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Russian Federation

Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Abuse cases

Title Date
Children adopted by Nikolai Stremsky 2019
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin) 2013 Jan 21
Alexei Nickavick Kelly 2012 Feb 14
Boy 'adopted' by Mark J Newton and Peter Truong 2012 Feb 9
Boy adopted by Matthew and Amy Sweeney (Daniil Krichun) 2012 Jul 19
Six children adopted by Martin and Kathleen O'Brien 2011 Aug 3
Denis Khokhryakov aka Diego 2010 Apr 1
Girl adopted by Theresa McNulty 2010 Feb 21
Girls adopted by Edelwina and Steven Leschinsky 2010 Jan 12
Kristoff Beagley (Daniil Bukharov) 2010 Nov 17
Xenia - girl adopted by Mary and Michael Grismore 2010 Jan 1
Gleb Ageyev (Aleksey) 2009 Mar 31
Nathaniel Michael Craver - (Ivan Skorobogatov) 2009 Aug 19
Chase Harrison (Dmitry Yakovlev) 2008 Jul 8
Nicolai Emelyantsev 2008 Mar 7
Six children adopted in Lapeer County Michigan 2008 Mar 31
Boy adopted by Paul and Debbie Salvetti 2007 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Jane and Timothy Cochran (Kuzma) 2006 Feb 3
Dennis Gene Merryman (Denis Uritsky) 2005 Jan 22
Girl adopted by David and Karen Gilmore 2005 Jan 22
Isaac Jonathan Dykstra (Ilya Kargyntsev) 2005 Aug 13
Nina Hilt (Viktoria Valeryevna Bazhenova) 2005 Jul 2
Rashid, boy adopted by Robert and Tracy Lynn Beatty 2005 Jun 3
Yuri Pintus Fiori (Kirill Pushkin) 2005 Jul 6
18 Children in care of Tom and Debra Schmitz 2004 Jun 30
13+ Children in care of Diana Lynn Groves 2003 Nov 1
21 Girls adopted by John and Marian DiMaria 2003 Feb 1
Alex Pavlis (Alexei Vasilovich Geiko) 2003 Dec 18
Girl adopted by David and Holly Meyers 2003 Jan 1
Jessica Albina Hagmann 2003 Aug 11
Liam Thompson (Dmitry Sergeyvich Islankulov) 2003 Oct 13
Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) 2003 May 27
Children adopted by Theresa and Reed Hansen 2002 Oct 2
Kelsey Hyre 2002 Sep 26
Maria Anastasia Bennett (Anastasia Plotnikova) 2002 Oct 23
Sacha Vallée 2002 Oct 9
Yana and Anatoli Kolenda 2002 Oct 21
Zachary Higier (Nikita Khoryakov) 2002 Aug 15
Jacob Lindorff 2001 Dec 14
Luke Evans (Sergei Nakonechny) 2001 Nov 30
Viktor Alexander Matthey (Viktor Sergievich Tulimov) 2000 Oct 31
Logan Higginbotham (Anne Pochetnoy) 1998 Nov 25
Girls adopted by Karen and Richard Thorne 1997 Jul 3
David A. Polreis (Konstantin Shlepin) 1996 Feb 9

Child trafficking cases

Title Date
Russia - Yunona: Ivan Jerdev and Vladimir Jerdev case 2006 Jan 24
Russia - Nadezhda Fratti case 2001 Jan 1
Russia - Maria Bednova 1999 Jan 1
Russia - misc child trafficking articles case 1994 Nov 23

Deportation cases

Title Date
Tatyana Mitrohina (Gann) 2008 Jul 7

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Sasha and Masha 2012 Mar 12
Artem Justin Hansen (Artyom Saveliev) 2010 Apr 8
Girl adopted by Tom and Beth Remboldt 2010 Oct 15
Anna Barnes 2008 Sep 1
Dmitri Stewart 2007 Mar 1
Viktor Perdue 2005 Oct 5
Boy adopted from Russia 2005
Samantha - girl adopted by Crystal and Jesse Money 2000 Feb 1
Elena Thomas 1999 May 20
Girl adopted by Peter and Denise Thomas 1999 Jan 1
Inga Whatcott 1998 Sep 1


Title Publication date
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 2023 Sep 20
Russia launches criminal inquiry into U.S. child trafficking 2013 Dec 5
Russia halts adoptions to Sweden over gay nuptials 2013 Oct 4
Russian region completely bans foreign adoptions 2013 Sep 25
Astakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens 2013 Sep 23
Governments call on U.S. to track foreign adoptees 2013 Sep 13
Orphaned in Russia, brought to America, and then abandoned time and again 2013 Sep 11
Despite ‘grave danger,’ government allows Internet forums to go unchecked 2013 Sep 10
Duma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples 2013 Jun 18
Congressional letter to President Obama about Russian adoption ban (May 2013) 2013 May 31
Painful Lessons from Romania’s Decade-Old Adoption Ban 2013 Mar 15
Ban hurts Russian kids, but U.S. adoption not a fix 2013 Mar 2
Bill to promote domestic institution of child adoptions submitted to State Duma 2013 Feb 26
More ‘Troubled’ Adoptions in US Come from Russia, Say Experts 2013 Feb 23
TFR promises to punish those responsible for the deaths of Americans orphans from Russia 2013 Feb 21
Russia to check reports of adoption of Russian child by U.S. woman in same-sex union 2013 Feb 20
Alert: Russian Supreme Court Letter on Implementation of Federal Law No. 272-FZ 2013 Jan 24
Russia may treat child adoption for cash as trafficking 2013 Jan 23
Eureka ranch at center of debate over adoption of Russian children 2013 Jan 12
Alert: Families, Agencies Report Difficulties in Completing Russian Adoptions 2013 Jan 11
Alert: Legislation to Ban Intercountry Adoption by U.S. Families 2013 Jan 3
Bans children make not happy 2012 Dec 27
Russian society split over bill set to ban US adoptions 2012 Dec 19
Russia Votes to Ban All Adoptions by Americans 2012 Dec 19
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
Magnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths 2012 Dec 11
State asks judge to rein in Eureka ranch for troubled Russian kids 2012 Dec 3
Ban on US-Russian Adoptions Would Have ‘Dire Consequences,’ Say Experts 2012 Oct 22
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Russian Government Faces off with Eureka Adoption Ranch 2012 Aug 2
U.S. Failing Over Adoption Laws Says Russia 2012 Jul 26
Eureka ranch for Russian orphans denied state license 2012 Jul 19
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Eureka ranch becomes focus of Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Russia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America 2012 Jul 6
No children for foreigners 2012 Jun 26
Duma to Debate Russia-U.S. Adoption Deal 2012 Mar 30
Woman abandons adopted twins in freezing temps, warrant issued 2012 Mar 13
Hunt for American woman who dumped adopted Russian twins on freezing street with just a note saying: 'I've given them up' Read 2012 Mar 12
Moscow calls to suspend adoption of Russian children by US citizens 2012 Feb 11
Pavel Astakhov: Russia with no orphans - such it will be 2011 Dec 29
Russia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US 2011 Dec 11
Russians unlikely to succeed in bid for new Craver trial, attorneys say 2011 Nov 21
American foster parents to pay alimony for rejected kids 2011 Jul 27
The Most Vulnerable Citizens 2011 Jul 26
Putin calls for compulsory training for adoptive parents 2011 Jul 21
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
U.S., Kremlin Reach Deal to Monitor Adoptions 2011 Jul 12
U.S. Ambassador Says Visa Deal Bigger Than New START 2011 Jul 5
Russia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman 2011 Jun 22
Babies just another commodity 2011 Jun 18
Little boy lost: Family struggles to help heal troubled adopted son 2011 May 30
Russian Adoptions Slow but not Stopped a Year after Uproar 2011 Apr 7
Parents of troubled boy adopted from Russia reach settlement with Bethany Christian Services 2011 Mar 31
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 2011 Jan 22
Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze 2010 Nov 12
Supply and Demand: The Landscape 2010 Nov 1
Children are not commodity 2010 Aug 24
Who Will Write the End to Russian Orphan's Story? 2010 Jul 2
Adopted Russian child killed in USA 2010 Jun 18
Returned Russian Adoptee Celebrates 8th Birthday 2010 Apr 16
New adoption scandal blows up over Russian boy left in Caribbean 2010 Apr 15
US suspended from adopting Russian children 2010 Apr 15
American parents send adopted 7-year-old back to Russia – by himself 2010 Apr 8
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 2010 Mar 5
Child Adoption and Graft Top U.S.-Russian Talks 2010 Jan 29
Adoption group is under shadow 2009 Sep 27
Cases of abuse of foster (and adoptive) children in Russia 2009 Sep 1
Adoptions from Russia losing popularity in the US – official 2009 Jul 27
American Parents of Russian Adoptees Make Voices Heard in Russian Government 2009 Jul 15
Andrews defends HSE as Russia halts adoptions 2009 May 8
Government urged to ‘come clean’ about break down of inter-country adoption links 2009 May 7
Russia, U.S. discuss treaty on child adoption 2009 Apr 7
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
Eastern Europe: Human trafficking “set to rise” 2009 Mar 12
Rules are changing; programs are closing. 2009 Mar 1
New rules will make it harder for couples to adopt 2009 Jan 24
Government adopts inter-country adoption standards 2009 Jan 23
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
Couples turn to Russia and Vietnam for child adoption 2009 Jan 6
Hoosiers face challenges adopting abroad 2008 Dec 26
Russia to toughen adoption rules for U.S. over Harrison acquittal 2008 Dec 18
Purcellville Man Acquitted In Death of Son in Car 2008 Dec 17
From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions 2008 Nov 29
Spain has arrested fraudsters adopting children from Russia 2008 Oct 28
A couple of Andalusia returns from Russia without their adopted children after counterfeits detected in the documentation 2008 Oct 21
International adoption agencies wary of new credits granted to Russia to mediate in adoptions 2008 Oct 21
Russia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S. 2008 Jul 11
Witnesses defend parents guilty of abusing son 2008 Apr 16
A couple runs into horrific problems after they adopt two brothers from Russia 2008 Jan 13
Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse Fatalities Among Internationally Adopted Children 2007 Nov 1
Mattheys sentenced to 4 years for Viktor's death 2007 May 10
Holiday magic just beginning for Kelsey Minick 2006 Nov 23
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Abuse, deaths, prompt Russian to adopt new rules 2006 Jun 4
Russia's Halt on Adoptions Spotlights Conditions 2006 Apr 25
Russian prosecutor: Russia, U.S. officials break up illegal child adoption ring 2006 Jan 24
Gilmore meted 11 more years in prison 2005 Oct 1
Preying on Parents 2005 Oct 1
JCICS: Russia Round Table Notes 2005 Sep 24
The nightmare to eight thousand meters 2005 Jun 29
Orphans, Violence in the Family, Homeless children, Handicapped children, Children-Prisoners 2004 Oct 19
Adoptee deaths rare, experts say 12 Russian cases troubling, puzzling 2004 May 21
An interview with Orson Mozes, the heart in International Adoptions 2004 May 20
Families in Crisis: When Foreign Adoption Goes Wrong 2004 Mar 2
Russia - domestic adoption 2002 Oct 18
The short life of Viktor Alexander Matthey 2001 Oct 28
Concern is growing over poorly regulated foreign adoption programs. 2001 Oct 28
Kidsave: Adoption by 'tryout' 2001 Jun 20
A Tangled Web of Hope and Fear 2001 Mar 11
A Tangled Web of Hope and Fear 2001 Mar 11
Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs' 2000 Oct 28
More U.S. adoptions of Russians fail 2000 Aug 13
Russian kids greet '2nd mom' 2000 Jun 12
Couple sues Eugene adoption agency 1999 Jun 30
Some say, `Let them die in Russia' 1999 Jan 1
Russian children feel emotional hunger 1999 Jan 1
Adoptive Parents Win Battle for Russian Girls 1998 Feb 24
International Adoptions: A New Route For Gays 1998 Jan 1
Russia - Alternative NGO Report CRC 1998
Agony, Not Joy; Greatly torn, some give up adoptees they can't handle 1997 Jan 3
Family: In foreign adoption, the rules and risks are changing faster than ever 1994 Nov 21
Russia marks Day of Conception
Every orphan is unique
Economy of Child Trade
Illegal adoptions: investigation into Hamburg-based organization
Russian Adoption Expert to Visit Portland Agency
Adopted girl says new 'mom' slept naked with her