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Andrews’ trial set for April 20


By Diane Saunders

The trial of accused child abuser Tammy Renea Andrews will begin April 20 in Graham County Superior Court with Gila County Superior Court Judge Robert Duber II presiding.

Andrews, who is free on a $50,000 bond, was arrested last Feb. 24 and charged with several counts of child abuse in connection with the beating of her then-10-year-old adopted son.

In a pretrial conference Monday, Deputy County Attorney C. Allan Perkins said he will prosecute Andrews even though he is moving to Apache County later this month.

Andrews, who is defended by Barry Standifird of Payson, sat quietly in the courtroom as her attorney and Perkins settled on a trial date. Duber conducted the pretrial conference via teleconference.

The defendant faces a total of 16 felony counts, including aggravated assault, kidnapping and child abuse. Authorities say she repeatedly abused her adopted son by allegedly tying or chaining him, refusing to feed him and hitting him with a baseball bat or a hammer.

When the alleged victim was examined by medical personnel, a BB was found lodged in his abdomen. The youngster said Andrews shot him but would not take him for medical treatment when the wound bled.

2011 Jan 12