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Court Documents Reveal Details In Barahona Case

Documents: Jorge Barahona Thought Twins Poisoned Him

MIAMI -- The investigation into Carmen and Jorge Barahona, who are accused of killing their adopted daughter, revealed a series of brutal details, according to court documents .

The documents say investigators found the body of 10-year-old Nubia Barahona naked, in the fetal position and stuffed in a bag covered in corrosive chemicals in her adoptive father's pest control pickup truck Feb. 14 along Interstate 95 in Palm Beach County. Her twin brother, Victor, was found alive but with signs of abuse and scars, including "damage to his sphincter," according to the documents.

For days, hazmat teams sorted through caustic cans of chemicals found in the truck. The new documents detailed what investigators found, including "acid" and "poison." Police collected 22 bags of chemicals and evidence at that scene alone.

The documents contain about 900 pages. Investigators have been building their case for more than three months.

Court documents claim police made more horrible discoveries at the family's southwest Miami-Dade County home. They include rolls of tape, which prosecutors said Carmen and Jorge Barahona used to bind Nubia in a bathtub, as well as bloodstains and fingernails. Page after page detailed DNA evidence collected there.

Hours after a police officer notified Carmen Barahona of what happened, police spoke to her about her husband. Even in their first interview, Carmen Barahona began to implicate Jorge Barahona, saying he thought the twins were poisoning him, according to the documents. Police said Carmen Barahona told them her husband threatened her and regularly beat the twins.

The records include Jorge Barahona's cellphone calls from the weekend Nubia disappeared, which included the days after police believe he beat her to death in the bedroom of their home.

Dozens of hours of interviews are transcribed, including those from the Barahonas' two other children who lived with them, who detailed how Nubia would be bound for days in a bathtub.

In the records, detectives noted evidence that Jorge Barahona may have systematically used the twins for sex acts.

Carmen and Jorge Barahona, who face charges of murder and child abuse, have said little in court about the crimes of which they are accused. But long before the hearings, the court documents show there was a letter written in 2006. Allegedly in Jorge Barahona's own hand, the letter appears to show he had a problem taking "pills," a problem so bad he was worried he would "pass away." If he did die, the letter said he did not want prosecutors blaming his wife.

Carmen and Jorge Barahona have pleaded not guilty. Their attorneys are concerned about picking a jury that can be fair and impartial with all the evidence being public. Jorge Barahona's defense attorney has already telegraphed intentions to use some of the evidence to show mental deterioration, a possible defense.

2011 May 26