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Jacob Lindorff

2001 Dec 14


5-year-old boy adopted from Russia by James and Heather Lindorff, died of blunt force trauma to head. He also suffered from 2nd degree burns on feet, hemorrhaging in 1 eye; bruises, and seizures. Heather Lindorff was found guilty of 2nd degree endangering, aggravated assault and sentenced to 6 years, she claimed the injuries were accidents. James Lindorff was sentenced to 4 years probation and 400 hours of community service for child abuse. Jacob had only been in the US 6 weeks before he died. Jacob was adopted with his two brothers from Pskov, Russia in Oct 2001. Lindorffs had adopted 3 sisters from Russia in early 2000.


Title Publication date
Out of prison, Franklin woman fails to regain custody of kids 2009 Dec 15
Lindorff gets 7 years in murder-for-hire plot 2008 Aug 8
7 years for man in foiled murder 2008 Aug 8
Pair indicted in murder for hire 2008 Mar 28
Man, in-law indicted in witness plot 2008 Mar 28
Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse Fatalities Among Internationally Adopted Children 2007 Nov 1
Bail set in alleged murder plot 2007 Sep 5
2 charged in murder-for-hire plot 2007 Sep 1
3 indicted on endangering welface of children charges 2006 Nov 4
Adoptive mother loses bail, begins serving 6-year term 2006 Jun 23
Heather Lindorff starts prison term 2006 Jun 23
Revocation of bail is sought in death of adopted 5-year-old 2006 Jun 1
Authorities want parent back in jail 2006 May 27
Boy hospitalized for being undernourished 2006 Jan 1
Adoptee deaths rare, experts say 12 Russian cases troubling, puzzling 2004 May 21
Heather Lindorff gets 6 years 2004 Mar 31
Mother of dead boy gets 6 years 2004 Mar 31
Dead boy's mother cleared of manslaughter 2003 Dec 23
Mother is cleared of manslaughter 2003 Dec 23
Couple's trial in son's death goes to jury 2003 Dec 19
Lindorff tries to explain herself 2003 Dec 18
Siblings testify of dead boy's hard past 2003 Dec 17
Twin testifies at Lindorff trial 2003 Dec 17
Doctor: No signs of child abuse 2003 Dec 13
Witness: Siblings not abused 2003 Dec 13
Prosecution rests in trial over boy's death 2003 Dec 12
Examiner: Injuries added up to homicide 2003 Dec 11
Examiner says adopted boy was healthy 2003 Dec 11
At abuse trial, cashier recalls twins' visit to store 2003 Dec 10
Defense: Detective badgered mother after 5-year-old died 2003 Dec 9
Franklin cop testifies at Lindorff trial 2003 Dec 9
Emergency workers testify in trial of parents in death of adopted son, 5 2003 Dec 4
Franklin mother's trial begins 2003 Dec 4
Jury selection starts for mother in death of son, 5 2003 Dec 3
Mom has deadline to plead in death 2003 Oct 8
Trial delay possible for mom 2003 Sep 14
Late report may postpone trial 2003 Sep 13
Woman faces trial in death of 5-year-old 2003 May 29
Couple indicted again in son's death 2003 Jan 11
Metro Briefing | New Jersey: Woodbury: Parents Indicted In Son's Death 2002 Jul 5
Adoptive mom released on reduced bail 2002 Mar 9
Woman, 37, to stay jailed in battering death case 2002 Mar 2
State had investigated parents 2002 Feb 28
Franklinville woman charged in boy's death 2002 Feb 27