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2 Poles arrested after death of 2 foster children [duplicate]


WARSAW, Poland (AP) — An official says a Polish couple accused of killing two children in their foster home have been arrested.

Regional prosecutor Piotr Styczewski says the husband and wife confessed during initial questioning to killing the two children, but the investigation has just begun.

The suspects, identified only as 32-year-old Anna Cz, and 36-year-old Wieslaw Cz, were taken into custody Wednesday on a court order saying they must be kept under guard for three months.

At the foster home in the town of Puck, a 3-year-old boy died of injuries in July and his 5-year-old sister died of injuries last week. The second death led to a detailed police investigation and the detention of the couple.

The man and woman have operated the foster home for five children since January.

2012 Sep 19