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Bulgaria - Adoption Agencies in the USA


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adoption Agencies in the USA

The following are some agencies that deal with Bulgaria if you are interested in adopting from this country:

1. Tree of Life Adoption Center (Oregon)
2. All God's Children International
3. St. Mary's International (N.Carolina or S.Carolina)
4. Holt International
5. Adoption Ark
6.CWA (Christian World Adoption)
7. Spence-Chapin Services

I know for a fact that TOL, Holt International and All God's Children International use the same agency in Bulgaria to translate thier dossiers and do all the other stuff that needs to be done in Bulgaria with court, travel etc. The agency is called VESTA. These agencies would be my first choices.

It is different for everyone, are you looking for a large or small organization (pros and cons for both), what is the cost, and requirements for the individual agencies (AGC doesn't want you to have more than 3 children in the home etc), and how many adoptions has the agency completed in this country and are they Hague Certified? Just a few questions to look into.

I also know if you are interested in special needs Reese's Rainbow has children from Bulgaria and Ukraine (and other countries).

A good site to go to for encouragement and chatting with other adoptive parents is FRUA another one is adoption forum. I have found a number of people on these sites who are adopting from Bulgaria (and other countries). A number of us are registered and waiting for a referral. On FRUA people post pics of their children, talk about topics related to adoption and paperwork for adoption.

I am still looking for more ideas on fundraising, leave me a message if you have any ideas. If your church has an Adoption Ministry what have they done to raise money?
2009 Feb 18