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Douglas County Sheriff's Office Complaint Report


Plain English summary of document

An attorney (name not given) place Masha with Faith Allen's friend Amanda Slatten. Allen found out and drove to Slatten residencce. Slatten refused to return Masha to Faith and called the sheriff's office. Sheriff's office told Slatten that she had no legal basis for keeping Masha. Then Masha left "on her own free will".

After Masha left the Slatten residence, Amanda Slatten phoned Brian Tolert (the author of this report) and told him that Masha had told her daughter that, "she was going to go with her mother; act as if everything was okay, and then kill herself."

Upon receiving this information, Tolbert called the Department of Family and Chidren Service and spoke to Tina Shear. Shear told him that Slatten would need to come in and make a report.

Shortly after that, Tolbert received a call from attorney James Marsh who informed Tolbert of Masha's background. He also said that there needed to be "further action". Tolbert told him to contact Sgt Ken Harper if he wanted "further action". This he did.

Harper told Talbert to go to the Allen residence and take Masha into custody. Masha was taken into custody and then taken to Douglas General Wellstar hospital for a medical evaluation. She was admitted and 10-13 medical evaluation was done to determine "further medical care".

2006 Sep 27