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State Hands Down Revised Indictment To Perry Family


LARKSVILLE, Tenn. - A Clarksville family has been accused of torturing and abusing two girls under the age of 13.

The Perry family faced similar charges last year, but a grand jury handed down a revised 74 count indictment Tuesday.

The state claimed Earnest Perry, along with his wife, Windie, and their adopted daughter Elizabeth abused two other adopted daughters between 2006 and 2008.

The indictment stated the Perry's tied and handcuffed the girls to cots, put them in dog kennels, attached jumper cables to different parts of their bodies, raped the girls with several objects, and did not feed them for days.

The Perry's close friend, Lori Sharpe, disputes the allegations, She said nothing like that happened inside the Perry's home.

"They're an honest Christian family," said Sharpe. "There's no evidence out there, whatsoever, that will, you know, substantiate any claim that they're guilty."

Sharpe attended church with the Perry family, and felt the victims in this case were not telling the truth.

"One of the ladies said, ‘you know, I saw some of the very things they're accusing their mother and father of on CSI last season,'" said Sharpe.

The state claimed the abuse left the girls disfigured and scarred, evidence that would supposedly be clear to this day.

"Everybody's just too busy listening to the lies of two little girls," said Sharpe.

The victims were removed from the Perry's house last year after the accusations first surfaced.

NewsChannel 5 tried contacting the district attorney handling the case, but the calls were not returned.

2009 Mar 10