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Boy adopted by Timothy and Tracy Ferriter

2022 Jan

A boy adopted by Timothy and Tracy Ferriter was locked up in a box-like structure in the garage. 


Title Publication date
Bond denied for Timothy Ferriter, father found guilty in 'Boy in the Box' trial 2023 Oct 23
Adoptive father to Vietnamese son found guilty in child abuse trial 2023 Oct 19
Day 9: Jury finds father of 'Boy in the Box' guilty on all charges 2023 Oct 12
FL v. Timothy Ferriter: Boy in the Box Trial 2023 Oct 10
Hours of yelling, cursing, even crying: More 'boy in the box' exchanges with adopted dad before state rested 2023 Oct 7
Prosecutors rest in Tim Ferriter child abuse trial; defense denied judgment of acquittal 2023 Oct 6
Child abuse or bad parenting? Jury hears case of Florida dad who kept teenager locked in garage 2023 Oct 4
Ferriter daughter testifies about windowless room in the garage 2023 Oct 4
Trial set to start for Jupiter man accused of confining child in box-like room in garage 2023 Sep 29
As trial nears, lawyer says parents who locked adopted teen in Jupiter garage 'did their best' 2023 Jul 30
Judge denies release of records in 'Boy in Box' case 2023 Jul 21
Behind a Jupiter couple's child abuse charges: A secret locked room and a troubled family 2022 Jun 5
‘They were in such a rush’: After arrests, Florida couple demolished garage room where teen lived 2022 Jun 5
Jupiter parents say adopted teen locked in garage room had attachment disorder. What that means 2022 Jun 5
A Florida couple kept an adopted teen locked in the garage. Their lawyer says they had no choice 2022 Jun 5
Did Florida's adoption system fail Jupiter teen forced to live in a locked garage room? 2022 Jun 5
Exploring RAD: Criminal defense used in previous child abuse cases in Florida 2022 May 9
Lawyer for parents accused of abuse says Jupiter police ignored evidence of child's behavior 2022 Feb 12
Jupiter couple faces aggravated child abuse charges; police say they made child live in box in garage 2022 Feb 9