abuse in child placement

While child placement is based on the premise to give children a safer environment than the one they are born into, far too often adoptive families and foster care families are just as bad or even more dangerous.

The prevalence of abuse in foster care has been known for at least 35 years and little has been done to prevent it. The abused adopted child, is equally neglected, but much less has been written about it.

In this section we discuss the effects and the causes of abuse in foster care and the abuse in adoptive families.

Here we also collect abuse cases known to us, as a tribute to the children that fell victim to abuse and to learn the patterns that are common among these cases. Perhaps people can learn something by comparing different cases.


Special features: Abuse cases

Abuse in child placement cases are maintained in this group. To make the archive as complete as possible we can use your help. If you know of cases not covered, or know of articles not listed with the cases, please subscribe and help maintain this section of the website or send links and articles to this mail address.

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