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US couple sentenced for abusing adopted kids from Russia


U.S. Court Condemns the Hansens for Leaving in Danger Children Adopted in Russia

The U.S. Utah Court passed a surprisingly mild award re: the Hansens, who had been initially charged with felony counts of child abuse/neglect and misdemeanor count of child abuse concerning the children (four and five years old) adopted in Russia.

In the end, the Hansens were accounted guilty only in leaving the children in danger. Teresa Hansen got a year conditional sentence and was charged with a fine of $5,000. Her husband, Reed Hansen, was put on parole for six months and charged with $2,000. The funds will go to the children’s aid foundation. The Hansens are to transfer $35,000 more to the foundation to be spent by the children to pay for the college once they attain the age of 18. The two children, currently eight and seven years old, have been separated and placed with different families, AP reports.

The Hansens’ trial is by far not a solitary one with adopted children of Russia’s origin involved. Last year, Irma Pavlis was condemned to 12-year imprisonment for involuntary manslaughter of her adopted sun Alex Pavlis of Russia. The trial revealed Ms Pavlis had never been warned of mental deviation of Alex and the adoption vilated the laws.

2006 Jan 10