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Woman Sentenced For Keeping Girl As Slave


PONTIAC, Mich.-- Evelyn Djoumessi received her sentencing today after being convicted of keeping a young girl as a slave in her Farmington Hills home. Her husband was sentenced previously for the same crime.

Djoumessi, who was found guilty Sept. 6 of third-degree child abuse, was sentenced to three years probation and nine months in Oakland County Jail. She has already received credit for 183 days served.

Her husband, Joseph Djoumessi, was found guilty of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and child abuse. He was sentenced in September to at least nine years in prison.

The girl, Pridine Fru, moved from Cameroon, Africa, to live in the Djoumessi home and work on getting an education.

Prosecutors said that the couple forced the teen into a life of slavery and sexual abuse. They allegedly falsified immigration papers for Fru and promised her an education.

Fru, 18, testified that Joseph Djoumessi sexually assaulted her during her three-year stay in their home.

The couple denied the allegations. They said that they offered the girl a better life than she would have had in Africa, and that she was allowed to leave whenever she wanted to do so.

2001 Nov 15