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Kerry Introduces Legislation To Fight Child Porn


Kerry Introduces Legislation To Fight Child Porn


Sen. John Kerry, accompanied by child welfare advocates, will hold a press conference on Friday about "Masha's Law," a new piece of legislation in congress that will be used to fight child pornography.

Under the proposed legislation, those who download pornographic images of children will see a drastic increase in penalties. The sex abuse victims, once they become adults, will also be able to sue those who downloaded pornographic images of them when they were children.

"Masha's Law" was inspired by 13-year-old Masha Allen, who was adopted from a Russian orphanage at the age five by an American man. According to Masha, her foster parent sexually abused her the first night she spent at her new home. Pornographic images of the child were also posted by her foster father on the Internet.

2006 Jan 6