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Three Waianae residents indicted with abusing foster children


Three Waianae residents indicted with abusing foster children 

April 29, 2006

Associated Press 

HONOLULU (AP) _ Three Waianae residents were indicted yesterday with abusing five foster-care children.

Rita Makekau is accused of assaulting the children with a knife, hammer, metal spoon and a can of dog food.

The indictment says Makekau's son-in-law Gabriel Kalama beat two of the children with a baseball bat and abused the other children.

Kalama's wife and Makekau's daughter Barbara Kalama was also charged with abuse.

The five children are siblings aged 8, 11, 13, 14, and 15.

They were removed from the home after the allegations surfaced in February.

The indictment provided few details but suggested a pattern of abuse that began in January 2004.

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