4
Brooksville couple fights child abuse charges 2004 Dec 3
Videotape shows sex abuse, police say 2004 Dec 2
Silverton man faces charges of videotaped sex with son 2004 Dec 2
Prosecutors: Man adopted child in Romania for sex abuse 2004 Dec 1
Outpouring of help for mom of slain boy 2004 Dec 1
Father charged in starvation case dies [includes a timeline] 2004 Dec 1
Wife of suspect in child's death dying of cancer 2004 Nov 27
TV star in child abuse case 2004 Nov 26
Portugal braced as child prostitution ring trial opens 2004 Nov 26
Chat-show host goes on trial over 'orphan sex ring' 2004 Nov 25
Death adds to family trauma 2004 Nov 25
Richmond Police Seek Help For Murder Suspect's Ailing Wife 2004 Nov 25
Portugal child sex trial begins 2004 Nov 25
Unemployment, wife's illness may have led father to stab toddler to death, police say 2004 Nov 25
Major paedophile court case opens in Portugal 2004 Nov 25
No motive found in tot's fatal stabbing 2004 Nov 24
Murdercharges likely in tot's death 2004 Nov 24
Boy, three, was 'near to death' 2004 Nov 24
Man arrested in fatal stabbing of toddler 2004 Nov 23
Pair 'had second thoughts on boy' 2004 Nov 23
Couple 'poisoned boy with salt' 2004 Nov 22
Richmond Baby Killed With A Kitchen Knife 2004 Nov 22
Home Schoolers May Be No Safer in Their Homes Than Other Children 2004 Nov 17
Knowledge fuels successful adoptions 2004 Nov 15
Appeals court blocks unsupervised visitation 2004 Nov 15
Hell House Revisited 2004 Nov 15
MO Court blocks convicted child molester's right to unsupervised visitation with his children 2004 Nov 12
Tearful father pleads guilty to fatally injuring boy; St. Paul man cited stress but takes full blame for death of adopted infant 2004 Nov 12
'Miracle baby' a victim - judge 2004 Nov 12
Kenton mother accused of child abuse, makes bail 2004 Nov 11
A Foster Mother Pleads Guilty To Discarding Girl's Corpse 2004 Nov 11
Fugitive found 2004 Nov 9
In re M.A. 2004 Nov 9
BRIEFING 2004 Nov 9
Caseworker Admits To Data Tampering After Boy's Death 2004 Nov 8
Foster parent who cared for 42 kids held as suspect in molestation case 2004 Nov 7
Roy couple enters guilty plea 2004 Nov 6
Archer sentenced for involuntary manslaughter 2004 Nov 5
Archer sentenced to 8 years in prison 2004 Nov 5
'Miracle baby' couples fail test 2004 Nov 4
Au moins 12 ans de prison pour Éric Grenier 2004 Nov 1
Éric Grenier pourrait écoper de 15 ans de prison 2004 Oct 26
Minister/Reporter Allegedly Fondles Woman Under Hypnosis 2004 Oct 26
'My sister, she's got a knife, and she's after my dad' 2004 Oct 22
Le jury veut réentendre deux témoignages 2004 Oct 21
Foster dad's bond set at $100,000 2004 Oct 21
Éric Grenier, coupable de la mort du petit Sacha 2004 Oct 21
Foster dad charged in stabbing 2004 Oct 20
Woman Indicted In Baby Death 2004 Oct 19
Kerelaw school to close after critical inspection 2004 Oct 18
Reassurance after closure of school secure unit gets go-ahead 2004 Oct 16
Action plan for troubled Kerelaw 2004 Oct 15
Le petit Sacha est mort de longues heures après avoir été battu 2004 Oct 14
School may be closed after abuse claims 2004 Oct 14
Closure plan for troubled Kerelaw 2004 Oct 13
Charges in death of foster toddler 2004 Oct 9
Couple Tried in Daughter's Water Therapy Death 2004 Oct 4
Freedom of Speech - Should Adoption and Foster Care be Excluded? 2004 Oct 4
Archer guilty of involuntary manslaughter 2004 Oct 2
Archer convicted of manslaughter 2004 Oct 2
Defendant takes stand in murder trial 2004 Oct 1
Jury told of dead girl's injuries 2004 Oct 1
Dreydon Anthony Archuleta Obituary 2004 Oct 1
Murder defendant's police interview shown 2004 Sep 30
Accused child killer changed story 21 times 2004 Sep 29
Defense: Girl's death 'tragic accident' 2004 Sep 29
Trial for man accused of killing foster child, 3, to begin today 2004 Sep 28
Foster mother pleads guilty in child's death 2004 Sep 24
Mother indicted in girl's death 2004 Sep 23
Sacha était déjà mort à l'arrivée des ambulanciers 2004 Sep 23
Bubba World info – Dr. James R. Loerke 2004 Sep 21
Tracking down Kenya's 'miracle babies' 2004 Sep 20
Foster parents get custody 2004 Sep 17
Adoption favors foster family 2004 Sep 17
Adoptive parents of 5 accused of abuse 2004 Sep 16
Lawyers, state officials and family vie for care of adopted Texas children 2004 Sep 13
How 7 kids survived being abandoned in Nigeria 2004 Sep 12
Supreme Court ruling frees woman 2004 Sep 12
Adoptive mother gets bond of $15,000; Woman accused of killing her adopted daughter 2004 Sep 10
Durham child's death called murder 2004 Sep 10
Hearing delayed in daughter death case; Adoptive mom up on murder charge 9 years after abuse 2004 Sep 9
Adoptive mother charged with murder; Girl died nearly eight years after receiving injuries 2004 Sep 8
Mother charged in death of child 2004 Sep 8
Briton faces paedophilia charges 2004 Sep 7
Durham Woman Charged With Murder Of Adopted Daughter 2004 Sep 7
'My nightmare over case of tragic twins' 2004 Sep 4
Two accused of withholding food and hanging their son from a hook surrender to police 2004 Sep 4
Claims disputed in abuse case 2004 Sep 3
Braintree women to spend year behind bars in death of adopted son 2004 Sep 2
Child Abuse in Two Huge Tennessee Families Investigated 2004 Sep 2
Schmitz' daughter talks about how her parents abused foster children 2004 Sep 1
Mom gets house arrest for killing baby 2004 Sep 1
Mom Sentenced In Adopted Son's Death 2004 Aug 31
Brother tells of orphans' rescue from Nigeria 2004 Aug 30
Nigeria case furthers scrutiny of Texas' Child Protective Services 2004 Aug 29
How did DCF miss warnings of neglect? 2004 Aug 29
Bond-jumping charge filed against missing man 2004 Aug 29
Attorney defends actions of adoptive mother 2004 Aug 27
Finger cut off month before disappearance 2004 Aug 27
Photos of girl, 3, to be shown in murder trial 2004 Aug 27
Custody Hearing Held For 7 Kids Found In Africa 2004 Aug 26
Report calls for checks, balances 2004 Aug 26
Report: How Fla. failed 2 children 2004 Aug 25
Slaying suspects plead not guilty: Not-guilty plea entered in abuse charges 2004 Aug 25
New foster parent says children relieved to be rescued 2004 Aug 23
Tangled Web-American children abandoned in Africa, forced to beg for food 2004 Aug 23
For abandoned kids' mother, instability has been the norm 2004 Aug 22
Legler's death ruled homicide 2004 Aug 21
Ex-student accuses priest of sexual abuse 2004 Aug 21
Abuse case files will be released 2004 Aug 21
Subpoenas served in child abuse case 2004 Aug 20
Pre-trial hearing held for Brooksville couple 2004 Aug 20
Children abandoned in Nigeria back in Texas 2004 Aug 19
Charges reduced in alleged abuse case 2004 Aug 18
Judge sends Scott Co. abuse case to the grand jury 2004 Aug 18
Tennessee: Couple accused of beating 13-yr-old adopted child 2004 Aug 18
Missionary Finds U.S. Children Abandoned in Nigeria 2004 Aug 18
Severed finger leads to search of Gulf 2004 Aug 9
DCS Removes Five Children From Home 2004 Aug 6
Abuse allegations against Scott Co. couple go back three years 2004 Aug 6
Scott Co. couple accused of child abuse free on bond 2004 Aug 4
Ex-doctor's sentence cut in sex crimes 2004 Aug 4
Scott Co. parents charged with aggravated child abuse 2004 Aug 3
Iarussi to face trial 2004 Jul 28
Pair charged in abuse case might see kids 2004 Jul 28
Lawsuit alleges home didn't protect girl; Masons, volunteer also named as defendants in suit 2004 Jul 24
Couple plead not guilty to abuse, neglect charges 2004 Jul 22
Shelburne woman jailed for death of daughter 2004 Jul 17
Toddler's death brings year in jail 2004 Jul 17
Mother Sentenced For Daughter's Death 2004 Jul 16
Allain custody decision delayed 2004 Jul 14
DCF will open files for abuse inquiry 2004 Jul 10
Affidavit: Children made to dig own graves Friday, July 9, 2004 2004 Jul 9
Parents to stand trial in child's death 2004 Jul 9
'Still our son in our hearts'; Couple agonize as they cut ties with troubled, adopted boy 2004 Jul 9
Woman reaches plea deal in daughter's death 2004 Jul 8
Authorities still wondering how Schmitzes got 18 children 2004 Jul 6
Parents leave son with hugs and tears 2004 Jul 6
Police ponder more child abuse charges 2004 Jun 30
Abuse Claims At Noted Foster Home 2004 Jun 30
Authorities look for couple's four sons 2004 Jun 30
Mother's concerns weren't enough 2004 Jun 28
Troubled siblings' lives an overlooked trail of abuse, bureaucracy 2004 Jun 27
Doctor: Girl said mother tortured her 2004 Jun 26
Accused pair will live apart from four sons 2004 Jun 26
Agency mishandled case, DCF secretary says 2004 Jun 25
Allegations taint adoption story 2004 Jun 25
Reports vary on abuse suspects 2004 Jun 24
Malnourished girl thrusts DCF back into spotlight 2004 Jun 23
Barnardo's pair guilty of child abuse 2004 Jun 23
Lawyer: Girl's life was at risk 2004 Jun 22
Woman accused of child torture 2004 Jun 21
Florida couple on abuse counts surrender 2004 Jun 21
Foster parents allege foul play 2004 Jun 20
'No one listened to me' 2004 Jun 20
Mom Says Baby Scalded Because She Disliked Him 2004 Jun 19
Couple accused of abusing girl 2004 Jun 19
Mistrial in Allen baby case 2004 Jun 18
Three suspended at care school 2004 Jun 18
Inquiry at school for vulnerable 2004 Jun 18
Accused mother free after mistrial 2004 Jun 18
Jury still out in shaken-baby case 2004 Jun 17
Mom awaits verdict Deliberations: Jury considers fate of Lisbon Falls woman 2004 Jun 15
Shaken toddler or brain disease? A jury must now decide if a 22-month-old boy died at the hands of his mother, or from some othe 2004 Jun 15
Brittany's troubled world 2004 Jun 13
Girl's mother blames others 2004 Jun 12
Legler's final moments 2004 Jun 11
Parents sever ties with adopted son 2004 Jun 11
Judge postpones Granville man's murder trial 2004 Jun 11
Doctor raises questions about boy's development 2004 Jun 11
Legler case takes medical turn 2004 Jun 9
2nd arrest in Legler case 2004 Jun 9
Foster mom opposed adoption 2004 Jun 7
Chinese girl in custody dispute 2004 Jun 6
Full story of Esther's death may never be known 2004 Jun 6
Who will take care of Bethany? 2004 Jun 6
Housemate talks of abuse 2004 Jun 4
Mother's manslaughter trial gets under way 2004 Jun 3
Cases laid out in death of baby 2004 Jun 3
Portuguese TV star on child sex charges 2004 Jun 2
Portuguese Socialist MP to return to politics after paedophilia charges dropped 2004 Jun 1
Portugal child sex case dropped 2004 Jun 1
Alleged victims in Portugal's sex abuse scandal want all suspects to stand trial 2004 May 31
Portuguese judge orders seven people to stand in paedophilia trial 2004 May 31
International adoptee's death tears apart once-hopeful family 2004 May 27
How county agency defines child abuse 2004 May 24
Adoptee deaths rare, experts say 12 Russian cases troubling, puzzling 2004 May 21
An emotional week leaves jury drained 2004 May 20
Teen was beaten 2004 May 20
Mattheys convicted of abusing Viktor 2004 May 20
Gilbert Escobedo Gets Life Sentence For Nephew's Murder 2004 May 20
With hearts of sadness, Russians express satisfaction 2004 May 20
Escobedo Takes Stand On Third Day Of Capital Murder Trial 2004 May 19
Testimony continues in child beating case 2004 May 18
Jury Selection Begins In Escobedo Capital Murder Trial 2004 May 17
A tale of faith, hope and love blesses all 2004 May 14
Adoption Hearing 2004 May 14
Supreme Court asked to decide visitation case 2004 May 12
In re Marriage of M.A. 2004 May 11
DHS removes seven children from C.F. home 2004 May 4
Civil Suit Follows Acquittal in Baby Death 2004 May 2
The social roots of a Detroit tragedy 2004 Apr 30
Woman Acquitted In Death Of Daughter 2004 Apr 26
Worlds apart in Matthey case 2004 Apr 25
Babysitters commit suicide 2004 Apr 22
Baby's death may hold the key in bizarre double suicide 2004 Apr 21
THE MATTHEY TRIAL: Mattheys' character at heart of defense 2004 Apr 19
Judge gives adoptive mom maximum sentence for abuse 2004 Apr 15
Station pulls adoption show after child abuse charges are filed 2004 Apr 11
TV adoption story of Roy pair yanked 2004 Apr 10
Attorney: Description of abuse exaggerated 2004 Apr 10
Parents are charged with felony abuse - "The Spider House" 2004 Apr 9
Former officer charged in case 2004 Apr 9
Woman's adoption attempt criticized 2004 Apr 9
DCFS steps in to save a child 2004 Apr 8
Alert teachers, DCFS workers save a child's life 2004 Apr 8
Foster mom sentenced to prison for killing tot 2004 Apr 6
Killer of baby gets 15 years, at most 2004 Apr 6
Ex-adoptive mother of 7 children indicted 2004 Apr 5
Baby's 1st year most dangerous; 61% of infant murders come at hands of overwhelmed parents 2004 Apr 5
Tortured girl moved to custody of father 2004 Apr 3
US woman's husband charged with murder 2004 Apr 2
Focusing on Children: Providing Counsel to Children in Expedited Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights 2004 Apr 1
Mother of dead boy gets 6 years 2004 Mar 31
Heather Lindorff gets 6 years 2004 Mar 31
Sueppel indicted by a federal grand jury in February 2004 Mar 24
Tragic twins 'were not orphans' 2004 Mar 23
Birth mother of foster child files wrongful death claim against Kern 2004 Mar 21
Bail set for dad in baby's death; Family, friends show support for him in court 2004 Mar 20
ST. PAUL: Father charged in baby's death 2004 Mar 19
Father charged in baby's death; Police say boy was dropped in tub 2004 Mar 19
Parents prison-bound; They get 8 years for endangerment; judge gets an earful 2004 Mar 17
Nicolas' guardian sentenced 2004 Mar 16
Policy covers psychologist for failure to warn of future abuse by patient 2004 Mar 16
St. Paul man is arrested in death of 7-month-old son 2004 Mar 14
Couple is jailed without bail for lateness to court; Were to be sentenced for child neglect 2004 Mar 13
Another brother describes beatings of Viktor Matthey 2004 Mar 12
Five years probation for death of child 2004 Mar 11
Adoptive parents go on trialJury hears divergent accounts of Russian boy's life, death 2004 Mar 11
Medic Faces Disciplinary Action Over Twin's Death 2004 Mar 9
Another Child Dies In Foster Care 2004 Mar 9
Police Investigate Baby's Death At Foster Home 2004 Mar 8
Adopting against the odds 2004 Mar 4
Letters to the Editor 2002-2004 2004 Mar 1
Buyer beware, judge tells 'house of horror' couple 2004 Feb 28
'No concerns' over twin's home 2004 Feb 27
Couple lose house of horror case 2004 Feb 27
Probe after orphan death 2004 Feb 26
Twenty years ago a man killed his daughter and hacked her remains into 105 pieces. Would you buy the property? 2004 Feb 26
W.V. woman pleads guilty to killing foster child 2004 Feb 24
Benton jury convicts Nicolas' grandma 2004 Feb 21
Jury pins abuse squarely on mom 2004 Feb 21
Ex-Caseworker Faces New Charges In Boy's Death 2004 Feb 19
Neglect suspect was some parents' last hope; Bloomington woman assumed guardianship of troubled kids when families couldn't cope 2004 Feb 15
Girl's mom, foster parent fight for custody 2004 Feb 14
Suspect got custody in local court 2004 Feb 13
New Jersey Failed Basic Checks As Boys Starved, a Report Finds 2004 Feb 13
Newspaper wants state auditor's divorce file unsealed 2004 Feb 12
Woman charged with burning daughter, locking her in cellar closet 2004 Feb 11
Arraignment of mother postponed 2004 Feb 6
Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Daughter 2004 Feb 6
Church member sentenced 2004 Feb 6
Big Bear woman arrested on suspicion of killing daughter; no body found 2004 Feb 6
Feb 2004 birthday calendar 2004 Feb 5
Investigators use dogs to search yard for girl 2004 Feb 4
Child abuse suspect surrenders 2004 Feb 4
Abuse survivors attack 'whitewash' 2004 Feb 4
Oxford boy's uncle charged with neglect, battery 2004 Feb 4
Mother surrenders on neglect charges 2004 Feb 3
Man awaiting trial granted visits with girl 2004 Jan 23
Jury: Pair left kids in squalor; Montvale parents facing prison 2004 Jan 23
Stanley Curtis Jobe obituary (maternal adoptive grandfather) [private] 2004 Jan 22
Woman Gets Life in Prison for Son's Death 2004 Jan 21
County mother to be sentenced for death of child 2004 Jan 21
Caseworker Charged In Connection With Boy's Death 2004 Jan 16
Woman denies locking children in room; Trial of Montvale couple turns to shouting matches 2004 Jan 16
Pathologist found not guilty 2004 Jan 16
SEARCHING FOR JUSTICE FOR C.J. (editorial) 2004 Jan 16
Children left alone in filth, jury told; Montvale couple on trial in endangerment 2004 Jan 15
Girl's death ruled a homicide 2004 Jan 15
Baby 'was starved of oxygen' 2004 Jan 14
Nicolas' grandmother back in court 2004 Jan 14
IN RE: CHANGE OF NAME OF Lynn Maria Ginn TO: Faith Elizabeth Allen 2004 Jan 13
Injuries 'should have been seen' 2004 Jan 13
Man accused of starving adopted sons dies 2004 Jan 12
DuPage man sentenced in death of daughter 2004 Jan 9
Portuguese MP asks for suspension of his mandate 2004 Jan 8
Church members sentenced on abuse charges 2004 Jan 7
Auditor switches back to surname Anderson; Now divorced, she drops `Awada' 2004 Jan 6
Portuguese president calls for restraint over paedophilia case 2004 Jan 6
2003's list of those who were killed with alleged criminal intent 2004 Jan 1
Suspicion- The Rivers Edge (NBC Dateline) 2004
Murder, suicide leaves Anna Maria shocked 2003 Dec 31
Ten charged in Portuguese paedophile ring scandal 2003 Dec 31
After an investigation that shook Portugal, indictments issued in pedophile ring 2003 Dec 30
Celebs Named In Portugal Sex Probe 2003 Dec 30
Former diplomat to SA in child-sex scandal 2003 Dec 30
Formal charges filed against main suspects in Portugal's paedophilia probe 2003 Dec 29
Attorney general lists charges in Portugal's paedophilia probe 2003 Dec 29
Boy's body found, but clues elusive 2003 Dec 28
Russian adoptees sometimes adjust slowly 2003 Dec 25
Mother is cleared of manslaughter 2003 Dec 23
Boy's death moves Russians here; Community joins in bid to adopt girl who lived with slain child 2003 Dec 23
No Holiday Visit for Couple Accused of Starving Sons 2003 Dec 23
Dead boy's mother cleared of manslaughter 2003 Dec 23
Boy adopted last month beaten to death 2003 Dec 22
Couple's trial in son's death goes to jury 2003 Dec 19
Lindorff tries to explain herself 2003 Dec 18
3 sentenced in boy's death 2003 Dec 18
Twin testifies at Lindorff trial 2003 Dec 17
Siblings testify of dead boy's hard past 2003 Dec 17
Doctor: No signs of child abuse 2003 Dec 13
Witness: Siblings not abused 2003 Dec 13
Prosecution rests in trial over boy's death 2003 Dec 12
Examiner: Injuries added up to homicide 2003 Dec 11
Life term in tot's death 2003 Dec 11
Examiner says adopted boy was healthy 2003 Dec 11
At abuse trial, cashier recalls twins' visit to store 2003 Dec 10
State auditor says she, husband are divorcing 2003 Dec 10
Death not suspicious 2003 Dec 9
Defense: Detective badgered mother after 5-year-old died 2003 Dec 9
Franklin cop testifies at Lindorff trial 2003 Dec 9
Fifty Year Sentence 2003 Dec 8
Emergency workers testify in trial of parents in death of adopted son, 5 2003 Dec 4
Franklin mother's trial begins 2003 Dec 4
Jury selection starts for mother in death of son, 5 2003 Dec 3
Father Pleads Guilty To Burning, Killing Son 2003 Dec 3
No more excuses (Editorial) 2003 Dec 1
N.C. Rebirthing Ban Comes Under Fire From Supporters 2003 Dec 1
Death of toddler shocks those in adoption circles 2003 Nov 30
Dad Acquitted of Murder in Month-Old Baby's Death 2003 Nov 26
Jury acquits Lombard dad of murder (detailed) 2003 Nov 26
Records show prior complaints 2003 Nov 24
Dad admits on tape he shook daughter who later died 2003 Nov 19
Tot's death spurs rally 2003 Nov 16
No Contest Plea in Kansas Church Abuse 2003 Nov 14
Starved At Home? 2003 Nov 13
She murdered one child in her care and endangered seven others, the panel determines. 2003 Nov 13
Starving children got medical care before adoptions 2003 Nov 13
Woman arrested in girl's death 2003 Nov 13
Tot's slaying prompts criticism of DCFS 2003 Nov 13
Fund-raiser helps pay for Magnolia girl's funeral 2003 Nov 11
Mom sentenced in child's death 2003 Nov 8
Prosecutor Says Medical Data Point to 4 Boys' Starvation 2003 Nov 7
Pastor's Testimony Before the House Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support 2003 Nov 6
Doctor: Child fatally abused 2003 Nov 5
The adopted sisters' dark tale 2003 Nov 3
House Committee on Ways and Means TO EXAMINE RECENT FAILURE TO PROTECT CHILD SAFETY 2003 Nov 3
Amid Images of Love and Starvation, A More Nuanced Picture Emerges 2003 Nov 2
PARENTS CHARGED WITH MURDER; Abuse suspicions arise in boy's fatal scalding 2003 Nov 1
DCFS cites series of errors in boy's death 2003 Oct 31
Girl's killing described 2003 Oct 31
Foster mom charged in death 2003 Oct 30
Children tell court about ex-foster mom 2003 Oct 30
Casey Paul Barrow 2003 Oct 29
Brothers' move flies in face of public contrition 2003 Oct 28
Jordan Cain - Obituary 2003 Oct 28
Family defends child-murder suspect 2003 Oct 28
Granville man charged in child's death 2003 Oct 27
Jordan Cain - obituary 1 2003 Oct 27
DYFS fails 4 starving children 2003 Oct 26
Death of 3-year-old girl rocks Granville 2003 Oct 26
NJ Pair Accused Of Starving Kids 2003 Oct 26
Foster mom jailed in death; W.V. woman booked after tot dies of injuries 2003 Oct 25
Portuguese opposition leader survives confidence vote 2003 Oct 24
School sex abuse shocks Portugal 2003 Oct 19
Loves Park woman dies awaiting trial for her child's death 2003 Oct 19
Sandra J. `Sandy' Scudder Obitutary 2003 Oct 18
Portuguese judge orders release of second detainee in paedophilia probe 2003 Oct 18
PARENTS CHARGED IN SCALDING DEATH OF 3-YEAR-OLD; Adopted Russian boy burned in bath water 2003 Oct 17
Testimony of Mary Beth Buchanan Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate 2003 Oct 15
Former Portuguese minister in pedophilia probe released on appeal 2003 Oct 8
Mom has deadline to plead in death 2003 Oct 8
Masha's homestudy (2003) - Michele A. Cunko, Every Child Inc. 2003 Oct 7
Cate, Serena McKinzey obituary 2003 Oct 4
Adoption Agency 2003 Oct 1
CHILD IN NEED [private] 2003 Sep 30
A Ruling of Natural Death for a Foster Child 2003 Sep 30
PLUM: Guilty of child porn, abuse 2003 Sep 30
Suspect is competent to stand trial 2003 Sep 30
Study: Cases in Kern are double the rate for rest of California 2003 Sep 28
'You must love discipline,' Edgar children were taught 2003 Sep 27
Father, Sitter Guilty in Boy's Murder 2003 Sep 25
Former member of Edgars' church testifies she saw all three children bound 2003 Sep 24
Father begins testimony in Edgar murder trial 2003 Sep 24
Victim's siblings testify in Edgar trial 2003 Sep 23
Mom guilty of allowing abuse; Woman didn't stop her husband 2003 Sep 23
Testimony: Mother said God directed children's punishment 2003 Sep 23
Jury awards $5 million in sex-abuse suit 2003 Sep 23
Edgar children refused to implicate parents 2003 Sep 20
Foster Parents Blame Media For Negative Image 2003 Sep 19
Father told police he tied, gagged son before child died 2003 Sep 19
Angelic Clary found dead; Officials release foster parent 2003 Sep 19
Kansas woman pleads guilty in adopted son's death 2003 Sep 18
Mom guilty in death of daughter 2003 Sep 18
CPS Feeling Heat After Baby Dies In Foster Mother's Care 2003 Sep 18
Infant girl dies, twin sick after stay in foster care, police say 2003 Sep 18
Trial delay possible for mom 2003 Sep 14
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
Late report may postpone trial 2003 Sep 13
Kids adopted by child molester become victims of judicial oversight 2003 Sep 7
Texas Brief: Mother gets 15 years for daughter's overdose 2003 Sep 6
Officer Admits Mistake In Allowing Sex Offender To Adopt 2003 Sep 4
Mother sentenced to 15 years in heroin death of daughter 2003 Sep 4
Trust criticised over baby death 2003 Sep 4
Health chiefs 'failed' tragic adopted twin 2003 Sep 4
How did baby die? 2003 Sep 4
Parent Gets Prison Sentence for Drug Death of Her Child 2003 Sep
Mother guilty in overdose death of teen 2003 Aug 31
Court upholds conviction in 'rebirthing' death 2003 Aug 29
Mother acquitted in daughter's stomping death claims remains 2003 Aug 28
Murder victim's remains unclaimed 2003 Aug 26
Community Questions How Sex Offender Able To Adopt 2003 Aug 26
Dothan Woman Appeals Her Death Penalty Conviction 2003 Aug 19
State revokes therapist’s license 2003 Aug 15
Finally, judge might listen to child's cries 2003 Aug 8
Man gets prison in child-sex case 2003 Aug 8
Briton jailed in Ethiopia for child sex abuse 2003 Aug 8
Couple in court over toddler death 2003 Aug 1
Five women from church ordered to stand trial on child-abuse charges 2003 Jul 30
Fostering Change 2003 Jul 27
Courts 2003 Jul 26
Portugal awakens to horror of abuse 2003 Jul 26
Lawyers Argue About Evidence in Edgar Case 2003 Jul 24
Dead boy's grandmother charged with neglect 2003 Jul 23
Girl Found in Trash Truck Lived in Filth, Officials Say 2003 Jul 11
Police and Courts: Trial set for mother accused of negligence in son's death 2003 Jul 11
Disabled Girl Is Found Dead In Trash Truck 2003 Jul 10
New expert is likely in W.V. murder case 2003 Jul 6
Call to release baby report 2003 Jul 2
Baby's injuries report kept secret 2003 Jul 2
Foster Mom, Daughter Guilty 2003 Jun 25
Two convicted of child abuse 2003 Jun 25
Warrens is acquitted for a second time 2003 Jun 21
Accused: Stories of beatings are 'lies' 2003 Jun 20
Three little words 2003 Jun 20
Ruling to allow mother who killed girl, 2, to be free soon 2003 Jun 18
Murder trial in toddler's death delayed 2003 Jun 18
Portugal reeling over child sex abuse scandal 2003 Jun 16
Interview With Hedda Nussbaum 2003 Jun 16
2 teens testify of own abuse at trial 2003 Jun 11
Obituary 2003 Jun 5
Prominent figures detained as child-sex scandal rocks Portugal 2003 Jun 4
Party chief called to testify in Lisbon child sex scandal 2003 Jun 4
Portugal's socialist leader says truth will out on testifying in pedophile probe 2003 Jun 4
Awada takes deal; charge to be dropped 2003 Jun 3
Love and Death - Accused of violently shaking her 22-month-old son, Sarah Allen faces a charge of manslaughter and a life withou 2003 Jun 1
Adopted boy to get expensive treatment 2003 May 30
Portuguese TV celebrity says he is a defendant in paedophilia case 2003 May 30
Portugal rocked by child sex scandal 2003 May 29
Portugal rocked by child sex scandal 2003 May 29
Woman faces trial in death of 5-year-old 2003 May 29
Portuguese president expresses confidence in justice system 2003 May 29
Better Late than Never 2003 May 28
Portuguese Socialist leader to make statement "as witness" in paedophilia case 2003 May 27
Portuguese Socialist leader denounces slander campaign against him 2003 May 25
Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case 2003 May 25
Portuguese attorney-general denies allegations against Socialist leader 2003 May 24
Portuguese socialist leader denounces "plot" against his party 2003 May 24
Portuguese president urges calm, restraint over ongoing criminal investigations 2003 May 24
Leading Portuguese Socialist kept on remand 2003 May 22
Portuguese Socialist MP denies involvement in paedophile case 2003 May 21
Barclay's Special Commendation for working with low income children 2003 May 20
Should state pay $219,000 for adopted Romanian boy's treatment? 2003 May 19
When love is not enough; Troubled 9-year-old will get help, but not without cost 2003 May 18
Prosecutor Says Doctors Failed To Report Child Abuse 2003 May 16
Multimillionaire pedophile sought known haven 2003 May 12
Congo casts out its 'child witches' 2003 May 11
Tenn. couple specializes in raising kids 2003 May 11
Superior Court to hear objections in Blackburn case 2003 May 9
Utah parents accused of killing 4-year-old daughter with water 2003 May 7
State office investigating 11-year-old boy's death; Inspector General: Reviewing all records of the Zavala case 2003 May 6
Parents, baby sitter of Brian Edgar to be tried together 2003 May 5
Awada's husband accused of hitting son with chair 2003 May 3
Communites mourn tragedies 2003 May 2
Couple in abuse case plead not guilty 2003 May 1
June trial date set in Edgar case 2003 Apr 30
Minister loses pair of pulpits 2003 Apr 30
Prosecutors oppose separate trials in death of 9-year-old 2003 Apr 30
Mental test ordered in murder case 2003 Apr 29
Christy Edgar requests separate trial in death of 9-year-old son 2003 Apr 26
Missing foster child found dead Downstate 2003 Apr 26
DCF-approved guardians accused in deaths 2003 Apr 19
2nd tot in week beaten to death 2003 Apr 19
Three charged with hogtying, killing boy are bound over for trial 2003 Apr 18
Two defendants to seek separate trials in Edgar case 2003 Apr 18
Guardian Kills Toddler, Police Say 2003 Apr 18
Two DCF Workers Resign; Second Child Dies On State Watch 2003 Apr 18
Prosecutors present evidence in Brian Edgar's death 2003 Apr 17
Man Sentenced For Paralyzing Daughter 2003 Apr 14
Neighbors recall child abuse suspect 2003 Apr 14
Mother gets 3 1/2 years in assault case 2003 Apr 12
Doc's wife gets 3-1/2 years in prison for beating child 2003 Apr 12
Warrens acquitted -- church family attempts to mend 2003 Apr 12
Sisters of no mercy 2003 Apr 12
Dcf Looks Into Hollywood Group 2003 Apr 12
Two charged with abusing adopted kids 2003 Apr 11
Fla. Women Charged With Forcing Adopted Children To Fight Each Other 2003 Apr 11
Estate of two-year-old suing DSS after foster father convicted of her murder 2003 Apr 2
Akron dad pleads guilty in girl's paralyzing injury 2003 Mar 15
POLICE & COURTS: Wolfgang recuses herself from negligent homicide trial 2003 Mar 10
Diario La Prensa noticias San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa 2003 Mar 10
Let down by adults, girl suffers abuse 2003 Mar 2
Kahuku grad and daughter killed 2003 Mar 1
Baby's death shocks experts on adoption The intensive screening process is intended to weed out people who might be poor parents 2003 Mar 1
Details of child's death emerge 2003 Feb 28
Shaken baby cases rising 2003 Feb 28
Court appoints attorney in W.V. double slaying 2003 Feb 28
Pendleton man pleads guilty to sex abuse 2003 Feb 25
Adoptive Mom, Granddad Face Trial in Girl's Death 2003 Feb 19
Obituary Nathaniel J. Allen 2003 Feb 19
John Krueger's story 2003 Feb 12
Baby abuse tied to women 2003 Feb 12
Woman takes back plea in son's death 2003 Feb 10
Former Volunteer At Childrens' Home Faces Pornography Charges 2003 Feb 10
No bail for Fuquay-Varina man charged in sex offenses 2003 Feb 9
Woman admits injuring son; faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison 2003 Feb 8
Man faces multiple sex-abuse charges 2003 Feb 5
Wake Authorities Investigate Alleged Rape By Girl's Guardian 2003 Feb 4
Failure to Protect: the taking of logan marr 2003 Feb 1
Woman pleads guilty to aiding in sex abuse 2003 Jan 31
Mother To Be Sentenced For Killing Child 2003 Jan 30
Mother Sentenced For Killing Child 2003 Jan 30
Church members wanted in abuse case turn themselves in 2003 Jan 27
Adoption system under fire in child's death 2003 Jan 26
Judge Declines To Lower Bond In Boy's Death 2003 Jan 24
Judge increase Edgars' bonds to $1 million 2003 Jan 21
Edgars' finances, taxes are scrutinized 2003 Jan 19
Bond reduced for couple accused of abusing, killing son 2003 Jan 18
Seven charged with child abuse in Edgar case 2003 Jan 16
Fuquay-Varina man charged with rape 2003 Jan 15
Accident or Murder? 2003 Jan 12
Couple indicted again in son's death 2003 Jan 11
Case against parents, baby sitter of Brian Edgar moves to Johnson County 2003 Jan 11
Edgars, baby sitter charged in Johnson County 2003 Jan 10
Services held for boy who died of abuse 2003 Jan 10
Year in Review - Civil Case 2003 Jan 9
Pastors charged in death of son appear in court 2003 Jan 3
'He was a very loving little guy'; Third person charged in death of KCK boy, 9 2003 Jan 3
Authorities search Overland Park house in Edgar investigation 2003 Jan 3
Church leaders make court appearance in child-abuse murder case 2003 Jan 2
KCK church members support parents charged in boy's death 2003 Jan 2
Adoption Stories : The Nelson Family 2003
Church leaders charged in death; Abuse killed son, prosecutors think 2003 Jan 1
Boston globe: In Memoriam - 2002 murders 2002 Dec 31
Child discipline gone awry 2002 Dec 30
Santa and Mrs. Claus 2002 Dec 27
State v. Higginbotham 2002 Dec 24
Questions raised in death of toddler; Other cases of abuse involving adopted Russian children: 2002 Dec 23
Foster parents sentenced in child's death 2002 Dec 17
Floyd County Couple Jailed On Child Abuse Charges 2002 Dec 17
Christopher Forder obituary 2002 Nov 29
POLICE & COURTS 2002 Nov 28
Portuguese president vows full investigation in child sex scandal 2002 Nov 28
Former Portuguese official hands files to police in paedophilia affair 2002 Nov 27
Portugal's elite linked to paedophile ring 2002 Nov 27
Portuguese minister to dismiss remaining children's charity managers 2002 Nov 27
Paedophilia reports at Lisbon boys' home rock Portugal 2002 Nov 26
The Large Family Phenomenon 2002 Nov 14
Zakaria Erzinçlioglu 2002 Nov 11
Children starved, doctors to testify 2002 Nov 6
Attachment therapy: A treatment without empirical support 2002 Nov 1
Dutchess child abuse suspect can now be tried 2002 Oct 30
Westfield family mourned by many 2002 Oct 29
Mother to face trial for alleged abuse 2002 Oct 29
Yana Kolenda - Obit 2002 Oct 25
Toli Kolenda (Obituary) 2002 Oct 25
Murder Charges Against Foster Parent Dropped 2002 Oct 24
Family died 'a terrible death' 2002 Oct 23
Man who helped stray cats at Mayport kills family, self 2002 Oct 21
Former Florida Man Known for Helping Stray Cats Kills Family, Self 2002 Oct 21
Baby beater is targeted by loyalist pipe bomber 2002 Oct 20
Anatoli Kolenda - Funeral Home Obit 2002 Oct 20
Gienia Kolenda - Funeral Hom Obit 2002 Oct 20
Richard Kolenda - Funeral Home Obit 2002 Oct 20
Yana Kolenda - Funeral Home Obit 2002 Oct 20
50-year abuser gets 24 to life 2002 Oct 18
Lottie R. BEASLEY, Appellant, v. STATE of Alaska, Appellee. 2002 Oct 17
Adoptive father indicted 2002 Oct 16
Desperate mothers fight to hang on to restraint therapy 2002 Oct 15
L'autopsie de Sacha Vallée établit que l'enfant a été maltraité 2002 Oct 12
BRIEFLY 2002 Oct 11
State police to take over missing boy case 2002 Oct 11
The strange, slow case of a missing Oxford 12-year-old (EDITORIAL) 2002 Oct 5
Building Blocks 2002 Oct 4
Pair charged with starving their children 2002 Oct 2
Man Acquitted in Death of Foster Daughter, 2 2002 Oct 2
Aunt Is Guilty in Girl’s Killing 2002 Oct 2
Boy perhaps foul play victim 2002 Oct 1
Man Seeks Ban on Therapy He Used on Daughter 2002 Sep 29
Victim of Attachment Therapy Midvale, Utah 2002 Sep 29
When Love Isn't Enough 2002 Sep 29
Doctor jailed in child sex abuse 2002 Sep 25
Agency sued by family over boy's death 2002 Sep 25
2 Cascade therapists say truth being twisted 2002 Sep 20
Holding On Families search for a miracle therapy that won't hurt their troubled children 2002 Sep 19
Murder Trial of Aunt in Girl’s Death Starts 2002 Sep 18
Dad: Girl Killed By Drinking Water Was Sneaky 2002 Sep 18
House Condemns Rebirthing Therapy 2002 Sep 17
Mom arraigned in adopted son's death 2002 Sep 7
Mom indicted for fatal beating 2002 Sep 6
Attorney says father was victim 2002 Sep 4
Abusers' parental rights severed Five children will stay in foster care 2002 Aug 29
Abuse spotlight on Australian nuns 2002 Aug 28
Australian Nuns allegedly raped orphans: report 2002 Aug 27
Obituary - Zachary Higier 2002 Aug 23
Siblings of slain child file suit ... 2002 Aug 23
Ministers' group asks ex-missionary to go; Association wants group for foster kids to move in; mom, 8 kids refuse to leave. 2002 Aug 23
Questions surround tragic adoption 2002 Aug 22
Extra testimony denied for trial in boy's death 2002 Aug 21
News in Brief; Woman's bail stands in tot's death 2002 Aug 21
Mom charged in tot's death will ask court to reduce bail 2002 Aug 17
State probing adoption of dead toddler 2002 Aug 17
Family of 19 Relies on Chore Lists, Laughter 2002 Aug 16
Mother Nabbed in Tot’s Death 2002 Aug 16
Mom called unconcerned about son 2002 Aug 16
Mom charged with murder - 22-month-old Loves Park girl died June 14 2002 Aug 13
Neighbors shocked by mom's arrest 2002 Aug 13
Mother Charged With Murder 2002 Aug 12
Decision due Monday in 2-year-old's death 2002 Aug 10
Charges possible in death of girl, 2 2002 Aug 9
Decision on criminal charges in girl's death - Your Community 2002 Aug 9
Former Priest Pleads Guilty In Sex Assaults 2002 Aug 8
Mother charged in death of infant daughter 2002 Aug 1
Mega-families bring 'it takes a village' to life 2002 Jul 29
Toddler recovering, but effects remain 2002 Jul 13
Man gets 28 years for child beating 2002 Jul 13
Metro Briefing | New Jersey: Woodbury: Parents Indicted In Son's Death 2002 Jul 5
An answer to prayer 2002 Jul 4
Loves Park girl's death still puzzles officials 2002 Jun 23
`She was a wonderful little girl' - The Loves Park toddler is buried a month before her second birthday 2002 Jun 23
Esther R. Scudder, Obituary 2002 Jun 21
Ex-foster child sues eight DCF workers 2002 Jun 19
Foster Mother Sued After Death of Child 2002 Jun 15
Blackburns may be evicted from home 2002 Jun 11
Cassandra Killpack 2002 Jun 9
3 men, woman arrested in prostitution sting [same Michael Culhane?] 2002 Jun 8
Woman cleared in slaying of adopted daughter 2002 Jun 8
Helen Gillin's remains cannot be put to rest yet 2002 Jun 7
Judge expected to rule on mistrial request 2002 Jun 6
Sex Assault Charges Filed Against Former Priest 2002 Jun 4
Across the Nation, June 2002 2002 Jun
Former Priest, Teacher, Suspected Of Child Sex Assault 2002 May 31
Bitter legacy of separation 2002 May 17
Teacher accused of abuse gets jail 2002 May 14
Van Hyning pleads guilty in infant beating 2002 May 10
Florida Judge Says State Worker Lied in Court About 5-Year-Old Girl Who Vanished 2002 May 7
Plea hearing set in child-beating case 2002 May 7
Jury recommends death for woman who stomped to death 2-year-old adoptive daughter 2002 Apr 20
Private model not appropriate for protecting kids at risk, says AUPE president 2002 Apr 18
More charges filed in child battery case 2002 Apr 12
Parents seek insurance payment in sons mysterious death 2002 Apr 4
Sexual abuse by Catholic clergy 2002 Mar 26
Kava warnings cripple state's industry 2002 Mar 26
Jail after 'grave' attack on baby 2002 Mar 21
Adoptive mom released on reduced bail 2002 Mar 9
Plea deal expected in child-beating case 2002 Mar 8
Uncle admits to LPD he caused infant's injuries 2002 Mar 6
Florida's Little Girl Lost 2002 Mar 5
Escobedo clears wife in murder 2002 Mar 5
Missing Florida girl's mom to meet with police 2002 Mar 2
Woman, 37, to stay jailed in battering death case 2002 Mar 2
Murder charges disputed 2002 Feb 28
State had investigated parents 2002 Feb 28
Franklinville woman charged in boy's death 2002 Feb 27
Judge rules suspect's statements in child-abuse case were voluntary 2002 Feb 26
Boy's Body Found Beneath Basement Floor 2002 Feb 26
North Pole woman sentenced in abuse case 2002 Feb 26
First reports: 2 children should be returned to Rettews 2002 Feb 12
Stage set for return youths 2002 Feb 12
Kerelaw is failing children, inspectors find 2002 Feb 11
The Lost Children, part II 2002 Feb 3
Lost Children: Update 2002 Feb 3
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
Failure to Protect: homepage 2002 Feb 1
Man Says Police Forced Statement 2002 Jan 30
Springs father gets four years 2002 Jan 27
Rettews raised children outside the system 2002 Jan 27
Saints or Sinners? 2002 Jan 20
Judge denies Roberta Gillin's request 2002 Jan 19
Agency says abuse, neglect found at Greer couple's Home 2002 Jan 17
Judge seeks stiff penalty/ Father should get same sentence as mother, 2002 Jan 8
Christian Family Ripped Apart 2002 Jan 1
Pantagraph Daily Digest 2002 Jan 1
Unsolved killings going to Fayette County trial 2002 Jan 1
Adoptive mother jailed for abusing boy 2001 Dec 23
Mother will serve two-year sentence for child abuse 2001 Dec 21
Anthony Gigliotti, 79, Philadelphia Clarinetist and Teacher 2001 Dec 19
On the front line for children Michelle Henry prosecutes abuse cases. It's gruesome work with high stakes. 2001 Dec 16
Mother faces years in prison 2001 Dec 11
Anthony Gigliotti, 79, clarinetist with Phila. Orchestra 2001 Dec 5
Adoption Agency Could Lose License 2001 Dec 4
Sex abuse victim to sue Christian Brothers 2001 Dec 3
Vicious dad brutally beat the baby he travelled across world to adopt 2001 Dec 2
An angel will mark the spot 2001 Nov 17
Greer woman says she expects DSS will return 15 children 2001 Nov 15
Woman Sentenced For Keeping Girl As Slave 2001 Nov 15
Judge allows delay in child-beating trial 2001 Nov 11
WHO'S TO BLAME FOR Joseph's DEATH? 2001 Nov 11
North Pole woman enters plea deal in child abuse case 2001 Nov 9
Old and young need protectors, not predators 2001 Oct 30
The short life of Viktor Alexander Mat