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Patricia Blackmon


Patricia Blackmon

Patricia Blackmon was 29 years old when she committed the crime that landed her on death row. May 1999, in Dothan Alabama, Patricia Blackmon brutally murdered her two-year-old adopted daughter Dominiqua Bryant. She subsequently was found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty.

She recently appealed to the court on their decision, stating that she was not deserving of the death penalty. Her argument against her sentence included her idea that she possibly knocked the child unconscious before the entire brutal beating took place. Dominiqua suffered multiple skull fractures, broken bones, and was beaten so badly a foot imprint was left on her chest. I guess in her eyes if the child was unconscious she didn’t feel the pain of the subsequent blows and therefore she should receive a lesser sentence.

Well not in the eyes of the court, in a unanimous decision in August 2005 the court denied her appeal, along with her request for a retrial. Patricia Blackmon requested the retrial at the same time of the appeal stating that she was unfairly tried because the jury was persuaded by pretrial publicity.

Now age 35, Patricia Blackmon remains on death row in the state of Alabama where she will eventually be executed if the courts continue to ignore her requests.