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4 children adopted by Shanda Lou Yenglin

2011 Feb 27
Shanda Lou Yenglin, a single mother, adopted four children (2 boys and 2 girls) from foster care.She had a history of substantiated abuse and neglect of her children dating to 2002, She hit one boy in the head with a wrench, other children were having their hair pulled, being hit with hangers, and being pushed against the walls.One boy was slammed onto the bathroom floor with enough force to crack his three front teeth. She did not seek dental repair until the following day, when she instructed the boy to tell the dentist he slipped and fell.

Yenglin lost temporary custody of the four children in May 2010 amid an investigation by the state Department of Human Services, but was nevertheless allowed unsupervised visits. During the third visit, Yenglin gave the children drug-laced milkshakes and led them out to sleep in a minivan running inside a closed garage. Shanda Lou Yenglin managed to kill herself from carbon-monoxide poisoning. The four children survived.


Waterford Township