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Kentucky sex offender report


The report,

Registered Sex Offender Address Comparisons Can Strengthen the Monitoring Process for Child Care and Out-of-Home Placement Providers

, contains four findings and offers specific recommendations to strengthen the screening and monitoring process of homes and facilities approved by the Cabinet to provide these services.


  • 12 registered sex offenders were confirmed to be living in state regulated homes that provide care and placement services for children! Sex offenders were found living in seven relative caregiver homes within the Kinship Care Program and DCBS didn’t bother contacting the homes or conduct site visits. Sex offenders were also confirmed to be living in two foster homes and in three registered child care homes.
  • The Department for Community Based Services review process was deficient in determining if a sex offender was residing at the address matched to the sex offender database. DCBS only went to one of the 30 homes with a matched address.
  • The physical address data field maintained by DCBS does not provide the physical locations for all homes and facilities. That means address records for 3,266 DCBS-regulated providers didn’t indicate a physical location.
  • Statutes and policies related to background checks of potential child care providers, foster homes and relative caregivers do not take advantage of the information maintained within the Sex Offender Registry. This means state law only requires criminal records and child abuse checks.
2010 Sep 30