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Woman Bothered By Accused Abuser's Access To Children


SPRING HILL, Tenn. - Five years ago, a Spring Hill woman convicted of child abuse.

Shelley Blair is now under investigation for child abuse after police found her two adopted children wandering a busy road. The children were bruised and malnourished.

"I think about her all the time.  There isn't a day that goes by I don't think about her," said a woman who said that Blair abused a 7-year-old girl years ago.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed on television, said she recognized Blair from recent stories about the two children

The woman, known as Amanda, said she felt "heartache, sadness and scared" for the girl from years ago.

Police said Blair's two adopted children were found on Spring Hill Road.

Amanda said the child she saw weighed 35 pounds. She said she could see the child's bones, knee caps.

Suspecting abuse, Amanda asked her to take off her tights. She said bruises on the child. When police arrived, they took the girl right to McDonald's where she "ate three chicken McNuggets' Happy Meals."

In 2003, Blair pleaded guilty to three counts of child abuse.

Amanda said Blair needs to be imprisoned because of the recent allegations.

She said she wanted to take the 7-year-old home five years ago and is still open to help her.

"I hope the little girl gets the love she needs," she said, adding that "my door is open for her."

Police did not say whether the girl from 2003 is the same little girl in this case.

The girl rescued by police earlier this week was released from the hospital and police interviewed her Monday.  The Tennessee Department.

2008 Oct 27