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Posted by: Keith Location: Rhode Island on Sep 28, 2008 at 02:44 PMI forgive you all because of your passion for justice and sympathy for a child, but you don't/can't know the whole story. I know the family well from when they used to live here. That child and her half brother were adopted by them from a mother with many children from multiple fathers. They went through a long, hard expensive process twice so that they could provide a good home for these children. Both times they were scrutinized thoroughly by Child Services and given a good review. They also have a wonderful child of their own. While here they were loving parents heavily involved with our church. You can see the horror and despair on Jessie's face in that mug shot which some of you have interpreted as guilt. This is a tragic accident that has taken a horrible and unjustified path. Even when she is cleared of these charges the whole family will never be the same.



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