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WA, 10th anniversary of the death of Shawn Lowrance



Today is the 10th anniversary of the death of Shawn Lowrance (nee Andy Mohler), the heavily insured ($650,000) adopted boy who died when fishing with his father.

Weeks after the death, after receiving a phone call from an insurance company, the authorities opened up a criminal investigation into the matter. Ten years later, no charges have been filed in this incident.

One insurance company sued the parents of Shawn for fraud, alleging that the insurance policies were purchased with the intent to do bodily injury to Shawn. A civil trial on this issue was scheduled to start in May, 2004. To the best of my knowledge, the civil trial was never held.

I have no idea if the insurance companies ever paid off on Shawn’s policies.

If anybody has any information post 2004 on this incident, please post it.

Shawn Lowrance 1989-1999, R.I.P.

2009 Oct