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Two NGOs have "eaten" 5 million of money for abandoned children


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Two NGOs have "eaten" 5 million of money for abandoned children

Published on: 21.10.2007 8:11 p.m.

Two NGOs have "eaten" 5 million of money abandoned children

Out of 16 daycare centers that SERA foundations and our children are committed by contract to complete last year, now I'm ready just 4

Some centers were built without a permit, and then abandoned unfinished, but there is no guilty

Tens of millions of lei are allocated annually by the Romanian state since 2005, the so-called PINs (Programs of National Interest) in child protection. Chop money elsewhere, the results are less than modest. However, customers establish the National Authority for Child Protection (ANPDC) remained the same two NGOs: SERA and our children (PCN). Now, when business comes out, everyone blames everyone: the current leadership of the former leadership ANPDC (PD) and the foundations of "friends", the former driving the current leadership and foundations all managements and local authorities.

For now, the official version is logically positive net present leadership. According to a report by the Department of Government Control (DCG), following an inspection conducted in July-August 2007 ANPDC last year have signed 4 contracts with PCN emissions and 5 contracts totaling nearly 5 million. Among other things, £ 4.5 million was spent to build 16 centers for abandoned children, to be completed in 2006. At the time of inspection, only four centers were functional. The rest - either does not exist or are in various stages of construction or are constructed, but have utilities. Contracts were extended and even so some have expired, builders taking and beat it.

The worst situation is recorded in Peris (Ilfov), where UCP is committed contractually to arrange construction of 4 family homes that had housed 36 children with disabilities. The contract was signed in September 2006 and had initially completed by 31 December 2006. Was subsequently extended to July 4, 2007, after which date has expired. While we have paid nearly 75% of the funds allocated to the project (U.S. $ 1.65 million), currently the situation is as can be seen from the picture below: the house has structure and roof, two have some walls, and one is in stage of the foundation. All are swallowed by weeds, the builder disappeared in summer. And above all, the works were executed without a building permit, although the land was provided by Ilfov County Council!

Adrian Dumitrescu, Director of Social Ilfov government inspectors considered mainly responsible for the situation at Peris (as signed statements of work and returns them without to check) argues that building permit will be given in about 2 weeks late this issue is due to an error cadastral (land positioning in urban plan).

Ion Predescu, PCN director says that the blame is shared "is guilty ANPDC given project without checking if authorized by the County Council that for 8 months did not deal with cadastral, and I did not I went to Chairman ask him what's the status of the land, before I embark on. "

Incriminated for the overall PINs 2006 Bogdan Panait, former employee of UCP (therefore of Predescu) and later President of the level (to exit from power PD) as the signed contracts with PCN, consider it's strictly a political settling of scores "How was based, was a control and everything went well. Marinela Neagu (successor Panait - no), body control called today, tomorrow came and made the commitment control. I delegate my powers to subordinates and I could sit quietly aside, because they are covered legally. But I'll engage, I'll sue Ms. Neagu and control those who did. " In response, Marinela Neagu said that looks forward to the Court of Auditors (now in control ANPDC), hoping the government will confirm the findings of the inspectors.

2007 Oct 21