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COURT: Caregiver admits to letting felon beat toddler


A toddler is at Children's Hospital with everything from broken ribs to a lacerated kidney.

The man accused of beating him and under arrest is Anthony Walton, 34.

Walton is a convicted abuser and the boyfriend of the boy's caregiver, Mary Ezenbacher.

According to court documents, the child's mother, Taquila Sims, 30, was charged with child endangerment because she was found caring for the boy while she was intoxicated.

Since Sims wasn't able to name a relative to care for the young boy, she suggested Ezenbacher.

The boy, who is just 2-years-old, was placed into Ezenbacher's care on July 10.

Court documents state that Ezenbacher didn't tell JFS or Sims that Walton was sharing her home.

On August 20, police got a call that the boy wasn't breathing right.

Ezenbacher and Walton told police that they boy woke up earlier that day and was "lethargic and unable to stand."

Ezenbacher and Walton told police they administered CPR.

The pair claimed the boy hadn't fell or been through any trauma at all.

When they boy arrived at Children's Hospital, doctors say they found a grade 5 liver laceration, a kidney laceration, multiple rib fractures and a significant head bleed.

Police say Ezenbacher later confessed that she witnessed Walton beating the child for the last few days and she "refused to seek medical attention for him."

Walton was arrested and charged with felonious assault. He's in jail on $125,000 bond.

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2012 Aug 23