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Teen adopted by policeman held in jail


The Associated Press

BROOVILLE Pa.- Police plan to charge a NewYork City teen ager, who gained national recognition in the book "The Cop and the Kid," with fraudulent use of a credit card after he allegedly left home with a gun and Jeep belonging to his adoptive father, a disabled policeman.

Michael Buchanan. 19 was taken into custody Saturday night, police said, alter a truckstop owner along Interstate 80 tipped police that a customer was trying to pay for gas with a stolen credit card.

Police said Buchanan probably would be charged today in Brookville then turned over to New York authorities for the thefts from William Fox. a policeman who talked the youth out of jumping from a rooftop in 1981 as a crowd below yelled "Jump. jump! "

The incident and Fox's subsequent adoption of the teen-ager attracted national headlines and resulted in the writing of the book.

1984 Jan 16