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Tylski Denies Child Abuse Charges


Tylski Denies Child Abuse Charges

By Victor Blackwell First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The home of former Jaguar offensive lineman Rich Tylski is one several neighbors know and trust.

Tylski's wife, Jane, tells First Coast News, it?s, "the hangout of the neighborhood."

"It's the [most fun] place to be. Everybody goes over there to play," said neighbor Kaitlin Chappell, 17.

Wednesday, the playing stopped. Rich and Jane Tylski were arrested and charged with child abuse and child neglect.

After bonding out, Jane Tylski spoke with First Coast News. She wouldn't go on camera, but she says, "Our reputation is bigger than these charges."

According to the Associated Press, the couple's adopted daughter was taken to a hospital with a broken leg.

The AP reports the Tylski's told doctors she'd fallen down stairs in their home, eight hours earlier.

But the AP says the girl later told investigators that was a lie. She told them her mother had broken her leg.

According to the AP, the girl told investigators Rich Tylski beat her with a belt and Jane Tylski slammed her head onto a table.

Jane Tylski tells First Coast News, "We are not private people. Everybody knows these charges are ludicrous."

Chappell says she babysat the Tylski kids.

"They have great children and they would never do anything like that to their children."

The Department of Children and Families would not discuss the specific of the case, but neighbors are talking. Several are supporting the Tylski's.

Rich Tylski was an offensive lineman for the Jaguars between 1996 & 1999.

2006 Apr 21