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Jury recommends death for woman who stomped to death 2-year-old adoptive daughter


DOTHAN, Alabama - A jury recommended the death penalty for a woman who beat and stomped to death her 2-year-old adoptive daughter.

Patricia Blackmon was convicted of capital murder Thursday in the May 1999 death of Dominique Bryant.

She claimed the child fell from a bed and hit a bed post. But an autopsy showed that the girl had suffered numerous new and old injuries, including a fractured right leg. Former medical examiner Dr. Alfredo Parades testified that she was stomped in the chest with enough force to leave a shoe imprint.

Defense attorney Michael Crespi contended that some of Dominique's injuries could have been caused by Blackmon's misguided attempts to resuscitate the child.

But Dr. Jamie Downs, chief medical examiner and director of the state Department of Forensic Sciences, said he has no doubts that Dominique was beaten and stomped to death.

Judge Larry Anderson must decide whether to adopt the jury's recommendation, issued Friday, or sentence Blackmon to life without parole. No date was set for his ruling.

2002 Apr 20