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Eastern Europe


Abuse cases

Title Date
Twins adopted by Mark and Melissa McGregor 2019 Jul 8
Girl adopted by John and Georgiana Tufts 2016 Aug
Boy adopted by Nakia Brice 2015 Jul 2
Boy adopted by Christine Evelyn Baughman 2014 Nov 22
Two children adopted by Kate Parker 2014 Apr 1
Children adopted by Lev Dzyuba and his wife 2013 Aug 15
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin) 2013 Jan 21
Alexei Nickavick Kelly 2012 Feb 14
Boy 'adopted' by Mark J Newton and Peter Truong 2012 Feb 9
Boy adopted by Matthew and Amy Sweeney (Daniil Krichun) 2012 Jul 19
Andrew Arthur Butler 2011 Jun 18
Six children adopted by Martin and Kathleen O'Brien 2011 Aug 3
Denis Khokhryakov aka Diego 2010 Apr 1
Girl adopted by Theresa McNulty 2010 Feb 21
Girls adopted by Edelwina and Steven Leschinsky 2010 Jan 12
Katya and Lisa adopted by Svetlana Oakley in Luhansk, Ukraine 2010 Dec 1
Kristoff Beagley (Daniil Bukharov) 2010 Nov 17
Xenia - girl adopted by Mary and Michael Grismore 2010 Jan 1
Gleb Ageyev (Aleksey) 2009 Mar 31
Nathaniel Michael Craver - (Ivan Skorobogatov) 2009 Aug 19
Chase Harrison (Dmitry Yakovlev) 2008 Jul 8
Nicolai Emelyantsev 2008 Mar 7
Six children adopted in Lapeer County Michigan 2008 Mar 31
Boy adopted by Paul and Debbie Salvetti 2007 Jan 1
Girl in care of Vladimir Karpov 2007 Jul 7
Phoebe and Joseph Dinkler 2007 Aug 9
Boy adopted by Jane and Timothy Cochran (Kuzma) 2006 Feb 3
Boys adopted by John Krueger 2006 Apr 13
Freddi Bergquist, (Erik Ilesov) Adopted Czech boy in Sweden 2006 Jan 8
Girl adopted by woman in Ontario, Canada 2006 Aug 17
Romanian boy adopted by Spanish couple 2006 Jun 16
Dennis Gene Merryman (Denis Uritsky) 2005 Jan 22
Girl adopted by David and Karen Gilmore 2005 Jan 22
Isaac Jonathan Dykstra (Ilya Kargyntsev) 2005 Aug 13
Nina Hilt (Viktoria Valeryevna Bazhenova) 2005 Jul 2
Rashid, boy adopted by Robert and Tracy Lynn Beatty 2005 Jun 3
Yuri Pintus Fiori (Kirill Pushkin) 2005 Jul 6
"Rebecca" from Bulgaria 2004 Dec 16
18 Children in care of Tom and Debra Schmitz 2004 Jun 30
Boy adopted by William Delos Peckenpaugh 2004 Dec 1
13+ Children in care of Diana Lynn Groves 2003 Nov 1
21 Girls adopted by John and Marian DiMaria 2003 Feb 1
Alex Pavlis (Alexei Vasilovich Geiko) 2003 Dec 18
Boy adopted by Michael and Pat Awada 2003 May 3
Girl adopted by David and Holly Meyers 2003 Jan 1
Jessica Albina Hagmann 2003 Aug 11
Liam Thompson (Dmitry Sergeyvich Islankulov) 2003 Oct 13
Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) 2003 May 27
Children adopted by Theresa and Reed Hansen 2002 Oct 2
Kelsey Hyre 2002 Sep 26
Maria Anastasia Bennett (Anastasia Plotnikova) 2002 Oct 23
Nikolina Stoyanova aka Nicole Kuchler 2002 Jan 1
Sacha Vallée 2002 Oct 9
Yana and Anatoli Kolenda 2002 Oct 21
Zachary Higier (Nikita Khoryakov) 2002 Aug 15
Jacob Lindorff 2001 Dec 14
Luke Evans (Sergei Nakonechny) 2001 Nov 30
David and Samuel Briggs (David and Samuel Filipache) 2000 Oct 1
Viktor Alexander Matthey (Viktor Sergievich Tulimov) 2000 Oct 31
Logan Higginbotham (Anne Pochetnoy) 1998 Nov 25
Girls adopted by Karen and Richard Thorne 1997 Jul 3
David A. Polreis (Konstantin Shlepin) 1996 Feb 9

Child trafficking cases

Title Date
Romania - Italian couple case 2011 Mar 10
United States/Ukraine - Theresa Erickson, Hilary Neiman case 2011 Mar 1
Kenya - Abednego Rioba case 2008 Mar 9
Bulgaria - misc. child trafficking cases 2006 Jul 1
Russia - Yunona: Ivan Jerdev and Vladimir Jerdev case 2006 Jan 24
Roma children in Europe case 2005 Jan 1
Russia - Nadezhda Fratti case 2001 Jan 1
Russia - Maria Bednova 1999 Jan 1
Romania - Monica Baiaram case 1994 Jul 19
Russia - misc child trafficking articles case 1994 Nov 23
Romania / Hungary - John Davies - Adam Children's Fund 1993 Jan 1
Ukraine - misc Child trafficking 1993 Jan 1
Romania - misc trafficking cases 1990 Jan 1
Poland - misc trafficking cases 1989 Jan 1

Deportation cases

Title Date
Tatyana Mitrohina (Gann) 2008 Jul 7

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Sasha and Masha 2012 Mar 12
Artem Justin Hansen (Artyom Saveliev) 2010 Apr 8
Girl adopted by Tom and Beth Remboldt 2010 Oct 15
Anna Barnes 2008 Sep 1
Boy adopted through Ukrainian angels 2008 Jan 1
Dmitri Stewart 2007 Mar 1
Viktor Perdue 2005 Oct 5
Boy adopted from Russia 2005
Four children adopted through Ukrainian Angels 2003 Mar 9
Sasha Bignell from Ukraine 2003 Apr 1
Sage Christensen aka Sajan Myers (Igor Odnohorchenko) 2002 Jan 31
Children adopted by Scott and Karen Banks 2000 Jan 1
Michael Stamatis 2000 Jul 1
Samantha - girl adopted by Crystal and Jesse Money 2000 Feb 1
Elena Thomas 1999 May 20
Girl adopted by Peter and Denise Thomas 1999 Jan 1
Gabriel Petrosino (aka Gabor Lakatos) 1998 Mar 1
Inga Whatcott 1998 Sep 1
Jeremy Harper (aka Karolyi Baranyi) 1998 Jan 1
Alexandra Austin 1991 Jan 1

Wrongful removal cases

Title Date
Forced adoptions of Slovak children in the UK 2012 Oct 5


Title Publication date
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 2023 Sep 20
Les victimes nées en Roumanie ont exprimé des demandes à l'enquête interministérielle 2023 Feb 20
'I Was Definitely Trafficked': Romanians Adopted As Kids Now Seek Justice, Answers As Adults 2023 Jan 7
Ex-Strongsville adoption agency employee sentenced for schemes to bribe Ugandan judges, lying to adopt Polish girl, who was raped 2022 Nov 4
Ohio woman pleads guilty to adoption-fraud scheme that led to hospitalization of Polish child 2022 Feb 7
Agency director allowed fraudulent adoption that led to child’s abuse in Texas, feds say 2022 Feb 7
Former executive director of Strongsville adoption agency pleaded guilty to fraud scheme 2022 Feb 5
Former Executive Director of International Adoption Agency Pleads Guilty to Fraudulent Adoption Scheme 2022 Feb 4
Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to Schemes to Procure Adoptions from Uganda and Poland through Bribery and Fraud 2021 Nov 17
‘Ik zit al 22 jaar in een overlevingsmodus’ 2021 Nov
Three Individuals Charged with Arranging Adoptions from Uganda and Poland Through Bribery and Fraud 2020 Aug 17
Owner of Strongsville agency, employees charged with conspiracy in foreign adoption cases 2020 Aug 14
Ludovic Orban și prietenii săi de utilitate publică 2020 Jan 23
Romania a încălcat aquis-ul comunitar si legea Uniunii Europene 2019 Sep 9
More Hearings In Sorina’s Case, The Girl Adopted By A Family In The U.S. Romanian PG Challenges The Adoption Decision, Foster Parents Write Open Letter To Licu 2019 Jul 16
The lost children of the Holocaust 2015 May 4
Victoria adoption family alleges ministry hid extent of abuse 2014 Nov 20
Russia launches criminal inquiry into U.S. child trafficking 2013 Dec 5
66 Bulgarian Children Trafficked in 2012, Greece Hot Destination 2013 Oct 28
Russia halts adoptions to Sweden over gay nuptials 2013 Oct 4
Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking: Participatory approach 2013 Oct 3
Russian region completely bans foreign adoptions 2013 Sep 25
Astakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens 2013 Sep 23
Governments call on U.S. to track foreign adoptees 2013 Sep 13
Orphaned in Russia, brought to America, and then abandoned time and again 2013 Sep 11
Despite ‘grave danger,’ government allows Internet forums to go unchecked 2013 Sep 10
Illegal adoptions in Poland: Baby on sale [blog post] 2013 Jul 26
Duma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples 2013 Jun 18
Five Bulgarians arrested for baby trafficking in Thessaloniki 2013 Jun 11
Adoption fra fattige til rige lande skaber flere forældreløse, end den hjælper, mener ngo'en Against Child Trafficking 2013 Jun 1
Congressional letter to President Obama about Russian adoption ban (May 2013) 2013 May 31
Draft law by NGOs for the legalization of international adoption, endorsed by a Liberal senator 2013 Apr 4
Adoptions to Italy halted 2013 Mar 25
Painful Lessons from Romania’s Decade-Old Adoption Ban 2013 Mar 15
Ban hurts Russian kids, but U.S. adoption not a fix 2013 Mar 2
Adoption of Ukrainian children by foreigners: boon or bane? 2013 Mar 1
Bill to promote domestic institution of child adoptions submitted to State Duma 2013 Feb 26
More ‘Troubled’ Adoptions in US Come from Russia, Say Experts 2013 Feb 23
TFR promises to punish those responsible for the deaths of Americans orphans from Russia 2013 Feb 21
Russia to check reports of adoption of Russian child by U.S. woman in same-sex union 2013 Feb 20
Alert: Russian Supreme Court Letter on Implementation of Federal Law No. 272-FZ 2013 Jan 24
Russia may treat child adoption for cash as trafficking 2013 Jan 23
Yanukovych proposed to introduce international norms in adoption law, says Pavlenko 2013 Jan 18
Romanian foster care: equipping carers to help challenging children 2013 Jan 15
Eureka ranch at center of debate over adoption of Russian children 2013 Jan 12
Alert: Families, Agencies Report Difficulties in Completing Russian Adoptions 2013 Jan 11
Alert: Legislation to Ban Intercountry Adoption by U.S. Families 2013 Jan 3
Bans children make not happy 2012 Dec 27
Russia Votes to Ban All Adoptions by Americans 2012 Dec 19
Russian society split over bill set to ban US adoptions 2012 Dec 19
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
State asks judge to rein in Eureka ranch for troubled Russian kids 2012 Dec 3
I-Team investigates international adoption facilitator 2012 Nov 20
ESF funding for the SERA foundation Romania 2012 Nov 13
Ban on US-Russian Adoptions Would Have ‘Dire Consequences,’ Say Experts 2012 Oct 22
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
Russian Government Faces off with Eureka Adoption Ranch 2012 Aug 2
U.S. Failing Over Adoption Laws Says Russia 2012 Jul 26
Eureka ranch for Russian orphans denied state license 2012 Jul 19
Eureka ranch becomes focus of Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Russia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America 2012 Jul 6
No children for foreigners 2012 Jun 26
Duma to Debate Russia-U.S. Adoption Deal 2012 Mar 30
Woman abandons adopted twins in freezing temps, warrant issued 2012 Mar 13
Hunt for American woman who dumped adopted Russian twins on freezing street with just a note saying: 'I've given them up' Read 2012 Mar 12
Moscow calls to suspend adoption of Russian children by US citizens 2012 Feb 11
Pavel Astakhov: Russia with no orphans - such it will be 2011 Dec 29
Russia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US 2011 Dec 11
Russians unlikely to succeed in bid for new Craver trial, attorneys say 2011 Nov 21
Czech state restricts foreign adoptions, "exports" Romani infants 2011 Aug 17
Surrogacy Scandal Raises Question About Regulation 2011 Aug 11
American foster parents to pay alimony for rejected kids 2011 Jul 27
The Most Vulnerable Citizens 2011 Jul 26
Putin calls for compulsory training for adoptive parents 2011 Jul 21
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
U.S., Kremlin Reach Deal to Monitor Adoptions 2011 Jul 12
U.S. Ambassador Says Visa Deal Bigger Than New START 2011 Jul 5
Russia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman 2011 Jun 22
Babies just another commodity 2011 Jun 18
New regulations make international adoption harder than ever for Americans 2011 Jun 10
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
Little boy lost: Family struggles to help heal troubled adopted son 2011 May 30
Legislation and child protection services will be modified, re MMFPS start 2011 May 20
Russian Adoptions Slow but not Stopped a Year after Uproar 2011 Apr 7
Parents of troubled boy adopted from Russia reach settlement with Bethany Christian Services 2011 Mar 31
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 2011 Jan 22
MEPs debate Romanian adoptions 2011 Jan 19
Battle of international adoptions reaches peak 2010 Dec 3
Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze 2010 Nov 12
Supply and Demand: The Landscape 2010 Nov 1
Children are not commodity 2010 Aug 24
Who Will Write the End to Russian Orphan's Story? 2010 Jul 2
Adopted Russian child killed in USA 2010 Jun 18
Vivre en famille - Programme SERA - Nouvelle mission de l’association 2010 Apr 24
Romania remains closed for Intercountry Adoptions 2010 Apr 23
Returned Russian Adoptee Celebrates 8th Birthday 2010 Apr 16
US suspended from adopting Russian children 2010 Apr 15
New adoption scandal blows up over Russian boy left in Caribbean 2010 Apr 15
American parents send adopted 7-year-old back to Russia – by himself 2010 Apr 8
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 2010 Mar 5
‘Child wanted, cash paid’ 2010 Mar 4
Ministry bans release of info on kids free for adoption 2010 Feb 11
Child Adoption and Graft Top U.S.-Russian Talks 2010 Jan 29
Kinder als Exportschlager 2010 Jan 10
Het draait om geld, geld, geld 2009 Dec 22
Bulgaria arrests 'baby smugglers' 2009 Oct 22
Overlooked success story: Nation makes progress in placing children 2009 Oct 22
Romanian Orphans, ready for export to the EU 2009 Oct 20
New lives for Bulgaria's abandoned children 2009 Oct 15
Three Bulgarians arrested in Greece for selling newborn for 13 000 euro 2009 Oct 7
Adoption becomes the norm 2009 Oct 6
When children become a commodity 2009 Sep 27
Adoption group is under shadow 2009 Sep 27
Guatemalan Army Admits to Trafficking Kids for Adoption 2009 Sep 21
Elton 'cannot adopt in Ukraine' 2009 Sep 14
Explore park developer's custody dispute garners international notice 2009 Sep 12
Cases of abuse of foster (and adoptive) children in Russia 2009 Sep 1
Adoptions from Russia losing popularity in the US – official 2009 Jul 27
Egg scandal: Doctor uses son's adoption as line of defense 2009 Jul 27
High Level external pressure 2009 Jul 23
American Parents of Russian Adoptees Make Voices Heard in Russian Government 2009 Jul 15
Romanians arrested in Warsaw for human trafficking 2009 May 11
Andrews defends HSE as Russia halts adoptions 2009 May 8
Government urged to ‘come clean’ about break down of inter-country adoption links 2009 May 7
Congressional letter to Cristian Diaconescu 2009 May 5
Child trafficking in Britain up by 50%, says study 2009 Apr 25
Fernsehteam recherchiert im Fall des rumänischen Kindes 2009 Apr 16
Homeless youth look for – and find – a Safe Place in Monterey. 2009 Apr 16
Russia, U.S. discuss treaty on child adoption 2009 Apr 7
Crisis Makes Mothers Abandon Their Babies 2009 Apr 4
President urges Parliament to expedite amendments to Family Code 2009 Mar 30
Scores of Babies Mysteriously Disappear from Sofia Maternity Hospital 2009 Mar 29
Ivan Kostov: We did not receive list of babies given to social services and thus sent letter to Sofia Municipality 2009 Mar 27
A question of goodwill 2009 Mar 27
International adoptions, talks between the EU and Romania 2009 Mar 20
US Adoption Center Set to Help Bulgarian Orphans 2009 Mar 18
The Gladney Center Opens a New Adoption Program in Bulgaria 2009 Mar 17
The Gladney Center expands to Bulgaria 2009 Mar 17
The Perverse Effects of the Hague Adoption Convention 2009 Mar 16
Romania wants to resume the legal traffic of children 2009 Mar 16
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
The good Italians 2009 Mar 13
Eastern Europe: Human trafficking “set to rise” 2009 Mar 12
Bribing the Prime Minister 2009 Mar 7
Appointment Secretary of State Adoption 2009 Mar 4
Pedophiles find Ukraine a good place to roam 2009 Mar 4
Adoptions, CAI: Soon 63 children from Bulgaria 2009 Mar 2
Abandoned children - the latest numbers 2009 Mar 2
Abandoned children - the latest numbers 2009 Mar 2
Rules are changing; programs are closing. 2009 Mar 1
An almost incredible story (messy ukraine- germany adoption) 2009 Feb 28
Marshall Williams Reporting Live From Bulgaria 2009 Feb 23
Bulgaria - Adoption Agencies in the USA 2009 Feb 18
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
A Valentine From Bulgaria 2009 Feb 14
Lakewood adoption agency agrees to pay misled parents 2009 Feb 11
BNR ? Nette progression des adoptions d'enfants bulgares par des étrangers 2009 Feb 10
More Bulgarian children adopted abroad 2009 Feb 10
Work on adoptions of Bulgarian children abroad speeds up, ministry says 2009 Feb
Trish Maskew & Linh Song 2009 Jan 31
Moldova, ban on intercountry adoption???? 2009 Jan 30
Liberia, Moldova Halt International Adoptions 2009 Jan 30
Rechtswidrig ein Baby vermittelt 2009 Jan 29
Successful search mothers 2009 Jan 26
New rules will make it harder for couples to adopt 2009 Jan 24
Government adopts inter-country adoption standards 2009 Jan 23
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
Couples turn to Russia and Vietnam for child adoption 2009 Jan 6
Dutch couple seek adoption of Czech Romany child in vain 2008 Dec 30
Hoosiers face challenges adopting abroad 2008 Dec 26
Bogdan Panait, former head ANPDC the attention of the Prosecutor 2008 Dec 21
EXCLUSIV: Bogdan Panait, former head of ANPDC, in the attention of the Court 2008 Dec 21
Russia to toughen adoption rules for U.S. over Harrison acquittal 2008 Dec 18
Kind der Nachbarin verkauft 2008 Dec 18
Purcellville Man Acquitted In Death of Son in Car 2008 Dec 17
The problem with saving the world's 'orphans' 2008 Dec 11
Romania, a new body to protect 2008 Dec 2
From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions 2008 Nov 29
Prison sentences in Hungarian "pay adoption" cases 2008 Nov 26
Rewiring The Brain -- Early deprivation and child development 2008 Nov 17
Adopted children fight for documents 2008 Nov 11
Utah couple won't give up proof of kids' identities 2008 Nov 10
The Duchess of York has defended her undercover trip to Turkey insisting it did not undermine the Queen or drag the Royal Family 2008 Nov 6
Vesta working on Bulgarian adoption laws 2008 Oct 31
Spain has arrested fraudsters adopting children from Russia 2008 Oct 28
International adoption agencies wary of new credits granted to Russia to mediate in adoptions 2008 Oct 21
A couple of Andalusia returns from Russia without their adopted children after counterfeits detected in the documentation 2008 Oct 21
Adoptions needlessly tough 2008 Sep 18
Behind the Chernobyl children's travel ban 2008 Sep 13
Guvernul a reintrodus principiul confiden?ialit??ii în legea adop?iilor 2008 Sep 4
President blokkeert vakanties Tsjernobyl-kinderen 2008 Aug 27
Humanitaire, magouilles et pédophilie : Kouchner & Sounalet 2008 Aug 7
Russia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S. 2008 Jul 11
Blog: What does a child cost? 2008 Jul 6
Do you really need to buy your infant that patterned 'burp cloth' or Baby Einstein DVD? 2008 Jun 7
Witnesses defend parents guilty of abusing son 2008 Apr 16
Romania Constitutional Court decision to change adoption law disadvantages children 2008 Apr 10
Africa adoptions clouded by uncertainty and confusion 2008 Feb 29
ADOPTION: Disappearance of newborn babies for illegal adoption in Europe 2008 Feb 13
Son charged in death of assistant principal, wife 2008 Feb 4
A couple runs into horrific problems after they adopt two brothers from Russia 2008 Jan 13
Good-will trip will also be a reunion 2007 Dec 26
Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse Fatalities Among Internationally Adopted Children 2007 Nov 1
Two NGOs have "eaten" 5 million of money for abandoned children 2007 Oct 21
Justitie moet bemiddelaars bij adoptie scherper volgen 2007 Jun 18
Mattheys sentenced to 4 years for Viktor's death 2007 May 10
Four Belarusian children reported adopted by foreigners this year 2007 Apr 11
Molester sentenced to 75 years 2007 Apr 5
Romania:Theodora Bertzi's office goes to Katmandu, Nepal 2007 Mar 15
Adoption - the last alternative , The meeting of the Evangelical Academy in Transylvania on child adoptions 2007 Feb 19
Bogdan Panait, ANPDC boss, wants to change foster care law, violating the Constitution 2007 Jan 29
Baby trafficking is thriving in Greece 2006 Dec 18
Baby trafficking is thriving in Greece - Europe - International Herald Tribune 2006 Dec 18
Holiday magic just beginning for Kelsey Minick 2006 Nov 23
Blood Money: international adoptions 2006 Nov 11
Renault's children 2006 Nov 11
Cavada and Gibault Are Making a Confusion Between the Romanian Orphans and Goods 2006 Nov 10
Exports of Romanian children continues (Economy) 2006 Nov 7
One billion dollars from export of children 2006 Nov 1
Talk show with Senator Norica Nicolai 2006 Oct 25
Free circulation of orphans 2006 Oct 18
Les europarlementaires Claire Gibault et Jean-Marie Cavada constatent des progrès ’’énormes’’ 2006 Oct 18
Interpol search for Romanian children adopted abroad 2006 Sep 29
Hundreds of babies, stolen from hospitals 2006 Aug 24
Foundations for children worked only when the "adoption machine" worked 2006 Aug 24
Prosecutor takes to money in international adoptions 2006 Aug 16
Romania - 31 children disappeared abroad 2006 Jul 27
One billion dollars from export of Children 2006 Jul 27
Europe wants us kids miles 2006 Jul 23
Baby for sale illustrates growing demand and rigid adoption system 2006 Jul 19
Romania: 408 europarlamentari, di cui 64 italiani, chiedono la riapertura delle adozioni internazionali 2006 Jul 17
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Campaign against Romania and pressure to resume international adoption 2006 Jun 13
Abuse, deaths, prompt Russian to adopt new rules 2006 Jun 4
How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain 2006 Jun 3
Russia's Halt on Adoptions Spotlights Conditions 2006 Apr 25
Suspect in alleged assaults fights charges 2006 Apr 19
Groza lends hand to Ukrainians for child welfare reforms 2006 Apr 17
Adoptions back door of the residence of foreigners dos 2006 Apr 17
Swedish court finds adoptive mother of deceased Czech boy guilty of neglect 2006 Mar 14
Swedish court deals with suspicious death of adopted Czech boy 2006 Feb 28
Case of abused boy given to adoptive parents in Sweden rings alarm bells 2006 Feb 3
Russian prosecutor: Russia, U.S. officials break up illegal child adoption ring 2006 Jan 24
Americans come to Bucharest after orphans 2006 Jan 10
Romania's Orphan Story 1966-2006 2006
Orfanii nostri joaca in razboiul SUA-UE 2005 Dec 1
Perfekte Eltern für das Kind - und nicht umgekehrt 2005 Nov 26
Trafficking of children in adoptions by foreigners 2005 Oct 24
Trafficking of children in adoptions by foreigners 2005 Oct 24
Adoptii Internationale Cu Substituire De Copii. 2005 Oct 20
Gilmore meted 11 more years in prison 2005 Oct 1
Preying on Parents 2005 Oct 1
JCICS: Russia Round Table Notes 2005 Sep 24
Geschäft mit der Armut 2005 Jun 29
The nightmare to eight thousand meters 2005 Jun 29
After Americans, the French ask for resumption of international adoptions 2005 Apr 27
Romania wants post adoption reports 2005 Mar 26
Danut, orphan requested by the Spanish, no longer can stay in Madirjac 2005 Feb 17
Romanian suing Canadian couple over adoption 2005 Feb 17
Romanian suing Canadian couple over adoption 2005 Feb 17
Rejected adoptee launches $7M suit (Canadian couple send 9 yr old girl back to Romania) 2005 Feb 16
Rejected Romanian adoptee sues Canadian couple 2005 Feb 16
Sent back after 5 months, adopted Romanian sues 2005 Feb 16
Romania trip report - Travelogue 2005 Feb 4
No danger signs: boss of twins' adoption: Social Worker breaks silence 2005 Jan 15
Return to Sender (Television Documentary 2005) 2005
Orphans, Violence in the Family, Homeless children, Handicapped children, Children-Prisoners 2004 Oct 19
British men falsify paternity to adopt Romanian babies 2004 Oct 9
Danut: Do Not Sell Me, Mr. Prime Minister 2004 Oct 1
Courtcase - payment to birth parents 2004 Aug 20
Red light on human traffic 2004 Jul 1
Adoptee deaths rare, experts say 12 Russian cases troubling, puzzling 2004 May 21
An interview with Orson Mozes, the heart in International Adoptions 2004 May 20
Child traffickers prey on Romania 2004 May 9
Child traffickers prey on Romania 2004 May 9
Romania Pulled Two Ways Over Adoption Abroad 2004 May 5
Romanian is not breaking the Hague Convention 2004 May 1
Selling children 2004 Apr 24
Romania: Tragic twins 'were not orphans' 2004 Mar 23
Baron illegal adoptions 2004 Mar 20
Mission statement of 4adoption- adoption institution 2004 Mar 11
Families in Crisis: When Foreign Adoption Goes Wrong 2004 Mar 2
'No concerns' over twin's home 2004 Feb 27
Romania-Adoption Secrets 2004 Feb 13
The letter sent by Verheugen 2004 Feb 6
E.U. Officials Threaten To Suspend Negotiations with Romania Message List 2004 Feb 6
Romania in turmoil after EU criticism Message List 2004 Feb 6
Letter Verheugen 2004 Feb 4
Adrian Nastase confirm the involvement of heads of state and Prime Ministers in adoptions of children 2004 Jan 31
Berlusconi and Nastase, trafficking in children 2004 Jan 24
Prestigiacomo wants ban lifted 2004 Jan 8
En marge du scandale des adoptions, des roumains évincés dans leur démarche d'adoption . 2004 Jan 1
Department for Child Protection or Directon of “lost” money 2004 Jan 1
Italian police 'buy' auctioned baby 2003 May 12
As another baby leaves the country, 'say goodbye Romania, bye-bye'! 2003 May 7
Senators Press Romania to Ease Adoption Rules 2003 Apr 15
Foreign orphans calling Miss. home 2003 Mar 16
Founding EurAdopt Australia 2003
Making a Choice 2002 Nov 22
Adoptions Romania 2002 Nov 19
Russia - domestic adoption 2002 Oct 18
Hague Convention enters into Force 2002 Sep 1
Initiator of project that would bring 18 Romanian children on holiday to US explains intentions 2002 Aug 1
Ein Kind aus der Ferne 2002 Jun 3
Unlocked the adoption of Romanian children by 20 Spaniards 2002 May 31
When they closed the Romanian “baby shops” 2002 Mar 12
EU, Romania jointly implement €25m programme of aid in improving childcare 2002 Feb 28
Romania: Children buying instead of adoption 2002 Feb 4
Congressional letter to Commissioner Ziglar (Jan. 2002) 2002 Jan 10
Congressional letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell about Cambodia 2002 Jan 10
Angels in Adoption 20/20 - David Livianu 2002 Jan 1
Romania partially suspends ban on foreign adoptions, Powell pressured prime minister 2001 Dec 7
Forum: Prediction of Excellent News on Friday 2001 Oct 30
Adoption exec leaves legacy of complaints 2001 Oct 28
The short life of Viktor Alexander Matthey 2001 Oct 28
Concern is growing over poorly regulated foreign adoption programs. 2001 Oct 28
a message from David Livianu in NY, to the adoption community at large, Sat.Oct.27,2001 2001 Oct 27
Forum: Lobbying the White House - Romania 2001 Oct 26
Colin Powell meeting Nastase 2001 Oct 1
HUG groups hurt by a moratorium on Romanian adoptions 2001 Sep 16
SHE IS OUR GIRL TOO; Romanian foster parents of tug-of-love Mihaela tracked down by The Irish Mirror.(News 2001 Aug 29
Mihaela is 'home where she belongs' 2001 Aug 28
Tranzactiile cu copii din Romania, subiect de show tv in SUA 2001 Aug 8
Les 11.000 mailles - “Academia Catavencu” 2001 Jul 18
Les 11.000 mailles - “Academia Catavencu” 2001 Jul 18
Kidsave: Adoption by 'tryout' 2001 Jun 20
A Tangled Web of Hope and Fear 2001 Mar 11
A Tangled Web of Hope and Fear 2001 Mar 11
US Report on Intercountry Adoption 2001 Jan 22
Romania: ‘Mama’ can plan future for Mihaela 2001 Jan 8
The supermarket closed 2001
Pour une ethique de l'adoption internationale 2001 Jan 1
Auslandsadoption oder Kinderhandel in Rumänien? 2001 Jan 1
Romania lifts lid on babies for sale racket 2000 Oct 31
Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs' 2000 Oct 28
More U.S. adoptions of Russians fail 2000 Aug 13
Angaben zum Adoptivwesen 2000 Jul 1
Russian kids greet '2nd mom' 2000 Jun 12
Romanian orphans provokes storm in Parliament 2000 Apr 7
Shopping for Romanian Babies 2000 Mar 3
"In Romania, coruptia este o metastaza" 2000 Jan 1
Deinstitutionalization Of Orphans And Restructuring Of Romanian Child Welfare Programs 2000 Jan 1
Public Complaint sent to The Adoption Guide 2000
A Follow Up Study of Romanian Families who Adopted Children 1999 Oct 1
Couple sues Eugene adoption agency 1999 Jun 30
The roads of the baby trafficking 1999 Feb 16
In Romania, 10,000 dollars tax per sold child 1999 Feb 10
Russian children feel emotional hunger 1999 Jan 1
How to stop little children suffering 1999 Jan 1
Some say, `Let them die in Russia' 1999 Jan 1
Cyprus - The baby cheats: some couples wanting to adopt by-pass the system 1998 Oct 31
'It's what God wants' 1998 Aug 17
County Pays $300,000 in Adoption Lawsuit 1998 Apr 30
Adoptive Parents Win Battle for Russian Girls 1998 Feb 24
Cooperation Agreement Ireland - Romania 1998 Feb 19
Russia - Alternative NGO Report CRC 1998
International Adoptions: A New Route For Gays 1998 Jan 1
Agony, Not Joy; Greatly torn, some give up adoptees they can't handle 1997 Jan 3
Dozens of Spanish couples 'bought' children in illegal adoption in Romania 1996 Nov 1
Buy a baby, save a life 1996 Jan 10
All I ever did was arrange adoptions for mothers who would otherwise 1995 Apr 4
Adoption guide praises US law-breaker 1995 Mar 27
Monica moves to `family centre' before adoption 1995 Jan 25
Italy illegally adopted 1500 Romanian children 1994 Dec 20
Family: In foreign adoption, the rules and risks are changing faster than ever 1994 Nov 21
Bucharest Journal; Little Care and Less Love: Romania's Sad Orphans 1994 Oct 27
The East, a mine of children 1992 Oct 31
Romania's Experience Spurs Adoption Treaty 1992 Feb 12
Romania to allow adoptions again 1992 Jan 14
2 Families Adopt Romanian Children, Find Out They're Brothers 1991 Nov 5
Doctor Acts to Heal Romania's Wound Of Baby Trafficking 1991 Oct 3
Romanian Boy Comes Home To Calistoga 1991 Aug 20
Ottawa can't stop Canadians from buying Romanian babies 1991 Aug 5
TOUCHING THE UNTOUCHABLES' / A Bay Area group's work in a Romainian hospital 1991 Aug 4
U.S. To Curb Baby Adoptions From Romania 1991 Jul 27
Daily Briefing 1991 Jul 17
Adoption logjam as Romania targets `baby trade' 1991 Jun 25
Cighid war nur die Spitze 1991 Jun 5
Bel Air Couple's Wait For Romanian Baby Is Finally Over 1991 Jun 2
Red Tape Unwrapped for Adopted Romanian Baby 1991 May 23
Adoption Laws Trap Americans In Romania; U.S. Denies Permits For Children to Leave 1991 May 23
U.S. Visa Denial Upsets Adoption Of Romanians 1991 May 11
American Parents Continue Demonstrating For Visas 1991 May 10
Americans Protest U.S. Refusal to Issue Visas for Adopted Children 1991 May 8
Romania Temporarily Suspends Adoptions 1991 May
Romanian Babies Are Big - And Dirty - Business 1991 Apr 14
Ethical Questions About Adoption Of Romanian Children 1991 Apr 1
Shame of Romania's 'barter babies' 1991 Mar 31
The Romanian Baby Bazaar 1991 Mar 24
Holding The Babies -- Letters From Romania 1991 Feb 24
Romanian Children Find a Home with Western Parents 1991 Feb 14
Sojourn fulfills couples' dreams of parenthood 1991 Jan 20
One Year After Revolution -- Romania's Orphans Face A Bleak Winter, Long-Term Woes 1991 Jan 17
Romanian Orphans Inspire Family -- Aid Effort Started In Edmonds 1990 Nov 16
Thousands of Children Orphaned or Abandoned in Romania 1990 Oct 7
Muslims at the Cape want to Romanian orphans provide a better future 1990 Jul 2
Officials Urge New Romanian Adoption Law 1990 Jun 7
Adoption d'enfants roumains 1990 Apr 12
Foreign Couples Flock To Romania To Adopt Babies 1990 Jan 25
Romania Stops Overseas Adoption Of Its Orphans 1990 Jan 11
Romanian Revolution May End Wait For Parents Of Long-Adopted Children 1990 Jan 11
Romanian kids freed for Western adoptions 1990 Jan 7
Romanian orphans offered help 1990 Jan 5
The changing face of Eastern Europe 1990 Jan 3
Ceausescus' Family-Planning Edicts Create Overburdened Orphanages 1990 Jan 2
Adoption of Romanian children 1989 Dec 28
Do-it-yourself foreign adoption: agony, ecstasy 1987 Oct 18
The Jewish War Orphans Committee of Canada 1932 Sep 30
After Wife's Death, Dark Secrets of Utah Doctor Revealed
Council of Europe and EC conference aimed at re-trafficking Romanian children again.
Government opposes resumption of international adoptions
Italians finally give back stolen Romania children
UN Human Rights Commissioner: Society Has Obligation to Support Abandoned Children
Russia marks Day of Conception
Madonna’s failed adoption attempt shows Bulgaria has a lot to learn from Malawi about upholding children’s rights
Only the name remained to him "
Swiss television documentary of the stolen-Rumänsiches child video is from 2000
The true story of an American, in Bucharest, the two children for adoption and for Romanian orphans children. TV melodrama with
Illegal adoptions: investigation into Hamburg-based organization
International adoption of Romanian children and Romania’s admission to the European Union (1990-2007)
Russian Adoption Expert to Visit Portland Agency
Economy of Child Trade
Every orphan is unique
Adopted girl says new 'mom' slept naked with her


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