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Autopsy: 13-Year-Old Drowned in Creek


Beth Parker

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - There is startling new information about the death of a young girl with autism.

You may remember the case of 13-year-old Lexie Glover. Her body was found in a Woodbridge, Virginia creek back in January. Now, her autopsy report is complete.

Doctors say whoever put her in that creek did it when the little girl was still alive. The cause of death was drowning and exposure.

Lexie's mom, Freedia Glover, reported her missing. She even pleaded for help.

But as Freedia Glover made that plea, police were closing in on her as a suspect. They say Lexie wasn't missing at all. Investigators think Glover knew all along Lexie was in the creek.

Police have already charged Freedia Glover with neglect and making a false police report. She's out on bond.

Paul Ebert is the Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney. He says he'll now try to build a murder case against the mother.

"I intend to present additional charges to the grand jury," Ebert told FOX 5.

We stopped by Glover's house Thursday, but no one answered the door.

2009 Feb 19