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Judge Gives Edward Smith 124 Years


Judge Gives Edward Smith 124 Years

By Lenora Moody

Staff Writer

Brevard resident Edward Smith was sentenced to 124 years in prison for the rape of his adopted daughter.

The 65-year-old Smith was originally charged with 14 counts of statutory rape and two counts of sex offenses from a report made by his adopted daughter in 2005.

After a two-day trial, the jury was asked to deliberate yesterday afternoon. Around 5 p.m., the jury came back with a verdict of guilty.

According to a Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office official, before Smith’s sentencing, he stood before Hyatt and admitted to his wrongdoings.

The Sheriff’s Office originally told The Transylvania Times that Smith was involved with two girls under the age of 15.

But there was was only one girl, his adopted daughter, involved in the charges.

Smith’s adopted daughter, now 22, said incidents started before she was 15 and continued after she had his child.

Smith is currently in the Transylvania County Jail and will be moved to the state prison this week.

2008 Jun 13