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Kelsey Hyre

2002 Sep 26


A Child's Waiting



Twenty six month old Kelsey Hyre was permanently paralyzed September 26, 2002. Kelsey and her brother Nathan were adopted from Amur Russia, probably Blagoveshchensk, 8 months earlier when they were 18 and 22 months old. Her spine was severed after her adoptive father Gerald Hyre slammed her on the floor. Adoptive mother, Bonnie Hyre, who was at work at the time, took her to hospital when she came home. Ms. Hyre had previously suspected her husband of abusing both Kelsey and her adoptive brother Nathan, 3, and had taken photos of other injuries, discussed suspicions with co-workers, but after husband's arrest she destroyed pictures and did nothing.

Gerald Hyre was sentenced to 16 years for felonious assault and child abuse. Bonnie Hyre was sentenced to 2 years for permitting child abuse and evidence tampering and served 10 months. Kelsey has been adopted by another couple and is reportedly responding well. Nathan was placed temporarily with Bonnie Hyre's mother, but now Bonnie has custody.