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Woman gets prison time for not getting help after husband scalds child


A former Brown County woman will spend 16 months in prison, for not getting help after her husband allegedly scalded one of their kids.

Lisa Sangraw, 39, now of Neenah, was convicted of child abuse.

Authorities said Raymond Sangraw, 39, held the eight-year-old boy under scalding bathwater last March at his home in Pittsfield.

And when Lisa saw the two, she helped treat the burns but she didn't call for help.

Officials said the boy was just minutes from death.

Teachers at his school noticed odd behavior a few weeks later and called authorities.

A psychologist said the woman had a dependent personality disorder that probably played a role in her not seeking help.

The couple has since split.

Raymond Sangraw is due in court Feb. 29 for a pretrial conference in his felony case.

Before going to prison, Lisa was allowed to say goodbye to her four other children. She hugged them and rubbed their hair, and said they would be OK.

2008 Jan 30