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Put me in a Holding Room!


from: http://www.nj.com/specialprojects/childabuse

Some children never receive much-needed counseling because their parents refuse to report abuse in order to "protect" them, Broscius says. They don't want their children to have to relive the abuse by sharing it with therapists, police, prosecutors and ultimately a jury. They feel it's best to pretend the abuse never happened, but that can be the worst way to handle the situation, Scarf says.

"Child sexual abuse is devastating to a child and can have lifelong effects," Scarf says. "It can lead to injurious behavior."

While parents can look for warning signs to determine whether their child has been abused sexually, there's really no way to predict which type of child is more likely than another to be sexually abused.

"We investigate reports of child sexual abuse at all income levels," Scarf said.

As horrific as the crime is, as unthinkable as it may be, the scariest reality facing parents is that child sexual abuse can happen to any child.

"I don't believe there is any type of statistical data that can tell us when you're going to be abused," Broscius says. "You're just lucky if you don't."

Obviously, Broscius has never heard the phrase: Adopted Children, abused by their owners.

It's always easiest to abuse and ignore the child NOT biologically related to the animals of Human Indecency.

"Lucky"???  Being sold and abused is never a matter of Luck... it's a matter of adult greed, ignorance, abandonment and betrayal.  Perhaps real investigative reporting is left to the hypocrites in Social Services.

Shame on all of those who consider this series anything more than yet another example of apathetic, lazy and dis-interested American journalism. 

[I am so revolted by this CHRONIC trend, I feel physically ill]  My God... what is happening to this world?  Don't people care anymore?

2007 Jan 23