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Boy adopted by Frank M. Lombard and Kenneth Shipp

2009 Jun 24
5-year-old boy, adopted by Frank M. Lombard and his partner Kenneth Shipp was allegedly sexually abused by his adoptive father, Lombard. In a sting operation by Washington DC, Metropolitan Police Department, Lombard was arrested offering his adopted son for sexual exploitation over the internet. There was a 2nd child in the household. Shipp may have been unaware of the abuse.


Title Publication date
North Carolina Man Sentenced to 327 Months in Prison for Producing Child Pornography 2010 Mar 30
Former Duke employee imprisoned for child porn 2010 Mar 30
North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty to Producing Child Pornography 2009 Dec 17
Woman admits arranging child molestation 2009 Dec 10
Woman arranged child molestation; talked about adopting kids for sex slaves, feds say 2009 Dec 9
Gay Adoptive Father Faces Arraignment in Abuse Case 2009 Dec 1
Lombard faces long sentence in child sex plea deal 2009 Dec 1
Plea deal likely for former Duke employee 2009 Nov 30
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Information 2009 Nov 23
Duke fires employee accused of child sex offenses 2009 Jul 17
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Waiver of preliminary examination or hearing 2009 Jul 16
Frank Lombard let go as Duke employee 2009 Jul 16
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Arrest warrant 2009 Jul 10
Affidavit details sex charges in case of 5-year-old 2009 Jul 2
Gay parents hope abuse case does not limit adoptions 2009 Jun 29
CNN: Father Accused Of Pimping 5 Year Old Child For Sex 2009 Jun 29
Neighbors close in after sex charges 2009 Jun 28
Cops: Duke Official Offered Adopted Son For Sex 2009 Jun 27
Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting 2009 Jun 27
Warrant: Molesting of boy admitted 2009 Jun 27
Duke official charged with sex offense 2009 Jun 26
Affidavit in support of arrest warrant of Frank M. Lombard 2009 Jun 24
United States v Frank M. Lombard - Criminal complaint 2009 Jun 24
Frank Lombard - Criminal complaint 2009 Jun 24