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Romania:Theodora Bertzi's office goes to Katmandu, Nepal

Subject: Romania:Theodora Bertzi's office goes to Katmandu, Nepal
From: "linda robak" <lrobak1@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, March 15, 2007 7:52 pm
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To All,
Can someone please investigate why Theodora Bertzi, the head of the Romanian Adoption office, would pay for 3 members of her staff to attend an international adoption conference in Katmandu, Nepal (see link above for conference information) next week if she is so outspokenly anti-intercountry adoption? It's a very expensive trip and the Nepal government is not considered experts in inter-country adoption, nor do they have internationally recognized experts in children's inter-country adoption issues.
Is Romania/Bertzi now exploring reopening inter-country adoption?
Interestingly enough, our group, For the Children SOS, donated the funds so that 2 of Mrs. Bertzi's staff could attend a conference on children's issues and inter-country adoption that was sponsored by Harvard University in 2005. We were told by the conference organizers that Bertzi's staff wanted to attend but they didn't have the funds. Sadly they sent one staff person who didn't speak English and refused a translator so she wrote notes to the other staff member while people spoke. When they attended - throughout most of the conference no one could find them. But, they did manage to find the money so that they could stay in Boston for the weekend and shop after the conference was over.
Linda Robak
For the Children SOS
2007 Mar 15