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Bribing Of Witness Alleged Sex-abuse Victim Got $800, Police Say



The sex-abuse case against former foster father David Allen Lindsey Sr. took a bizarre twist when authorities arrested another Ocala man, charging him with using a $1,000 bribe to persuade one boy not to testify against Lindsey.

On Friday, Scott Lee Jones posted $5,000 bail and was released from the Marion County Jail. Police charged the man with witness tampering and solicitation to commit perjury.

According to court documents prepared by Boynton Beach police, Jones offered $1,000 to a 17-year-old boy, asking him to recant statements accusing Lindsey of sexual abuse.

According to the documents, Jones told the 17-year-old: ``I know those things happened, but we need to keep (Lindsey) out of jail.``

Lindsey, once renowned for being among the state`s first bachelors to adopt children, was arrested in June 1987 and charged with sexually abusing five children.

Three of those children recanted their statements within a week. Officials say Jones was among them.

Lindsey`s oldest adopted son and a neighbor boy are the only victims remaining who plan to testify against Lindsey. That neighbor is the boy who police say was offered the $1,000 bribe.

Jones was arrested on the bribery-related charges at Lindsey`s home in Ocala, where Jones now lives, according to law enforcement officials.

Lindsey`s attorney, Richard Lubin, could not be reached for comment on the recent developments.

The investigation included members of the Marion County Sheriff`s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Formal charges were filed against Jones on Monday in Palm Beach County.

Police said Jones asked the 17-year-old boy in September to lie about his earlier statements against Lindsey. The boy agreed to do it, and called Lubin`s office to explain.

On Oct. 4, police said, Jones met the boy at the South Technical Education Center in Boynton Beach and paid him $800 in cash, promising the the other $200 later.

Jones also promised another $2,000 to the boy if Lindsey was acquitted of the criminal charges against him, according to court records.

On Oct. 31, the 17-year-old boy told police about his conversations with Jones and gave them the money he had not spent, police said.

Palm Beach County prosecutor Scott Cupp said the boy has never recanted his statements implicating Lindsey. FDLE officials say their investigation is continuing.

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