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Accused child molestor unsure of trial decision


Accused child molestor unsure of trial decision

Submitted by dclark on Tue, 2012-03-27 16:13

A 44-year-old accused child rapist says he remains uncertain whether he will stand trial or accept a plea deal in his case.

North Pole resident Rolin Allison faces a possible life prison term for alleged sex crimes that spanned a period of 13 years.

He's charged with 34 counts of First Degree Sexual Abuse of a Minor.

Allison is accused of sexually abusing four children over a period of 13 years.

According to family members, one of the alleged victims, a female child, was just 4-years-old when the abuse began back in 1993.

While Allison continues to voice uncertainty, his attorney, Justin Racette, also says he's not ready to mount a defense for his client due to recent health issues.

Trial, which was scheduled to begin tomorrow, has now been pushed back to the week of April 23rd.

But victims’ family members say they can wait to see justice done.

2012 Mar 27