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Bond Set At $500,000 For Man Accused of Killing Boy


Omaha, NE - The man accused of killing a young child sits in jail with a half million dollar bond.  Joleet Poole appeared before a judge this morning.  He is accused of killing one-year-old Davion Winrow on September 27th.

According to court papers, Joleet Poole had a lot in common with little Davion.  His mother reportedly couldn't take of him, or didn't want to. Like Davion, Poole spent much of his life in foster care.

Court records show Poole's been violent before--when he was nine years old, he reportedly stabbed someone. `

This time he's accused of killing Davion, a baby he reportedly was trying to adopt. The county attorney tells us Poole was a prospective adoptive father and may have been visiting or watching Davion when the head injury happened.

Davion was only a year old, but court records show he tested positive for cocaine when he was born.

The courts ended his birth mother's parental rights this summer.

Court records also show Davion had a half-brother who was also taken away from the same mother 13 years earlier.

That son is Marques Moten, who was arrested for a deadly hit and run last May. 

Police say he slammed into a car a 81-year-old man was driving, left the scene, then bragged about it. Moten's case has been transferred to juvenile court.

Poole is scheduled to be in adult court Friday.

Reported by Kathy Sarantos Niver, kathy@action3news.com

2007 Nov 12