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Jasmine and Minnet Bowman

2008 Sep 27


Board of Child Care


District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency

Three girls, 7, 9 (Jasmine) and 11 (Minnet) were adopted by Renee Bowman. The seven-year-old girl, was severely abused and neglected, had open sores and lesions on her buttocks and lower thighs, marks on her neck made by a cord, rope or other item and bruises on her hands and lips. She was found by authorities after having managed to break out of the house where she was locked up. Upon investigation of the abuse case, police found the remains of the two other girls in a basement freezer, where they had been for seven months.


Title Publication date
Killer adoptive mom sentenced to life without parole 2010 Mar 23
Prosecutor calls Bowman murder case one of worst he has seen 2010 Feb 24
Md. woman who froze girls' bodies guilty of murder, abuse 2010 Feb 23
Md. mom convicted of killing kids found in freezer 2010 Feb 22
Cellmate: Bowman 'tortured' her daughters 2010 Feb 19
9-Year-Old Says "Ex-Mom" Renee Bowman Murdered Step-Sisters, Kept Bodies in Freezer 2010 Feb 18
Cellmate: Defendant admitted smothering her daughters 2010 Feb 18
'Child testifies in Md. mother's murder trial 2010 Feb 17
Murder trial begins in case of Md. woman charged with killing daughters 2010 Feb 17
Jury seated in murder trial of former Aspen Hill woman 2010 Feb 17
Trial starts Tuesday for woman charged with killing daughters 2010 Feb 15
Mother of dead frozen girls won't go for insanity defense 2010 Feb 14
Md. woman sentenced for severe child abuse 2010 Jan 8
Woman In Frozen-Body Case Gets 25 Years In Prison 2010 Jan 8
Md. woman gets 25 years for abusing her daughter 2010 Jan 8
Mother Accused Of Killing Adopted Daughters Goes On Trial Today 2009 Nov 9
Grieving Father Sues Church and DC 2009 Nov 5
Plea hearing set today for Renee Bowman 2009 Sep 11
Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse 2009 Sep 11
Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse 2009 Sep 11
State moves for new evidence against Renee Bowman 2009 Aug 14
Woman charged in daughters' deaths to be extradited 2009 Jul 2
Accused Mother Arraigned in Deaths of Two Girls 2009 Jul 2
Woman Indicted in Killing Daughters, Taking D.C. Aid 2009 Jun 19
Jury Indicts Bowman in Theft, Daughters' Deaths 2009 Jun 18
Details Emerge in Case of Woman Accused of Killing Daughters 2009 Jun 6
Mother's attorneys want abuse trial moved 2009 May 22
Md. Woman Is Charged In Deaths Of 2 Girls 2009 Mar 30
State of Maryland v Renee Denise Bowman - Statement of Charges 2009 Mar 27
Auction to benefit surviving Bowman girl 2009 Jan 14
Attorney requests more time 2009 Jan 7
Medical Examiner Determines Bowman's Daughters were Asphyxiated 2008 Dec 17
Slain Girls' Relatives Trying To Adopt 2008 Nov 3
Relatives Want Adopted Sister Of Slain Girl 2008 Nov 3
Charges Upgraded Against Bowman 2008 Oct 23
Freezer remains suspect indicted in child's abuse 2008 Oct 23
Dead Girls' Mother Indicted In Abuse Of 3rd Child 2008 Oct 22
Mother investigated for neglect 2008 Oct 17
Adopted Girls' Suffering Rooted in Mothers' Woes 2008 Oct 16
Names of Girls Found in Maryland Freezer Released 2008 Oct 9
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
Lusby Neighbors Reach Out To Girl, 7 2008 Oct 9
Detectives Identify Girls Found Dead in Freezer 2008 Oct 9
Friend confirms identity of girls found in freezer 2008 Oct 9
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
DC considers checks on adoptive parents 2008 Oct 8
Fenty Welcomes Deal on Child Welfare Reforms 2008 Oct 7
Frozen Children, Icy Silence--Time To Adopt Openness 2008 Oct 5
A tragic case 2008 Oct 5
Secrecy on Adoptions Understandable -- and Wrong 2008 Oct 5
A Blow to Everyone's Heart 2008 Oct 4
Daughter of Abuse Suspect Is Released From Hospital 2008 Oct 4
Young Deaths That Diminish Us All 2008 Oct 4
Social services investigated adopted mother 2008 Oct 4
Mother of frozen children assuaged caseworker 2008 Oct 4
Pre-autopsy exam reveals little 2008 Oct 3
Social workers found no problem at Bowman home 2008 Oct 3
Cops: Children Could Have Been Dead for Months 2008 Oct 2
Starvation, Injury Cited as Causes of Girls' Deaths 2008 Oct 2
Md. police: Frozen remains date back to last year 2008 Oct 1
More Tests Are Needed To ID Girls In Freezer 2008 Oct 1
Md. Mother Jailed After Bodies Of 2 Children Found in Freezer 2008 Sep 30
Woman Met Adoption Requirements, D.C. Officials Say 2008 Sep 30
Children's remains found in Calvert Co. freezer 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Woman's Home Freezer 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Adoptive Mother's Freezer, Police Say 2008 Sep 29
Human remains found in freezer during search 2008 Sep 29
Dead girls' remains found in freezer 2008 Sep 29
Calvert Authorities Find Children's Frozen Corpses 2008 Sep 29
Girls found in freezer could have died in Montgomery County 2008 Sep 29
Calvert County Sheriff's Press Release 2008 Sep 29
Calvert Woman Arrested in Deaths of Two Children 2008 Sep 29
Mom tells cops icy bodies in freezer are her kids 2008 Sep 29
Child bodies found in US freezer 2008 Sep 29
Officials: Child Abuse Victims Were Adopted in D.C. 2008 Sep 29
Human Remains Found in Freezer of Lusby Home 2008 Sep 29
2 bodies found in freezer 2007 Sep 30