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Letter from James Marsh to Timothy J. Sloan, Esq. - II


October 9, 2007

sent via fax and mail

Timothy J. Sloan, Esq.

107 E Lloyd St

PO Box 330

Ebensburg, PA 15931-0330

fax 814-472-9309

Re: Masha Elizabeth Allen

Florida Criminal Court Testimony

Dear Mr. Sloan,

I recently leaned that on Monday, October 15,2007, your client Masha Allen will testify in open court in Orange County Florida about the sexual abuse and exploitation she suffered while in the care of her adopted father Matthew Mancuso. Her testimony is likely to garner international media attention including live television and print coverage.

I also understand that in early September Masha was deposed and videotaped without the benefit or presence of counsel in this same criminal matter. As the primary architect of the federal law named for her-Masha's Law-I strongly believe that ANY sworn testimony will have an enormous negative effect on Masha's ability to recover in the hundreds of civil cases in which she is a plaintiff. The potential recovery in these cases is in the millions of dollars.

Masha requires immediate intervention to preserve her substantial civil legal rights.

In addition and perhaps of greater importance is the impact this high profile public appearance will have on Masha's fragile emotional state. This is the first time Masha will confront her abuser in court as a witness. She will be subject to blistering cross-examination about her past and current mental status, lack of mental health and medical treatment, and unstable lifestyle. Prior sworn statements may be used to impeach her and challenge her credibility. Her therapist must be consulted and involved in determining the repercussions of this situation.

In short, the Florida criminal proceeding will have a devastating impact on Masha's civil legal rights and emotional well-being. This situation requires the prompt attention of everyone involved with her current case.

Very truly yours,

James R. Marsh

2007 Oct 9