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Girl adopted by Ted and Merrily Ripley

1984 Jan 1
circa 1983
12 year old blind girl adopted from Guatemala as an infant was sexually abused by an adopted sibling from Costa Rica. He was sentenced in to six months in a juvenile institution for taking indecent liberties with the girl. Charges of sexual abuse by her father Theadore E. Ripley were dropped.  Ripley's 30-year-old adopted German-born son, Kori, was charged with sexually assaulting the same girl in 1984,  unknown outcome.  The Ripley's adopted 18 children from Asia, Latin America, Germany, and the US.

Merrily Ripley operates a non-profit adoption agency, Adoption Advocates International. The children would have been primarily adopted through Holt prior to the founding of WACAP's Adoption Services in 1976 (which Ted and Merrily helped found and worked for from 1976 to 1983) or through WACAP. She founded AAI in 1983 and it appears the family was complete at that time.