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Mom accused of abusing adopted daughters


Mom accused of abusing adopted daughters

Monday, April 22, 2013

Demond Fernandez

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Day care employees are opening up about disturbing allegations of abuse. They're the ones who called authorities after noticing injuries on two little girls. Their adoptive mother now faces charges.

Investigators say the arrested mom claims the reason she beat the children is because she wanted the best for them, not to abuse them. But CPS and witnesses say those whippings went way too far.

Police arrested Onyeka Lucy Asonye, 46, on Friday. The mother stands accused of viciously beating her adopted 3-year-old and 4-year old little girls at their home in southwest Houston.

Neither Asonye's attorney nor family would comment about the arrest at the criminal courthouse on Monday. But workers at Hershey's Angels day care are speaking out.

Caregiver Hershey Robinson recalled, "Her eye was real dark, and it was closed."

Robinson is a caregiver who says she called Child Protective Services after noticing Asonye's four-year-old daughter had a severe black eye that was swollen shut last month.

Robinson said, "She said that her mother had done it."

Investigators interviewed and took custody of the children. Prosecutors say a doctor found both little girls had numerous injuries in various stages of healing.

"At least one child had a large bump on her forehead and one of her eyes was swollen shut," said assistant district attorney Angela Smith. "On both children they observed to have multiple injuries all over their bodies and scars."

Investigators say Asonye admitted she caused some of the children's bruises and scars by flogging, or hitting the girls with a stick.

"It's shocking, but unfortunately it's common also," Robinson said. "Children love their parents, even if it's the ones that's hurting them.""

Asonye's now facing two felony charges of injury to a child. Both children are currently in CPS custody at a foster home.

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