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Police: Mom dumped daughter’s body in creek


Uriah A. Kiser

Police say Alfreedia Gregg-Glover dumped her 13-year-old disabled daughter in a freezing creek last week, and then made up the story about the girl running away.

As dozens of searchers hunted for Alexis Glover after she was reported missing, her mother knew all along that the girl lay dead, according to detectives.

At a news conference Wednesday, police and prosecutors said they believe Alexis was likely dead when she was put in a car and driven to Asdee Lane near the McCoart building.

A man out for a walk found the girl’s body on Friday. Police still are not saying how the girl died. Autopsy results are still pending.

“The investigation indicates that the mother had criminal culpability related to her [daughter’s] death and the transportation of her body to that location,” said Prince William police Chief Charlie T. Deane.

On Tuesday night, detectives charged Gregg-Glover with felony child neglect and filing a false police report in the girl’s disappearance and death.

They have not charged her with murder, but said they believe “with certainty” Alexis’ killer is not on the loose.

Police said they received many tips from the public in the case, but none of them pointed to Gregg-Glover.

She invited reporters into her home Monday and made a public plea for anyone with information about her daughter’s killer to come forward. Detectives watched the tapes of that interview and they eventually became a “factor” in her arrest, Deane said.

Police said Gregg-Glover fabricated the story about Alexis running away from her at the Central Park library in Manassas on Jan. 7. They said the girl’s body was likely put in the creek miles away that same day.

A massive search ensued, costing the county “tens of thousands of dollars,” said Prince William police Chief Charlie T. Deane. More than 300 law enforcement officers and volunteer searchers helped to look for her.

Police were concerned because Alexis suffered from severe autism and sickle cell anemia.

Alexis also had a history of running away. She wore an electronic GPS bracelet distributed by the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office, so she could easily be found.

That bracelet was found near the library shortly after she was reported missing. Officials would not say who they think removed it or how it was removed.

Gregg-Glover was arrested Tuesday just after 10 p.m., after detectives searched her home and cars. Police would not say what they were looking for or what they seized.

Court documents detailing that information had been sealed from the public.

“This is our third major case in as many weeks and we handled them just like the other two, with a lot of resources…we worked from Wednesday morning up through last night.

Any case like this there is always more work after the arrest than before the arrest,” said Prince William police Maj. Ray Colgan.

Officials would not say if police had been to Gregg-Glover’s home to investigate previous reports of child abuse or neglect.

Neighbors who live close to the Gregg-Glover home said they think more could have been done to protect Alexis.

Wes Byers lives blocks away from the Gregg-Glover home, on Macbeth Street. He said Alexis came to his house wearing nothing but underpants and a barbeque grill cover on Dec. 2 after 5 a.m.

Freezing and distraught, he said, she was bleeding from a gash on the back of her head.

She told him someone had hit her with a stick.

Having never seen the girl before, he said he went to call police, but the girl stopped him and asked to stay at his house.

She said she did not want to go home, Byers said.

“I didn’t know what to do and I was afraid I would put her on the defensive if I tried to help her,” Byers said.

The police eventually came, and Byers and his wife accompanied the girl to the hospital.

“I did what I could to help her but I never thought she would end up like this,” Byers said.

Police would not comment on his story but did say they have received dozens of tips from the public about Alexis that they are investigating.

Gregg-Glover adopted Alexis five years ago, after fostering the girl.

If convicted of the crimes, she faces up to 10 years in prison. A court date is set for Feb. 23 for the filing a false police report charge and March 4 on the felony child neglect charge.

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