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Oklahoma v Ashton Malachi Tyler - Affidavit


The State of Oklahoma vs Ashton Malachi Tyler for Rape by Instrumentation

1. On September 9, 2008, Barbara Louise Thomas-Johnson told me she was in the process of adopting J.E.J. aka J.S.T., female child, age 12. Thomas Johnson told me J.E.J. told her she had previously lived with Ardee Tyler, Penny Tyler, Ashton Tyler, at the Tyler residence, located west of the City of Fairview, County of Major, state of Oklahoma. Thomas-Johnson told me J.E.J. had stated she had been physically abused by Ardee and Penny Tyler, while at the residence in 2007. J.E.J. stated she had been tied with rope and restrained to a bed in the basement of the Tyler residence within the past year for two consecutive nights. J.E.J. indicated she had been tiedwith a rope, to a chair during the daylight hours, during this tiime period. J.E.J had also been forced to sleep outside of the residence by Ardee and Penny Tyler, when the outside temperature was very cold. JEJ indicated to Thomas-Johnson, in early 2007 she had been sexually assaulted by Ashton Tyler, in Ashton's bed in the basement of the residence.

2. On September 24, 2008, Ashton Tyler told me on one occasion in 2005, when Ashton was 15 years old and J.S.T. was 9 years old he had sexually assaulted J.S.T. Ashton told me one time during the evening hours while he was wearing only a pair of shorts and no other clothing he had walked in J.S.T.'s bedroom and picked JST out of her bed and carried her into his bedroom. While carrying her, Ashton began kissing J.S.T. on the mouth. . J.S.T. was clothed only in a pair of pajamas. Ashton then laid J.S.T. on his bed and began kissing J.S.T on her mouth. Ashton then placed his left hand on J.S.T.'s breast area and rubbed. Ashton admitted to me while he continued to kiss J.S.T. on her mouth, he moved his left hand to J.S.T.'s vaginal area and inserted his left index finger into J.S.T.'s vagina. Ashton told me "it was a terrible mistake and I'm so sorry, I never did it again, please forgive me." Ashton made these admissions to me in the presence of Major County Undersheriff Orlis Reames and Deputy Sheriff Jason Caywood. Ashton also provided me with a hand written statement of his admissions.

3. I have been a law enforcement officer in the State of Oklahoma since 1980 and have investigated numerous criminal offenses, to include but not limited to child physical abuse.

Further affiant saith not.

2008 Oct 1