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Boy adopted by Jay Ram aka Gary Winnick aka Jay Mizraha

1985 Jan 1


A boy adopted at age 10 from California in 1983 by Jay Ram (aka Gary Winnick) was later sexually, physically and psychologically abused while living on the Big Island. The boy was isolated on a farm and required to work. Ram had at least 6 boys (5 adopted and 1 foster) in 1993. He also had 3 adult sons, unclear of bio/adopted status.
Tehama County California had investigated physical abuse allegations in mid 1980's. A visiting boy reported sexual abuse in 1992.
Jay Ram worked for the Tropical Rural and Island/Atoll Development Experiment Station (TRIADES) and later Agrinom. He is believed to have moved to Saipan., and in 2013 is believed to be somewhere in Africa. He was located in Odessa Florida living under the name Jay Mizraha along with 3 boys or young men.