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Neighbors report disturbances in apartment where two-year-old was abused


Neighbors reported hearing disturbing noises inside an apartment where police say a two-year old boy was abused. Police say the child suffered severe injuries and is not expected to live.

22-year old Nereida Allen and live-in boyfriend, 23-year old Joshua Peacher have each been charged with beating Allen's two-year old nephew. Police say they shook and hit the child numerous times because he was throwing a fit.

Heather Skaggs wasn't sure what was happening.

"The crime scene unit came and we saw everybody walking in there and taking pictures and everything," said Skaggs.

It was around 3:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when she watched homicides detectives and crime scene investigators walk into her neighbor's Shively apartment.

A woman, whose identity wishes to remain concealed, was visiting her daughter Tuesday night in the apartment next door to where 22-year old Nereida Allen lives with her boyfriend, 23-year old Joshua Peacher. The woman says she and her daughter were distracted by the loud noises next door.

"It sounded like things were being thrown against the wall and it was shaking the wall," the woman said.

On Wednesday, Metro Police arrested Allen and Peacher, charging them with criminal abuse and assault after they admitted to police to striking and shaking Allen's two-year old nephew.

"She said the child was throwing a fit and that's what led to them disciplining the child," said Lt. Barry Wilkerson, LMPD homicide unit.

Police say Allen had been given temporary custody of her nephew and another two-year old child.

"The injuries show that some kind of shaking or jerking action was on the child and that's where the actual charges stem from," said Wilkerson.

Arrests records show both children were assaulted. Unconscious and unresponsive, Allen's nephew was taken here to St. Mary and Elizabeth's Hospital and then rushed to Kosair Children's Hospital with bruises all over his body and no signs of brain activity. Homicides detectives remained there for most of Wednesday evening.

"It's scary. The things kids have to go through and they can't defend themselves," said the woman.

Again, the child is not expected to survive. Our requests to interview both Allen and Peacher were denied because they have not had their initial court appearance. That will happen tomorrow morning.

2008 Aug 30