exposing the dark side of adoption
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About Us


Our Mission

The mission of Pound Pup Legacy is to promote the safety and well being of children in care. To this end we document cases of malpractice and corruption and offer support to the victims of the "dark side of child placement".

  • We believe no child should be placed outside its family unless it serves the child's best interest.
  • We believe children being placed in adoptive families, foster care families and residential care should be kept safe and their well-being should be the highest priority.
  • We believe children leaving the child placement system should have a future to look forward to.

What we do

Pound Pup legacy tries to raise awareness about the many wrong-doings in the child placement system.

  • We document cases of abuse in child placement, child trafficking, overmedication in foster care and several other issues that compromise the safety and well being of children in care.
  • We publish information about child placement policies and current events that have an impact on children in care.
  • We discuss the many aspects of adoption, foster care and residential care and offer support to those who have experienced the "dark side of child placement".

Who we are 

Pound Pup Legacy is a membership based online web community. To guarantee the quality of the information provided we have dedicated editors for our case archives and several other sections. Membership is free and gives privileges to post: discussions, articles, blogs, videos, links and images.

Pound Pup Legacy is hosted by:
Kerry: kerry@poundpuplegacy.org
Niels: niels@poundpuplegacy.org
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