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Youth adopted by cop returns to natural family


The Associated Press

Everman, Texas- An 18·year-old youth who has come home to his natural family alter a 15·yeer separation says he'll never forget the New York police officer who rescued him from suicide and later

adopted him.

But Michael Buchanan is happy to be back home.

"They treat me like I‘ve been here a long time — just like I‘m part of the family." the teen-ager said at his new home in suburban Fort Worth. His flight here 10 days ago was met by his 16-year-old brother, Jimmy. a

stepbrother. Matthew. 10, and his mother.

Last September. the lonely youth sat on the roof of a seedy New York City hotel and threatened to kill himself. A crowd gathered below and urged him to jump.

But a policeman. William Fox, persuaded Buchanan to change his mind.

"I'd be proud to have a son like you." Fox told him. coaxing the youth to safety.

Fox eventually adopted Buchanan. who enrolled in high school in New York. Now that the youth has moved to Texas. the officer is letting him go -· reluctantly.

Until November, Buchanan said he didn't think hls mother was still alive. She lost custody of him in a divorce proceedings 15 years ago. Buchanan said he had been abused by his father in Tennessee and then had been bounced from one Foster home to another. He said he had been living in the streets since he was 13, when foster parents in Tennessee abandoned him. He arrived in New York in late August last year.

Gloria Hunsinger, Buchanan's mother, found out about her son when hls case received publicity. and she contacted him.

She said she had been told nine years ago that he was dead.

"And I didn't think he would ever corne," she said. "Then I came in one day (about two weeks go), and the phone was ringing and he said, "This is Michael"

Buchanan, said he had been in "a Catch-22 situation;"

"When I finally decided to call her, Mr. Fox and I had a big argument. He didn't want me to come here because he thought it would upset me emotionally, and I wanted to come.

“I was std to leave him, but his attitude was 'It you're happy. then Im happy."

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