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66 Bulgarian Children Trafficked in 2012, Greece Hot Destination


The cases of child trafficking from Bulgaria for 2012 are 66, according to the Nadja Centre Foundation.

Up until recently, it has been fairly easy to sell a baby in Greece, since it could be registered several months after its birth, revealed Dr. Rusanka Venelinova, head of the centre, in front of TV7. She added that girls sell for about EUR 10 K, while the price for boys often goes above that.

According to the leader of the Movement for Equal Social Model (DROM), Iliya Iliev, the problem results from a lack of financial stimulus for families with many children.

Last week, DNA tests proved that the little girl known as Maria, who was found living with a Roma family in Greece, is from a Bulgarian village near Stara Zagora. The case opened a dormant debate about the issue of child trafficking and the underprivileged Roma families.

2013 Oct 28