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Little Girl Found Dead from Severe Physical Abuse


Little Girl Found Dead from Severe Physical Abuse

8/28/2007 6:35 am

A little girl was found dead from severe physical abuse, and now the eight-year-old’s adoptive parents are in jail, charged with injury to a child. It’s one of the worst cases of child abuse Gonzales County investigators say they’ve seen in a long time.

The girl’s birth mother, Teresa Camarillo, spoke out about the arrest. “They hurt, they killed my baby and they hurt my other ones,” said Camarillo, who said she can’t stop thinking about how her eight year old daughter Chrystal died.

Investigators say the girl’s adoptive parents severely abused her. “The child was emaciated and in really poor condition,” said Sheriff Glen Sachtleben.

Rubin and Bettie Ramirez are Chrystal’s adoptive parents. They are now charged with injury to a child. According to Child Protective Services, the Ramirez’ took the little girl and her siblings in 1999. That’s when her biological mom lost custody.

Chrystal’s birth mother told News 4 WOAI that she has never stopped loving her little girl. “What they did to her is more than just injury to a child. They tortured her,” said Camarillo.

Investigators say other children in the Ramirez’ home were also abused, and more charges could be filed.

“You deserve what you get, and jail is not enough for me. What prison, in a couple of years, you get out?” asks Camarillo. “No, I want the max. I want the death sentence and nothing less than that!”

Chrystal’s brother and sister are now in foster care.

A spokeswoman from CPS told News 4 WOAI they investigated the Ramirez’ for abuse and neglect back in 2004. She says older children in the home denied the allegations, and doctors could not prove any signs of abuse.

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