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Title Publication date
66 Bulgarian Children Trafficked in 2012, Greece Hot Destination 2013 Oct 28
Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking: Participatory approach 2013 Oct 3
Five Bulgarians arrested for baby trafficking in Thessaloniki 2013 Jun 11
Changed landscape of overseas adoptions 2012 Sep 11
Bulgaria arrests 'baby smugglers' 2009 Oct 22
New lives for Bulgaria's abandoned children 2009 Oct 15
Three Bulgarians arrested in Greece for selling newborn for 13 000 euro 2009 Oct 7
Crisis Makes Mothers Abandon Their Babies 2009 Apr 4
President urges Parliament to expedite amendments to Family Code 2009 Mar 30
Scores of Babies Mysteriously Disappear from Sofia Maternity Hospital 2009 Mar 29
A question of goodwill 2009 Mar 27
Ivan Kostov: We did not receive list of babies given to social services and thus sent letter to Sofia Municipality 2009 Mar 27
US Adoption Center Set to Help Bulgarian Orphans 2009 Mar 18
The Gladney Center Opens a New Adoption Program in Bulgaria 2009 Mar 17
The Gladney Center expands to Bulgaria 2009 Mar 17
The good Italians 2009 Mar 13
Abandoned children - the latest numbers 2009 Mar 2
Abandoned children - the latest numbers 2009 Mar 2
Adoptions, CAI: Soon 63 children from Bulgaria 2009 Mar 2
Marshall Williams Reporting Live From Bulgaria 2009 Feb 23
Bulgaria - Adoption Agencies in the USA 2009 Feb 18
A Valentine From Bulgaria 2009 Feb 14
BNR ? Nette progression des adoptions d'enfants bulgares par des étrangers 2009 Feb 10
More Bulgarian children adopted abroad 2009 Feb 10
Work on adoptions of Bulgarian children abroad speeds up, ministry says 2009 Feb
Vesta working on Bulgarian adoption laws 2008 Oct 31
Adoptions needlessly tough 2008 Sep 18
Baby trafficking is thriving in Greece - Europe - International Herald Tribune 2006 Dec 18
Baby trafficking is thriving in Greece 2006 Dec 18
How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain 2006 Jun 3
Hague Convention enters into Force 2002 Sep 1
Public Complaint sent to The Adoption Guide 2000
Madonna’s failed adoption attempt shows Bulgaria has a lot to learn from Malawi about upholding children’s rights